Game Development Related

Game Dev Articles, Research

AI - Game AI Articles & Research
CUJ Feature Article April2000 - Finite State Machines
Flocks, Herds, and Schools A Distributed Behavioral Model
Gamasutra - Features - AI for Games and Animation [12.6.99]
Practical Guide to game AI - Part I
Practical Guide to game AI - Part II
Research in Natural Language Computing


Jeremy Soule - Composer & Symphonist
OpenAL 3D Sound Programming
OpenAL Tutorials at DevMaster.Net


AprilR WebLog for Microsoft Visual C++
C++ Coding Standards
C-C++ Users Journal Web Site
Code signing how-to
Coding indent style
Dev book reviews
Doug Jones's compression and encryption algorithms
Enabling Large Patches to Install
Encoding files with Vorbis
Error installing .NET Framework 1.0 and 1.1 on Windows Vista caused by Data Execution Prevention (DEP)
FIX- Error message when you try to install a large Windows Installer package or a large Windows Installer patch package
Gamasutra - Feature - Efficient XML File Reading for Game Development
Gamasutra - Features - Exploring the Business Side of the Business of Making Games
Gamasutra - Features - Game Developer's Salary Survey
Gamasutra - Features - Instant Replay Building a Game Engine with Reproducible Behavior
Gamasutra - Features - Internet Business ModelsNew Options for Game Developers
Gamasutra - Resource Guide - Managing An International Remote Development Team
Game Matters_ Contract deal points
GameDev.Net - strncpy is declared deprecated -- Introduction to Asset Management with ionForge Evolution® -- Introduction to GameMonkey Script Part 1
GameSpot's How To Start and Grow Your Own Game Development Company - Thoughts on game industry
GDC - Exibitor Home Page
GDC - Home Page
IGDA - Business & Legal
IGDA - legal Protecting Your IP
IGDA - Negotiating Development Contracts
Intel - Using Interactive Media Components
Introduction to keyboards _ Physical keyboard layout _ Globalizing your e-business
Joel on Software - Painless Software Schedules
Joel on Software - The Absolute Minimum Every Software Developer Must Know About Unicode & Character Sets
Little Endian vs Big Endian
Making the game world independent of CPU speed
Michael Howard's Web Log - Security Stuff in Whidbey - The Safer CRT
Mindless ramblings- Windows Vista Manifest File Issues
MS DirectDev Mailing List Archives
Multithreaded Game Scripting with Stackless Python
NSIS - Code Examples
NSIS - Game explorer
NSIS - Vista Games Explorer
NSIS Forums - How to add vista Digital Signatures for my installer-
Opening Up the PlayStation 2 with Linux
Portable Application Description (PAD)
Secrets of the Game Business- Pros and Cons of Worldwide and Country-by-Country Deals
SlashdotFeature Why Being a Computer Game Developer Sucks
The Code Project - Basic concepts on Endianness
The Code Project - License Key Generation - .NET
The Code Project - Memory(-Leak) and Exception Trace (CRT and COM Leaks) - Free Tools
The lost art of a single person creating a great game
The Patch Cache and Freeing Space
Troubleshooting 1935 and 2908 errors during installation
Virtual Worlds A First-Hand Account of Market and Society on the Cyberian Frontier
Working With the STL


