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  1. Lets go back and vist the fond (or not so fond for some people) memories of bc3000ad well we wait for BCM wth a little survey.

    Where did you buy your copy of the game and when? (list the version)

    I got my copy at a Target in wisconsin in 99' I think (ver 2.oo). I didn't have internet access then and couldn't figure out how to play. I got Internet access a month latter but forgot about it untill three months latter, since then it's been all patched and reinstalled a thousand times ( not because of the game, because of me deleting stuff a lot on that computer or when i got a new computer) and I have been shooting gams ever since.

    Whats your story?

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  2. I just got X: BTF three days ago and low and behold I stop by and check the bc website and there is a thread about it. I have been play that game like mad the past three days and your right it is a little borring but has started to get a little better after play for awhile. I have looked for websites about it but everything seems to be about X:T it. I haven't started following the plot yet, is it interesting? If not, I don't think that I will be playing it much in the future but I guess there's only one way to find out. Side note, I kinda like the fact that it takes forever to fly across the galaxy It really makes it feel Like your taking a long jorney.

  3. I was mugged once when I lived in minnapolis I didn't get hurt and the robber must have been new at it because he ran off before he got any money or anything. I also got ruffed up once well living here in California by a drunk gang member, but agian nothing serious and I wasn't hurt except my pride. I think if I would have had a gun in ethier of those situantions or if the robbers would have thought I had a gun and used their weapon on me before I had a chance to know I was being attacked I probaly would not be able to write this right now. Either beacuse I would have shot someone and be in prison or would be dead. Why enlarge a war on crime by encouraging all citizens to be armed. If no or just a few citizens have weapons they will not be the main focus of violence, there will still be inocent bystanderds hurt like the unarmed person shot in cininati or the robbery victims. Think of it as a game of capture the flag, The flag is your money or stuff of value, the crimals are trying to ge the flag, the cops are trying to stop them, and you are the flag pole. If the flag pole is armed the crimanals are going to shoot up the pole before the take the flag. You might take out a few crimanls but they will take out just as many of you.

    As for protection against Tyranny some of the above posts give a good argument against that IMO.

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  4. Well it looks like Bush is going to keep up the same thing clinton did by putting powell in as fcc chairman. He has been getting a lot of presure to get rid of crossownership rules by Fox and Cbs so they can own all the TV, Radio, and Newspaper in the same cities. And it's not just left vs right , Fox is somewhat right, while Cbs (owned by viacom I belive) is somewhat left. They both want less ownship rules beacuse the large shareholders want more contol (ie. Rupert Murdoch wants to tell you what what he wants you to hear and not let anyone else up on the soapbox). If people Took an interest in What the media compaies do instead of just lisneting to what they say the laws would not be changed. But for most people their interests are not focused on the media which is the the it should be, if only we could trust the owners and large shareholders of the media comapnies. But I don't belive it's some vast left or right wing conspircay, it's just of people in control of the comapies trying to take more power.

  5. My two cents:

    Just from what I've seen in my current job large companies suck. The govenment has deregulated the industry I work in (radio) and the results IMHO have been pretty rotten. The deregulation started in the 80's but didn't really have too much efect untill Clinton passed some laws allowing more ownership of radio and TV stations. So instead of only being able to own two stations in a market now the owners could own 8 and they could also own a lot more stations nationwide. This started a large period of conslodation (I know I'm a bad speller) in which all these little radio compaines merged or took out massive loans so they could own the competion. After that they stared doing the same with companies in other markets and so on until there were a few large companies. Thats the way it is now, although there are still some smaller companies around they are finding it hard to compete with the large because the large companies an offer comercials on more stations than small companies. This benfits the busness that market there products using radio but is of little benifit to the consumer of radio who has to listen to more comercials. The large companies also are trying to cut costs by getting rid of people and useing automation. The thought is why have a DJ or news person in each city when we can pay just one person and make him or her do the work for five cities and deliver it by satilite or internet. This leads to less quality and local content for small or mid-size cities which lose the local personal. This might not be a bad thing for the radio listener since the large cities have better more expernced people but the person delvilering the broadcast has no clue what the place he or she is broadcasting to is like. Also with digital radio coming soon a lot of these big companies are trying to figure out a way to charge the consumer for listening so lets say when armike wants to listen to Rush Limbugor Tac wants to lisnten to Art 'taco' Bell They will have to pay $9.99 a month. I haven t heard of any thing regarding those two radio shows but a monthly fee is one of the plans floating around. This would not be good for consumers because radio is free for the lisnters now. There will also be more consolodation since the new fcc chairman Powell (Colen Powells son) is aganist a lot of the ownership rules still in place. Can anyone say citzen kane. Free markets at work don't well in the broadcasting industy as far as I can see, and if your thinking of starting a radio station, the very few frequnces still avalible for comercial broadcasting are now sold by auction to the highest bidder, and you will be competing against comapines with millions (and billions) of dollars. When there were only small comapanies there were a lot of voices yelling, pretty soon there will be only one.


