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  2. This version has been released over on Steam. Here's the changelog: http://steamcommunity.com/games/universal_combat/announcements/detail/1470851782088971734
  3. This version has been released over on Steam. Here's the changelog: http://steamcommunity.com/games/285670/announcements/detail/1471977681996331815
  4. Last week
  5. The last version of UC to support multiplayer was the 2007 release of Universal Combat CE. As the master server went offline years ago, the server browser won't work. So you have to connect to a hosting (local or remote) machine using the command line options. I will be looking into adding multiplayer to UCTLC at some point in the very distant future, as time permits. Until then, I will see if it is possible to add the full UCCE (2007) build to the Steam version of UCTLC as a separate UNSUPPORTED install.
  6. Patch 2.11.08

    Thumbs up!
  7. No don't. It's no longer supported and I am not going to mess with legacy games.
  8. I have been working on a new patch (changelog) which I expect will be out around the end of the month, once I get some last minute fixes implemented.
  9. Patch 2.11.08

    Shockingly I have been working on a new patch (changelog) for the Steam version of the game. I finished it last week, but have been doing some additional testing and cleanup. Hopefully it will be out by the end of the month.
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  11. Astounding Frontiers

  12. 4th Quarter Insurgent Fleet Muster

    Holy Cow! It's nice to hear from you again, Charles! Glad to hear you that you retired! I think I beat you though since I retired 2 years ago with 28 years of service! Welcome to the club! Anyways, we wouldn't have declared you AWOL! I knew you were still floating around in space somewhere....just on a very long mission! Welcome back, old friend!
  13. 4th Quarter Insurgent Fleet Muster

    Wait , has it been a year? Almost, but not quite. Like the girl at work said this morning, look what the cat and two dogs done drug in. I recently retired from my former employer with 25 years of service (take that, you young 'uns) and I have a new, pretty much the same, job. If I go 15 years here I will get a full retirement as well and could walk into Social Security. Yes I am aged but I can still pilot the old Phoenix. Just can't remember what class ship she is. Hope I am not declared unfit for duty! Hope everyone is doing well and I thought I would check in before I was declared AWOL or charged with dereliction of duty.
  14. Astounding Frontiers

    Awesome, Ben!
  15. Astounding Frontiers

    Issue 5 is out now including a fun poem of mine among the awesomeness. I made a very cool promo video for it (I'm getting better at this )
  16. Another month in this empty desolate space quadrant. I AM STILL HERE!!!
  17. Send a ticket to http://www.3000ad.com/support/ . You are probably better off directly asking Derek about it though, tbh. Might want to ask Sho about the best way to contact him, as It might be quicker than waiting for him to come to the forums to respond to you. Just keep in mind there's no longer 'official' support for regular UC, so there's no guarantee you will get a satisfactory answer.
  18. I have Universal Combat "vanilla" version, not the Collector Edition or A world apart and I remember that I played it online years ago...but now, I just reinstalled it and I can't see the online option in the main menu. The first strange thing is - during install process the game didn't ask for my serial code...anyway the install completed "succesfully". another strange thing is that if I run the uc.exe file the game doesn't start at all, I had to find a nocd version of the exe in order to let it run but i still can't see the online or multiplayer option in the menu. The game also ask for language.lan file that is missing , the workaround I found is to rename the english.lng file to language.lng file , then it runs. But all those problems I think are very strange Before you ask, yes my copy of UC Is original.
  19. 4th Quarter Insurgent Fleet Muster

    Lol....sort of an Annual Insurgent Reunion!
  20. 4th Quarter Insurgent Fleet Muster

    Here. Maybe we should make the musters annual lol.
  21. Does multiplayer not run or the game in general? If it's the game, then you need to try to run it in different compatibility modes. As for multiplayer I forgot lol. It's either you have to run your own servers, or running your own servers + using something like himachi.
  22. It's also possible that when Derek peruses the forum he'll see this thread and might possibly have more info!
  23. As far as obtaining a copy of Universal Combat, I've searched and saw it on Amazon for about $10. I didn't look on eBay though. So, that's a place you could get a copy. As far as running it on Windows 7, I'm not sure on that. Just be advised that Universal Combat is no longer supported so you are kind of on your own in getting it to run on Window 7.
  24. Hello ShoHashi, thanks for your reply, I read the post but I can't find UCCE 1.0 to buy from the 3000ad website...should I have to search through the web (amazon, ebay or else) to find the right version? Or do we have some other option to buy? Edit: I have my original copy of Universal Combat, I was playing multiplayer some years ago but now it dosn't run anymore (win7 64bit) If i could be able to run it it would be ok anyway, I would let my friend buy Universal Combat just like me and we are done... thanks a lot
  25. Hi Skylee! Rather that repost info that has already been posted, let me refer you to this thread over on the UCCE Steam forum: http://steamcommunity.com/app/345580/discussions/0/610573751155856485/ If you have any other questions, please let us know! -Sho
  26. Hello everybody, it's been a while since I didn't come to this forum, well I am here with a question for you Recently I introduced Universal Combat series to a friend (scifi addicted just like me) and he seems to be enthusiast about the possibilities of UC (of course I said!) Well we would like to play and roleplay together online and we was thinking about to buy the steam version of UCCE , but I read that that version has not the online multiplay... So my simple question is: today, which is the most recent Universal Combat game should we buy in order to play online together? And where to buy? Of course if any other commander would join us during the future multiplay game...is welcome! thanks in advance!
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