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  1. Whatever you do, stay away from the x300, it is the bargain basement card for the x series, and isn't much better than the Radeon card you now have.
  2. Well let me see here.....Dice buys Trauma Studios who developed the Desert Combat Mod for Battlefield 1942. Trauma Studios is supposedly helping Dice develop Battlefield 2 to be published by EA. Now EA comes in and swoops it all up for itself. Doesn't suprise me one bit.
  3. Thanks for the parner....I mean Partner Pack link. I know a lot of clients that can get some use out of those programs.
  4. I'm trying to keep my wife's interest in this game to a mute point. Wish me luck!
  5. Currently I'm listing to Mercy Me, and Michael W. Smith with a little bit of Third Day mixed in on the side.
  6. Oh....My.....God!!! Now I need to convince my wife that we need to move to Keller Texas. Ofcourse after I got there, I'd have no problem hooking the community up with a few servers. Is there anyone around here experiencing this wealth of bandwidth, Hollar if you hear me!!!!
  7. I saw this game on the shelves at a Walmart the other day. I couldn't believe what I was looking at. Hmm....could be fun.
  8. Well, I'd have to say their past driver history still haunts them. Plus people aren't willing to pay for an "Experiment", when they know Nvidia just works. I remember when BCM first come out, and there were a few players with first generation Radeon cards that just wouldn't render the game properly, and was a direct result of Video Driver issues. I was all set to get a Radeon for my new PC (It isn't so new anymore) until this came to light, and picked up a GF3 Ti200 instead. I've sinced moved the GF3 to my wife's machine and replaced it with a GF4 Ti4200. I'm actually glad you posted this thread, as I'm about to replace both of our Geforce cards with Radeon 9600xt cards. I believe ATI has the better hardware, they can still keep their high end cards to one slot, and one power connector. I was still a little concerned about ATI's drivers, until I read your post. I'm now that more confident in moving to an ATI card, thank you.
  9. Man, I can just imagine how much heat this system is going to produce. If the AC vendors were smart, they'd start marketing direct hookups into your PC box. I almost forgot, what about the power requirements? These Nvidia cards are already coming with dual power connectors. This keeps up and we are going to have to get a PSU just for the video card alone. This leads me to question, why can ATI keep their cards to one slot, and one power connector, but Nvidia cannot? Hmm....
  10. I will see if I can get a hold of him boss, and let him know you're looking for him.
  11. I dual boot and get the best of both worlds. I'm mostly in Win2k, but occassionally boot into Win98se for some good DOS gaming. So far I have about 15% of my games won't play in Win2k. Not bad. Win2k is an awesome gaming OS if you get the right tweaks for it, IMHO. My Dad doesn't think it is right that they can drop support for something people use. I don't ever see him upgrading his Win98se PC anytime soon.
  12. The ultimate insult would be for his next door neighbor to get it and park it in the drive way for all to see.
  13. Very interesting. For software such as utilities, and non game stuff, I like it. But for PC games, I still would like the boxed item in hand.
  14. You are absolutely right. Every year is the same old same old. Every year, the worst flu season "yet". Even my Dad is telling me to get one. Let me get the flu once first, then I may reconcider after I know what "getting the Flu" entails.
  15. Now to my knowledge, I believe I've had all my shots. I'm free of rabbies. I refuse to get a Flu shot every year. I don't feel I need one. I rarely get sick, and when I do, it is not that bad, and I've yet to actually get the Flu. Not only that but it is the thought of why would I want to inject myself with the actual flu bug? Yea I know it is supposed to be dead, and only to be used to make my immue system aware, but I don't want it. Well with this year's Flu season being so bad, my wife is asking me to reconsider getting a shot. I will not get a shot, I don't want it, I feel I don't need it. I wouldn't be surprised if the first shot I get, I'd get the flu for that season.
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