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  1. Ok, sticking me head out on the platter with my 4-bits minus 2 M/P in BCM will be somewhat different the way I understand it. There will be a host and up to 16 people can join in the pillage and pluder of their mini BCM universe. I will assume - danger, danger - the whom ever sets up the BCM host will have the authority to kick-off whom ever he/she wishes for what ever reason. Now when Galcom Online comes into play that will be an entirely different can of worms. As to Pks - I agree with some of what has been posted. There is no fun or honor in PK, especially newbies or at/near spawning areas. TTFN
  2. Been down this road many times. Usually happens when I try to use BC as a battering ram or when fighters forget to break off their attack runs on me NC. I managed to get this to work once in a while. ***Warning*** This may not work in all scenarios or situations. Use at own risk First clean any radiation leaks. Second put the entire crew off duty. Send some to quarters and others to the medbay or detention cells. Third go to nearest SS and get ship repaired. If you are playning ACM then you are toast Couldn't find a work-around to this problem in ACM w/o failing the mission(s) and TOD. TTFN and good luck
  3. ***** ERROR ***** Edited orginal post as I came to see the light Now I see what ye be saying, and it will take some getting use to. I thinks that somebody do have dyslexia and slipped a couple of typos in the code somewhere. My four bits plus two minus the tea tax [This message has been edited by Gallion (edited 04-20-2000).]
  4. My condolences to yo Mike. However, there is another venue of approach that ye may wish to consider. I will only say this - remember what the victum's family did to an obviously guilty defendant, that was found not guilty via trial by jury in Los Angeles several years ago. The same defendant lost in a civil suit.
  5. I say nothing for me website would probably make on the list. Gotta work on that
  6. [rp] 1840, March 15, 3008 Lyrius/Sirius The four Mercenary/Assassin warships just missed their target window and thus missed their opportunity to deliver the cargo by just a few seconds to the target. The leader of the motley crew of four warships swore silent curses to herself, of which a few of he bridge crew managed to over hear, for missing the target window. And the target escaped via the Lennon jump point. The leader shouldnt be complaining much. The motley crew she lead had made up the time lost by their blunder in Jupiter. They were only four minutes behind the fleeing target. Orders she gave and they were relayed to the transporter room. They would be ready the second that they were able to attain a transporter beam signal lock on the target. Of that she knew, of that she was certain for if they did not then heads would roll, and it would not be hers 1835, March 15, 3008 Undetermined Location, Gammulan Quadrant The handler paced the confines of his rather Spartan abode restlessly as he waited for an update, any update, to the latest phase of the plan. Scattered updates were beginning to trickle in form the renewed offensive in Lydan. The updates he had received were reassuring  if they were to believed. The handler was quite aware of the Gammulan Warrior tradition of embellishing reports of battle. All to often they were inflated and thus worthless. But this time seemed different to the handler. There was a truth that seemed to sing out from the battle reports that hadnt been heard by him in sometime  at least with one commander that is. 1826, March 15, 3008 LV-103, Alpha Cygni Activity resumed to the normal calm that the crew of the Graf Spee were accustomed to as the distance to the Gammulan transport,T'nar Kaltak, decreased and reached 100km. At that time the ship deactivated its cloaking system and target solutions were finalized and locked in. Though the Corsair Battlecruiser was damaged, it was still more than a match for the LRT-10 Transport emitting Gammulan IFF transponder codes. More than a match indeed. What concerned the Commander of the Graf Spee most was that contact had been lost with the two Marine squads that were beamed over to the transport earlier. Many things went through the commanders mind, from equipment failure to communications jamming by the crew of the transport. But no matter how hard he tried he always came to one possible, not unforeseen, possibility  the Gams got the upper-hand and had defeated or captured his Marines. This was something the commander did not want to admit or even contemplate. The distance between the two space vessels decreased to 40 kilometers, almost within missile range. Once the range got to 30km, five Questor missiles would be launched from the Graf Spee towards the hapless Gammulan transport followed by IOD and PTA turret fire. Either way, the Commander was going to get the parts he needed to repair the Graf Spee. 1847, March 15, 3008 Lydan, Krynon The tactical results of the latest offensive were impressive to Mor-Dr and the rest of the Gammulan leaders. A plethora of Warriors had been transported from each Gammulan vessel in the Lydan system to the defending Wraith and Mandorian warships. As expected, the Wraith Vessels were better prepared than their Mandorain counterparts. Several Mandorian warships were adrift in space as a result of the double onslaught attack by the Gammulans. It is difficult enough to defend ones warship from external attacks, but to have to defend ones