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    Random crashes

    Something I forgot to mention, check the Event logs Start>Programs>Admin Tools>Computer Management>Event Viewer>System and Application Sometimes (a rare sometimes) the event log actually has usefull information instead of worthless event IDs. TTFN
  2. Gallion

    Tremors - The Series

    er ... there are three (3) Tremors movies. I watched all of them one evening with my daughter To date I have been able to ditch watching the series. TTFN
  3. Gallion

    Random crashes

    Korono - 1. Update your sound device drivers. Your mobo has built in sound card. You do not indicate the version of your sound device in your system information profile. 2. Do what Emmett and me posted. 3. Please post results. TTFN
  4. Gallion

    Hello All!

    Looks like a lot of fun ye be having there Wold. Just think of all the neat power tools ye has to have to complete such a project TTFN
  5. Gallion

    Spectre Fleet: Report In!

    I hear ya Gummy 1 Now all the SC has to do is get the bloomin' authentication server(s) on-line Then the real havoc will begin TTFN [ 04-16-2003, 10:22 PM: Message edited by: Gallion ]
  6. Gallion

    A Blast From The Past

    I remember seeing that way back when TTFN
  7. Gallion

    Random crashes

    I do not think that this is video card/driver related. I have experienced simuliar symptoms when I was running a Via chipset based system. Haven't had any of those problems since I dumped the Via chipset mobo with my current one. 1. You are running 1.08.RC36; this is obsolete. Download and install BCM 1.08 FINAL patch. 2. According to the data you provided in your System Profile, your sound card looks to be on-board the motherboard. Which means it is not a real PCI Sound Card (i.e. SB Audigy Gamer, SC turtle Beach SC, etc.). Check the Asus tech support boards/forums (www.viahardware.com) and install the latest Via 4-in-1 Mobo and Sound drivers. 3. Peruse the BCM FAQ, Sound card issues. I has to set the Sound Hardware acceleration to Basic (one tick mark from the left). This can be done at the Sound tab of dxdiag. TTFN [ 04-15-2003, 06:09 PM: Message edited by: Gallion ]
  8. Gallion

    Registry Cleaner

    quote:Originally posted by ShoHashi: Works great too..this is definately a keeper! Yepper I've been using it for a long time now. TTFN
  9. Gallion

    Got Mine!

    hehehehehe ... so much fun that the wait fer the MP servers is somewhat bearable TTFN
  10. Gallion

    BCM Gold Mouse Flight Controls

    quote:Originally posted by LBM: As a side track, I read the manual on this and the FAQ but when I click on any of the multiplayer options from the start menu I get the BCMG logo then it dissappears and goes back to the desktop. Is it just me system or is there something I have to setup first. I just wanted to see the options available. Wrong forum Check GNN TTFN
  11. Gallion

    Spectre Fleet: Report In!

    Register BCMG with 3000ad Inc using your forum name. Will have to work out the details for MP once the server(s) are up. TTFN
  12. Gallion

    Iraq information minister - a total riotous loon

    Good one Jag TTFN
  13. Gallion

    New Community Forum

    Hooty-hoot! The BCC Forum is back up! Way to go Blades Now get ye some sleep TTFN
  14. Gallion

    New Community Forum

    Members of the Battlecruiser Community: These last two weeks has seen some extraordinarily disturbing events. These events have amplified the need for a fan-based community, one in which Derek can concentrate on the technical aspects of the game and the fans can discuss the game unfettered. This community is undoubtedly the greatest gaming community ever to grace the Internet. As such, there are many of us who will do anything to preserve it. Derek nearly closed this board and is still considering it. He has also stated that heÔÇÖd like a fan-controlled community to help get the situation under control. The leaders of this community, which he has chosen carefully over the years, have united to make this happen, as quickly as possible. First a bit of background: When Derek announced that he would be closing the forums, initially we let it ride, thinking that heÔÇÖd change his mind soon enough. In a subsequent post, however, he stated that the decision was nearly irreversible. During this time, it was noticed that the community was beginning to splinter. No one knew what to do, where to go, or what rules needed to be followed in order to maintain the communityÔÇÖs integrity. This splintering had the potential completely destroy what all of us had enjoyed working so hard for. As such, a group of the current community leaders ÔÇô myself, Gallion, Blades, Jaguar, and Charles Lindsey ÔÇô met and worked out a plan to reunite the community. Our goals were greater than that, however. We wanted to keep the community together, but we also wanted to address some of the issues that were splitting us up. For one, it was becoming obvious that the community was getting too large for one man to handle especially one who doubles as the gameÔÇÖs designer. Imagine ÔÇô designing a game, having to deal with all manners of its development, then going on to be the only person in charge of the communityÔÇÖs development. It worked well when we were smaller as a community, but with the current size, itÔÇÖs a severe detriment. ThatÔÇÖs what we believe to be the reason for DerekÔÇÖs endorsement of creating a fan-based community. But, in creating a new board for the current community we still run into many issues. There had to be a set of rules and regulations that were well documented, and that NO ONE could circumvent. They had to be inflexible. Furthermore, to support community development those rules needed to be inflexible once put in place and enforced. We also realized that change is essential. As a result, we set up a system with which both community members and leadership can use alike to create and change policy. In fact, EVERYTHING has been written in advance as a way to settle disputes BEFORE they arise. This document can be read here. Each point in that document was discussed and UNANIMOUSLY agreed upon. Members of the Community, please begin holding discussions at our new home. We can all help one another help Derek in doing whatÔÇÖs best for the game and the fan base as a whole. Derek, we hope you fully endorse this change, and will make this the official community. WeÔÇÖve worked hard to stay true to your vision, spending literally hours in discussions. It is our hope that youÔÇÖll use the current forum for game-specific technical issues and make ours the forum for the community itself. Everyone wins. Change is indeed good. Even so, all of us are resolved to continue our work on the current forums for as long as necessary. It is our goal to serve the community as a whole, and thatÔÇÖs what we intend to do. So please, letÔÇÖs get started. The new Battlecruiser Commanders Community forums are located here. Signed, Aramike Blades Gallion Chavik Jaguar PS: Each of the named will post immediately following this message to signal endorsement and signature. TTFN [ 01-05-2002: Message edited by: Gallion ]
  15. Gallion