    Free trade in the americas will work bad in radio if instead of a few guys in texas owing most of the radio in the US they now own most of the radio on the two continents. (the largest company in radio is contoled by a guy and his family in texas)

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  6. Lurkers are out there, waiting quietly in the shadows.

    I've been here registerd for about one and a half years and lurked for about six months before that. Still have not made it past ensign yet.

    (ensign joeyguppy recloaks)

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  7. I saw Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri for $9.99 at Wal-Mart It was just a jewel case (no box or manuel) but it looked like the full game. also saw a jewel case game called Airport Tycoon of 9.99 and that game was released just a few months ago for $20. The wal-mart here dosen't have a lot of boxed games but they have a lot of Jewel case games that are real computer games not just '1000 solitare super-pak' games. The best buy here also is starting to grt quality games in their value games section.

  8. If your talking about starflight 2 (sf2) well then I'm not going to say anything because starflight and starflight 2 are the reason I started playing computer games. if it were not for those games I would be little buttons on little contollers attached to my little playstation instead of reading 1000 page manuels for gigantic space-sim games that come in big cardboard boxes. If your talk about sfc2 , I don't know what that is.

    ok good bye

  9. quote:

    Originally posted by aramike:

    if you make an enemy of ANY Insurgent fleet, you've got the entirety of the Insurgency on your back.

    Oh no big scarry Insurgent ships are after me. well I'll just run straght to Galcom, I think that they would rather take out the insurgent fleet than bother with one little Merc, or a petty crimnal, or a lone trader that cut the insurgents a bad deal.

  10. It would depend on how its done. If you just buy some thing at one station and sell it at another over and over that gets old after awhile. If there are price changes and supply diffrences it makes it better but only if they are unpredictable. It will mostly depend on what kind of economic model there is in the game, a more realistc model = more people will want to do trading or be in trader caste. I gues we will find out. If the economic model sucks there will still be plenty of other things to do that don't require hunting down ships to blow up so I'm not worried.

  11. It would depend on how its done. If you just buy some thing at one station and sell it at another over and over that gets old after awhile. If there are price changes and supply diffrences it makes it better but only if they are unpredictable. It will mostly depend on what kind of economic model there is in the game, a more realistc model = more people will want to do trading or be in trader caste. I gues we will find out. If the economic model sucks there will still be plenty of other things to do that don't require hunting down ships to blow up so I'm not worried.

  12. I found this in a faq for the game Starpeace.

    --------------------------------------------------------------------------------"Why don't you just release the game in 2003?"

    "well, there is a saying that say that either you make a bug-free well-documented game or you make a game that hits the shelves"


    The game has already been released in some parts of europe and is suposed to be released in the US this month. I was a little exicted when I first read about this game since i like business games, but after reading some of the starpeace.net msg boards I don't know what to think of a game that was already relased once with a bunch bugs in it. Now if they had delayed the release and tested it longer fixing some of the bugs (like d smart is doing) I would not know that the game has bugs and there would be no cause for concern. Another thing that it seems like they might be doing: useing the european market to work out all the bugs Before the US release, which would piss me off if I lived in Europe. Well anyways I'm glad that the SC is makeing BCM without trying to just get on the shelf no matter what the game is like.

    What do you think? cwm14.gif

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  13. Well this isn't really related to this post except mabye that were both writing something ...

    I am looking for any information about the U.S. and british governments putting up camras to watch the public and haven't found to much yet. This is for a school paper and if any one knows of any reliable (or at least not too unreliable) sorce on the net about putting cameras on the public or any kind of "Big Brother" I guess e-mail me with the address if you have time. Also for people living in the UK, (where i hear that there are cameras on every lightpost and street sign in some cities)it would be cool if i could get some of your opinions. If anyone can help me thanks in advance.

    [email protected]

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  14. I've been going to that site for awhile now and they usally take down a game if the publisher request them to. I think there doing a nice thing i found a lot of old C64 games that i used to have thourgh that site or a link on that site. They also take down games if they get rereleased. I'm sure it is somewhat ilegal but at least they arn't buting up games that just hit the shelves.

