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  1. Strike

    Some BCM praise

    Oh man, i want BCMG, but i probably wont see it here for a while, i know its out in america, but i cant wait till it arrives in australia.
  2. Strike

    Experience points?

    Ok thanks i was looking everywhere on the site for the appendix, i didnt relise i had it all the time lol, if only i found it earlier, i would'nt of asked this question in the first place, sorry for the trouble. [ 05-12-2003, 11:19 PM: Message edited by: Strike ]
  3. It all started when i was doing a search for old games or free demos, or shareware etc,(back in 2000) which i tend to do when im really bored. Well as i was searching, i stumbled across a game called 3000AD, i started playing it, was really overwhelmed at the difficulty, but enjoyed it due to so much freedom. Did a search to see where i could buy this game, but no one in sydney seemed to have it. Fast forward to 2002, stumbled across release dates of a new game, called BCM, i decided when australia finally gets it im gona buy it, now 2003, i wander into EB games, and what do you know, BCM for $20 bucks inside with all these old games. Grabed it and here i am present day, signed up to this great forum, enjoying the game more and more and i even get to see the head honcho himself, known as the SC.
  4. Do you only gain experience points when doing the campaigns or can you also gain experience in free roam? My caste is a Trader, im doing free roam, does that make any difference, so far i have been playing the game for about 15 Hrs and done 5 mining trips, yet i haven't received not 1 experience point. Is that normal?
  5. Strike


    I guess with Raiders and pirates out there on MP, i guess i wont have much chance being a Trader. I better start practicing how to kill now
  6. Strike

    Bad saved games

    I find if i do a quick save or alt+Q out i get a game crash after loading that save, the game loads up, then seconds after it crashes. I managed to get around it by loading up the game, and quickly after do a full save before it crashes again, then it works fine. I guess quick saving is a bad idea as mentioned above.
  7. Strike

    Need help for Shuttle control?

    Ok, i have managed to figure it out, well not really, basically its working now, but i still dont know why it didnt work in the first place, but i managed to get out a shuttle and it switched to shuttle view, at the time i was parked on planet earth. Ok right now i have my commander back in my ship and is being treated for radiation lol. I didnt relise earth's atmosphere was so dangerous after running around following my drones and then running back to CC and deploying another drone then running to the other shuttle and checking out progress lmao. Is there some sort of suit i need to put on, and how do i go about doing that?
  8. Ok, first off i have read the manual on Support Craft control on page 11 of the manual for BCM, i have the latest patch 1.08.00. I did everything it says in the manual about how to get my commander into the shuttle, also sent in the flight commander to help me out, after making sure my AE and the flight commander are in the SC1 shuttle, i go to the bridgeviewer screen with your radar and all on there, i select the little support craft icon, select 1 for the SC1 craft, i then selct LAUNCH from the pop down menu, then nothing happens, im still looking in the bridgeviewer and then i go to TACTICAL and it says that the SC1 shuttle is launched. So whats going on, anyone had any problems like this before, and what might be the cause? Any help would be appreciated, thanks.
  9. Strike

    Thrustmaster Cougar HOTAS

    Im using a Thrustmaster 360 modena UPAD, works well for basic ship control and keyboard use for all other controls.
  10. Well, id just like to give everyone a Gday from planet OZ (australia). Im new to BCM, and so far this would have to be the hardest game i have ever played, so far all i know what to do is control my little ship, planetfall, leave planets, and dock bases and some how managed to destroy a few small ships. After reading some forum posts already ive realised im missing out on alot of things, i had no idea i could take over a base, let alone mine a planet, but so far, the more i play, the more im enjoying it, i got to say, theres alot of freedom in this game, which i believe is the reason why this game is so great. I also just want to say, im looking forward to the day i take over some bases for myself