    Got Mine!

    The manual is excellent. Anyone who has no experience with the BC series that actually RTFM and tutorials should be able to have a wonderful BCMG experience. Mouse flight controls work as Mythandil posted. MP cometh, the havoc will soon begin TTFN
  16. Gallion

    nVidia Drivers

    The 43.45 drivers work fine Jaguar 'bout time you upgraded your v-card too TTFN
  17. Gallion

    Spectre Fleet: Report In!

    BCMG is out folks. MP cometh once xgamer gets their ducks in a row and the servers get on-line. Probably by April 7th unless Murphy decides to make a cameo spot Stayed tuned 'cause this is gonna be fun TTFN
  18. Gallion

    BCM Gold Mouse Flight Controls

    Why would anybody want to control flight with a mouse? What did I miss? TTFN
  19. Gallion

    I was Wrong

    Recieved this in my work e-mail. I cannot verify the source but thought it appropiate ... quote:Peace Activist Etiquette With all of this talk of impending war, many of us will encounter "Peace Activists" who will try and convince us that we must refrain from retaliating against the ones who terrorized us all on September 11, 2001, and those who support terror. These activists may be alone or in a gathering.....most of us don't know how to react to them. When you come upon one of these people, or one of their rallies, here are the proper rules of etiquette: 1. Listen politely while this person explains their views. Strike up a conversation if necessary and look very interested in their ideas. They will tell you how revenge is immoral, and that by attacking the people who did this to us, we will only bring on more violence. They will probably use many arguments, ranging from political to religious to humanitarian. 2. In the middle of their remarks, without any warning, punch them in the nose. 3. When the person gets up off of the ground, they will be very angry and they may try to hit you, so be careful. 4. Very quickly and calmly remind the person that violence only brings about more violence and remind them of their stand on this matter. Tell them if they are really committed to a nonviolent approach to undeserved attacks, they will turn the other cheek and negotiate a solution. Tell them they must lead by example if they really believe what they are saying. 5. Most of them will think for a moment and then agree that you are correct. 6. As soon as they do that, hit them again. Only this time hit them much harder. Square in the nose. 7. Repeat steps 2-5 until the desired results are obtained and the idiot realizes how stupid of an argument he/she is making! 8. There is no difference in an individual attacking an unsuspecting victim or a group of terrorists attacking a nation of people. It is unacceptable and must be dealt with. Perhaps at a high cost. We owe our military a huge debt for what they are about to do for us and our children. We must support them and our leaders at times like these. We have no choice. We either strike back, VERY HARD, or we will keep getting hit in the nose. Lesson over, class dismissed.
  20. Choose your allegiance wisely TTFN
  21. Gallion

    I was Wrong

    IMO, none of the sources quoted in this topic thread are creditable sources. Food for thought TTFN
  22. Gallion

    Countdown vigil to Derek's 40th....

    Damn, this'll make me 41 in a few weeks Quit having B-dayz SC! You are making me oooolllddd before my time TTFN
  23. Gallion

    Playmod - Invalid Profile

    Playmod is not supported - use at own risk. TTFN
  24. Gallion

    Spectre Fleet: Report In!

    hehehehe, ye not late Evan, just distracted by other worldly events. Ok, the count is up to three (3) now. Wonder how many others are a lurkin' in the shadows. TTFN