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  1. This segment is based on a bonna fid, true-to-life experience I had playing The Game the other day. 4 FEs commandeered 2 of my ICs and for the life of me I couldnÔÇÖt figure out how to get them out if the ICs. Just wish I couldÔÇÖve done this though... [rp] 2210, March 14, 3008 Debris Field LV-104, Alpha Cygni The Klaxons were finally silenced when one of the smarter SEs pulled the plug on the system. Yet another of the plethora of gremlins that plagued the Corsair Battlecruiser. Gallion checked the repair progress since he was now awake and found that much had been down since his sojourn into nightmare land. One thing disturb him though. Four flight engineers have commandeered two Interceptors. So far all attempts to get them out of the ICs have failed. Negotiations were at an impasse. Flustered by the Klaxon false alarm that interrupted his beauty sleep, Commander Gallion decided enough was enough as he left the bridge and motioned for the Guns to follow him to the flight deck. The Guns explained the situation to Gallion along the way to the commandeered Interceptor craft. An evil grin appeared on the face of Gallion when the two arrived at the flight deck. A grin that made the Guns wonder at what the old man had in store for the four foolish FEs locked in the two ICs. The Guns wonderment ceased when Gallion outlined what was in store for these fools. Gunney York nodded in agreement and sent several Marines to get the required equipment. The Marines returned shortly with the necessary devices that would put an end to quasi-mutiny. Two blocks of a grey malleable substance were divided into twelve parts. Taking three parts each, the Guns, Gallion, and two other Marines went to the two hijacked ICs. Each rolled the grey substance into a ball, the size of a chicken egg, before slapping them against the IC canopies. One egg on each side directly in-line with the FE sitting within the pilot and co-pilot positions of the IC cockpits;. One Marine had to climb onto the IC he was working on to slap the grey substance onto the front canopy section. From the FEÔÇÖs point of view inside the cockpits of the ICs, it was like the after math of an Avian dive bomb attack, splotches of guano stuck to the canopy glass. Remote detonators were placed in eleven of the twelve eggs. Gallion saved the placement of the last detonator into the last egg for himself . He had a statement to make to these would be mutineers. ÔÇ£Do ye know what this is?ÔÇØ he said into the commlink established with the IC as he held the detonator up for the FE sitting in the pilot seat of the cockpit could see. The FE took to long to reply so the old man continued with his demonstration, ÔÇ£This is a detonator, by itself nothing to fear except losing a few fingers or hand should it go off accidentally. When placed into an explosive substance, such as this plastique on the canopy, and activated it will produce a chemical reaction which will cause a severe molecular change in both the plastique and the canopy glass between it and your face.ÔÇØ With that said Gallion jammed the detonator into the plastique and jumped down from the IC canopy. Inside both ICs, the FEs realised what the eggs purpose actually was. One FE lost control of her bladder and another of his bowels. ÔÇ£You have 10 seconds to get out of those ICs, nine of which are gone,ÔÇØ Gallion said to the FEs in the Interceptors. No saint himself Gallion tired of this game. He and the Graf Spee had better things to do than to cow-tow to the likes of these FEs. None of the Flight Engineers moved to save themselves from the fate of the exploding eggs. Gunney York handed the clacker that would blow the eggs and the FEs with them to his Commander. ÔÇ£Last chance people,ÔÇØ Gallion said as held the clacker up for the FEs to see. They didnÔÇÖt move or rather they didnÔÇÖt think that Gallion would pull the switch. ÔÇ£So be it,ÔÇØ muttered Gallion as he pushed the blinking button on the clacker, ÔÇ£and may Lucifer have mercy on ye souls.ÔÇØ Twelve explosions went off as one, ripping through the IC cockpit canopies the FEs thus contained. When it was all over and the smoke of the blast had cleared, Gallion tossed the clacker to the FO. ÔÇ£Get this guano cleaned up and the ICs back in operation STAT!ÔÇØ bellowed Gallion to the FO as he left the flight deck and returned to the bridge. The FO stared dumbfounded at the back of the departing Commander as he left the flight deck. The FO turned to the Guns to speak but not a sound escaped his throat. The FOs mouth moved but could not speak. ÔÇ£If you think that was bad,ÔÇØ said the laughing Gunney York to the still speechless Flight Officer, ÔÇ£you should see it when he really gets pissed!ÔÇØ Guns motioned to the meandering Marines and they too left the flight deck and the speechless FO, chuckling as they departed. [/rp] ------------------ Commander Gallion GCV Graf Spee *1st Squadron, *Corsair Wing Stationed, *Starbase Cerberus "Run Silent, Run Deep" ICQ# 29486270, GMT+3 =Wraith Fleet= Second in Command, Wraith Fleet Bushi of the Dragon Council [This message has been edited by Gallion (edited 03-12-2000).]
