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  1. quote:Originally posted by HiPingScoba: Sign me up for round two! OK but be prepared to be included in round one TTFN
  2. quote:Originally posted by Spindoktor: So I guess being a beta tester is a good thing? Like you get to be told to "siddown!" more? Gratz! Yep TTFN
  3. Spectre Fleet: Forum UsedID: 1. Gallion 2. Eclipse 3. Cmdr Chavik 4. ShoHashi 5. Andergum Lemmings look out, I sense a lemming BBQ a comin' TTFN
  4. Dang, I keep forgetting that all the Insurgency are members of Spectre Fleet Ok, I'll make a post in the Fleet war thread the following folks: 1. Gallion 2. Eclipse 3. Cmdr Chavik 4. ShoHashi 5. Andergum Evan, you should have piped to play but then again, I do understand To the rest of the INsurgent Fleet Leader types - get your roster going and post in the Fleet Wars thread. Every Insurgent gets a chance at baggin' a lemming, or two, or three ... TTFN
  5. hehehehe, topic closed OBE TTFN
  6. Ok, that makes two Myself and Eclipse Wake UP spectre Fleet! TTFN
  7. This entire forum is full of walkthroughs and howtos - learn to use the forum search function. ... and Welcome to our Nightmare TTFN
  8. See this thread. Unless Insurgent One or Two pipe in and overrides me, Myself and the four lucky souls get to frag some Galcommies. TTFN [ 06-04-2003, 05:51 PM: Message edited by: Gallion ]
  9. Ok, I be back You are working to hard Eclipse TTFN
  10. I'm outta town until 1 Jun. Eclipse, you have the con TTFN
  11. Yep, the old PMS squad. I remember them well. FC seem to do better with two pilots vrs one pilot. Not only for that reason, two pilots in a FC will prevent those *&^%#) intruders from stealing any FC. Something to think about TTFN
  12. First - MP gotta worketh (and it will ) Second - We gotta get the havoc and amyhem outta our system; aka fragfest over with. Third - We go and kick some gal-commie arse! (I see visions of KA all over again). TTFN
  13. FC types gonna earn their keep then TTFN
  14. quote:Originally posted by Rattler: And HERE I am STILL out on yet another "Road Trip!" Pirate, I'm heading down to your last AOE in the sand pit in a couple of days, so looks like I get the "all expenses paid" version of this blasted nightmare. hehehehe, watch out fer them dang camel spiders Rattler Have fun and don't forget to check six We'll hold the fort down here. Anyone ready fer a Lemming BBQ? TTFN
  15. quote:Originally posted by Supreme Cmdr: Originally posted by Andrew Presby: [*]The appendix is wrong (Gallion!). The min/max detection ranges are 500/25000 Guilty as charged and fixed TTFN
  16. The Appendix data for BCM and BCMG are the same. Post all issues regarding Appendix data (omissions, errors, questions, etc.) in this Topic thread. Wish list posts will be deleted! TTFN
  17. Wonder how much oil it takes to produce oil from offal? TTFN
  18. Can't do a bloomin' thing until the authentication server is up and the SC releases the MP patch. And when this happens, we're gonna have fun TTFN
  19. Looks like a follower of shirley. Topic Closed TTFN
  20. If you haven't, read GNN. Summary: Hardware problem(s) with server. SC is working with hosting company to get resolved. ETR: It'll be ready when its ready .... ... and when its ready, the havoc will begin TTFN
  21. Something I forgot to mention, check the Event logs Start>Programs>Admin Tools>Computer Management>Event Viewer>System and Application Sometimes (a rare sometimes) the event log actually has usefull information instead of worthless event IDs. TTFN
  22. er ... there are three (3) Tremors movies. I watched all of them one evening with my daughter To date I have been able to ditch watching the series. TTFN
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