Last Updated : 04/14/05


NOTE: In order to keep the clutter to a minimum, internal engine revisions related 
to code revisions, tweaks, WIP items etc and which are not obvious to non-dev 
personnel, are not listed.



v1.00.06 RC6 (04-14-05)

  1. FIXED: Running multiplayer from the main menu would sometimes cause the screen to not be restored upon exit (and return to the main menu). This seems to be a graphics driver problem due to two Direct3D apps (single- and multiplayer EXEs) attempting to use the same video device context. Anyway, if this does not work reliably, then the "Join MP Server" shortcut can still be used, instead of the "Multiplayer" button on the main menu.

v1.00.05 RC5 (04-12-05)

  1. Implemented and integrated new main menu graphics

    1. FIXED: Bug which caused incorrect characters to be entered in the chat box.

v1.00.04 RC4 (04-07-05)

  1. Due to potential "Right of First Sale" issues, the server based authentication system for the single player, has been disabled. This will allow users to sell their old copies of the game if they want to, without the buyer not being able to use it because of the server side CD-KEY authentication.

    1. Added additional player info to SHIFT-ESC online clients display
      id, xpid/lciid, race/caste, career, player name, asset name, asset type, rank, EP, region

v1.00.03 RC3 (04-06-05)

  1. Switched the wormhole and fluxfield jump anomaly FX around
  2. FIXED: Crafts positioned on the decks of naval units (e.g. carrier and assault craft) were attempting to take off and land because they were slightly offset from the deck of the craft.

    1. FIXED: "Logged On" data in the chat log window after respawn reflected the previous launch base/station
    2. FIXED: Region for other players not displaying correctly in the SHIFT+ESC online clients list

v1.00.02 RC2 (04-04-05)

  1. The single player game now uses the same server based authentication system as the multiplayer game. An internet connection and a valid CD-KEY is required in order to authenticate the game.

    Note that the CD-KEY will need to be authenticated once only. From that point on - and as long as the CD-KEY exists on the computer - no further authentication is performed unless the game folder is deleted after uninstalling the game.

  2. FIXED: Some rendering anomalies related to texture blending on coastal tiles

v1.00.01 RC1 (04-03-05)

  1. Implemented proximity damage for rockets
  2. Revised APM handling
  3. Revised PROX grenade handling
  4. Revised naval LCAC units handling
  5. When repairing (using toolkit) or healing (using medkit) yourself, you must now not have any weapon or item equipped. This is to prevent accidental repair/treat of the current weapon target.
  6. Revised escort firing AI to minimize friendly fire injuries. This remains as before so that escorts still fire when the player fires even if the player is firing on a friendly or nothing at all. However, additional code has been added that helps to prevent an escort from firing if they would then hit their leader (normally the player).
  7. Due to time constraints, the following features have been cut from the initial release


v0.04.17 (03-28-05)

  1. Revised fade glow contribution on planet based on distance. This helps reduce aliasing artifacts on distant models.
  2. Updated and integrated all appendix data files.
  3. FIXED: Going to CONFIG via the bridge COMMAND tab menu and exiting, would quit the game. This is related to a fix made in 0.04.10.

v0.04.16 (03-26-05)

  1. FIXED: Some issues with the ProneDive animation sequence. On completion of the ProneDive animation, the character's prone position more closely matches the final position of the dive. The "look at" point on the character model is shifted gradually forward and downward to track the animation. This is to prevent the camera snapping forward at the end of the animation in external views in which the character is the camera target resulting in a "glitch". The view is also smoother in first person perspective. Also corrected for the animation discontinuity when switching from ProneDive to ProneIdle
    1. The online clients (SHIFT+ESC) list now displays the Experience Points for all clients on the server
    2. FIXED: client Experience Points were not displayed in the server browser info
    3. FIXED: a crash on the console server after repeated client connects

v0.04.15 (03-25-05)

  1. Both of the ACM scenarios have undergone final testing and integration. This concludes the integration of all final game scenarios.
  2. Revised the method used for rendering game startup movies. Hopefully this will resolve issues on some video cards in which if the game resolution was set equal to or higher than the current desktop resolution, the intro movies would not display properly.
  3. Added one more fp gear profile to the Recon Force Marine
  4. FIXED: If you were standing on the DJP model when you activated it, you would not be transported to the new destination. This was happening because the DJP model is a support structure.
  5. FIXED: menu rendering dropouts in Tacops
  6. FIXED: Fog not being handled correctly after starting new scenario on planet, quitting, then starting another new scenario on the planet. This was causing models to sometimes be rendered as Black.

