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  1. Yep, better check it twice I won't work on it until complete So far so good though TTFN
  2. Wrong Forum Moving to more appropiate Forum TTFN
  3. quote:Originally posted by Spiny: quote: aw, thats nuthin'. Wanna impress me, combine yours with Unknown_Enemy's, add the pages (for BCM Gold), put it in a nicely formatted HTML file, send it along to Gallion to give it once over and I'll add it to the appendix when Gallion passes it along At least you didn't tell me there are loads of definitions missing. It'll have to be the PDF version. I've got the European micro manual. Send me the data and I'll format it into HTML for the Appendix Warning - Data better be right I really don't like to make corrections once Appdenix updates are release TTFN
  4. quote:Originally posted by LordDavid: Derek, since I don't have permission, would you mind changing my alliance from Terran [Military] to Gammulan [Military]? Its quite odd and uncomfortable being a Gammulan Fleet Leader with the Alliance of Terran Millitary! Send me a Fleet structure for the Gammulan Military and I'll make the appropiate changes in the Fleet DB LD Diplomacy and ????? Once the Fleets have been added, you can be changed from Ter/Mil Prime Fleet to Gam/Mil ?????? fleet. TTFN
  5. Just an FYI - the Fleet db is getting tuned up. Word will get out when it'll be ready for use. Until then, just sit tight and enjoy the fun. TTFN
  6. Eclipse, please zip the Spectre website files up and e-mail them to me. I'll get a webpage up for Spectre Fleet soon. TTFN
  7. There seems to be a problem with the permissions associated with Level 3 Admin SC. Rattler should be able to edit all records associated with Insurgent Fleets but can only edit records of the Fleet he his assigned to. I moved him from Balor Fleet to Spectre Fleet and he could edit Spectre Fleet db but no longer had write access to Balor Fleet db records. TTFN
  8. quote:Originally posted by Fiver: Thank you for the info guys. Is the GBS1.zip that I just downloaded at all compatible with BCM:G? No, and GBS-II has not been released for BCM or BCMG. Topic moved to GBS forum. TTFN [ 08-06-2003, 12:01 AM: Message edited by: Gallion ]
  9. I tried the two Insurgent Fleet links: The link for Bishaman Fleet worked (http://shohashi.tripod.com/). The link for Balor Fleet worked (http://members.aol.com/chavik/balor/fleet3.html). TTFN
  10. IAW with this post by the SC, all Insurgent Fleet webpages links need to be verified and updated. I tried the two Insurgent Fleet links. The link for Bishaman Fleet worked (http://shohashi.tripod.com/). The link for Balor Fleet worked (http://members.aol.com/chavik/balor/fleet3.html). TTFN
  11. Give Mozilla Firebird a try. Same functionality as Opera without the $$ or adware IOW - Free TTFN
  12. Which answers the question I was gonna ask TTFN
  13. Topic moved to the newbie forum Welcome to Our Nightmare TTFN
  14. Use the F key to Designate Flight Path Target. Ref: BCM/BCMG Game Commands card. Also in the manual. TTFN
  15. Flames off gentlemen! ALCON have been warned If you don't like the style - don't post. If you think that this is all BS - don't post. If you don't like Soviet - don't post. Bottom line: You don't have to post. Topic reopened. TTFN [ 07-31-2003, 06:58 PM: Message edited by: Gallion ]
  16. There is no need to slam anybody's country of origin here on the forum; past, present, or future. Do not confuse order and discipline that moderates this forum with a dictatorship. The SC is harder on the moderators than he is with forum members. Having your post/topic deleted is not the end or the world. IMO, you are making much ado about nada; aka crying over spilt milk. Get over it jascatar. I do not recall the contents of the post/topic that I deleted jascatar. I deleted it and there was a reason, right or wrong they are still gone. jascatar, more than likely your post/topic was already discussed elsewhere on the boards and could very easily been found using the forum search function, or referring to the manual. Since you do not have a legitimate copy of BCM/BCMG (canÔÇÖt remember which game you have), you do not have a manual. This makes you a pirate in my view. I do not like pirates. The ... I bought it on e-bay ... excuse does not cut it with me. You bought an illegal copy of BCM/BCMG, there for you are a pirate in my eyes. The only reason why I did not ban you earlier was because the SC was working with you to get a CD key so that you would have a legitimate copy of the game. Now before anybody thinks that I am going soft, I was reminded by a very good friend, after slapping me with a couple of mackerels, that everyone on this forum was once a n00b, myself included, and had to be prodded in the right direction from time to time. So jascatar, I'll make you an offer I hope that I will not later regret. Send me a PM if you can recall what the post/topic were about and I will explain to you why I deleted them. TTFN
  17. Do a search at cnet.com downloads for RegCleaner. A handy registery cleaner and viewer utility. The website placed an entry in your registry; IE HKEY and startup HKEY that will always make itself the default homepage for IE. Warning backup pertinate data before mucking with registry. Fat fingers have been known to cause BSD and require complete wipe and reload of OS. TTFN
  18. Change browser. Mozilla and Mozilla Firebird are two freeware browsers that can be configured to not allow this. TTFN
  19. Topic: Night at the movies - Phone Booth This forum has a real good search function. Learn to use it people. Then there is the Show Topics from last 2, 5, 10, 20, 30, 45, 60, 75, 100 days, and last year available via a pull down menu next to a GO button that can be used to filter topic threads is any given discussion forum. Topic CLOSED! TTFN [ 07-29-2003, 09:57 PM: Message edited by: Gallion ]
  20. quote:Originally posted by Fiver: Thanks for the offer of help, but I kinda already got the impression that there isn't any room for questions that have already been answered somewhere. No problem with questions as long as you have RTFM and used the forum search function first. 99.99% of the questions have already been answered. The key is to research before asking the question. The last thing you want as an answer to a query is see Manual, page 39, para 3 TTFN TTFN
  21. I did the delete jascatar Just be glad that is all I did Hint - Use the forum search function. TTFN
  22. quote:Originally posted by Kasey Chang: Let us know when you have relevant questions... We'll be here... IF you've done your research ahead of time. Practice what you are trying to preach TTFN
  23. quote:Originally posted by Sir John Falstaff: ... ----boy, am I in for a "whupp'n" if I ever get to play online.....--- If you only knew TTFN
  24. I suggest using five (5) minutes per hyperjump for a BC CC. TTFN
  25. quote:Originally posted by Supreme Cmdr: Well that was quick. I personally (you're a trusted admin and your call is just as good as mine. so no worries there) won't have restricted Shadow's ability to post. At least not just yet. The rant just made me chuckle because it was just plain silly.I didn't completely ban Shadow SC, just restricted his ability to post. Give him a week or two to cool down and then maybe reinstate his posting privies But then again, maybe I won't TTFN
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