v1.00.03 (02-19-06)

  1. FIXED: When the display pane was updated, a crash would occur in PERSCAN on some video card combinations when intruders were captured and turned into prisoners.
  2. Minor graphics revisions in PERSCAN display.
v1.00.02 (11-22-05)

  1. When a towed object's state (beached/disabled/sos etc) is cleared and an object is towed to space, the flag is no longer reset as this has a side effect of also causing the A/P to cancel any pending orientation maneuvering.
  2. Giving the FLY-TO command when the CC is under A/P AI control will now perform the action, regardless of the target type. Previously it would ignore the command if the target could not be attacked (e.g. disabled, SOS etc) because attacking that type of target is against the Rules Of Engagement.
  3. The PLV is no longer populated by all personnel defined in a mission script (which may include hostile persons).
  4. Units ordered to ESCORT the player are automatically added to the priority list (and hence also the PLV) if not already present.
  5. Implemented joystick controls support for vehicles when the joystick controller is selected in CONFIG.
    The vehicle can still be controlled by the keyboard when the stick is the
    selected controller. The keyboard commands then override the stick.

    The throttle/number keys have no effect on the vehicle speed. As in the other
    craft, the speed is dependant on how long a key is pressed/stick pushed
    fwd/back etc. When the stick is in the centre (released), the craft maintains
    its previous speed (there may be some bleed of speed) in the same manner as
    when the keyboard is used.

    Stick x-axis (L/R) functions similarly to keyboard Q/E. In weapons mode the axis sets
    the currently selected turret yaw position, unless the joystick has a twist
    axis, which then takes precedence.

    Stick y-axis (forward/back) functions similarly to keyboard W/S except that there
    is a fairly wide low-sensitivity zone near the centre that allows for more precise
    maneuvering at low speed.

    Stick twist axis controls the selected weapon turret yaw at all times if
    present. The joystick throttle controls the pitch.

    In WEAPONS mode, the throttle (if present) and stick Y both control the turret pitch (the effects are added together).

    In CONTROL mode the throttle (if present) sets the turret pitch alone.

    Control/Weapons mode is indicated in the velocity tab (ie where the VTOL, A/P, H/S etc are located).
  6. Player personnel escorts are now set to HALT if the player uses an asset. When the player re-deploys from the asset, all prior player escorts that are still in HALT state are re-assigned to escort the player.
  7. FIXED: The NPC naval units were incorrectly 'bobbing' on water because they were attempting to perform maneuvers (turn towards targets) and this should not be possible unless the craft is moving forward (or backward).
  8. FIXED: Docking with some assets (e.g. SAM units) was listing incorrect missile loadouts for re-arming them. e.g. a TSX-1 unit uses TSX-1 missiles, instead of the standard missiles (e.g. Radix, Ralix etc)
v1.00.01 (10-18-05)

  1. Exported additional localization strings to LANGUAGE.LNG
  2. FIXED: Some missing asset (e.g. TSX1 sam unit) images would cause a crash if you docked at a planetary starbase with such an asset and clicked on the CRAFT button in Logistix.

  1. FIXED: The incorrect version number was being displayed in the in-game server browser screen.
  2. The static displayed when a cloaked ship is detected, is now rendered in the VDD like it is in single player.
v1.00.00 (10-03-05)
  • 3000AD Gold Master release with support for Starforce ProActive DRM activation as well as support for various DRM solutions used by our e-commerce partners including TryMedia, Boonty, Digital River etc.




