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  1. HNY! Still here ... though the road trips will begin anew. TTFN
  2. Yup, still around. Though the road trips have begun anew TTFN
  3. Traded the MkIII ('86 Mustang GT) in for a MkIV http://i1278.photobucket.com/albums/y505/gallion2001/new-toy_zps648f6b18.jpg'>('13 Camaro SS) Driving is fun once again TTFN
  4. Here I is, on the road more plus got a new toy. TTFN
  5. Alive still I am. In between road shows atm. TTFN
  6. A cat walked by and dragged me. How many of the old cred are left?
  7. Boo2! Got UC. Have not had time to play yet. Should be able to in July. TTFN
  8. Cleared the New Recruit queue for the Fleet DB. TTFN
  9. I am still around though RL and the SC are keeping me somewhat busy. I've been busy as get ever since I got out of the *.mil So much for the easy life of a civilian Rattle will be returning soon So, what exactly is the problem? TTFN
  10. Too Like the new VTT Looks like I gots me work cut out fer me TTFN
  11. I got me a 19" LCD with 700:1 contrast ration. Took a little while to get use to but I am most ricky-ticky to get the top of my desk back TTFN
  12. hehehe, yep - the kiddies have been playing well A very good read I might add TTFN
  13. quote:Originally posted by ShoHashi: I appreciate your information on Mozilla, Nova, but I'm really only interested in the differences between Internet Explorer and Netscape. The ability to disable pop-up windows without having to use third part software/bloatware. Personally, I prefer Mozilla Firebird over Mozilla/Netscape. TTFN
  14. quote:Originally posted by Supreme Cmdr: quote:Originally posted by Commander Jamont: ok i registerd How do i get my fleet commander access? You wait. Just approved Jamont and Andergum. There seems to be a problem with approving recruits on the Fleet DB page that have anything entered in the MSN and Yahoo fields. I had to delete what Jamont had entered in the MSN field and what Andergum had entered in the Yahoo field before they could be added to the Fleet DB. TTFN
  15. Send a SC out to two the Vagrant. TTFN
  16. I liked knowing Puff the Magic Dragon was around Just have to be wary of them FO's. Sometimes the call short TTFN
  17. quote:Originally posted by MIKE113: Two daily installments,once every 12 hours. Manual p.10 Well I was close Always Read The Fine Manual TTFN
  18. I just looked at the gummy1 page. Man, we got some work to do getting everything updated. TTFN
  19. Once a day if my memory is correct. Check the Manual, Appendix, and/or the VCF files (BCM and BCMG). TTFN
  20. Decided to make this a feature topic. Good data for both n00bs and vets alike TTFN
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