v0.04.14 (03-23-05)

  1. The DJP menu will now list scenes with only one DJP. Previously two DJPs were required in a scene.
  2. Planetary terrain rendering optimization
  3. Improvements to specular rendering on GeForce3 class (ps 1.1, vs 1.1) cards. Also, specular is now disabled if lighting quality is not set to HIGH.
  4. FIXED: When using a DJP, you weren't always moved to the new location. This was a result of the menu restructuring in v0.04.09
  5. FIXED: external planet rendering on GeForce3 class cards. Also fixed rendering issues with external planet cloud cover, pixel shaders, contrails dropouts, lens flare dropouts and various other issues on these legacy cards.
  6. FIXED: rebuild texture not rendering correctly on models (e.g. GALCOM HQ) that use a specular pass on legacy cards (e.g. GeForce3)
    1. FIXED: problem with chat log sometimes not being updated after respawning.

v0.04.13 (03-21-05)

  1. Implemented ability for player to repair assets in fp mode using repair kit. Simply stand within 5m of the unit, point the gun crosshair at it, and press the K key. This will increase the unit's integrity by 10 units. Since each repair kit can be used four times, this means that a unit can be repaired by 40 units using a single repair kit.
  2. Implemented ability for player to heal other players/NPC in fp mode using med kit. Simply stand within 5m of the player/NPC, point the gun crosshair at it, and press the M key. This will increase the LF by 10 units, reduce the FF by 15 units and instantly clear any radiation and infection. Each medkit can only be used twice.
  3. Support for player controlled naval assets (LCAC units only)
    1. The multiplayer build has now been merged and enabled. Clients can browse for and join servers using the stand-alone All Seeing Eye browser and the in game browser. The servers can also report to our premium multiplayer games lobby channel (which includes chat etc). Clients with access to the lobby, can also browse for and join servers.

v0.04.12 (03-20-05)

  1. Completed the game manual and keyboard commands documents
  2. The three remaining IA scenarios have undergone final testing and integration. All 16 IA scenarios are now available. The two ACM scenarios are currently undergoing final testing for merging in an upcoming update.
  3. FIXED: Sometimes destroyed ground units had a slight delay before being removed.

v0.04.11 (03-18-05)

  1. The jump gate now has a particle FX at the center
  2. The V key is now used for the now enabled "hit the deck" ProneDive animation
    1. FIXED: Expired license issue in client banning tool

v0.04.10 (03-14-05)

  1. The jump anomalies (black hole, flux field, wormhole) now use the new particle FX system
  2. The transporter and DJP now use the new particle FX system
  3. FIXED: Some particle FX were not rendering in Tacops
  4. FIXED: Going to Config from within any frontend system (e.g. Navitron) in the game, would prevent exiting back to the previous system.
    1. The UCServerConfig tool has been updated to take into account recent multiplayer config revisions
    2. If the client has no valid cached CD key, then the CD key entry and validation is now done as soon as the multiplayer client starts. This prevents the need to first join one of our official mp servers in order to validate a CD-KEY for hosting Net or LAN games.
    3. The server version is now reported in the GameCQ lobby.
    4. Added the ability for GameCQ advertise to read config values from ucsetupmp.ini if they exist.
    5. The GameCQ meta server user and password login credentials are now read from the MetaServerKey.ini file.

v0.04.09 (03-09-05)

  1. Revised the DJP menu so that it is now grouped by race/caste region. This makes it easier to figure out where you are jumping to.
  2. FIXED: Objects lose support capability when in a rebuilding state. This fixes a bug whereby when a building had been destroyed, collapsed into the terrain and was being rebuilt, an object could rest on it (then appear to be in the air) as if it were still in its original state.

v0.04.08 (03-08-05)

  1. Implemented proximity damage for grenades (prox/frag/smoke/flash) grenades and the Anti-Personnel Mine.
  2. The weather system now uses the new particle FX system for rain and snow
  3. Added config option to control the weather FX quality.
    1. Integration of multiplayer kernel into GameCQ powered 3000AD multiplayer games channel. Internet servers now report to the games channel lobby. Clients in the games channel lobby can now browse and join servers in the same way they can from the in-game server browser.