  1. Player crew (in commander career) are sometimes unable to dock with some CC crafts after being given the RTB order when on a planet. They do go to the location of the craft, but sometimes are unable to enter it because the center point of the craft (e.g. a Battlecruiser MK3) to which they are directed (by the AI) is too high up when the craft is at rest on the terrain. Since they can't jump up to reach that point (and subsequently be removed from the world and docked with the craft), they will continue to attempt to enter the craft. To return deployed personnel to the craft, use the transporter if the craft center point is too high off the ground.
  2. Because the first person view position is tied to the model with mouse look, your model will sometimes appear to be tilting at an angle, when viewed by another client.
  3. At very high frame rates, characters in escort mode will constantly update their position around the object they are escorting (e.g. player). This is not fatal and is only happening due to the increased AI processing loop. Its more of an annoyance than a bug and is only seen if viewing the character from an external camera view or if a character who was previously prone, decides to fine tune his position, even though you [player] have not moved at all and then crosses your view (thus ending up in obscuring the line of fire).
  4. If the player enters a multi-person vehicle (e.g. CAV), escorting NPCs cannot enter the same vehicle. This was not part of the original design and is not a bug. If you are part of a personnel team and you take off in a vehicle, they will simply run after the vehicle you are in. This will PROBABLY be implemented at some point if the sales of the game warrants the extra investment in time and resources. Otherwise, wait for the next game in the series.
  5. You can drive through trees. There is no collision detect for them because they are not solid objects. If they were, the performance hit would be significant. Especially due to the sheer number of trees which can be in an area at any one time. Vegetation is there for scenery purposes only and do not bear any relevance to gameplay.
  6. If you go up a building then go prone and have personnel escorting you, they too will go prone and possibly end up prone at some really funny angles. This is the same as going prone on a mountain, then crawling over a peak because you can. The end result being that a good portion of your body is suspended in midair. So don't do it because it can't be addressed.
  7. While on the planet and viewing a target which resides on another map (that you are not on) using the F10 key, the target will sometimes appear to be slightly above the ground. This is due to terrain height variations since that region is only demand loaded. If you actually go there, you will see that the ground units are exactly where they should be. The F10 camera - like all view cameras - is for viewing purposes only.
  8. You don't have the ability to switch to turret/gunner positions on crafts. e.g. you cannot switch to the door gun of the Blackghost gunship. We just didn't have time to implement this. Maybe in a future update.
  9. You cannot control vehicles using the joystick
  10. If you died in the game and previously had a saved game prior to your death, but when you restore it you are still dead, it means that the saved game in which you are dead, is still cached and being auto-loaded. A workaround for this is to quit the game, go to the SAVE folder and delete the file with the .SAV extension. Then start the game and Restore the saved profile you wish to use.
  11. You can switch to naval units, use their weapon systems etc but you cannot pilot them.
  12. If you asset switched to some units and your controller option is not set to Mouse, you can only use Q/E to rotate the unit. This means that after switching to an asset (e.g. a SAM site located on the planet), for full control of that asset, you need to have Mouse set as your controller in the OPTIONS menu.

  1. Because the first person view position is tied to the model with mouse look, your model will sometimes appear to be tilting at an angle, when viewed by another client.
  2. If you are docked at a station which then gets destroyed, you will not be killed. Instead, you can launch just fine.
  3. If you dock at a station, your craft will remain outside the station.
  4. Cargo pods dropped by NPCs or players are empty when propagated to clients by the server. The population of cargo pods is not implemented in multiplayer.
  5. If your CC is destroyed due to a reactor shutdown or similar mishap unrelated to being destroyed by another client or NPC, the server will not send a message because it doesn't handle that situation. You will just respawn as normal and other clients will see you as reconnecting, not knowing what happened. This usually happens if you took serious combat damage and your nuclear reactor goes South and self-destructs.
  6. The ASE powered in-game server browser takes up to 40 secs to update the number of clients on the server. So sometimes the number of clients displayed, does not necessarily relfect the actual number of clients on the server. This means the server list will not display correctly until ASE master server has updated. This can take as long as 40 seconds. This also means information displayed to someone wanting to join is only as good as the last update or refresh they did. This was done by ASE in order to prevent clients from flooding the master server by doing repeated refreshes.
  7. If you had the chat message log window open in the front view, then switch to Tacops and back again, the window is not refreshed until a new message comes in.