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  1. Lets go back and vist the fond (or not so fond for some people) memories of bc3000ad well we wait for BCM wth a little survey. Where did you buy your copy of the game and when? (list the version) I got my copy at a Target in wisconsin in 99' I think (ver 2.oo). I didn't have internet access then and couldn't figure out how to play. I got Internet access a month latter but forgot about it untill three months latter, since then it's been all patched and reinstalled a thousand times ( not because of the game, because of me deleting stuff a lot on that computer or when i got a new computer) and I have been shooting gams ever since. Whats your story? [ 06-20-2001: Message edited by: JoeyGuppy ]
  2. I just got X: BTF three days ago and low and behold I stop by and check the bc website and there is a thread about it. I have been play that game like mad the past three days and your right it is a little borring but has started to get a little better after play for awhile. I have looked for websites about it but everything seems to be about X:T it. I haven't started following the plot yet, is it interesting? If not, I don't think that I will be playing it much in the future but I guess there's only one way to find out. Side note, I kinda like the fact that it takes forever to fly across the galaxy It really makes it feel Like your taking a long jorney.
  3. Mircosoft is getting sued over the name xbox by a company called xbox technologies a holding company for several software businesses. or atleast that what i read in a games mag that i just read.
  4. Wierd thought: Cats shed so much hair, but you can never find any short hair on them that just stared growing. Where does all the hair come from?
  5. I saw Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri for $9.99 at Wal-Mart It was just a jewel case (no box or manuel) but it looked like the full game. also saw a jewel case game called Airport Tycoon of 9.99 and that game was released just a few months ago for $20. The wal-mart here dosen't have a lot of boxed games but they have a lot of Jewel case games that are real computer games not just '1000 solitare super-pak' games. The best buy here also is starting to grt quality games in their value games section.
  6. If your talking about starflight 2 (sf2) well then I'm not going to say anything because starflight and starflight 2 are the reason I started playing computer games. if it were not for those games I would be little buttons on little contollers attached to my little playstation instead of reading 1000 page manuels for gigantic space-sim games that come in big cardboard boxes. If your talk about sfc2 , I don't know what that is. ok good bye
  7. quote:Originally posted by aramike: if you make an enemy of ANY Insurgent fleet, you've got the entirety of the Insurgency on your back. Oh no big scarry Insurgent ships are after me. well I'll just run straght to Galcom, I think that they would rather take out the insurgent fleet than bother with one little Merc, or a petty crimnal, or a lone trader that cut the insurgents a bad deal.
  8. It would depend on how its done. If you just buy some thing at one station and sell it at another over and over that gets old after awhile. If there are price changes and supply diffrences it makes it better but only if they are unpredictable. It will mostly depend on what kind of economic model there is in the game, a more realistc model = more people will want to do trading or be in trader caste. I gues we will find out. If the economic model sucks there will still be plenty of other things to do that don't require hunting down ships to blow up so I'm not worried.
  9. I've been going to that site for awhile now and they usally take down a game if the publisher request them to. I think there doing a nice thing i found a lot of old C64 games that i used to have thourgh that site or a link on that site. They also take down games if they get rereleased. I'm sure it is somewhat ilegal but at least they arn't buting up games that just hit the shelves.
  10. Ahghagha What did i say.... Well i just looked over all the BCM Screen Shots and mabye i buy just one game. Er.. also its not way to early and I've noticed that there aren't that many great console games ethier. I've decided to give up crack instead of games...at least for now.
  11. Well I've decided that I will no longer buy any new computer games. After stoping buy the mall and looking at the latest games around i figured that it was no loger worth my time and money to play games on the computer. There are just to many buggy things in new games, I have a slow computer that can't run half of all new games, Most new games need 3d cards which i don't have. If i wanted to 'upgrade' so i could play all these new games it would cost way too much to be worth while. I will still be play games on playstation and will get a playstation2 when it comes out and hope that There will be a battlecruiser game for one of those systems. I will also play old games that work on my computer that i find laying around the internet but mostly just to remind myself how much better things use too be in the computer gameing field. Ahh well Thats it for now... I'll still stop by this site on a regular basis and check up on BCM progress but i won't be able to enjoy it when it comes out. Good bye Computer Games ( it's to early to wake up and now i have to go to work Ahhh!)
  12. Wow. can't think.....mind can't come up with right words......AHGHHHHGHGHGHGHGH
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