warship from both an external and internal attack  well that can be near impossible. What concerned Mor-Dr was the report of a Wraith counter-offensive that coincided with the renewed Gammulan offensive. The cowardly Wraiths managed to find their backbones in their spineless terran arses and were doing the same thing that the Gammulans were doing  though on a limited but almost as effective scale. Several Gammulan Warships were also adrift in space. Their ship systems destroyed from within. It is to bad that the Wraiths couldnt press the issue. There were to few of them as it was. All across the Gammulan Fleet the attack Warriors were transported back to their motherships. Not as many returned as had departed but for those that survived the battle, their mission was complete and successful. The deployment of the Gammulan Ultimate Weapon had once again tipped the scales of war and battle in the Gammulans favor. Mor-Dr smiled as his ship lined up and engaged the nearest Wraith vessel adrift in space and fired all weapons mercilessly at the hapless vessel. Within seconds its hull integrity and reactor went critical. Several seconds later the black void of space was brightened by the end-result of a uncontained and uncontroled nuclear reaction hit critical mass and exploded. Spewing its mass in all directions and to travel the cosmos forever unless intercepted by some planetary, solar, or other unsuspecting wayfarer. To the Gammulan Fleet leaders in Lydan it seemed as if Wraith would live up to its name and just fade away into the depths of Hades, taking their Mandorian allies with them too. A single GALCOM battlecruiser entered the system from the Antis jumppoint. Four more Terran/Zelon warships entered the system just milliseconds behind it. This caused some confusion with some in the Gammulan Fleet for a priority target had entered the battlezone. A target, that if destroyed, would increase the stature of the commander and his crew within the Gammulan Military. Some warships, five in all, disengaged from the Wraith/Mandorian turkey-shoot to engage the newcomer. [/rp] No Kandorians yet Ben S. Ristar  you are now in Lydan. Getting thru the Gammulans will be difficult but almost impossible (Coyotes will take the cup this year) TTFN [This message has been edited by Gallion (edited 04-11-2000).]
  7. Check out the web developement goodies avail from your webpage host. They also have excellent "how to" section for webpage development newbies on their website. TTFN
  8. Blades plus eleven, those that can ye do the math. I can't count past 4 TTFN [This message has been edited by Gallion (edited 04-07-2000).]
  9. hooty-hoot - MP point and shoot TTFN
  10. Retook test 1 and received different results: Achiever 80% Killer 80% Explorer 33% Socializer 6% Wonder where I screwed up at Test number 2: 41% bah! Seems that I am below the average. Now is that good or bad? TTFN
  11. Welcome back Robert de Bruce [rp] 1802, March 15, 3008 Jupiter, Sol Activity on the four patrolling warships increased as their target, the GCV Shogun, entered the area from the Pluto jump point. Patrol maneuvers that had been laid in were canceled and intercept courses were plotted into each warships navigational computers. But before the hyper-drive calculations could completed by the navcomps, the target exited the Jupiter region. The leader of the four warships zipped out a priority message to the bonding authority located in Eori, Tau Ceti. She knew what would happen once she transmitted the message as she prepared her crew and the other three warships for yet another change in the plan. 1805, March 15, 3008 Undetermined Location, Gammulan Quadrant An incomming message awoke the handler from the deep sweetness of his dreams. He quickly deciphered the data-gram and perused its contents, which in turn caused a slight increase in the handlers blood pressure. For it seems that Murphy has once again work against the handler and the handlers superiors plan. The handler had no choice but to activate the variation of last resort. As fast as the handler could hand-jam its response and send it, a reply to the data-gram was sent. 1802, March 15, 3008 Undetermined Location, Sol System Once again a certain light began to blink in earnest, indicating the interception of yet another surveillance intercept. The person activated the proper decryption sequence and read what the latest intercept contained. The person noted that there has been a significant change in data and went about completion its assigned task. After ciphering the data the person sent the data-gram on its way though numerous and untraceable transmission relays to is final destination, somewhere within the Terran Quadrant. It looked like it would be a busy night, the person thought to itself as it reset the surveillance equipment and placed it back on-line. 1809, March 15, 3008 Undetermined Location, Sol System Hari was awakened by the insistent bleating and blinking of an incomming priority message. He quickly read and acknowledged message receipt to his handler and began his final preparations for Operation NharqisI, The Death Place. Hari shuddered somewhat when it dawned on him as to what the operation name meant. Then shrugged it off as he picked up his gear. He had a plane to catch and there would be a death at his final destination. Deep in what remained of his terran soul Hari knew that it would be his death that this operation would result in. His and the target he thought as he activated the transponder after