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  2. UCCE: The Lyrius Conflict DLC

    A new Dev State of Play concerning The Lyrius Conflict can be found here: http://steamcommunity.com/games/universal_combat/announcements/detail/3008825260994403661
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  4. Line of Defense State of Play

    New LOD Dev Status Update is up. You can read it here: http://lodgame.com/news/17-08-02/
  5. A fleet of one is better than a fleet of none! All Vanguard Fleet members report!
  6. Line of Defense Status Updates

    New Line of Defense Status Update here: http://lodgame.com/news/17-07-08/
  7. 3rd Quarter Insurgent Fleet Muster

    Gentlemen: I stand corrected. Just noticed I posted this a month early. The 4th Quarter Insurgent Fleet Muster will be posted on October 1st. -Sho
  8. How the hell did I miss the June Roll call. Oh, I know, super busy with rl. It happens. Vanguard Fleet, check in if you dare!
  9. Gentlemen: Another quarter is among us! LoD is still making progress, you can read the latest updates about it over on the LoD site. Other than that, I have no other news or info to pass on. With that said, please check in! -Sho
  10. All active fleet members check in just to make yourself feel good! Spoooooooooooonnnnn!!!!
  11. Elite Dangerous

    Well for starters I felt there was a sore lack of actual multiplayer. The trading grind was expected, nothing particularly nasty about it imo. It just seemed like the end-game was more shallow than the NPC interaction. Faction system looked like filler content so I didn't really fiddle around with it too much. The exploration system was a double edged sword, and maybe one of the few worthy things of actually doing. However, just getting to be able to explore undiscovered systems is a huge grind in itself. You're basically grinding just to literally spend hours of your time traveling. lol. And then yeah, traveling was a PITA all the way from entering supercruise to slowing down to a nav point I guess one of the bigger issues for me was the rate of progression given time played. Travel alone just kills so much of your time. I work and go to university. Maybe I have 3 hours to throw at gaming one night. If I choose ED i will likely spend 1,5/2 of those hours staring at my screen in supercruise, because if I don't look out for interdiction attempts from NPCs (or the occasional player if you're in a hot tiny patch of space) I might get killed. Like what the fuck dude. It gets old. It also makes death (which is inevitable unless you're meticulous about everything) so much worse because you'll have to spend more time traveling to re-grind. A game is supposed to be a game. After a while ED feels like monotonous work for no wages.
  12. Elite Dangerous

    What didn't you like about it? The trading and travel grind?
  13. Thundercats! Hooooooooo!!!!
  14. Greetings! Welcome to the 2nd Quarter 2017 Insurgent Fleet Muster! Wow, it's been a quick 3 months since our last muster! Line of Defense is still going through it's development and since the last muster, there's been quite a lot of fixes, etc., added to the game. To read all about it, go on over to the LoD page and get yourself up to speed. There also seems to be (at least in the last several weeks) a resurgence in Universal Combat! There's been a few players playing around with the GBS tools so hopefully we'll see some scenarios pop up. Work is still continuing on the UC's Lyrius Conflict. There is no date when it's to be completed, but like us old-timers know from the past, it'll be ready when it's ready and right now it's not ready! That's pretty much it with the quarterly updates. As always, if you have and questions, concerns, etc., please PM me! Insurgents, please check in! -Sho
  15. Elite Dangerous

    I have it as well. Didn't turn out to be my cup of tea, especially after I found out about an expansion.
  16. GBS-V Scripting Tool Released

    I have created a heavily modified version of this ACM scenario script (CMDR_C0005). Download the CMDR_C0017 file Extract to the same please where you have your GBS\Scripts folder Read the CMDR_C0017.NFO text file to see what changed, how, why etc The archive also contains the parsed script, so you can just copy it to the correct path and run it. Then later you can read the NFO file to see how it was modded.
  17. GBS-V Scripting Tool Released

    To make up for the long lull that's in progress due to the significant amount of assets that are being created for this DLC, I have decided to release the scripting tools. The GBS (Game Builder System) tool includes the following: PREPARE: script parser (the interpreter is built into the game and runs in real time) BCSTUDIO: 3D model viewer PTESTUDIO: Planetary scene viewer Script sources for all scenarios included in UCCE 3.x Sample scripts It was original included in the latest Steam release, but I have moved it to the web so that it's quicker and easier to update. You can now download it from here. For more info, visit the newly created Modding Tools Steam discussion forum.
  18. Elite Dangerous

    I have it, Shingen...I just haven't played it in a very long time!
  19. Elite Dangerous

    Necro-ing my old thread: Anyone still playing this game? I'm pretty active ATM. Lowly indie, flying a Cobra MKIII running contraband and slaves! Anyone else playing? I'd love to get SC and a few old BC commanders to create a faction and take over the bubble! That would be epic!
  20. 1st Quarter 2017 Insurgent Fleet Muster

    Hi Mordax! Great to have you back!!!! -Sho
  21. 1st Quarter 2017 Insurgent Fleet Muster

    I am here!
  22. Holding the flickering forum torch aloft again! Vanguard Fleet check in
  23. Open Rpg Discussions

    I wasn't in the original cast but i might do some light work.
  24. Apogee

    I wasn't in the original cast but I might do a little light work.
  25. Better late than never! Happy Valentine's Day
  26. Apogee

    Blur .... blink ... blur. Oh', what a fucking headache. Mariko ... the last thing I remember ... Mariko. What the fuck!! ... Lip bleeding, rib broken, shit, shit, right foot at weird angle. This is going to be interesting.
  27. Open Rpg Discussions

    I do :))))
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