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  1. Happy Birthday $ilk! Glad to hear all is well.
  2. Yea, some people will pay anything for certain items. Sorry, not me. Well, this post should be in the Games forum; and it may have been deleted because maybe you should have just added to the existing Xbox 360 Thread instead of adding a new one? Other than that....I don't know.
  3. I'm still around, but not active much at this time. It is great to see you again. I like Wolf have been hit with a bad RL tradgedy. We all have to move on though. I will fill you in shortly.
  4. Glad to hear you and your family are alright. Had you on my mind yesterday listening to the news before coming to work.
  5. Congrats Jag! My parents had two girls, and two boys themselves. Four is a good number. Me and my wife though have decided that we have enough Nieces and Nephews to run around after, and so forth, we aren't planning any children.....right now.
  6. It is with great regret that I hereby tender my resignation from the Orion Fleet. I just do not have the RL time needed to put fourth here in Orion at this point. I really would not mind helping this great fleet arise of the ashes a second time around. But commiting to another tour of duty at this time would not be bennificial to all parties involved. Remo, I know Orion will be left in good hands, you are one of the Community's best. If you need anything from me, let me know. Silk & Badger, take care of Orion and help her get back on her feet again and regain her former glory. Masefield & Wolf, it has been one wild ride, God Speed to both of you. Until we meet again.
  7. I'm doing "ok" now a days. Good to see you all again.
  8. My condolences as well Jag, as I know what it is like to loose a close furry friend.
  9. Cmdr Greg Miller is alive.....I think.
  10. Great! I wear a Casio Fishing Timer watch. It basically tells me when Sunrise & Sunset are, as well as high and low tide. But I find the Sun info the most useful. (It supposed to predict the best fish catching times of the day, but that is a whole other story! ) I can just imagine having to explain this all to one of our lovable TSA agents.
  11. Well, Windows has decided the destiny of this particular install.....Reformating will occur once more after the hollidays. Windows Explorer is now randomly crashing when I use the pc. This will teach me to follow my gut instincts at all times.
  12. Yea, and I'm riding with a newly formated system myself. The only problem....One of the Windows Updates didn't go quite as well. I'm still debating to just roll with it, or fix it. So far the only ill effects I'm seeing are Internet Explorer won't do certain popups, and it won't keep any browser history. The history logs are all blank. I don't know if that is a good thing or a bad thing.
  13. Whatever you do, stay away from the x300, it is the bargain basement card for the x series, and isn't much better than the Radeon card you now have.
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