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FSAA Configuration Issues

In order to enable FSAA (any type), your video card must have the required amount of memory. For more info on AA, check with your video card manufacturer.

If the main menu screen becomes corrupted because of an incorrect AA setting, do the following:

  1. Quit (ESC orĀ Q) to quit from the main menu
  2. Located and delete the UCCONFIG.INI or GAME_CONFIG.INI file from the game install folder. See KB7 and KB78
  3. Restart the game

You should also ensure that you do not use both the game's FSAA setting as well as your video card's, as this will cause problems. If you are going to use the game's own handling for this, you need to set your video card's own utility to use "Application Preference"; then go to Config and set the game's FSAA setting as desired.

Also, if you find that you cannot type in your name when starting a new game, this is also related to the AA settings because even text will be anti-aliased. Try lowering the AA settings until you find the best setting that works.

See also KB37

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