receiving the proper signal and watched the once familiar surroundings of dragon central fade away. Jupiter, Sol The reply to the data-gram that she had sent only a few short minutes ago came quicker than the Zelon Assassin Battlecruiser Commander than she had thought could or would happen. It caught her somewhat off-guard but not the nature of the reply was not unexpected either. For the Battlecruiser Commander had already prepped her cohorts with the next phase of their contractual obligations. She gave the orders that would take the motley four warships out of Jupiter and near to an undetermined location within the Sol system. The next phase was simple. Get to the next nav point, transmit a tetra-burst signal, wait for the reply and beam aboard their cargo. The cargo would then provide the data required to complete the next phase of the contract. The Commander smiled as she read the next incomming transmission from the bonding authority. It seems that the principle had amended their contract. She liked the contract amendment, for the principle had added a bonus for the safe delivery and transport of the cargo to the target. Once that was completed the funds would be transferred and their contractual obligations would be fulfilled. This was gonna be a milk run, she thought as the Battlecruisers Transporter beamed aboard the cargo. More orders were given as the cargo gave the Commander the coordinates of the final destination and the target. It would be tough, she knew, but not impossible to catch t the target, it had a thirty-minute lead on them already. The Commander knew how to shave off time if required. She had done it before and was confident that she could do it again. Four warships, two Ter/Merc Stormcarriers and two Zel/Assassin Galactan Class Battlecruisers departed the Sol system and began their chase of an elusive foe; the GCV Shogun. 1806, March 15, 3008 LV-103, Alpha Cygni The noise had stopped and the smoke began to clear in the forward cargo hold of the Gammulan transport T'nar Kaltak. Three of the ten Corsair Marines that had beamed over lay splattered about the immediate area around the Sergeant. The fools failed to remember one of the golden rules of the Ultimate Weapon  they didnt keep their heads down. The Gunney and his squad had completed placing their charges throughout the engineering deck. Some were in plain sight, others were not. Some were booby trapped whilst others were not. The Gunney didnt have time to be creative, he had a mission to complete and another squad to pull out of the river. The battle noise on the comm-link had died down and that concerned the Gunney. Just because there wasnt any noise doesnt mean that everything went to Hades in a hand-basket. Something kept buzzin the Gunneys gray matter as the squad prepared to moved out and towards the forward cargo hold. The Gunney had been aboard many Gammulan vessels before and had become somewhat of an expert in how the Gams maintained their ship systems. The transport he was currently on seemed to be a Gammulan transport but to the Gunney something was not quite right but he could not put his finger on it. The Gunney shrugged it off as the squad reached the hatchway that lead away from the engineering deck. He would think it about it when he had the chance for now he was busy trying to get his squad to the forward cargo hold and find out what happened to the Sergeant and his squad. 1827, March 15, 3008 Lyndon, Krynon Not much surprised the Gammulan Vanguard leader anymore. Since the beginning of this offensive he had seen more tricks than a Vesperon Har In any event, Mor-Dr decided to go against reason and do something to get the battle moving once again. Mor-Dr watched as four warships left the Gammulan lines, heading towards the newest entry in system  the ECV Event Horizon. It was time to do something completely different, something that even the cowardly Wraiths could not predict. It was time to do what Gammulan Warriors do best. It was time to deploy the Ultimate Weapon of the Gammulan Empire. Orders had finally come in from the War Council. Operation NharqisI, The Death Place was activated. Transporters of all Gammulan Warships were filling with Warriors eager to face the cowardly and weak Terran Wraiths. The plans was simple. Warriors would beam from every Gammulan Vessel within the system to every Wraith and Mandorian warship that opposed them. At the same time the warships of the Gammulan Fleet would engage the defending warships. Each defending ship would be attacked simultaneously from two fronts, one interior and one exterior. Mor-Dr knew that the Wraith and Mandorian warships had no chance as he gave the order to activate the transporters of his warship and the warships of the Vanguard. The Wraith Massacre had begun or so the Gammulans thought. [/rp] Somerset  do not bring in the Kandorians. I will get them in-play in my next post this weekend. To those in Lyndon, Krynon  approx. twelve (12) heavily armed Gammulan Warriors have boarded each Terran/Mandorian warship. The Gammulan Fleet has renewed offensive operations against ye too. Commander de Bruce  You are  up  creek without a paddle  . Think about ye actions in yer next post. To All  no superman smack. The Gams are up to ye tricks now. Please keep it believable and within reason. We are at the half-way point. ** The Ultimate Weapon weapon of any military force is the Infantry in case any were a wonderin' TTFN [This message has been edited by Gallion (edited 04-07-2000).]
