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    Originally posted by ShoHashi:

    I appreciate your information on Mozilla, Nova, but I'm really only interested in the differences between Internet Explorer and Netscape.

    The ability to disable pop-up windows without having to use third part software/bloatware.

    Personally, I prefer Mozilla Firebird over Mozilla/Netscape.


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    Originally posted by Supreme Cmdr:


    Originally posted by Commander Jamont:

    ok i registerd

    How do i get my fleet commander access?

    You wait.

    Just approved Jamont and Andergum.

    There seems to be a problem with approving recruits on the Fleet DB page that have anything entered in the MSN and Yahoo fields.

    I had to delete what Jamont had entered in the MSN field and what Andergum had entered in the Yahoo field before they could be added to the Fleet DB.


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