Animating dynamic wind-blown trees with vertex blending
Beyond3D - Photo-realistic Deferred Lighting - 3D Game and Shader Development
BRDF Materials
Carmack on shadow volumes
Creating DDS textures using ATIs Compressonator - KatsBits TUTORIALS
Developing a GUI Using C++ and DirectX
Direct3D API changes in DirectX 9.0 SDK
DirectX - How Light Can You Get - DH Editorial_ ATI and Instancing, further investigation
FreeSpace 2 source
Gamasutra - Advanced Particle Systems
Gamasutra - Book Excerpt - "Using Vertex Texture Displacement for Realistic Water Rendering"
Gamasutra - Creating Skyboxes
Gamasutra - Feature - "A Real-Time Procedural Universe, Part Four- Dynamic Ground Textures and Objects"
Gamasutra - Feature - "Dynamic 2D Imposters- A Simple, Efficient DirectX 9 Implementation"
Gamasutra - Feature - "Dynamic 2D Imposters- A Simple, Efficient DirectX 9 Implementation"_#2
Gamasutra - Feature - "Multi-Threaded Terrain Smoothing"
Gamasutra - Features - "Creating Backgrounds for 3D Games"
Gamasutra - Features - A Real-Time Procedural Universe, Part Three Matters of Scale [07.12.02]
Gamasutra - Features - Four Tricks for Fast Blurring in Software and Hardware [2.09.01]
Gamasutra - Features - Terrain Reasoning for 3D Action Games [09.12.01]
Gamasutra - Features - Volumetric Rendering in Realtime [10.03.01]
Gamasutra - Rendering to Texture Surfaces Using DirectX7 - Streaming for Next Generation Games - Streaming for Next Generation Games_#2
GameDev.Net - DirectX FAQ
GameDev.Net - Particle explosions - Real-Time Heightmap Self-Shadowing Using the Strider Technique - Shader Programming Part I Fundamentals of Vertex Shaders
GameDev.Net - Using Visual C++ 2003 Toolkit with VC6 -- Adding Realistic Rivers to Random Terrain -- Moving from Exclusive Mode to Windowed Mode in DirectX -- The Theory of Stencil Shadow Volumes -- Understanding and Implementing Scene Graphs
GameDev.Net DirectX FAQ - V12 tech
Garland-Heckbert Surface Simplification using Quadric Error Metrics
Hardware trilinear displacement mapping without tessellator and vertex texturing
HowTo - How to Create a 3D skybox from a 2D photo using 3dsmax -. GarageGames
Hugues Hoppe's home page
Light Mapping, Theory and Implementation
Magic Software 3D Game Engine Design
Managed DirectX
Microsoft DirectX Dev Mailing List
MSDN - D3D Lost Devices
MSDN - DirectX 9 Developer FAQ
MSDN Online Voices - Deciphering DirectX
NeHe's OpenGL Tutorials
Normal Map Workflow in Max by Ben Mathis
Normal Mapping Tutorial by Ben Cloward
Numerical issues when computing Physics
nVidia GeForce3 Dev FAQ
Nvidia Instancing demo on x800
Open GL Super Bible - Table of Contents
OpenGL LOD Article
OpenGL LOD Terrain
Perlin Noise Article
Procedural Textures (Preliminary, Subject to Change)
Publications by W. Heidrich (Height Fields)
Quadtree tiling
Real-time Caustics Rendering
Real-Time Cloud Rendering (Mark Harris)
Real-Time Cloud Rendering (Mark Harris)_#2
Real-Time Rendering Resources
Siggraph Graphics Papers
Simulating ocean waves
SOF - hit detection scan
Stylized Depiction Non-Photorealistic, Painterly and 'Toon Rendering
Terrain Texture Splatting
Toymaker DirectX 9.0c SDK FAQ
Underwater View Real-Time Simulation
x-bit labs - Anti Aliasing Explained


Cheat Sheet for Unicode Enabling Microsoft C and C++ Source Code and Programs
CodeGuru- Unicode, MBCS and Generic text mappings
Developing Programs that Support Multiple Languages
Generic-Text Mappings in TCHAR.H
MSDN Compiling Your Application with the Microsoft Layer for Unicode
MSDN Generic-Text Mappings in TCHAR.H
MSDN MBCS Programming Tips
Software Localization in the Windows Environment
Support for Multibyte Character Sets (MBCS)
The Code Project - CStdioFile-derived class for multibyte & Unicode reading & writing
The Code Project - Easy text document conversion - ANSI to Unicode & Unicode to ANSI
The Code Project - How to test your programs with Unicode chars in multiple languages
The Code Project - Languages Builder - C++ - MFC
The Code Project - RC Localization Tool (LocalizeRC) - Free Tools
The Code Project - The XString Class - String
The Code Project - Tips on internationalization of software - Programming Tips
The Code Project - Ultimate String and String-List classes . - String
The Code Project - Unicode, MBCS and Generic text mappings - C++ - MFC
The Code Project - Upgrading an STL-based application to use Unicode. - STL
The worlds top Unicode websites
Understanding Unicode
Unicode and software internationalization


Explicitly Unloading a Delay-Loaded DLL
MSDN - Breaking Changes in the Visual C++ 2005 Compiler (C++)
MSDN - C-C++ Build Errors
MSDN - Deprecated CRT Functions
MSDN - Disabling Shortcut Keys in Games
MSDN - Games for Windows- Technical Requirements
MSDN - How to disable intellisense in VC2005
MSDN - IGameExplorer
MSDN - Manifest files for Vista
MSDN - Migrating From Previous Visual C++ Versions
MSDN - No effect of define _CRT_SECURE_NO_DEPRECATE
MSDN - The Windows Vista Game Explorer
MSDN - Understanding User Account Control in Microsoft Windows Vista Beta 1
MSDN - Windows Vista Developer Center
MSDN Debugging Remote Applications
MSDN Side-by-side Assemblies (Windows)
MSFN Forums NAV2004 & VS - Unattended


