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  1. Yea, some people will pay anything for certain items. Sorry, not me. Well, this post should be in the Games forum; and it may have been deleted because maybe you should have just added to the existing Xbox 360 Thread instead of adding a new one? Other than that....I don't know.
  2. I'm still around, but not active much at this time. It is great to see you again. I like Wolf have been hit with a bad RL tradgedy. We all have to move on though. I will fill you in shortly.
  3. Congrats Jag! My parents had two girls, and two boys themselves. Four is a good number. Me and my wife though have decided that we have enough Nieces and Nephews to run around after, and so forth, we aren't planning any children.....right now.
  4. It is with great regret that I hereby tender my resignation from the Orion Fleet. I just do not have the RL time needed to put fourth here in Orion at this point. I really would not mind helping this great fleet arise of the ashes a second time around. But commiting to another tour of duty at this time would not be bennificial to all parties involved. Remo, I know Orion will be left in good hands, you are one of the Community's best. If you need anything from me, let me know. Silk & Badger, take care of Orion and help her get back on her feet again and regain her former glory. Masefield & Wolf, it has been one wild ride, God Speed to both of you. Until we meet again.
  5. I'm doing "ok" now a days. Good to see you all again.
  6. Cmdr Greg Miller is alive.....I think.
  7. Well, Windows has decided the destiny of this particular install.....Reformating will occur once more after the hollidays. Windows Explorer is now randomly crashing when I use the pc. This will teach me to follow my gut instincts at all times.
  8. Yea, and I'm riding with a newly formated system myself. The only problem....One of the Windows Updates didn't go quite as well. I'm still debating to just roll with it, or fix it. So far the only ill effects I'm seeing are Internet Explorer won't do certain popups, and it won't keep any browser history. The history logs are all blank. I don't know if that is a good thing or a bad thing.
  9. Whatever you do, stay away from the x300, it is the bargain basement card for the x series, and isn't much better than the Radeon card you now have.
  10. Fully noted. Take care and keep in touch.
  11. Well let me see here.....Dice buys Trauma Studios who developed the Desert Combat Mod for Battlefield 1942. Trauma Studios is supposedly helping Dice develop Battlefield 2 to be published by EA. Now EA comes in and swoops it all up for itself. Doesn't suprise me one bit.
  12. Thanks for the parner....I mean Partner Pack link. I know a lot of clients that can get some use out of those programs.
  13. Wow, 2 new recruits within 48 hours, I'm impressed. Commander Bulldog, welcome to the Orion Fleet. Please make yourself known so we may get to know you better. If I don't here from you by the end of the week, I will remove you from the Fleet Database.
  14. Welcome to the Orion Fleet Cadet. Please make yourself known so we can get to know you better. If I don't see your response to this thread by the end of the week, I will remove you from the Fleet DB. Thank You,
  15. Not Off Duty, just Limited Duty. My PC went south over the weekend. Email and most of my comms channels have been setup on my laptop. The rest of my Comm Channels will be moved over by weeks end. Expected down time for the pc will be about 2 to 4 weeks depending upon my schedule. I still have all my capacities except for gaming. My laptop, although 3 years newer than my pc, lacks behind my PC in key critical areas of video, and memory, with video being the most crucial (GF4 440 Go vs GF4 Ti4200). Oh well, now I can get those Hardware Upgrades done I've been meaning to. So I will be around, just stuck in Space Dock.
  16. I'm trying to keep my wife's interest in this game to a mute point. Wish me luck!
  17. Cmdr Masefield, you do realize Grayfox is working from 1:30 to 8:30 on Sundays right? If this was a Sunday meeting that would mean Sunday at 10pm EDT for a start. Do you have a problem with that? Not only that but I would like to accomodate our members across the pond better. But if I don't here from them soon, we may just roll with it. Looks to me like Orion Fleet is a group of hard working individuals in RL. My work Schedule is usually 8am to 4:30pm M-F. The problem is the wife, we never know when she gets done with work. This week we haven't been getting home until 7:30pm. Good Grief.
  18. I'd like hold a Fleet meeting sometime after this weekend, within the next week or so. Let me know what is good for you guys, and we will plan something that fits the majority.
  19. Sorry for the late reply guys, I've been back since Sunday night. Ended up staying where I was longer than I anticipated. Thanks to Ivan.
  20. I will out of town and away from a PC for the next few days. I will be back sometime on Friday. Flt Cmdr Cooper ($ilk) is in charge until I return. See you all when I return.
  21. Currently I'm listing to Mercy Me, and Michael W. Smith with a little bit of Third Day mixed in on the side.
  22. Oh....My.....God!!! Now I need to convince my wife that we need to move to Keller Texas. Ofcourse after I got there, I'd have no problem hooking the community up with a few servers. Is there anyone around here experiencing this wealth of bandwidth, Hollar if you hear me!!!!
  23. I saw this game on the shelves at a Walmart the other day. I couldn't believe what I was looking at. Hmm....could be fun.
  24. Well, I was all ready for this, and when I informed my wife what I was doing on Sunday, she immeadiately reminded me that I won't be home at that time. So, while you guys are fragging away, I'm going to be at the.....Zoo.
  25. Calling all MP capable Orion Commanders!!! Look here, and give out a shout if you can! We need a minimum of 3 players, and I know we can do this. I'm game, so who's with me?
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