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    BC3000AD ver 2.0 GBS script .

    I suggest using five (5) minutes per hyperjump for a BC CC. TTFN
  2. Gallion

    System Damage (for no reason)

    quote:Originally posted by Supreme Cmdr: Well that was quick. I personally (you're a trusted admin and your call is just as good as mine. so no worries there) won't have restricted Shadow's ability to post. At least not just yet. The rant just made me chuckle because it was just plain silly.I didn't completely ban Shadow SC, just restricted his ability to post. Give him a week or two to cool down and then maybe reinstate his posting privies But then again, maybe I won't TTFN
  3. quote: As I'm French, i do not have understand the mission briefing. I know that i must destroy evil bases on moon, but how to find it ? Is that Command center ?. What king of building it is (red i think) ?Yes, if it is red, then it is dead quote:And what about OTS weapons that have been gived to me ? how do I use it ??? CC and FC can not lauch this pieces of missile.Refer to the manual regarding how to launch OTS weapons. Hint - done at the TacOps, planetary view. quote:Must I send fighters on moon ? I hope no because planetary travels are very loooooooonnnnnnng .....No need to send fighters. Though using FC waypoints does tend to reduce plaetary travel time significantly. quote:Any help ? RTFM
  4. Gallion

    System Damage (for no reason)

    quote:Originally posted by Shadow: Rubbish on your Rubbish. Don't insult my intelligence, Mr. Smart. I have a PhD, too. I am not debating or arguing with you about the existence, or lack thereof, of a "bug." You obviously think it is not. For all I know, there is some feature of which I am not aware, or corruption in the files. Your comments are not only illogical and insulting, but unworthy of reputation. The only minerals on board were repair minerals and fuel supplies. I was on earth to repair my fighter craft, and so not in combat or possessive of any intruders. The damage occured twice, was repaired twice. After the third time I locked Kendrick up in the detention area and it quite. The inventory did not appreciably change, since only repair kits and fuel were consumed. Nevertheless, the damage stopped. Furthermore, if you would do your homework (see my earlier post), the damage kept occuring to the Navitron Computer, which cannot be upgraded. This may well be related to some corruption in the game files. I have had it happen twice to as many systems on the ship. Each time locking up Kendrick, or taking him off duty, puts a stop to it, whatever the cause. I was only making conversation about a curiosity in the game. Nothing more. 1. Never experienced this, even when game was in beta. Game works as designed. 2. Can't fix what cannot be reproduced. 3. Goodbye Shadow. TTFN
  5. Gallion

    Praise and Questions

    quote:Originally posted by Dambreville: ... Any ideas on the PTA SF Marine thing? Will a ships PTA target and kill SF Marines in space? If so, what am I missing...? Nope, though missiles tend to do a good job TTFN
  6. Gallion


    You got mail Eclipse TTFN
  7. I've been working on this scenario for a while now and I could use some feedback (good, bad, to easy. etc.) BCM Version: AYBABTU - AN INSURGENT SCENARIO BCMG Version: AYBABTU - AN INSURGENT SCENARIO Make sure that one peruses the readme1st.txt file TTFN
  8. Gallion

    Lemming BBQ

    quote:Originally posted by Eclipse: and how might I be able to log through the proxy and connect to a server? I've tried with other games in the past and was unable to get through.Sounds like your University has a Firewall in place. No way around that unless you can somehow convince the admin types to open the ports for BCMG on the Firewall. and from I recall you saying about your Uni, that has as much a chanch of happening as a snowball has in hades At any rate, it does not hurt to ask the uni to open the ports, though you may have to get creative with a justification. Try using research project as a justification TTFN
  9. Gallion

    Lemming BBQ

    OK, MP is here, with some minor quirks here and there and the SC is a busy squashing the bugs. Now fer the $64K question? when we gonna have a Lemming BBQ? Speak or ferever hold ye peace TTFN P.S. Insurgent posts only, all others will be deleted on sight
  10. Gallion

    Lemming BBQ

    quote:Originally posted by Rattler: Well Pirate, "Uncle Rattler" will be on another road trip this week (one of MY choosing) whilst going on vacation out to the Great State Of TEXAS! I should be back sometime next week so anytime after that will be a great time I think! As for those that know nothing about Lemmings, we can explain them as small, insignificant creatures that cannot think for themselves, rather will mindlessly follow a leader off a cliff into the sea rather than recognize that it is suicidal and should not be done. Does this remind you of any specific group? Here's to Ya' Lemmings! We'll wait fer ye to return Rattler. Enjoy your roadtrip. TTFN
  11. Gallion

    Lemming BBQ

    quote:Originally posted by Eclipse: GL to all of you. I'm back behind my HTTP proxy so I probably won't be able to join you. HTTP proxy will not prohibit attendance to the BBQ Eclipse. Now if the UNI has a FW in place, well that is an entirely different can of worms. TTFN
  12. Gallion

    Lemming BBQ

    Do a Forum search, Keyword Lemming But to answer ye query WeeGee Lemming = the GalCommies, Orion Fleet to be specific. TTFN
  13. Kasey Chang, The next time you start a question thread without FIRST conducting a search of the forum (use the Forum search feature) and perusing the manual (aka RTFM) and Appendix you are gonna get the Boot! TTFN
  14. The Manual is the comprehensive list for BCM/BCNG noun-nomenclature. TTFN
  15. Gallion


    BCM Patch 1.09.00 was released a while ago. Check the BCM Downloads page. TTFN
  16. Gallion

    Controller Issues

    Get a three axis joystick. Traditoinal Left/Right, Up/Down with a twist handle that will give you yaw control without having to use the INS/DEL keys. TTFN
  17. Gallion

    Insurgent Members Recall....ALL Hands!!!

    hehehehe, WB I-One TTFN
  18. Gallion

    Rattler says Hello; Fleet response needed

    Lemmings are like cockroaches - ye never can get rid of them no matter how much or often ye nuke's the buggers. As far as access goes, drop the SC a line. TTFN
  19. Gallion

    The PTA turret sweet spot

    Also on the Starboard TTFN
  20. Gallion

    Rattler says Hello; Fleet response needed

    quote:Originally posted by aramike: Hehe, had myself occupied for a few months. I have to say, it's good to be home... Now what'd I miss? Nothing much that ye can't get caught up on by perusing the forum Welcome back none the less aramike TTFN
  21. Gallion

    GBS-II News?

    quote:Originally posted by Emmett.hendrick: ... Usually spoken by Tigger (which is Gallion's Avatar if memory serves)Yep, Tigger be my Avatar, though I seen a N00b wondering the boards using the same Avatar. I want to reiterate something that I posted earlier ... GBS-II, IF it is ever released, is for scripting campaigns ONLY! It is the n00b-ish modding fad that keeps the SC from completing the GBS-II docs. 'Cause there will be a plethora of pleas for help when a n00b hoses his/her environment. TTFN
  22. Gallion

    Rattler says Hello; Fleet response needed

    hehehe, now where has aramike been a hindin'? TTFN
  23. Gallion

    BCMG Weapons Mod

    How about the source code TTFN
  24. Gallion

    Design a ship!

    Check the CBG forum. TTFN
  25. Gallion

    Joining a fleet?

    quote:Originally posted by William McBroom: How does a person join a fleet? I s it invitation only or can a person join just by asking? And if so who does a person ask? CWRM Cadet Galcomm Make a post in the relevant Fleet Dicussion > Fleet Name Forums requesting to join a Fleet. You will find out real quick whether or not the Fleet you would like to join will accept you. Choose wisely TTFN