  12. Killer 80% Achiever 60% Explorer 46% Socializer 13% hmmm ... needs to work on me socialization skills mayhaps. But then again, why? ------------------ Commander Gallion GCV Graf Spee *1st Squadron, *Corsair Wing Stationed, *Starbase Cerberus "Run Silent, Run Deep" ICQ# 29486270, EST (GMT-5) =Wraith Fleet= Second in Command, Wraith Fleet Bushi of the Dragon Council [This message has been edited by Gallion (edited 04-06-2000).]
  13. Yep, I do and does remember all that smack, TG fer progress IMO. 1st Computer - TRS-80 Model II; 64k RAM w/ 256K expansion memory, 4 ea 5.25 floppy drives, MS-Dos 1.0. BTW this museum piece still works TTFN
  14. [rp] 1800, March 15, 3008 Lydon, Krynon The confusion and maelstrom of battle was interrupted as a lull swept amongst the opposing forces of the combatants. On one side were the numerous warships of the Gammulan Empire. On the other were the remnants of the Galcom fleet once known as Wraith, along with what remained of the warships of the Mandorian MilitaryÔÇÖs Fleet. In between the two forces was an expanding flotsam and wreckage of battle. The Kandorains had yet to enter the fray, much to the dismay of the surviving Wraith and Mandorian forces. For if the Kandorians were enticed someway to enter the struggle being waged in their territory, the scales of fate could be tilted towards the outnumbered and outgunned Wraith and Mandorian warships. If there could be found a way that is. 1800, March 15, 3008 LV-103, Alpha Cygni Activity within the hull of the battered battlecruiser increased and culminated with the successful operation of her transporter as twenty Corsair Marines were sent across the void of space to the Gammulan LRT-10 transport, T'nar Kaltak, in two squads of ten each. Gunney York was in overall command of this raiding mission. His orders and mission were simple ÔÇô get in and get out with the components needed to repair the Graf Spee. Nothing more and nothing less. One squad beamed aboard the transport near the forward cargo hold, near the its planned ingress point. The other squad, with the Gunney, missed its mark by one deck and several hundred meters. Instead of materializing within the aft portion of the forward cargo hold, the Gunney and his squad found themselves materializing within the confines of the engineering deck near the hyper-drive engines. Confusion and Murphy reigned its leery had has the Gunney cursed the transporter operator on the Graf Spee for botching what was suppose to be a gravy mission. The first squad went about its mission and managed to locate most of the components before being discovered by a heavily armed roving band of the transportÔÇÖs crew. One Corsair Marine was mowed down before the rest could take cover and return fire. The Sergeant in charge tried desperately to contact the Graf Spee on his communication system. In the confusion and maelstrom of battle he had forgotten that the communication system on the Graf Spee was down, the component that would fix it was in his rucksack. In his frustration, the Sergeant threw his commlink away and added his assault weaponÔÇÖs fire to that of what remained of his squad. They were caught in a cross fire when another heavily armed roving band of the transportÔÇÖs crew entered into the fray from the aft end of the cargo hold. The same area where the GunneyÔÇÖs squad was suppose to be. Gunney York heard most of what the Sergeant said before the commlink was abruptly cut-off by the SergeantÔÇÖs actions. Feeling useless where he was at, the Gunney took matters at hand as he gave the orders to the squad muddled about him. The orders were simple and to the point. Place the explosive charges at key locations through out the engineering deck in the quickest time possible. Five minutes is what he gave his bunch of ladies. During this time the Gunney studied the schematic of the transport on his datapad. He plotted a path that would get him and his squad from the engineering deck to the forward cargo hold. Hopefully in time to get the Sergeant and his group of ladies out of the pickle that they are now in. [/rp] Tringad check ye mail before posting [This message has been edited by Gallion (edited 04-02-2000).]