  2. Interesting premise Hasbro is trying to use in their suit. Never heard of the titles that they claim were infringed upon. I give it a snowballs'chance in Hades. Best one is the Hasbro suit against clue.com. Guess they are POd that they were late getting into the domain name craze. Civil suits are strange. Way I understand it the plantiff has to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that they have been wronged. Read backround and X me mark ------------------ Commander Gallion GCV Graf Spee *1st Squadron, *Corsair Wing Stationed, *Starbase Cerberus "Run Silent, Run Deep" ICQ# 29486270, GMT+3 =Wraith Fleet= Second in Command, Wraith Fleet Bushi of the Dragon Council [This message has been edited by Gallion (edited 03-12-2000).]
  3. 'bout the best that I can say is that I must echo what Rattler hath said. Me sentiments goes out to ye T.C.
  4. Got a wild one a brewing on/in me cranial cavity and thought to try something completely different. [rp] 2203, March 14, 3008 Debris Field LV-104, Alpha Cygni The Man was tossing and turning in his sleep as his candy coated dreams turned into vile wrath. Visions of his past played havoc on a already fragile psyche. The Man watched a celebration of his youth dance before his eyes as he once again relived that blood-filled Fat Tuesday so many years ago. For centuries people had flocked to the street called Bourbon to reveal and just plain party and have a good time. That day, of that year, was no different than any other that had preceded it with one exception. For the Man that day would be a day of infamy for him. A group of men milled at the fringes of the gathering and jolly crowd and within its midst. To a bystander naught looked amidst. To the boy now a Man, all was as should be. The boy/Man had naught a worry and naught to fear. He was amongst his family and friends thereof. Without warning and completely unexpected a crack broke through the party of the throng. The first was followed by more, some singular but most were automatic. The crowd of revellers diminished as they tried to escape the impact that accompanied the noise. Some tried to escape by running or hiding amongst the buildings and alley ways that followed the street called Bourbon. Some made it by sheer luck, most did not. What saved the boy/Man were two bodies of the slain. Bodies inert of life and flowing with gore and blood. The crackling and sporadic noise diminished and ceased all together. Sirens filled the ensuing silence. The boy/Man struggled to breath. The weight of the slain hindered his ability to breath, his ability to get free, his ability to escape. The sirens were getting louder as they got closer to him. The boy/Man pushed with all his might, with all his strength. The slain resisted his attempts at first but slowly gave way as the boy/Man efforts became more intense and more desperate. A final shove with what remained of his failing strength, the boy/Man finally broke free from the grip of the slain. Filling his lungs with the breath of life. The empty eyes of one of the slain that had laid atop him stared at the boy/Man, mocking him it seemed for clinging to life. Unknowingly the boy/Man stared back and started to scream as the eyes of the dead changed. The whites of the eyes went red, blood red, and the pupils went black, pitch black. Its face then contorted into first sneer and then into a grin as it began to cackle and laugh at the boy/Man. This filled the boy/Man with a horror he had not felt for some time as his nightmare shifted to another place that was not so far back in time. The sirens were real loud now as the Red-Eyed Wollie** began to... Screaming the Man shot upright in his bed. He was gasping for breath, shaking uncontrollably, and drenched in his own sweat. The Man was a wretch. Klaxons were bellowing in his quarters and throughout the ship. Activity in the passageways and on the decks intensified as the crew of the ship responded to the klaxons call. Reality, that ever elusive concept of the sane, finally seeped back into the Man as he too responded to the klaxonÔÇÖs call as he hurriedly dressed and headed towards the bridge. Sanity returned to Gallion as he stepped onto the bridge of the Graf Spee and the dire predicament that awaiting him. Hiding was over, the Gammulans had found him asleep in his lair. [/rp] ** The Red-Eyed Wollies are something that DeSylva introduced in his now defunct, never to be completed, e-mail campaign of last year. The campaign suspended/ended in limbo with a lot of clues but no answers to who, what, or where these Red-Eyed Wollies are or were. To those that participated: NO I am not bringing in that can of worms but if you remember, the old Corsair was/is a mental case after an encounter with them. [This message has been edited by Gallion (edited 03-11-2000).]
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    Very Good Cmdr Smith. [This message has been edited by Gallion (edited 03-12-2000).]
