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  1. well i dont want to sound biased since I work for microsoft windowsME techsupport... however its a really good thing that people are upgrading to the new version of IE. I would at the same time like to give a word of caution to those with the ie6 beta. It a buggy piece of junk and has problems being removed.( don't call in for it either its beta and we dont support it) HOWEVER the final version is wonderfull. download it and use it. VERY much improved over 5.5 . One other thing. The xp products can give you grief when you want to reinstall as you must obtain a new code from microsoft. If your willing to do that then go for it otherwise stick with 2000. And on last note... people really do not realize how many problems are reallllly not microsofts fault but really a hardware problem, 3rd party program (damn you anti-virus softwar and drive overlay damn you to hell) or bad drivers(VxD)and the most common problems are people doing things that corrupt A.winsocks or B. network tcp/ip stacks. (ok 95 was crap but 98 and winme are awsome).IE truly is the best browser around it really is. and that folks is a shameless plug by your local microsoft representitive
  2. Yes visually this movie is stunning, just mindblowingly incredible. No doubt about that, and for any of you thinking about seeing it realize that your going to hate it if you go for the story. Think of it more like an IMAX experience. Just pure eye candy, best tasting ever. As for the story used in the movie, anyone that knows their anime, will know that this story is very simular in plot to a well known japanese classic known as "Princess Monokae" by Hizao Miazake (ok im really bad at spelling here). Frankly "Princess Monokae" and "Nausiscaa" tell the story much much better. The basis for the story is pure japanese folklore...perhaps not the best choice for average American viewers. side note: Interesting how Native American beliefs are simular to some of the beliefs shown in this japanese story.
  3. quote: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- p.s. Dax is much hotter than 7 of 9 and Torres....something to do with dark hair and blue eyes -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Here's a guy who knows his women! -------------------- Amen, Brother!
  4. I like your angle Lindsey, on the new enterprise. A good way of looking at it. Probably the kind of thinking that went through "foundation imagings" (if there the same cgi group working on it.) minds during the design phase. When I mentioned Dr.Who I was simply trying to relay that imagery is not everything. About DS9 being "cheers" in space....you must have not watched enough DS9. DS9 helped explore the trek universe better than any of the other shows did. It fleshed it out greatly while at the same time exploring alot of issues,ideas, and difficult situations. And why must the cast meet 200+ alien species to make it a good trek? Did you miss the real points Rodenberry was making? Don't watch final conflict earth then...it will drive you nuts. ONLY 2 alien species there and some crazy idea about continuity in the story lines, I take it you hated Babylon 5 as well. DS9: good, meaty sci-fi B5: simply the best and deepest sci-fi to ever hit the small screen Voyager: Shallow, self-undermining,2-d depth,half the charaters poorly written, crap wrapped up in shiny foil packaging. Almost every episode ends up destroying the interesting angle/idea/concept it had within 15-30min. It was very unfulfilling. Even the www.ign.com reviewers repeatedly gave low scores to the episodes..simply citing voyager to be the worst trek overall. But hey now there is this new spin-off ...perhaps it will out do voyager or make voyager look like thespian godsend. We shall see.
  5. Dang it, I knew i forgot to do something this morning...
  6. Paddy paddy paddy. Look veeeery carefully at the ep2 control key doc. you will notice that it has been changed to "d" designate target for match speed. And Dewitt your makeing me laugh to hard...stop it.
  7. If you children are finished with imagining sexual relations with fictional characters, then could we get this topic back on track. Its starting to deviate severly. Please post your critique on the new enterprise show or don't post here. Thanks. start a new thread for "which fictional character is hotter?" thread if you would like.
  8. Um...say what? are you saying FF8 cgi work was just as good? LOL...Dude ...its bad to smoke crack or pot it blurs your vision, also don't forget to wear your contact lenses when seeing the movie.
  9. interesting ,paddy. I was wondering if the bonus mission was the cause of some problems. I never tried the ep2 demo with out it...guess I should try it and see what happens. I thought it was normal for you and the alderon station to start off at such a low orbit. The only real strange thing i noticed is that the EFpilot and PF? pilot missions are in the wrong order. Anyhow I was hoping for a reply to my previous post on the VM usage by the game. It's rather extreme after a time.