v0.04.07 (03-06-05)

  1. Several optimizations
  2. Reduced the size of turret beams on smaller units (e.g. SALs)

v0.04.06 (03-04-05)

  1. You can now delete the current waypoint using X if the NID has focus and WRS is the current mode

v0.04.05 (03-04-05)

  2. Completed Public Preview Demo #2 based on this build.
  3. FIXED: You can now delete all Tacops waypoints. Previously you could only delete the first six waypoints.
  4. FIXED: Destroying a mining drone object in the 3D world (e.g. when destroyed) was sometimes not setting its state to being destroyed, causing it to still be listed in Tactical as being active.
  5. FIXED: Some craft units within planet scenes were slightly offset from the ground, causing them to be pitched up when the scene was loaded.
  6. FIXED: Personnel units will now pick a random (of four) dynamic waypoints when recovering from a collision. This seems to solve the problem with them repeatedly colliding with an object that is in front of them, and being unable to avoid it.
  7. FIXED: misaligned power level bars in the cockpit at high resolutions (e.g. 1280x1024)

v0.04.04 (03-02-05)

  1. Personnel in prone pose will now be invisible on radar. When the person goes prone, he is still visible for five secs before being fully invisible on radar.

v0.04.03 (03-01-05)

  1. Several optimizations
  2. FIXED: The demo restriction which prevents the assignment of personnel to support crafts, transporters etc via Tactical computer, was still enabled in the non-demo build.

v0.04.02 (02-28-05)

  1. The fp view will now White out when a flash bang grenade detonates nearby
  2. The fp view will now turn Red when player takes damage from weapon, fragments etc

v0.04.01 (02-27-05)

  1. The smoke grenade now uses the new particle system
  2. FIXED: a crash would sometimes occur when you end up in a region with a debris field. e.g. using the flx-20 in Vega Eridani/Alteris
    1. Players can now be banned from the server using the Remote Server Admin app
    2. In the in-game browser, the player name, asset name and experience points are now displayed when you select a server.

v0.04.00 (02-25-05)

  1. Revision of planetary scenes and integration of new scenery props and objects, completed
  2. Leak damage FX (the particle emitted when a unit is damaged by 50% or less) revised and optimized.

v0.03.25 (02-21-05)

  1. Major optimizations to skeletal animation shader (South Beach Diet); we now use 50% less instructions and 94 constants. This enables the matrix skeletal animation path on older shader 1.1 (e.g GeForce4 Ti cards.
  2. Revised external planet rendering
  3. The external (as seen from space) cloud rendering is now rendered as multipass. This solves issues with the cloud movement on older shader 1.1 cards (e.g. GeForce4 Ti)
  4. Reduced the number of particles used in contrails (performance reasons)
  5. FIXED: particle contrails now render correctly on rockets (e.g.LR12, GPR etc)
  6. FIXED: particle contrails showing up in rainbow colors (possibly only on ATI cards?)
  7. FIXED: misc. debug mode fixes related to billboard beams
  8. FIXED: anisotropic textures not being set up correctly on ATI cards, triggering debug assertion
  9. FIXED: bug in glow rendering pass causes crash when rendering voltage on low end cards
  10. FIXED: crash on early NVIDIA hardware with bare-bones DX8 vs 1.1 support. VS 1.1 supports 96 constant registers. Turns out that the matrix palette skeletal animation skinning routine uses *exactly* 96 constant registers... and *one* lousy component of register 97. Naturally, of course, D3D9 will let you compile a shader like this, and it will run fine on hardware that *exceeds* the minimum spec (Radeon 8500, all DX9 cards) ... but not on a GeForce4 Ti or similar.
    1. Changed disconnection detection and how transmission propagation deals with old connections.
    2. Removed a workaround for the bandwidth settings. A value of zero really does mean no limit now.
    3. Added IP address to the online clients list display.
    4. When the USCDEBUG.LOG file gets to be 100MB, it gets copied to a sequential filename e.g. UCSDEBUG001.LOG, UCSDEBUG002.LOG etc etc. The existing UCSDEBUG.LOG file then gets deleted and re-created. It is then up to the server op to either delete or manually archive the sequential files.
    5. FIXED: A bug in the transmission code which would sometimes cause a recursive loop on the server.
    6. FIXED: problem reconnecting after quitting (ALT+Q) server.