  15. This topic thread is now complete and will continue in The Wraith Massacre. Please close this thread TTFN ------------------ Commander Gallion GCV Graf Spee *1st Squadron, *Corsair Wing Stationed, *Starbase Cerberus "Run Silent, Run Deep" ICQ# 29486270, EST (GMT-5) =Wraith Fleet= Second in Command, Wraith Fleet Bushi of the Dragon Council
  16. This is the continuation of The Death Wraith and as the topic title would suggest, this will not be a free ride for Wraith Fleet. All are welcome to chime in if the urge is felt as long as there is no reference to any artifact(s). The tactical situation to date: The Gammulan Empire has subjugated the Falkyries and have complete control of the Gammulan Quadrant. The Falkyrie Resistance Fighters have been almost completely wiped out by Gammulan Warriors on all Falkyrie worlds. Those groups of Falkyrie Resistance Fighters and their Terran advisors, known as Cells, that survived the Gammulan purge are in the process reorganizing and regrouping. The Gammulans have destroyed all planetary-based Terran facilities within the Gammulan Quadrant and almost all located in the Credian Quadrant. Gammulan attempts to locate and destroy the Insurgent Star Station Spectre in Antis have been utter failures. Someway, somehow the huge star station was either moved or hidden by the Insurgency. The strength of the Gammulan Invasion Fleet, aka the horde, has been whittled down to one-third its original strength by the heroic but futile efforts of the combined forces of both Wraith and Mandorian Military Fleets. Which has cost Wraith 60% of its original warship strength, 80% fighter strength, one space station, and two starbases to date. ISS Fleet CommanderÔÇÖs ship, GCV-Shogun, was attacked just before departing Pluto, Sol on a secret mission for locations unknown within the Gammulan Quadrant. Two of the attacking four warships were destroyed before the remaining two warships took flight but not before inflicting heavy to moderate damage to the GCV-Shogun, which is currently under repairs at the space station located in orbit of Pluto. The reason behind the unprovoked attack and those responsible for are unknown ATT. There have been several unsubstantiated rumors of a mole within the ranks of ISS Fleet. Several members of ISS are sifting amongst the tid-bits and tailings of clues of these rumors; though there not be hard evidence to prove or disprove them. How far has ISS been penetrated and by who or whom? Is there more than one Mole? Who within ISS can be trusted and for how long? What has happened to the Insurgency and where are they? Why is a Galcom Transport using Gammulan IFF Transponder Codes? Will the Corsair ever find the miraculous but ever elusive pack of bubble gum? The answers to those questions and more will be found as the motley and massacre continues [This message has been edited by Gallion (edited 04-02-2000).]
  17. hehe...did the same thing to my CO back in v2.0-v2.02 days
  18. Phased - Welcome back ye wingnut Pay attention during the DPAS and IDNX portion of tech school. That is if ye make it through the Facit, RFS, TSR, & TSO portion. Become familiar with the Tech Controllers Bible, ...-70-1 and the ...-55-1 Big ticket puncher is WHCA if ye stays in long enough. Tringad - Think man think, what are ye gonna do when ye grows up after AF time is up. AF has the best tech schools, next to USN in some areas, take advantage of training availble. Ye has to look past the present to plan a future. Look at what all the mil branches can offer you before signing the dotted line and get all promises in writing. ShoHashi - I agree, AF SPs are a joke. MC saved me backside several times TTFN
  19. quote:...Remind me to book passage through the Gallion Control Zone next time Naw, no Gallion Control Zone here just taking advantage of a situation. Ship needs parts, yours has them Tringad Wont be like last time, well almost. I'll zip ye something to ye profile addy. Ben - [This message has been edited by Gallion (edited 03-30-2000).]
