Revised: 04-25-09


  1. This major upgrade is FREE to all owners of a pre-existing version of this game. It requires a
    previous install of v1.01.04. If you want the stand-alone version which installs separately and does not require
    a previous v1 install copy, you can buy it online separately.
  2. This is not a mandatory upgrade and thus will not be available via the in-game patch updater.
  3. Single player upgrade only. NO MULTIPLAYER.
  4. All GBS graphics tools (PTEStudio and BCStudio) included with v1 will not work with this version
    There are no plans to upgrade them.
  5. This version will update all versions of the following versions, including patched versions.
    However, you are advised to apply this only on top of a vanilla (new) v1 installation which already has the 1.01.04 patch.
    • Retail DVD-ROM (Take 2 release)
    • Direct2Drive ESD
    • Gamers Gate ESD
    • Digital River ESD
  6. To upgrade your pre-existing UCCE v1.01.04 install do the following:

    Run the v2 update and point it to your game install folder as you would a normal patch.

    WARNING: This is a one-way street. To revert back to your v1.x install, you will have to
    uninstall, kill the folder (including all files) and re-install from scratch. Then patch
    to the latest v1.x patch as normal.

v2.00.01 (04-25-09)
  1. Official Release

    Windows XP SP3, Vista SP1 (with all service packs)
    DirectX 9.0c or later
    Pentium IV 3.0 GHz or equivalent
    1GB system RAM
    256MB video card with pixel and vertex shader 2.0

        nVidia chipsets: GeForce 6800 or better
        ATI chipsets: ATI X800 or better

    DirectX 9 compatible sound card
    Multiplayer: N/A


    Windows XP SP3, Vista SP1 (with all service packs)
    Intel Core 2 Duo E6600 or AMD X2 6000+ 3.0GHz
    2GB system RAM
    512MB video card with pixel and vertex shader 2.0 or higher