v0.03.24 (02-15-05)

  1. Optimizations to particle contrails FX system.

v0.03.23 (02-13-05)

  1. When a craft is in HALT state and in the air, it no longer falls to the ground due to gravity (assuming engine integrity is greater then 25%). So when egressing the CC on a planet, it remains in place instead of briefly pitching up (employing ground avoidance) and back down.
  2. The ground avoidance pull-up (pitch up) maneuver is disabled if the craft is not "in flight", i.e if it is simply falling under gravity. A craft is "in flight" if the AOA (Angle Of Attack) is less than about 45 degrees.
  3. A craft that is resting on the ground but not attached to it due to the terrain height not being known when the object is created initially, has a downward velocity due to gravity which now exceeds the 45 degree AOA limit. So it should no longer perform a pull-up maneuver.
  4. FIXED: The Mission Zone menu list now overrides the default 99 menu item limit which prevents some zones being lost from the list
    1. The CD-KEY is now requested and checked when a client attempts to login to a server. You have three chances to enter the correct key before you are disconnected from the server. If the server detects a duplicate key, the key will be rejected, logged and the client already online using the same key, will also be ejected. The key will no longer be allowed to login. So, bear this in mind if you even think of joining a server with a stolen key, your Grandma's key or otherwise.

      Note that regardless of the game type (LAN or Internet), your CD-KEY will need to be authenticated once only. From that point on - and as long as the CD-KEY exists on your machine - you will not be prompted again. If you uninstall and re-install and decide to join a multiplayer game, you will need to re-authenticate your CD-KEY.

    2. Added +up and +down command line parameters. These specify bits per second for up and down connection speeds. The config file conection speed is ignored if these are set. So using the following, will configure a DSL type connection. Use these parameters ONLY when you want to fine tune your connection settings. The following will configure a DSL type of connection.
      +up 128000 +down 512000
    3. FIXED: If you connect to a password server using the in-game browser, after you enter the correct password and have pressed enter, the dialog would re-appear, even though the password was in fact correct.

v0.03.22 (02-10-05)

  1. Optimizations to beam turret FX system.
  2. Added flares to the [impact] end point of turret beams.

v0.03.21 (02-08-05)

  1. Completed the new shader based turret beam FX. Faster, looks better etc.
  2. Completed Public Preview Demo #1 based on this build.

v0.03.20 (02-07-05)

  1. Tweaked the impact damage FX on smaller units (e.g. fighters) so they are not too large and look like blobs.
  2. FIXED: explosions FX not rendering correctly in VDD/VID

v0.03.19 (02-06-05)

  1. Add further restrictions for demo version
  2. FIXED: impact FX not rendering correctly in VDD/VID
  3. FIXED: crash bug when particle systems (from explosions) were freed

v0.03.18 (02-04-05)

  1. Performance improvements; especially during intense space battles during which a lot of shader FX are being played (assuming all Config options were enabled and set to high values). Final performance improvements will be made during the final Beta stages in April.
  2. FIXED: A crash which would sometimes occur when an exploding missile was generating fragments with attached particles.

v0.03.17 (02-03-05)

  1. Added revised MONO sounds required for 3D sound processing
  2. The LIGHTING QUALITY config option is now set to LOW by default
  3. The "NPC Craft Gun Sounds" config option is now a three way setting as follows. The CONFIG OPTIONS.PDF file has been revised accordingly.
    1. OFF (default) - This turns off this feature and you won't hear gunfire sounds from NPC crafts
    2. AT MY CRAFT - This plays gunfire sounds only for hostile crafts firing at your craft
    3. ALL - This plays gunfire sounds for ALL hostile crafts in the vicinity.
  4. Completed the smoke and fire burn-up fx revision for planetary buildings that can rebuild when destroyed.
  5. Integrated the completed alien commander model textures (set of 12)
  6. In preparation for the integration of all recently completed and tested scenarios, the test and sample scenarios, have now been removed from non-internal distribution builds.
  7. FIXED: The shader decloaking fx was broken.
  8. FIXED: Resolved an issue related to explosion assets cleanup causing a slowdown on exit from the game.

v0.03.16 (01-31-05)