240429 - DirectX_ Ports Required to Play on a Network
An auto-adaptive dead reckoning algorithm for distributed interactive simulation
Bee's Guide to Network Programming
Building NAT-Friendly Applications
Clarification on Quake 3 networking
Efficient Packet Structures - Help - GameDev.Net Forums
Gamasutra - Features - Designing Fast-Action Games For The Internet [09.05.97]
Gamasutra - Features - Half-Life and Team Fortress Networking [05.11.00]
Gamasutra - Features - Using Groupings for Networked Gaming [06.29.00]
Gamasutra - Features - _MotoGP Online_ An Xbox Live Launch Title Developed In Seven Weeks_
Gamasutra - Rising from the RanksRating for Multiplayer Games
Gamasutra -- Online Games Resource Guide 2002 - Advanced WinSock Multiplayer Game Programming_ Multicasting
GameDev.Net - MMOs and Bandwidth - Product Review - Net-Z-Eterna, ReplicaNet, SDLNet, and Plane Shift -- Defeating Lag With Cubic Splines -- WinSock2 for Games Discussion Forums - best size for udp packets
Garage Games Game Networking Thread
NAT and Peer-to-peer networking
Parsec Networking Architecture
Simple NAT punch-through It-s All in the Delivery
The Internet Sucks Or, What I Learned Coding X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter [09.03.99]
The Laws Of Online Gaming
TRIBES Engine Networking Model
Well Known Port Number Assignments
WinSock Development Information
Zeroping - makes games fun


Collision detection & Response
Gamasutra - Features - Outsourcing Reality Integrating a Commercial Physics Engine [08.16.02]
Gamasutra -- Physics Resource Guide 2003

Visual Studio

A few VS 2005 SP1 Links and Information Nuggets - ScottGu's Blog
Debugging a Release Build
Hot to setup Remote Debugging in VS6
How can I install Visual Studio 6.0 Professional to Windows XP-
How to Attach to a Running Process
How to - Set Up Remote Debugging in VC2005
How to create a network installation point for Visual Studio .NET or Visual Studio 2005 setup
How to deploy Visual Studio 2005 by using Systems Management Server
How to implement remote debugging in Visual Studio 2005
HOW TO- Silently Install Visual Studio 6.0 Enterprise Edition
Known Issues with Visual Studio 2005 Service Pack 1
MVP VisualC++ FAQ
Save Time and Space for VS 2005 SP1 by Disabling the Patch Cache
Save Time and Space for VS 2005 SP1 install by Disabling the Patch Cache
Slipstreaming Visual Studio 2005 Service Pack 1
Slipstreaming Visual Studio 2005 Service Pack 1_#2
Tim Anderson-s ITWriting - Tech writing blog » Visual Studio 6 on Vista
Upgrading Your Program to VS .Net
Visual Studio 2005 SP1 failures can break existing applications
Visual Studio 6.0 SP5 setup on Vista Beta 2 (5384)- - MSDN Forums
Workaround for Visual Studio 2005 installation Error 1718

Game Dev Consoles

GameBoy Development Site
PhyreEngine - PS3
ProDG for PSP
ProFX Procedural Textures
PS2-PSP Tools Developer - sn systems
PS2DEV - PS2-PSP Homebrew Programming
PSIX homebrew OS for PSP
PSP - zSlide dev tools
PSP Application AppWizard Visual 6.0
PSP Programming Tools - MPH
PSP Programming Tutorials by Brad Dwyer
PSP Programming Tutorials
Sony Playstation Development Site
Submission Pitfalls in Xbox 360 Certification
Vicious Engine
Virtools XBox Dev SDK
XBConnect Internet Tunnel for the XBox
Xbox 360 Development Preparation
XBox Controller Driver
Xbox Registered Developer Program
XBox-Emulation Developer Programs
XNA Creators Club
XNA Developer Center

Game Dev Financing

Arca Capital
Benchmark Capital- Silicon Valley Team- General Partners- Bill Gurley
Elevation Partners
Game investors

Game Dev Graphics Sites

3D Artists
3D Buzz - The Ultimate Resource - Free Tutorials, Training Information, Job Postings, & more
3D Cafe SpecialFX Libraries
3D Studio Max Tutorials
3D Total - The cg artists home page
ACCUEIL - LEMOG Maya 3d Graphics - 3D TEXTURES
Artbeats Digital Film Library
claudec's Lair of Q3A - The Tutorial Index
Credo Interactive (Life Forms)
Deep Paint 3D
deviantART; where ART meets application!
DirectX Shader Resource
Discreet gmax products
Evelio's Babylon 5 3D Model Index
Font Empire -- DirectX
Geo-metricks Real-Time 3D Models for Vis-Sim and Web3D - The Digital Art Community
MARLIN STUDIOS - Home of Great Seamless Texture Map Libraries
MetaTools Inc
OZONE Images Index
Shadow Realm Games Animator
The Motion Factory
The Texture Studio
The Z Buffer - Managed DirectX resources
Turbo Squid
Virtual Republic Boboland
[ casManG's ] Game Editing News and Help

