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  1. I prefer to buy it on-line (download), because many games not will be distribute in my country and over final price (product+shipping)i have to pay import taxs. Just for example, when i buy UC i spend more money with shippments and taxs than the product price.
  2. quote:Originally posted by Supreme Cmdr: .... In 2006 when the next Battlecruiser game (much smaller in scope, back to its single carrier legacy roots etc) comes out and it has in-ship boarding, internals of all ships etc, who is going to get bored if there are tons of ships, all different inside, same with stations etc etc. Most of these things are down to technology and resources to actually DO it .... I can┬┤t stay waiting for 2006 !!! That┬┤s will be a great game !!!!!
  3. quote:Originally posted by Soback: In the movie in looks like the ship is controlled by the mouse kinda like Freelancer style. I don't know, most people gripe about that, works great for me, anyone else notice that? If you pay attention to FAQ page (Parkan II site) you┬┤ll see for the minimal requirements : MS Mouse and for the recommended requirements : JOYSTICK.
  4. quote:Originally posted by Hellbinder: .... But thats just me. No, thats not just you. From the discripition above and the movie, i think it will be a good space sim game
  5. I will try, too with this Rebalance mod. Thanks
  6. The only thing that could make me player freelancer again is if i can use joystick to fly. Is there any mod for this ?
  7. quote:Originally posted by Mordax Blyrr: If you like spacesims... why you ask that on a BC/UC forum?! Yes, you are right...
  8. I can't edit the topic, but my advice : download the video !!!!!
  9. I never see the first game named PARKAN(looks like a ETR space game), but now, the PARKAN II will be a game like X2, Freelancer, who knows. If you like space sims, just take a look : http://www.parkan.ru/
  10. quote:Originally posted by Supreme Cmdr: When were you planning on updating the driver info in your profile? Also, nVidia released the 61.12 drivers to devs on Friday. Maybe its on Guru.3d already. Ok, Sorry, I do it at night, when i go home. And i already try to use this new version driver (61.x) and had the same problem told before : "Out of synchronism".
  11. Just for information. I try to use the last driver from guru3d.com page for nvidia FX, 60.x (i have FX5200). When the game starts, i can see the intro movie (3000AD Logo) but after this, my monitor "sleep" and i receive the message in screen (MOnitor message): "Out of synchronism". The game not runs (My monitor is sansung). It┬┤s just the same message when the monitor cable is not attached. I try to use the last driver from nvidia.com 56.x and the game runs, but when i go to the planet surface (the entire vegetation are "white" just like an "ice". The color sky too). I back to my old nvidia driver 53.x and the game runs fine. I can only think that nvidia don┬┤t fix the problem yet.
  12. quote:Originally posted by Grizzle: ... the patch will be released and it will rock! No doubt about it !!!!
  13. quote:Originally posted by Mordax Blyrr: Well check the VCF... I check it everyday ... And just like parameter i keep one eye in the AREA 51 closed topic (restricted), at every date changed i can bet that are a VCF modification. [ 05-05-2004, 01:36 PM: Message edited by: almostpilot ]
  14. Excuse me , i know that you are working hard for the new pacth release, but if possible, could you post any news about the patch status ? Thanks
  15. Well, the new shots and graphics improvement are incredible !!! Congratulations and thanks for this Kind of game suport. But i┬┤m just so anxious to "test" it by myself. I know that "the patch is ready when it┬┤s ready", but any possible date to release it ? Please.
  16. Is there a new date for the patch release ?
  17. Do you remenber Well .... i just cleaning my room and found this magazine. If the link nots works at first time, please just refresh the page in the iexplore button (I have no idea why this happens). [ 04-23-2004, 09:55 AM: Message edited by: almostpilot ]
  18. quote:Originally posted by DennyMala: Copy the link and paste it on a new explorer window to see the pictures...... geocities often do this kind of trick.... Thanks, it┬┤s works !!!
  19. I just have only one word to say : COOOLLLL !!! Great idea !!!!
  20. quote:Originally posted by Darkling: I was checking out this page over at The Underdogs and noticed that it shows a fully modeled Cockpit? I've never played BC3K so I was wondering, is this a mistake or is this how BC3K was? Just check the 3000AD┬┤s product shots page from 3000ad and you will see more shots from this game (more than underdogs page).
  21. Please I┬┤m just curious about UCE2E price $29,99 due the recent problem with UC. It┬┤s a new game more graphicaly improved. Why not $ 39.. Its a new sales strategy, or there are another reason. Thanks
  22. In KB the shuttle cockpits and interior are ...amazing, incredible,... .It┬┤s just a kind of game that i love. I hope thats game really have a PC version, after XB release, and maybe with some enhances that XB version don┬┤t permit. I don┬┤t know how to say that KB shot are impressive . How much i see the KB shot┬┤s (with more attention) more i love and wait for this game. The bridge, ammunition room, the shuttle bays, the shuttle and figthers, transporter room, the entire ship structures and panels details ..... Man i need to belong to the ships crew !!!! I just can wait for walk inside this !!!! . [ 03-10-2004, 07:35 AM: Message edited by: almostpilot ]
  23. About KB : Are There battles between ships ? and internal damages like panel explosions or other ? I┬┤d like to see a transpoter room shot (if this exists of course)
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