  20. [rp] 1659, March 15, 3008 Lydon, Krynon The battle was going well for the Gammulan Empire. Half of the defending Wraith, Mandorian, and Kandorian warships filled the void of space in the system with the flotsam of their destruction. The roundup operation, on the other hand, in Xyon was a total disaster for the Empire. The warships sent there failed to eliminate the escaped Wraith warships. The price of failure has been paid by the surviving Gammulan Warship commanders ÔÇô they lost their heads. Failure was not an option within the Gammulan Empire. The Wraith warships that were responsible for this fiasco managed to link up with the defending warships that remained of Wraith Fleet. 1719, March 15, 3008 Octura-6, Omega Centauri Activity increased in what appeared to be the hulk of one warship adrift in the flotsam of the system. One by one systems came back on line in the hulk ÔÇô though it still appeared to be the drifting hulk of a battlecruiser to any vessels that passed through the system. Space traffic through Octura-6 was damn near non-existent. Only one space vessel entered the system. The sensor profile of this vessels was that of a Gammulan LRT-10 transport, the T'nar Kaltak. Passive scanning of the Gammulan transport indicated that it carried numerous critical components required to get one drifting hulk of the flotsam completely operational though not completely repaired. The sneer of commander of this vessel twisted and a sadistic gleam appeared in his glare as orders were giving to ready a strike force. Further orders from this commander brought the hulk back to life after the Gammulan transport exited the system. The former hulk, now a mostly operational warship ÔÇô some systems were inoperational, like the communication systems but the shield, cloak, weapons, and sensor systems, patched together as they were, are fully operational. The warship gave chase as it neared the jump point that the Gammulan transported had passed through just minutes before. The cloaking system of the warship was activated just as the warship reached the jump point. The chase was on and the warship was not to far behind the Gammulan transport. The commander of the warship would be patient and wait for the appropriate time to liberate the components he and the warship needed to bring the life back to the battered Graf Spee 1701, March 15, 3008 Undetermined Location, Gamma Quadrant The handler was disturbed by the latest information supplied by Hari. It contradicted previous information and altered plans in progress significantly. The primary concern of the plan remained at the space station in Pluto. Damage to the vessel of the Primary concern was moderate to heavy. The four ships in Jupiter continued patrolling the region and would do so until directed otherwise. Activity within the Sol system had not changed since the beginning ot the Gammulan offensive 24 hours ago. This concerned the handler some to the point that he directed other operatives to step data gathering efforts. Wraith Fleet was almost completely wiped out and would be within several hours, one day at the most. Galcom still had a significant a force available to stop the Gammulan advance. If they were brought into play at the wrong time then the whole plan would go up in smoke. The handler passed his concerns to the Gammulan War Council. His was not to reason why, his was to do or die. [/rp] Ben ÔÇô Ye and the BCs with ye made it to friendly lines. No more superman posts please. ISS ÔÇô The operation that ye all are running, ISS Mole, is different than what I am referring to. One portion may be related but not all. Tringad ÔÇô Flashbacks my man, flashbacks of GW1 as once again the Corsair attacks a vessel ye be on BTW ÔÇô communication systems do not work. The Humble Pie/T'nar Kaltak will be boarded by Corsair Marines and they be some very nasty hombres. This encounter will be several confusing posts long TO ALL ÔÇô Do not push timeline past 1800, 15 March, 3008. Part II of this yarn will begin at this time. So make ye final setup posts now for this topic thread. I will create a new topic that will take this campaign to its end this weekend. TTFN [This message has been edited by Gallion (edited 03-31-2000).]
  21. hmmmm ..., I am back now. Will post on the morrom - 'till then, TTFN [This message has been edited by Gallion (edited 03-29-2000).]