Game Dev Handheld

C2 engine for GBA and PocketPC
DRG 3D Engine
Fathammer 2D_3D Game Engine
GapiDraw Graphics SDK
Hekkus Sound Library

Game Dev Marketing & PR

Biz Dev Inc
DoubleFusion - dynamic in game advertising
FOG Studios
Hypecouncil - Integrating Advertising & Publicity Online!
Interactive Studio Management
Kohnke Communications
Massive Incorporated - In Game Advertising
Octagon Entertainment - Agent
Online Marketing And Public Relations
PMG - The Pharae Management Group
TA Associates - Angel Investors
The Themis Group

Game Dev Networks & MMOG

BigWorld MMOG Tech
ChatBlade MMORPG Middleware Chat SDK
Lyra Networking Engine
OpenSkies Network
Outspark - Free online games
Quazal's Q-Platform Multiplayer SDK

Game Dev News - Ultimate 3D Links
ARDI MAC Emulater Reader
Code Project - Free Source code and Tutorials
Devguru - Articles & Tutorials
Digital Game Developer
DirectX Developer Center Game Development Forums
Free PC Fonts
Game AI Page
Game Design Documents
Game Design Search Engine
Game Developer Bizr
Game Developer Magazine
Game Development Search Engine
Game industry jobs!
Game Producer
Game Tunnel
GameCoding UK
Garage Games
GiG News
IGDA the games industry marketplace
Microsoft Press
MS Developer Store
MTV Multiplayer
Nate's OpenGL Programming Page
OpenGL Game Developers Consortium
Planet 3D
Programmers Heaven - Where programmers go!
R.E.D. - Representing Entertainers & Developers
SGI's OpenGL Site Project Info - AI Interface Standards Committee
Top Coder
Ultimate Game Programming

Game Dev PC


AiLive - LiveCombat
CGF-AI Game Credits, Publications and Presentations
Free Fuzzy Logic Libarary
Garfixia AI Repository
Kynogon - No Mind No Game
NeuroFusion Neural Network SDK
Omni-bot Bot SDK
SimBionic_ Game AI Middleware Toolkit
Sparks! Fuzzy Logic Editor

Audio & Video

AMPdec, an Audio-MPEG decoder
AT&T Natural Voices - Demos (Interactive)
Creative ALchemy Project
CRI Audio Video Playback SDK
DiamondWare Sound Kit
FMOD - music & soundeffects system
Miles Sound System
MP3 Licensing - TextAloud MP3 Frequently Asked Questions
Ogg Vorbis CODEC Project
OpenAL Open Source Audio Library
PortAudio - an Open-Source Cross-Platform Audio API
QSound Labs!
Speex Speech Codec
VoCon Speech SDK - Open, Free Audio
winLAME audio converter
WinVorbis-Vorbix - Graphical Multi-file Ogg Vorbis Comment Editor-Encoder Ogg Vorbis

Compiler Tools, Debuggers, Profilers, Memory Checkers

AMD Developer Central - AMD CodeAnalyst for Windows
Compuware DevStudio for Visual C++
Debugging Tools and Symbols - Using the MS symbols server
Debugging Tools and Symbols- Getting Started
Dinkum Unabridged Library
Dmalloc - Debug Malloc Home Page
GlowCode - Memory leak detector, code profiler
Heap Agent - Smart Heap tools
How to Attach to a Running Process
Intel VTune Performance Analyzer
Java Virtual Machine Download Links
Latest Run-Time Components for Visual C++ Applications
Microsoft Application Compatibility Toolkit
Microsoft Application Verifier
Microsoft Debugging Tools for Windows
mpatrol debugger
OllyDbg debugger
TB Debug Kit
Visual Assist, the IntelliSense upgrade for Visual C++
Visual Leak Detector - Enhanced Memory Leak Detection for Visual C++
Windows Debug Symbol Packages
Windows SDK for Windows Server 2008
Workspace Whiz!

Compilers & IDE

Borland C++ Compiler 5.5
C++ Compilers From Comeau Computing Targeting ANSI-ISO C++ Standard - C and C++ Compiler for Multi-platform Needs
Code--Blocks -- Free C-C++ IDE
Dev-C++ IDE
EiC - C interpreter & compiler
IDEs and GUIs for x86-win32 GCC
Intel C++ Compiler 7.0 for Windows
Metrowerks IDE + Compiler
Microsoft MSDN Online Library
MinGW Compiler
SharpDevelop IDE
Visual C++ 2005 Commandline Switches
Visual C++ 2005 SP1 Redistributable Package (x86)
Visual C++ 6.0
Visual C++ Toolkit 2003
Visual C++
Visual MainWin for UNIX and Linux
Visual Prolog
Visual Studio 2005 articles, fixes and updates - April 2007
Visual Studio 2005 Pro
Visual Studio 2005 SP1 Update for Vista
Visual Studio 2008 - Pricing
Visual Studio 2008 - Whats New
Visual Studio 2008 MSDN Library
Visual Studio 2008 Trial Downloads
Visual Studio 2008 Trial Edition - How to upgrade to full version
Visual Studio Developer Center
Visual Studio Express Editions
Visual Studio Home Page