  10. Nova, I edited my post during your reply. You may want to read it again with the new info. I do realize that 128mb is sufficient...but it sure doesn't seem like it. The 512mb setting for bcm is definatly not acceptable because I noticed that the game is Waaaaay more stable on dynamic VM than set VM. And on Dynamic it just wont stop eating memory over time, BCM was nowhere near full on the 1.2gigs it gobbled from me. Also when I re-maximized the game an interesting visual artifact occured .."fogging". This was the problem I was having with the 12.90 drivers for nvidia mx board. So I'm wondering if the problem with the drivers i was having was some how memory related. I think I will test them again on the dynamic vm setting, because before when trying them I was not using Dynamic VM.
  11. Absoulutly The ULTIMATE new standard in CGI work. The technical visual quality in this movie will blow your mind. ANYONE who loves cgi, animation, anime, or sci-fi owe it to them selfs to go see this movie this week (this is a big screen must). It...it just makes me insane thinking about how insane the artist must have been to put out such a meticulusly crafted piece of work. I mean DAMN! IT SO FREAKIN REAL looking. I do 3-d as a hobby these days and use to do it professionally. I have also worked with what I thought to be some of the best in the industry (better re-evalutate that thought). I totally understand what it takes to make such a movie and it hurts my head thinking about it. I'm surprised that none of the texture artist didn't kill them selfs..or kill their art director. Truly gotta see it to believe it. The only thing that breaks the illusion is that half the time the animation for facial movments just doesn't seem quite right...but then there are times it is sooo dead on...its errie to see and realize damn, we can simulate ANYTHING. In a few more years you won't even know whats simulated and whats real..freaky thought.
  12. I am running windows 98 with 128mb of ram. Ran into another memory problem this evening. While playing the EF pilot mission on satini for the fourth time in a single session the game minimized and popped up a message saying I ran out of disk space. Now that would seem like a reasonable warning if I had a low amount of memory and virtual memory space. The kicker is the game litterally ate 1.2 gigs of free space on my system. It took everything I had left on my drive. I mean....thats alot for anything. Does the virtual memory/swap disk space not clear out between games in a single session? Or does BCM just continually ask for more and more till it can't get no more? Or are there memory optimizations still in the works? BTW does anyone else notice this amount of space getting eaten up?..hehe better not install anything else if I want to play [ 07-12-2001: Message edited by: Harlocke ] [ 07-12-2001: Message edited by: Harlocke ]
  13. Ahhhh so thats the problem....wonderful! thank you! Yes my virtual memory is nailed to a specific size to help some games like, Unreal Tournament, run more effectively. I guess BCM must use a TON of virtual memory. You would think 256min and 512max settings would be sufficient for anything..except the HAL 9000 . I am also going to assume that a portion of crash issues are based on this little item alone. Was this in the faq? I dont remember reading this there...I'll go look again.
  14. had an interesting error while playing ep2 demo this morning. I got a " memory allocation failed at E:projectmsdevBCFLIGHTbitmap.cpp,line 57" Funny thing is my E drive is my cd-rom. This happened while switching views during the EF pilot mission while letting the ai do my dog fighting. I tried to switch back to f1 view and the above error popped up. Any ideas?
  15. I think its pretty obvious that imagery does not make or break a show. I mean look at "dr.who", the ultimate in cheap ass productions yet its engaging and interesting some how. Gotta love the brits and their taste in sci-fi. Its all about story telling. This show could very well be the best trek ever...it will all depend upon the writing and the execution of that writing. Who ever is executive producer will make a big difference in wether or not the show is any good, as the EP has to approve or disapprove of everything for a show. He has all the power when it comes to the actual making/direction of the show. So if the EP sucks then most likely the show will suck. Frankly I thought that Voyager was a slap in the face of rodenberry as the show tackled nothing and believed in nothing. DS9 was the ultimate homage to rodenberry because that show in its last 3 seasons worked hard to ask questions that were very hard to give an answer to.It created shows that gave no absoulute correct answer..it actually made you think about the situation. To bad the guy who was the head of that show left paramount due to creative differences between him and the yahoo who is in charge now. Now this new trek series has MASSIVE potential to be the best platform for meaningful stories wrapped up in a sci-fi package. The question is will the suits of paramount have the guts to approach this show no-holds barred? will they be daring? will they stand for something? or will they take the safe route by creating more voyager cotten candy shows...all look and no substance. I need some meat in my diet dammit and the last shows to do that for me were B5 and DS9 and certain episodes of Star trek nextgen (of course the TOS as well). For me Voyager and Andromeda are 2 of the worse major sci-fi shows to ever grace tv. Farscape is a good looking fun show no doubt but it is true escapism and forgets the whole purpose of why writers use sci-fi or fantasy to tell a story. So here is to hoping for some sci-fi goodness this fall. [ 07-11-2001: Message edited by: Harlocke ]
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