  22. [rp] 1500, March 15, 3008 Lydan, Kydon The Gammulan Fleet swept through Tyrus-2 like a hot knife thru butter, hot on the tail of the fleeing Wraith and Mandorian Warships. The Gammulans deployed a new tactic and weapon instead of swarming into the Lydan system. A slew full of specially modified SR probes were launch from the Gammulan fleet from Tyrus-2 to the Lydan jump point. The Gammulans attached a specially modified OTS device to these modified SR probes. One thru the jump point the probes would start a preprogrammed course near the jump point and then detonate. Clearing the jump point of defending warships by the blast of the OTS detonation. Some of the warships near the jump point were destroyed by the blast, others were caught in the shockwave of the blast and were careening away from their ambush positions near the jump point, and some were momentarily disable by the massive EMP burst from the detonation of so many OTS devices within a close proximity. Then came the Gammulan Fleet thru the jump point. They kept coming and coming. First by ones, then by tens, soon there were hundreds. Once thru the gate they formed up and went after the disable Wraith Warships. They showed no mercy as each was destroyed. The Warships careening thru space they ignoredfor the time being. A wing of over sixty warships split off from the main body and headed for the Chanis-2 jump point. Gammulan sources had it that the Wraiths that escaped Rinaal were holed up either in Chanis-2 or Chanis-1. The Gammulan Fleet leaders wanted those ships destroyed. They had to for their very heads depended on whether or not those Wraith warships were destroyed in either Chanis-2 or Chanis-1. The OTS equipped SR probes were launched thru the Chanis-2 jump point after the sixty warships exited hyper-space. Once they detonated the warships exited the Lydan system and into Chanis-2 and began their head hunt. For at the end of the hunt heads would roll, either Gammulan or Terran. [/rp] If it wasnt you Ben then it would be someone else Dont push the timestamp past 1800, 15 March 3008. Ristar  In case you dont know it you are the target of at least one organization, with orders to terminate with extreme predjudice. There could be more but I will not tell. Make the time advancement of your posts in short increments and allow a day (24 hours) for a response. If there is none then it can be safe to assume that it is safe to proceed. There will be attempts made. Some Overt some Covert. Ye will sow what is posted (as Ben nailed me on earlier). There is another target within the ISS circles. What the target is or who/whom is behind it is unknown ATT. Details to unravel at later post. Back [This message has been edited by Gallion (edited 03-29-2000).]
  23. There will be no USE or reference to any Artifact or Artifacts in this Thread! Period! End of discussion! Robert De Bruce I asked the Moderator(s) to delete the two posts you made that referenced the Trans Matrix Cloaking Device (TMCD) for several reasons: First - There is no way in heck I would allow an EarthCOM player or any other player at that to have the TMCD and not the crazy Corsair. Second - Use of artifacts in RP have to get approval from the SC and all players concerned. I have not, and will not introduce any artifact(s) in this RP campaign. Third - Cloaking devices have the same characteristics as those in the Game. After 10 minutes of use, Radiation leaks begin to play havoc within the BC and start contaminating the ship. Better fuel efficientcy I can live with but that is all. Fire weapons while cloaked and the cloaking field will be disrupted. And Last - Remove artifact reference Robert De Bruce and keep cloaking techiniques within the scope of the game and ye be more than welcome to enter the motley. END Post Deletion explination. I gave Ben way to much leeway in his escape, The error is mine I will bear that in mind for the future and will not make the same error again [This message has been edited by Gallion (edited 03-24-2000).]
  24. I disagree with the logic used to place Insurgent SS Destiny in Sol/Uranus. Navigating into uncharted and dangerous waters for me but here goes as support my position on this matter. Insurgent acquisistion of SS in Rinaal using TacÔÇÖs premise and, hehehe, logic: quote: #2 (A variation/merge of Gallion's RP thread and the SC's timeline): During the 2nd Gam War, after Wraith had blown up the Rinaal SS and withdrew to Sol space and the Gam's went back into their borders, a few MONTHS after this, the insurgency scavenged the SS's hulk and re-built it into an operational starstation (they are getting so much cash these days, they can afford it hehe). Approval by SC: quote: So, lets go with Tac's option #2. I will edit the timeline above, accordingly Using the four day battle between Wraith and Gammulan Empire which resulted in the massacre of Wraith Fleet. The overt Galcom presence in the Gammulan and Credian Quadrants is eliminated (aside from two Wraith Fleet starbases, one in the Gammulan Quad and one in the Credian Quad). Which was part of the reasoning the Gammulan War Council used to justify GW2. The Gammulans targeted and destroyed only all Terran facilities during this battle in Madorian, Kandorian, and Credian territory. The Insurgency noted, thru their agents placed throughout Galcom and their own data collection techniques, that GW2 would further the Insurgent cause without having to expend any resources, Galcom would lose face and credibility in the Credian quad along with resources (SS, SBs, ships, etc.) with the rout of Wraith Fleet by the Gammulans, and decided not to partake in the battle between Galcom and Gammulan forces. IOW the Insurgency withdrew and hid their forces. Hiding Spectre SS in Antis was not a problem because the Insurgents stole a SS cloaking device from the Gammulans. Jumping ahead some, the Gammulan/Wraith battle moves thru the Credian Quadrant and into the Terran Quadrant. Wraith Fleet makes a last stand at Sol/Lyrius and is massacred. Total elimination of Wraith Fleet is averted by the timely arrival of Prime and Orion fleets in the Sol/Lyrius system. Gammulan forces are defeated and they return to the Gamma Quadrant. Enough background smack on to justifying Insurgent SSs at Rinaal and Capella.: Insurgency rebuilds and occupies the former Wraith SS in Rinaal with Mandorian blessing. They also allow the Insurgency to build another SS at Capella. Using BC3K, v2.09 TacOps ÔÇô notice that Capella is undeveloped by the Mandorians. Capella is basically an empty system. Placing Destiny in Capella, with the blessing of the Mandorians would put a LP/OP at F08, a back door into Mandorian space from Cyron, Valkyrie space ÔÇô known Gammulan ally. Why Destiny should not be place at Sol/Uranus IMO Yes, the Insurgency could build such a facility within Galcom/EarthCom controlled space via means stated elsewhere within this thread. From post by SC: quote:Capella seems fine, but I question the validity of having a station in Antis, Rinaal and Capella. The Gammulans would have a field day - not to mention CIOPS. Apart from that, I know for a fact that the Mandorians won't let Insurgents build two stations in their region because it signifies domination of that region After losing so many resources (ships, warriors, etc.) during GW2 the Gammulans wouldnÔÇÖt be able to amass a large fleet for sometime. Insurgency provide aide and assistance to Mandorians to defeat the Gammulan forces returning from Sol/Lyrius to Gamma Quadrant. Insurgency also assists Mandorians in rebuilding the infrastructure destroyed by the Gammulans. A good analogy would be the Marshall plan that rebuilt Europe after WW2. From a tactical and logical POV, I cannot believe that an Insurgent facility on the scale of a SS would remain in existence very long after its true intentions and motives are discovered. EarthCOM would launch all assets at its disposal to eliminate such a blatant flaunt of anti-UFN authority in a heartbeat. If EarthCOM was/is not able to eliminate the Insurgent SS at Uranus, then they would pull the necessary political strings and rally all avail Galcom assets to eliminate Destiny from the Sol system. My laymenÔÇÖs understanding, which is not saying much and may very well be far from the truth of the matter, of the Insurgent goal is Terra first, the rest of the Galaxy and its inhabitants second. Multiple Insurgent SSs in the Credian Quadrant would not constitute dominance over the indigenous inhabitants, Credian, Mandorian, Kandorian, etc., or an aggressive expansion stance. Political affiliations shift faster than the wind. If the Insurgency renders aid to the Mandorians when Galcom cannot then a Marshall-like plan could work for them when it wouldnÔÇÖt work for Galcom. Yes I am taking a lot for granted and pushing the envelope when it comes to suggesting what the Insurgency may or may not do. Only the Insurgency can navigate the waters of their goals and political intrigues. I am only outlining how the Insurgency could have two SS in Mandorian territory. Hopefully the logic in me gray matter came through within this position. TTFN [This message has been edited by Gallion (edited 03-24-2000).]
  25. Gallion

    The Future.

    Sure would save $$ on marketing and hehehe...legal fees IMO, cut the middle men right out of the picture. TO hell with sell box version, have players D/L required Software (fer whatever price) and then they can install and proceed to have a near out-of-body experience. But then if VR ever gets mainstream, hooty-hoot move and scooot 'Course reality may vary dependant upon which flashback is pressed into service in the frontal lobe TTFN [This message has been edited by Gallion (edited 03-23-2000).]
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