  1. Cycling to your own craft in external camera views will no longer prevent you from cycling to other targets. This was deliberate and prevented for testing purposes only.
  2. Revised the fonts used in the game world. This is for localization reasons.
  3. Added final gun sounds for CC (cruiser/carrier types)
  4. FIXED: hull/armor damage sparks FX no longer scale to model size. This prevents them looking like blobs on large objects.
  5. FIXED: missile explosions not appearing correctly
  6. FIXED: missile shockwaves not appearing
  7. FIXED: shockwaves not appearing on prox grenade and rockets
    1. Revised some bandwidth settings to take into account current ISP limits
    2. Added "Waiting for server..." message during client connect
    3. Added packet debug info to CTRL+V stats display in debug build
    4. FIXED: the chat messages sometimes not being sent to all players
    5. FIXED: other players not being seen in the online client
    6. FIXED: client sometimes disconnects on re-spawn
    7. FIXED: clients on radar not updated after switching regions
    8. FIXED: The online clients list will now be updated with your location when you switch regions. Note that this list will NOT display the new location of other clients as this will prevent stealth and strategic tactics for opposing sides, if everyone knew where they were headed. Only their initial location upon connecting to the server will be displayed.

v0.03.15 (01-28-05)

  1. Implemented some restrictions for "Public Preview Demo #1".
  2. Revised settings for explosion FX on grenades and rockets (e.g. from the KLMP and Hornet launchers). They look tons better now.
  3. Revised [legacy] hull/armor damage visuals to use new FX system. These are the visuals seen when a unit with no shields or armor is hit by gunfire. NOTE: This requires some tweaking because on large objects (stations, carriers), the sparks are too large and look like blobs.
  4. Added new Config settings for some recent graphics options. See DOCS\CONFIG OPTIONS.PDF. This build will delete the older UCCONFIG.INI file. A new one will be created at startup.
  5. The Assault Force Marine now has four rocket clips for the KLMP and Hornet launchers. Also has proximity grenades in some profiles.
  6. FIXED: The rendering of objects in the VDD/VID mode was sometimes incorrect.
  7. FIXED: A problem with the new electricity FX causing artifacts in the contrails rendering when on a gas giant (e.g. Jupiter) planet.

v0.03.14 (01-26-05)

  1. The pilot careers can now opt to start a ROAM scenario without an asset.
  2. The Elite Force pilot career can now start a ROAM scenario with a shuttle asset.
  3. The marine careers can no longer start a ROAM scenario with an asset. They can now only select an asset located at the launch base.
  4. The trader career now start a ROAM scenario with an armed transport asset.
  5. Added revised gun sounds for CC, FC and OC assets depending on the asset class and type
  6. FIXED: An incorrect pilot model reference prevented player from exiting the fighter in the ROAM scenario.

v0.03.13 (01-24-05)

  1. The NPC craft gun sounds are now controlled by a config option. See the revised CONFIG OPTIONS.PDF for a description of this new option.
  2. The TRS O command will now only select the "nearest hostile attacker". Previously would fallback to "nearest hostile target" if no attacker was found. To select the nearest hostile target, use the K command.
  3. Added several new space and planetary explosion sound fx. A random explosion sound is now selected and played when an object is destroyed. Previously, only one type of sound fx was played when an object on the planet is destroyed.
  4. Added another type of planetary explosion fx. Now a random explosion fx is selected and played.
  5. FIXED: a few minor bugs in the new particles system
  6. FIXED: explosions played from small objects (e.g. grenades) was too small to be visible
  7. FIXED: minor graphics screen clearing glitches in the options screen when switching to the KEYS page.
    1. Removed the 56K client transmission cap. Packet transmission is now scaled according to user settings in the server browser. The INI file variable that controls this is "MPConnectSpeed".
    2. Limited the max client connection type using "server_maxconnection" value set in ucsetupmp.ini The client uses what the server says to use if the server requires lower bandwidth from a client.

v0.03.12 (01-22-05)

  1. Completed the gaseous planet damage FX (the electricity FX seen on the ship). Now uses new shaders.
  2. Revised the faces of all seven female officers. They look better now.
  3. Revised the 2D comms images of all crew and NPC characters by adding a thin frame around them.
  4. Completion of sound system revision. Also, separate channels are now allocated to hostile fire. Its going to get a lot noiser out in space.

v0.03.11 (01-18-05)

  1. Smoke particles are no longer added to space explosions
  2. The flaming bits of planetary explosions are now more visible through the smoke
  3. The skeletal character model preloading is now controlled via a CONFIG option which is OFF by default.