  15. Sorry for your loss aramike. I lost my father to an alcohol related problem when I was young and when I first started driving I crashed my car and almost killed my consin and myself the first (and only) time drove after drinking. I don't belive that there is enough education about drinking and alcohol in wisconsin and blow I have listsed some sites in case anyone else would like to learn more about the dangers of drining and driving

    Wisconsin has the bigest drinking problem that I have ever seen in all the states that i have lived.

    Although it is too late to do much help for aramike you can still try to stop drunk driving.

    1998 alcohol-related statistics for Wisconsin

    All traffic fatalities: 714

    Alcohol-related fatalities: 302

    42.2 % Alcohol-related

    Statistics from National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA)

    The centurycouncil trys to educate people about drinking www.centurycouncil.org

    MADD's (mother's aganst drunk driving) website is www.madd.org and in wisonsin it is www2.powercom.net/~maddwi

    This is the Wisconsin Highway Safty Partnership page http://danenet.wicip.org/wisms/index.htm

    National Drunk and Drugged Driving Prevention Coalition at www.3dmonth.org

    Here is a link to the Wisconsin state Statutes. There is not much in here that

    I found about alcohol. www.legis.state.wi.us/rsb/Statutes.html

  16. Ahghagha What did i say.... Well i just looked over all the BCM Screen Shots and mabye i buy just one game. Er.. also its not way to early and I've noticed that there aren't that many great console games ethier.

    I've decided to give up crack instead of games...at least for now.

  17. Well I've decided that I will no longer buy any new computer games. After stoping buy the mall and looking at the latest games around i figured that it was no loger worth my time and money to play games on the computer. There are just to many buggy things in new games, I have a slow computer that can't run half of all new games, Most new games need 3d cards which i don't have. If i wanted to 'upgrade' so i could play all these new games it would cost way too much to be worth while. I will still be play games on playstation and will get a playstation2 when it comes out and hope that There will be a battlecruiser game for one of those systems. I will also play old games that work on my computer that i find laying around the internet but mostly just to remind myself how much better things use too be in the computer gameing field. Ahh well Thats it for now... I'll still stop by this site on a regular basis and check up on BCM progress but i won't be able to enjoy it when it comes out.

    Good bye Computer Games frown.gif

    ( it's to early to wake up and now i have to go to work Ahhh!)

  18. OK so far so good did the whole reinstall thing and repatched form the right dir. I haven't played that much yet So i don't know for sure if it is fixed but it hASN'T rebooted yet.

    Didn't Packard Bell quit makeing computers? I haven't seen any in the stores around here.

    I did drop this computer once.. but I think it has worked better since.

  19. Hey Whats up? I Have been Playing BC3k v2.09 and like it says, My computer decides to reboot its self. Is this a problem that any else has had. The game has run pretty stable and usally doesn't crash for awhile when i play it. But twice my computer has Rebooted. Both times have been when i just left it run and gone and watched TV or run outside for a smoke. the first time i don't know how long it was running with out me doing anything and the second time it was about 16 mins of just sitting there. the First time I had the ai on and gave it the halt order the second time the AI was on and i told it to escort Galcom HQ. i don't know if it has rebooted While this game was on at any other times these are the only times i Caught it. I also can't remember it rebooting while i was playing any other games, but i have an odd feeling that this might be a problem with my computer and that it has happened before, like it might be a problem with win98 or somthing just don't remember it happening with any other programs.

    I have a screwed up with additude...

    Packard bell

    MII-300 Cirix MMX enhanced procesor

    3.2 gb HD

    48 MB of RAM

    a 56k modem

    and a 32x cd-rom

    Don't know what kind of sound i have but i have no sound selected it the sound setup anyways.

    The game says its running V2.09 and i think i did the patches right but one think that i might did wrong was i didn't intall the patchs from the BC3k directory i ran them from where they were downloaded to. Also my Saved game was gone.

    It's not that big of a deal since the game works and usally lasts a lot longer than when i first started playing it almost a year ago but i just wanted to know if there is an easy fix to this or if it is somthing beside BC3k. If this is a dumb ? I'll go write the Faq and Version control on the backboard a thousand times before jumping out the air lock. smile.gif thanks

  20. Here in The us I heard that some cable companies might start bundling their internet acsess with regular cable. and you can get free Internet modem Conections From places like freeI or get it free if you go to school... local calls are all flat rate here too ( this is in CA and WI i don''t know about other areas)

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