Copy Protection

Alcatraz Copy Protection
Armadillo (tm) Software Protection System
ByteShield - Software Copy Protection
CD-Cops Copy Protection
EXECryptor - Bulletproof software protection
File Signing Tool (Signcode.exe)
Macrovision SafeDisc
MoleBox Pro
nProtect GameGuard
Open License
SecurePlay Game Programming Toolkits in Flash Java C++
Software Activation Service
SoftWorkz DNA
Sony SecuROM
StarForce Copy Protection System
Starforce ProActive --Product activation
StarForce ProActive 1.0 Login
StarForce ProActive 2.0 Login
TAGES, the AAA Copy Protection System
Trymedia Systems


Backup Watcher for MySQL
Berkeley DB
HeidiSQL - A GUI for mySQL
Microsoft SQL
MySQL Administrator
MySQL Manual
MySQL Server Windows Installer
phpMyAdmin - MySQL Database Administration Tool -
Versant - Future-Proof Data Management for Massively Multiplayer Online Games

Defect Tracking

Bug Tracker Software
DevTrack The Integrated Solution for Defect and Project Tracking - TechExcel
Elementool - Bug and Defect Tracking Tool
FogBUGZ - Professional Bug Tracking from Fog Creek Software
Installing Bugzilla on Microsoft Windows
Mantis Bug Tracker
Seapine Software - TestTrack Pro

Game Assets

Complete Characters

Graphics Engines & Tools

3D Game and Graphics Engines Database at DevMaster
3D GameStudio Graphics Engine
3DLinX ActiveX Graphics Engine
3DWin the 3D File converter
AC3D Modeling
Alteros 3D viewer
AMP II 3D Engine Normal Mapper Plugin for MAX
AMP II 3D Engine
Annosoft - Lipsync Tools for Professionals
ATI Render Monkey
Beast — Illuminate Labs
Bink Video!
Blender Modeler
C4 Game Engine
Cal3D Skeletal Anim Library
Caligari GameSpace - 3D game tools
Cartography Shop
CineGraphics - UView v2.1
COLLADA - ColladaLoader
COLLADA - Digital Asset Exchange Schema for Interactive 3D
COLLADA - Document Object Model (DOM)
COLLADA - Getting Started Guide
COLLADA - MAX plugins from Feeling Software
COLLADA - Object Format
COLLADA - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
CrazyBump Normal Mapping Tool
CRI Middleware
Crystal Space A Free 3D Engine
Dagor Game Engine
DDG Graphics Toolkit
Deep Exploration 3D File Viewer
Deep Paint3D
Deep Shadows Vital Engine
Dele3D Modeler
DgeeMe - Video based Motion Capture and Analysis
Digimask Face Modeling
Direct3D Caps dB - Chris Dragan's Corner
DirectX Device Capabilities
Discreet GMax
DX Studio - 3D Software Development
EaseImport & EaseExport
EmotionFX2 Character Anim Engine
Enlighten Game Lighting
Face Gen Modeller
Facial Studio
FPS Creator X10
FPS Game Creator
Frustrum OpenGL 3D Engine
G3D Engine
Game Creators GDK
Gamebryo Game Engine Software Emergent
Generalized Triangle Mesh Optimizer
Genesis 3D Engine
GLSL - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
GLUT OpenGL Library
Google SketchUp
Granny Character Anim Engine
Greenbriar Studio 3D Tools
GTS - The GNU Triangulated Surface Library
Haaf's Game Engine - Hardware accelerated 2D game engine
HABWare free 3DStudio Max 3.0 PlugIns
Hash Animation Master
Horde3D OpenGL Graphics Engine
Hybrid Graphics - dPVS- Occlusion Culling for Massive Dynamic Environments
id Tech 3 Software Technology Licensing
Irrlicht Engine - A free open source 3d engine
John Beale's HFLAB
Kaydara Inc
Keith Ditchburn's DirectX Page
Leadwerks 2.0
LifeMode LifeHead Facial Animation System
Lightcube gx Engine
Lipsync SDK
Lukas Heise's DirectX Tools
MakeHuman Character Animation Toolkit
MaPZone Texturing Tool
MAX - the plugin database for 3ds Max
Maxed Out Max Plugins
MESA 3D Graphics Library
Meshbox - The Most Productive Way to Collect, Manage and Convert 3D objects
Microsoft DirectX
MilkShape 3D
modo 303 modeling tool
Moray Modeller
MPEG Audio-Video-VideoCD Encoders
Mudbox Normal Mapping Tool
NaturalMotion endorphin Animation SDK
NaturalMotion morpheme Advanced Animation System
NDL Emergent
Neg3D Modeler
NeoAxis Engine
NeoEngine - Evolution
NormalMapCompressor - A tool to automatically compress normal maps - The Code Project - Multimedia
nVidia Cg
nVidia Cg Toolkit
NVIDIA Scene Graph
OGRE - Paging Scene Manager
OGRE Particle Editor
OGRE Toolbox - Your toolbox for Ogre
Panard Vision Realtime 3D Engine
Pixelux - Digital Molecualr Matter - Game Asset Synthesis Technology
PLIB- A Portable Games Library
Power Render
Pretty Poly Editor - PPE
ProFX - Procedural Texture Creation Tool
Project Offset
Q3 Radiant Level Editor
Q3 Radiant Tutorials
QuArK Modeler
Qube Software
Quest3D Graphics Engine
quick3D - fast 3D viewer and converter
Reality Graphics Engine
RealmForge GDK -- .NET Game Development Platform
RTzen RT_shader Overview
S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - X-Ray Engine
SARGE - Animation SDK
SciTech Software, Inc
Shader Ninja
Shader Studio
ShaderTech - GPU Programming
Shark 3D
Smacker Video Technology!
Sylphis3D OpenGL Engine
Targetware - Unlimited Expansion Flight Sims
Tattoo Mesh Skinning Tool
Texture Maker - The Seamless Texture Generator - Web Resource. Download and Samples
Texture Transition Studio
The Geometry Center
Torgue Game Engine Advanced
Truevision3D Engine
Unigine [engine of virtual worlds]
Unity Multiplatform Engine
Universe Image Creator
Vicious Engine
Vision Game Engine
Visor visibility culling using PVS
Wizaid PVS Library
Wondertouch Particle Illusion
World Construction Set
XEngine - The Platform- and API-Independent 3D Engine
xNormal Normal Mapping Tool
ZBRUSH Seeing is Believing