    Note that enabling this requires a system with a minimum of 1GB of memory otherwise Windows will use its memory swap file; which is less efficient.

    Also, enabling this increases startup time; the benefit of course is that - in addition to the preloading of regular 3D models, there is smoother gameplay when any type of 3D model is first loaded into the space or planet world.

  4. FIXED: The rebuild texture was not working on space units (e.g. stations)

    1. Completed the removal of the GameCom middleware networking kernel (used in BCMG and UC) and the integration of the new ReplicaNet system.
    2. Limited kilobits (Kbps) packets sent to/from the server depending on bandwidth using "server_bandwidth_limit" value set in ucsetupmp.ini
    3. Released a new build of the games channel lobby client. It will auto-update itself when run.

v0.03.10 (01-17-05)

  1. FIXED: out-of-memory condition in skeletal model cache preload which would sometimes cause a startup crash.
  2. FIXED: particles appearing offset from models on planet (and other locations)
  3. FIXED: The rebuild texture rendering path (used for units, e.g. stations, buildings etc which can rebuild) was incorrectly blending when the model re-appears after being destroyed.

v0.03.09 (01-14-05)

  1. Revised [legacy] planet based explosions to use new FX system. Smoke particle emitters added.
  2. Explosion volumes are now preloaded at game startup, in order to improve real-time processing.
  3. Added character models to the [internal] preload cache. This is so that they are loaded when the game starts up and thus speeds up the loading when characters are loaded into a scene, transported to the planet etc. This cache is in addition to the user controllable model cache in CONFIG.
  4. Adjusted fp view for new female character model.
  5. FIXED: the new explosions FX were not rendered in the VDD video display.
  6. FIXED: some bugs involving the rendering of explosion FX while the scope was in operation e.g. screen blacking out, mysterious additional particles, etc

v0.03.08 (01-13-05)

  1. Revised explosion FX particle system to be more volumetric and visually dramatic.
  2. Revised the hyperjump flare texture to the final version.
  3. Added the ACAV and MPCV vehicles. This marks the end of the unit asset creation and integration.
  4. Added the following new completed character models. This marks the end of the character model/animation asset creation and integration.
  5. FIXED: The explosion FX preset for military and civilian buildings was incorrect.


v0.03.07 (01-10-05)

  1. Completed new explosion FX system. Still uses legacy UC textures (converted to DDS volume textures) until the UCAWA specific ones are completed. Until then, the explosions won't look as good as they do with final textures (currently being completed). Anyway, even using the placeholders, the new shader based explosion system is 68% faster than in UC and looks tons better. To test, just start a new commander career, use the CHEATS menu to create a craft, switch to F10 camera view; then ALT+X to destroy it.
  2. FIXED: Landing on a planet from space without a waypoint and exiting the craft in fp mode, would cause the weapon in the commander's hand to jitter. This would normally clear up after going to Tacops, viewing the planetary map, and returning to the fp view. Anyway, the problem has been tracked down and fixed.

v0.03.06 (01-07-05)

  1. Removed all test related scenarios from the dB. These are now contained in a separate scenariosTEST.zip archive (available upon request) as these scenarios will no longer be included in the Alpha and future build distributions, as we race to completion and integration of all final scenarios (which are undergoing scripting, tweaking, testing etc).
  2. New shader based explosion FX system (started in 0.03.03) integration completed. Now awaiting completion and integration of DDS volume textures before the legacy UC placeholder bitmaps can be removed. The new explosions are simply too cool for words.
  3. Updated 2D and 3D shockwave FX to use new shader based explosion FX system
  4. Updated debris burn FX (used when bits fly off destroyed objects) to use the new shader based explosion FX system
  5. Added the stand-alone turret systems (LADMK1, YN99MK1) units to the asset dB so that player can now "attach" to and fire them, as they would a normal unit. This required a new dynamics system since these units are not like regular vehicular units.
  6. Revised the AI tags in the following models to use the new ATT (see v0.03.05) system. APCMK2, BLACKGHOST, INTRUDER, MARAUDER, NAVAL_LCRAFT1, NAVAL_LCRAFT2, NAVAL_LCRAFT3