        nVidia chipsets: GeForce 7800 or better
        ATI chipsets: ATI X1600 or better
v2.0 BETA 17 (04-21-09)
  1. Removed spark effect when shields were breached.
  2. Tacops no longer renders particle effects.
  3. FIXED: 'CRAFT LOADED' and 'DRONE LOADED' texts were overlapping.
v2.0 BETA 16 (04-08-09)
  1. FIXED: Perscan now displays icons correctly
  2. Various Frontend GUI related fixes.
    • FIXED: Logistix/Cargo and Logistix/Power screen buttons were the wrong size
    • FIXED: Various other scroll bar corruptions in Tactical/Loadout
    • FIXED: location of pilot display in Tactical/Loadout
v2.0 BETA 15 (03-23-09)
  1. Compiled with latest FMODex (4.24.00) audio SDK.
  2. Various Frontend GUI related fixes.
    • FIXED: Logistix systems repair interface screens
v2.0 BETA 14 (03-16-09)
  1. Various Frontend GUI related fixes.
    • FIXED: can now select items in Logistix/Crafts. Still can't repair parts though.
    • FIXED: alignment issues in medibay
    • FIXED: overlapping Tradcom Crew/Personnel assignment messages
    • FIXED: Tradcom now displays "Insufficient Funds" and "Finances" messages in correct area
    • FIXED: artifacts in Tactical/Loadout and other scrolling menus
v2.0 BETA 13 (03-10-09)
  1. Various Frontend GUI related fixes. More to come.
v2.0 BETA 12 (02-21-09)
  1. FIXED: mouse flight mode was broken.
v2.0 BETA 11 (02-20-09)
  1. VTT now show distance in meters when its below 1000.
  2. Revised laser damage. Previous revision was too weak.
  3. Mobile EAD units will no longer move around the base on their own.
  4. FIXED: NPC personnel had incorrectly high armor values.
  5. FIXED: NPC personnel escorts would ignore threats when they stopped outside leader range.
v2.0 BETA 10 (02-20-09)
  1. Performance tweaks to radar detection.
  2. Laser damage is no longer tied to the current frame rate
  3. NPC personnel with escort orders will no longer stray past 16m from the leader
  4. NPC personnel will now pause for 500ms before shooting again
  5. NPC's escorting player will now always receive orders from the player; even after being given escort/defend orders via the TOM.
  6. FIXED: lasers were causing damage twice, once as lasers and a second time as fragments.
  7. FIXED: NPC's were shooting at targets they weren't supposed to attack. This was also causing NPC's to ignore line of sight to their target.
  8. FIXED: a revision to radar detection performance improvement in previous update caused issues with friendly target detection. e.g. when you play a ROAM career in fp mode the starbase didn't detect you, so no friendly NPC escorts were dispatched.
v2.0 BETA 09 (02-17-09)
  1. Minor performance tweaks in first person mode
  2. Compiled with latest FMODex (4.22.00) audio SDK.
  3. Non hostiles, civil and misc units are no longer tracked on radar. Performance improvement
  4. FIXED: Issue with improper sound card initialization
  5. FIXED: multiple missiles sometimes firing when using joystick/gamepad/xb360 controller
v2.0 BETA 08 (12-29-08)
  1. Compiled with latest DirectX (November 2008) SDK. Requires November 2008 Runtime!!
  2. Compiled with latest FMODex (4.20.06) audio SDK.
  3. Removed CONFIG entries from Frontend drop-down menu. Can now only run CONFIG from the main menu.
  4. FIXED: MD5 digital signature was missing in ItemMgr.ini causing a crash when playing in fp mode.
v2.0 BETA 07 (12-14-08)
  1. Updated fpitems.html appendix file entry for GLE22
  2. The prox grenades in the GLE22 have been replaced with flashbang grenades
  3. FIXED: In the DIE/TVM mode the NID/LOC text was displayed outside the extents of the viewport
  4. FIXED: Cloaking was rendered incorrectly
v2.0 BETA 06 (12-02-08)
  1. FIXED: Destroyed units which could rebuild were rendered/located incorrectly
  2. Minor tweak to NPC persons in escort/defend mode
v2.0 BETA 05 (11-26-08)
  1. Increased the range at which NPC persons will stop before attacking a non-moving target
  2. NPC person will no longer stop shooting if it didn't have a target. This was a half second pause that is no longer required.
  3. Revised handling of NPC ships when in defend mode.
  4. Revised handling of NPC persons when in escort or defend mode
  5. FIXED: Decoupled cap ship gun crosshair was not rendered correctly
  6. FIXED: The hyperjump timer in the VDD/VID was not rendered correctly when viewing a ship in hyperspace
v2.0 BETA 04 (11-24-08)
  1. Removed Frontend background blurring effect.
  2. FIXED: Several planetary models and textures were incorrectly replaced/deleted by BETA02. Have now been restored.
  3. FIXED: VDD/VID rendering was causing several other rendering issues.
  4. FIXED: DIE and rifle zoom scope masks were being rendered incorrectly.
v2.0 BETA 03 (11-22-08)
  1. Key command revisions:
    SHIFT+H : Game Commands
    ALT+H   : Game Manual
    CTRL+H  : Game Tutorial
    H       : HUD Color Change
    ALT+R   : *deleted*
v2.0 BETA 02 (11-20-08)
  1. Revised PERSCAN color scheme to match new GUI color scheme
  2. Revised space skybox shader
  3. FIXED: Player asset textures are now pre-loaded by the asset streamer
  4. FIXED: Some text rendering in VDD/VID were not rendered correctly
  5. FIXED: Icons (e.g. weapon) in first person interface were not rendered correctly
v2.0 BETA 01 (11-15-08)
  1. Minor tweaks
  2. Added Engstrom super carrier asset
  3. Added bitmap pages for Game commands (6 pages), manual (100 pages), tutorial (115 pages) & galaxy map available via the in-game document viewer
    G      : GALAXY MAP
    H      : GAME COMMANDS
v2.0 BETA 00 (10-31-08)
Game engines based on Universal Combat CE v1.01.00

  1. Completely replaced the following engines with versions used in GALCOM: Echo Squad SE.
    • Terrain rendering engine
      • All shaders upgraded to improved SM 2.0 versions. Game will no longer run on SM 1.x hardware
      • All new terrain and environment lighting
      • All new water rendering
      • Volumetric clouds
      • Revised Sun (and sunlight) rendering
      • Increased terrain data resolution
      • Revised weather (rain, snow, heatwave etc) rendering and handling
    • Graphics rendering engine. Now requires SM 2.0 card as a minimum.
      • All shaders upgraded to improved SM 2.0 versions. Game will no longer run on SM 1.x hardware
      • All new shader based effects including, shield/armor impact, hyperspace, hyperjump, explosions, particle filters, cloaking, contrails, gun fire, damage etc
      • High Dynamic Range lighting with blooming and tone mapping. Can be disabled for cards with problematic drivers.
      • Motion blur
      • Multiple dynamic light sources (e.g. from planets, explosions, other scene objects etc)
      • New space skybox rendering with ambient cube maps
      • Normal mapping
    • Frontend GUI engine. NOTE: The CONFIG option in the drop-down menu is no longer active.
    • Input interface module. Minimal support for gamepads and XBox 360 Controller For Windows controller.
    • Asset streaming module
    • In-game document viewing module
  2. Replaced all legacy assets with newer versions which were revised for Echo Squad SE
    • Various 3D models
    • All skybox assets
    • All specialFX assets and shaders
    • Frontend GUI assets
    • Planetary terrain rendering assets
    • Space rendering engine assets
  3. Commandline parameter revisions
    • Obsolete: -j, /j, -w1, /w1, -w2, /w2
    • New: -w, /w (run in windowed mode. unsupported)