Graphics Engines & Tools (Terrain)

3D Cloud and Sky Visual Simulation- SilverLining by Sundog Software
3DEM Terrain Visualization and Flyby Animation - Landscape - Terrain
ALE - Advanced Landscape Editor for Realtime 3D
Bionatics 3D plant modeling and landscape design
Daylon Graphics - Leveller (tm) Heightfield Editor
Demeter Terrain Engine
DigArts Software - Tree & Vegetation models & textures
EarthSculptor - Terrain Editor
Free GIS Data - GIS Data Depot
FreeWorld3D - Terrain and World Editor
GDAL GDAL - Geospatial Data Abstraction Library
Grome Terrain Editor
GroundWiz - Procedural 3D terrain map for 3DS max
HeroEngine The Ultimate MMO Platform
L3DT - Large 3D Terrain Generator
Lenné3D - Real-time - Botany - Landscapes
Libnoise- a portable, open-source, coherent noise-generating library for C++
MojoWorld Terrain Generator
Olaf Herfurth - TerraProject
OpenFlight Flight Studio
OpenFlight Geometry Export Converter
Organic Vectory
planetGenesis terrain generator for Terragen
PnP TerrainCreator
Ranger Mk2 Terrain Rendering Engine
Realworld Imagery Vegetation Textures
ROAM Landscape Terrain
T2 - Terrain Texture Generation
TerraGear - Automated Tools for 3D World Modeling and Mapping
Terragen - Creating a 2D skybox
Terragen - Terrain Generation Engine
Terragen - TerraPainter
Terragen Yahoo! Group
Terrain LOD Implementations
TerraSource - A Terragen Resource Center
USGS - Geographic Data Download
USGS - The National Map Seamless Server
Virtual Terrain Project
Vue 6 Terrain Renderer
Wilbur Terrain Editing
World Machine Terrain Generator
XFrog Plants

GUI Engines & Tools

Anark Gameface Interface Authoring
AntTweakBar GUI library
BCGSoft - Business Components Gallery
Crazy Eddie's GUI System
DialogBlocks dialog editor for wxWidgets
FLUID UI Toolkit
Fox Toolkit
Free GUI Libraries and Source Code
Game Overlay
GLO - Game GUI Engine
GLOW Toolkit
GLUI User Interface Library
Lit Window Library
OpenTheme - An open source graphic user interface (GUI) toolkit
Qt- single source C++ cross-platform application development for Windows, Linux, Mac
Scaleform GFC
The Fast Light GUI Toolkit
The GUI Toolkit, Framework Page
V - A Freeware Portable C++ GUI Framework for Windows, X, and OS-2
Visual C++ GUI
Windows Template Library (WTL) 7.5
Windows Template Library (WTL)
wxDesigner for wxWidgets
wxWidgets C++ GUI framework
Xtreme ToolkitPro MFC class library

Installers & Patchers

Aliencodec Alienpatch
Building a Cab File
Inno Setup
InstallShield - Express
Lazarus NSIS Registration Component
Microsoft Sign Tool (SignTool.exe)
NSIS - Shortcuts removal fails on Windows Vista
NSIS - UAC plug-in
Nullsoft Scriptable Install System
Patch Factory
RTPatch for Windows
Stardust Setup Packager
Windows Installer 3.1 Redistributable
WPKG Open Source Software Deployment and Distribution
Zabersoft AutoUpdater

Intel Mac

Mac Ports


ALSA audio
CrossOver Services
DevIL - A full featured cross-platform Image Library
Frank's Corner, Running Windows applications and games on Linux
Guide to Unix-Commands -- The Helping Phriendly Box
IGIOS - Linux Ports
Installing CrossOver Games
Linux Gamers' FAQ
myOSx11-GL - OpenGL Game Development System
Simple DirectMedia Layer
TransGaming Technologies
Wine HQ
WineHQ Forums Index


Character Set Converter
Global Information Solutions - Translation - Localization - Globalization - SDL
GNU gettext - GNU Project
Lingobit Localizer
Pango Localized Text Rendering
Rosette Core Library for Unicode
TMX - Translation Memory eXchange for localization
Visual Localize - software localization - translation tool to translate Windows software. Localisation for mulilingual s
WorldLingo Language Translation Services

MMO Game Engines

BigWorld (MMO) Graphics Engine
HeroEngine The Ultimate MMO Platform


All-Seeing Eye
g a m e c o m
Game Name Search
GameSpy Industries
Greenleaf serial communications tools
GTC the Game Tool Chest
HawkNL (Hawk Network Library)
HeroEngine - MMO Development at Light Speed
Libwww - the W3C Protocol Library
Multiverse MMO Engine
NAT Check
Palestar GameCQ
Snort - Open Source Network Intrusion Detection System
The ADAPTIVE Communication Environment (ACE)
Torque Network Library
WinDump_ tcpdump for Windows
WinSock Development Information
zdelta Compression Lib

Physics & CD

Bullet Continuous Collision Detection and Physics Library
Bytegeist Physics SDK
Enclosing Ball Code
Gangsta Wrapper for physics SDKs
H A V O K physics SDK
Meqon - physics engine middleware for games
Newton Game Dynamics
OPAL- Open Physics Abstraction Layer
Open Dynamics Engine
Open Source Physics
Oxford Dynamics Library
PAL Physics Abstraction Layer Home
Scythe Physics Editor
Tokamak Game Physics SDK
Tokamak physics tutorials by Adam Dawes
True Axis
UNC Collision Detection - Proximity Query Packages

Scripting, Parsing, XML

AnaGram LALR Parser Generator
CPB - Bridging LUA and C++
CubeWerx XML sdk
Decoda - Lua IDE and Debugger
Dive Into Python
Expat XML Parser
Extensible Markup Language (XML)
GameMonkey Script
GameMonkey Zone
GOLD Parser
LUA - Fun with Lua -. GarageGames
LUA - CaLua
LUA Addons
LUA Pre-compiled binaries and executables
LUA Programming Language
LUA tutorial
LuaForge- Visual Studio & Lua Language Pack- Project Info
Microsoft Scripting Technologies
Microsoft XML Developer Center
Non-Programmers Tutorial For Python
Programmar Parser
Psyco Extension Module
Pygame - python game development
PyOgre - Python bindings for Ogre
PyOpenGL -- The Python OpenGL Binding
Pyrex - a language for writing Python Extension Modules
Python for Beginners
Python Language
Scheme Scripting Language
Spirit - Boost.Spirit
Stackless Python
TopXML- Learn about XML Parsers
Visual Parser++
VS Lua - LUA integration with VS 2005
Xerces C++ validating XML Parser
XML Editor, XMLwriter for Windows, download a free trial of this award winning XML Editor
XML Parser Guides
XmlLite- A Small And Fast XML Parser For Native C++ -- MSDN Magazine, April 2007

Source Control

Beyond Compare
Code Co-op, the Server-less version control system
CollabNet Subversion (Full Package Installer)
ExamDiff - Visual File Comparison Tool
ionForge Evolution - Advanced Source Control For Your Advanced Software
Seapine Software - Surround SCM
TortoiseSVN for Subversion
Version Control Systems Comparison
ViewVC- Repository Browsing
WebSVN for Subversion

Source Documentation

DocJet Source Code Documentation System
Doxygen homepage
HelpBreeze SDK
Imagix Code Documentation & Visualization
Microsoft HTML Help SDK
Texinfo - GNU Documentation System
Understand for C++
Visual Help SDK

Task Scheduling

FastTrack 8 Schedule
Overlord Management System
TargetProcess - Agile Project Management and Life-Cycle Software (SCRUM, Extreme Programming)
Task Tracker

Voice Over IP

Fonix Speech Products
HawkVoice-free speech compression
Roger Wilco SDK
Speex - free speech compression - The Teamplay Engine
Ventrilo - Scalable Voice Communication Software
Vivox- The Voice of Online Communities


LearnXNA - XNABook
The ZBuffer- Managed DirectX & XNA Framework Resources
Visual C# 2005 Express Download
XNA Build - MSDN Forums
XNA Build March 2006 Community Technology Preview (CTP)
XNA Developer Center
XNA Developer Forums
XNA Game Studio Express Download

Authenticode Signing for Game Developers
Beyond Compare - The file compare and directory compare utility from Scooter Software
Bitmap Font Editor
bochs The Open Source IA-32 Emulation Project (Home Page)
Boost C++ Libraries
Code Charge
CodeUnderground XBox PC controller
DataRescue Disassembler
Development - shareware and freeware download
Freetype Portable Font Engine
Games for Windows Technical Requirements
LibPNG Library
LWJGL - Lightweight Java Game Library
LZO data compression library
neon HTTP and WebDAV client library
NRTFTree - A class library for RTF processing in C# - The Code Project - C# Libraries
Open Document Format Add-in for MS Word
OpenTheme - An open source graphic user interface (GUI) toolkit - The Code Project - C# Libraries
PC-lint and FlexeLint for C-C++
Petite - Win32 Executable Compressor
Simplified Wrapper and Interface Generator
Structorian viewer editor for structured binary data
SWIG - Simplified Wrapper and Interface Generator
Titan Graphics File Handler
UPX- the Ultimate Packer for eXecutables
View and Generate XPS
Widescreen Gaming Forum
Wintermute 2D Engine
Wotsit's - The Programmer's File Format Collection
XML Pull Parsing
ZipArchive Library
ZLIB DLL Home Page

Game Dev Programs

Ageia PhysX Support Center
AMD Developer Site
ATI Developer Site
Caligari - Download - TSX API Downloads
Caligari GameSpace Download
Creative Labs Developer Relations
Intel Visual Computing Developer Community
Intel® Software Partner Program
Microsoft DirectX Beta Place
Microsoft Games for Windows Central
Microsoft XBLA Casual Games - Developer Program
Microsoft XBox 360 Dev Central
Microsoft XBox Dev Central
Microsoft XNA
nVidia Developer
nVidia SDK downloads
Palestar GameCQ
Reality Engine Developer Forums
Reality Engine Licensee Site
Reality Engine Wiki KB
Sony DevNet

Game Dev Publishing

Activision Value
Adscape Media In-Game Advertising
Alten8 (UK)
Ascaron Entertainment
Aspyr Media
Atlus USA
Big Fish Games
BlackBean Games
Broadband Libraries
CDV Software Entertainment AG
Codemasters (UK)
COSMI Corporation
Destineer Studios
Disney Interactive Studios - Video Games
DoubleFusion In-Game Advertising
Dreamcatcher Games
dtp Entertainment AG
E! Interactive
Eidos Games
Engage In-Game Advertising
Enlight Software
Evolved Games
Excalibur (UK)
G2 Games - Gaming Fun!
Gamecock Media Group
GMX Media
Got Game Entertainment
Graphsim Entertainment
GreenScreen Games
Groove Publishing
HD Interactive
Hudson Soft
iEntertainment Network
IGA Worldwide - The world´s premier in-game advertising company
Ingram Entertainment Inc
Internet Gaming Gate - Global Free Online Games Portal
JoWooD Productions
KOCH Media (UK)
Konami America
Lighthouse Interactive
Linux - Tux Games - The Online Store for Linux Games
Linux Game Publishing
Massive Incorporated In-Game Advertising
Matrix Games
Meridian 4
Midway Games
MTR Soft (CZech Republic)
ND Games (Russia)
Paradox Interactive
Pinnacle Software Distribution (UK)
PLAY (Poland)
Play Ten Interactive
Radar Group
Red Mile Entertainment
Reef Entertainment
SCi Games
Shrapnel Games
Sony Online Entertainment
Sony Platform Publishing
SouthPeak Interactive
Strategy First
Sunflowers (German)
T5 Labs
Take 2 Games
Tri Synergy
Trion World Network Broadband Games Publisher
ValuSoft, a division of THQ
Vivendi Universal
ZOO Digital Publishing

Game Press Release Distribution
Gamers for Net Neutrality