    NOTE that in the final version, the player pilot/driver will no longer be able to use guns/turrets/launchers other than 0 and 1 in assets which have more than one of these. This is done so that in fp mode (e.g. in multiplayer), other players can "attach" to these assets (e.g. as gunners) and use them without the pilot/driver being able to switch to them. e.g. the Phantom gunship only has a main gun, so this is controlled by the player using the ATT system. But the Intruder has no main guns, only a pair of door guns. This means that the pilot will be unable to switch to them (using the 1 key); only another player (or the player if the craft is flying under AI control) can "attach" to either of these and be able to fire them.

  7. Added 2D bitmap variants (for comms) of newly integrated character models (below)
  8. Added the following new completed character models. Note: Only the female officers are now awaiting animation completion and integration.

v0.03.05 (01-04-05)

  1. The transporter system on cap ships can now be used within a planet. Previously it could only be used from space, while observing a planet's surface.
  2. Completed (was started as part of asset controls revision in 0.03.02) the new Auto Target Tracking (ATT) used for assets (e.g. tanks, gunships etc) with independent turrets/guns. When a target is selected, the gun auto tracks the target regardless of its orientation. You then only need to fire the gun. So, you could be flying forward and over a target, while the gun in the nose cone of a Phantom gunship continues to point toward and track the target, without you having to turn around and make another pass. This is how the gun in an AH64 Apache gunship works.

    This same system is now used for NPCs so that they can better track and engage targets accurately and with a little processing as possible. In the previous game, too many cycles were used up as an NPC units attempts to move, track and engage a target. Now, as long as it has independent turrets/guns ( which all revised UCAWA assets have), only those will be processed (transformed etc) during this phase.

    NOTE: There are one or two kinks which still need to be addressed. This will be done in the next pass when the remaining HUD elements are completed.

  3. Further performance tweaks to planetfall fx. The pixel shader 1.1 version is now faster and on par with the pixel shader 2.0 version.
  4. Final world (space/planet) lighting tweaks.
  5. Completed and integrated 03 (10 of 16) IA scenarios
  6. Revised (performance reasons) default marine ROAM scenario by reducing the number of NPCs assigned to Alpha and Bravo teams (which escort player). Was previously eight; is now six.
  7. Added the following new completed character models:
  8. Adjusted offset of weapon attached (holstered) to jetpack type 3 (used by male and female commanders).
  9. FIXED: Profile loadout display overflow (profile 1 and 2) in Commander career list in the Start New Game (SNG) screen.

v0.03.04 (12-23-04)

  1. Removed a batch of legacy UC content (assets, bitmaps etc) which have now been replaced by UCAWA versions.
  2. Internal engine revisions, tweaks, fixes only.

v0.03.03 (12-20-04)

  1. Completed removal of legacy explosion FX system. Now only used as placeholders
  2. Completed new shader based planetfall burnup FX
  3. Integrated all new planetary scenes. Template placeholders removed.
  4. Completed and integrated 07 (07 of 16) IA scenarios
  5. Character animation system optimizations
  6. FIXED: glow maps showing through character models (e.g. SFM in space)

v0.03.02 (12-16-04)

  1. Revised and overhauled ground asset controls when switching to assets with guns and turrets. The new dynamics and controls makes targeting and firing with these assets a lot easier and more intuitive.
  2. Added ability for units with turrets to pitch/yaw their barrels along the line of fire
  3. Added ability to fire missiles when asset switched to mobile SAM unit
  4. Added support for co-op multiplayer scenarios
  5. Added the Dreamcatcher logo animation
  6. Added new crew and personnel images (used for comms) based on the new character models
  7. Added new career bitmaps (based on new character models) to Start New Game screen.
  8. Added the following new completed character models:

v0.03.01 (12-02-04)

  1. Completed the ship cloak fx. The electricity was also revised.
  2. The HS jump effect for outside views is now used only when targeting external craft
  3. Revised the planetfall transition camera so that the view perspective is from the side of the craft, making it easier to observe the burnup visuals.
  4. Revised vehicle dynamics to provide smoother controls and movement.

v0.03.00 (11-30-04)

  1. First [pre-Alpha] version release. Tons of new stuff; too numerous to list. Partial list: