Line Of Defense Tactics (XboxOne)

On October 15, 2015, in In the News, Press, by admin

We reported in November 2014 that Line Of Defense Tactics had been approved for, and was coming to Xbox One console.

The game is currently going through final cert for a release first week of December.

This console version contains the full 16 mission campaign, quick-play skirmish mode, the advanced weapon pack and 1000 Experience Points.


The Lyrius Conflict

On May 29, 2015, in In the News, Press, by admin

We have started work on giving the Universal Combat CE v2.0 game a much needed makeover. It’s going to be epic and massive. So the Lyrius Conflict DLC is now live for purchase on Steam.

A final price tag of $29.99 was set, due to the huge amount of work involved in this makeover. For a limited time only, it is available at a 25% discount.

As with our upcoming Line Of Defense game, we will be making regular updates right through to the final release around the end of this year. Then depending on the number of sales, feedback etc, we will decide what form the second, third and future DLC will take.

Even though nobody is making these type of niche games any more, I know that there are quite a number of you out there who love this series, and would like to see it continue. So, this is for you.


Going forward, the next full game in the series is Universal Combat Advanced. This all-new massive game, with a new engine (the same one from Line Of Defense) framework, will take the series in a bold, new, and unprecedented direction.

Being built on the LOD engine framework means amazing planetary bases, interiors of all stations, capital ships (carriers, cruisers, transports) and key buildings in the entire game, higher quality art and model assets etc.

Imagine sitting in the bridge of your Engstrom class carrier, looking around and seeing your NPC crew at their stations, moving about etc. Or hearing the warning sounds of the ship’s alarm as intruders board the ship. At which point you leave the bridge, race through the ship alongside your marines, as you engage intruders.

Pretty much everything you currently see in the current game’s PERSCAN computer (2D UI interface) will come to life in full 3D, and with you in the center of the action.

We can do this. The tech is here. And if you’re playing LOD, then you already knew that.

With the LOD game winding down, the schedule is for UCADV to go into development sometime in 2016. Due to the re-use of the LOD engine framework, key assets etc, it is expected to take about two to three years to complete. We will be making it available via Early Access once we have the first build available.


Battlecruiser 25 Years On

On February 6, 2015, in In the News, Press, by admin

To mark the 25 year anniversary of the Battlecruiser series, we are giving away a free copy of the remastered Universal Combat CE v2.0 game today, free on Steam.

You can read more about it here in the press release.

You can also read the latest blog post on this release over here on the Line Of Defense page.


Universal Combat Advanced

On January 13, 2015, in In the News, Press, by admin

And so once more into the breach.

Due to the resurgence of space combat games, we’ve decided to do a remake of our long running popular Universal Combat game which was spawned from the original Battlecruiser series.

Yes, the ultimate all-encompassing capital ship combat simulation which gives you micro-management control of massive ships, their crew, support craft etc, in space and on vast planets, is getting a remake.

It is going to be a true remake which retains all the features of the predecessor (the Collectors Edition v2.0) in a major graphics engine overhaul based on the Line Of Defense game engines.

Universal Combat Advanced will be a PC only game, and will go into development in 2016.

More news and a dedicated website coming soon. In the meantime, keep up with the news on the game’s Twitter and Facebook pages.


Line Of Defense Tactics For Xbox One

On November 25, 2014, in In the News, Press, by admin

We have received final approval from Microsoft for a version of Line Of Defense Tactics for the Xbox One console via the ID@Xbox program.

Work is expected to commence on this version in January and we expect to release the title in the first part of 2015.

Pricing details and more information coming soon!


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