  6. Something that I failed to mention earlier ÔÇô All are welcome participate if they wish. quote:...Those who come seeking peace without treaty are plotting... Sun Tzu, The Art of War [rp] 1941 March 14, 3008 Falkyrie Homeworld LV-103, Alpha Cygni Jarius, current leader of the Gammulan War Council, surveyed his new domain in orbit above the Falkyrie Homeworld. For years the Falkyrie were indirectly under Gammulan rule. JariusÔÇÖs ultimatum to the Vli Ron of the Falkyrie Military was quick, concise, and to the point; Assimilate or die. No treaty of coexistence was offered. Total submission or the eradication of the Falkyrie race from the Galaxy. Initial response from the Falkyries was predictable and planned for by Jarius. They tried to sue for a more equitable solution but quickly accepted JariusÔÇÖs offer after several Falkyrie population centers were reduced to slag by several OTS launches. Making the region around these population centers unable to support any form of life for centuries along with severely changing the planetÔÇÖs weather and atmospheric patterns. Gammulan Warriors began to take control of key areas on the planet and began to round up selected key civilian personnel of Falkyrie society in education, trade guilds, medical fields, etc., to newly established reeducation and detention centers. These centers were located far from any populated areas on the planet. The Falkyries sent to these centers were doomed. They would not be seen by any being again. A small group of Falkyrie Resistance Fighters had been fighting the Gammulan rule of their homeworld for years, with little to no effect. As the Gammulan atrocities grew over the years, so to did the ranks of the Falkyrie Resistance Fighters. Both before and after the Gammulan ultimatum. Jarius and the War Council were aware of the existence of these Falkyrie Resistance Fighters and planned to take advantage of them. One War Council member proposed to use the Falkyrie Resistance Fighters as a rights-of-passage for a select group of new Gammulan Warriors. They would either eliminate the Falkyrie Resistance or die in their attempt. They were not fit to be Gammulan Warriors if they failed. The Falkyrie Resistance problem would be squashed and the Gammulan Empire would have more seasoned Warriors if they succeeded. What the Jarius and the Gammulan War Council did not know was that the Falkyrie Resistance Fighters had been receiving aid from the other side of the Galaxy for several years now. In secret and unknown to the Gammulans, several terran dragons arrived on LV-103 trained and armed several resistance cells into competent and deadly fighters. These cells spread the knowledge and skills gained from the terran dragons to other cells in the resistance and maintained discreet contact with them. The Gammulans now controlled the Gamma quadrant its entirely and continue on their quest to rid the Galaxy of the Terran infestation. Jarius was pleased on how the quest was unfolding. Six of the Seven Orders remained to carry the quest to completion. More than enough to see it through. Even know, in the Credian Quadrant, Phase II of the Quest was beginning. When Phase II began, Phase III would be unleashed. The Terrans and the cowardly Wraiths will have know where to run, no where hid. Would the Gammulans be able to maintain their control and continue on their quest to rid the Galaxy of Terran infestation? Only the passage of time could or would tell if the Gammulan Quest will succeed. Terrans are not the only race that Murphy visits and bestows his special gifts on. 2114 March 14, 3008 Undetermined Location Somewhere in the Sol System The message queue flashed on the communications system terminal indicating that a priority message had been received startling the duty operator and causing him to spew the cup of Java over both himself and the terminal equipment. Lucky for her that the terminal equipment was designed for such unexpected incidents and took no damage. Having recovered her composure somewhat the comm duty operator began her duty and brought up the message queue but was unable to decipher the message contained. Perturbed and frustrated she called to the duty officer and explained the situation as best she could over the clear commlink. The duty officer stated that he was on his way. The duty officer arrived at the comm station several minutes later and determined what the problem was. The message was encrypted with an old and superseded key. The duty officer came prepared and loaded the correct key from his duty datapad. A short while latter the message was deciphered and read by the duty officer. The message was very vague and didnÔÇÖt seem to say much to him and he had to search the special instructions contained in the duty datapad to find out what he was suppose to do with the message. For the life of him the duty officer couldnÔÇÖt figure out what relevance Falkyrie cell growth meant. Totally perplexed and frustrated the duty officer decided to pass the buck up the flag pole. ÔÇ£Notify the Fleet Commander,ÔÇØ the duty officer instructed the comm operator, ÔÇ£maybe he can figure out what this message means.ÔÇØ Without saying a word the comm operator did as she was ordered and sent the notification to the ISS Fleet Commander and then began to clean the Java that she spewed on both the terminal equipment and herself. [/rp] The twisted and tattered web of fate grows and ensnares those who expect it least Up to you how or if you use this Ristar
  7. Total waste of resources IMO. The race that would build a star ship of this size would have strip mine either a planet or an entire solar system to complete it. At 112k/s it would go no where fast. Increase size, mass, and gizmos would also increase power requirements proportionally. To make a movie or a story on this thesis, the author/writer/director would also have to make it believable. At least two of a three movie series have already told a simuliar story. No ship (planetary or star/space) is invulnerable. They are only as strong as the weakest link. Besides, every BC has 40 of Terra Firma's Ultimate Weapon - Infantry. TTFN und gooten lucken with ye project.
  8. HMMWV shots look good. HMMWV is the actual nomenclature for the High Mobility, Multi-Wheeled Vehicle. But us Grunts around 87'/'88 tagged Humvee to the Jeep's successor. They be a blast to drive; go anywhere but ain't worth a squat at high speed. Had one doing 90mph a couple of times in Korea. Thought the thing would shake apart on me. Hope the Armor on the BC:M version is better than on the actual [This message has been edited by Gallion (edited 03-10-2000).]
  9. quote:...Making the armies able to take on opponents without being defeated is a matter of unorthodox and orthodox methods... Sun Tzu, The Art of War [rp] 2000 March 14, 3008 Hadar-9, Cyrian It had begun Once again Mor-DÔÇÖr was given the honour to lead the Vanguard of the Gammulan Horde. The Gammulan VanguardÔÇÖs attack began with plenty of preparation and support, unlike the previous assault of Rinaal. Several types of different probes proceeded the Vanguard thought the jump point from Rinaal into Hadar-9. One type the same modified probe used as decoys to target the Omega III line, another type were normal or standard SR probes, and the remaining type was of a new variety. The new type of probe that the Gams deployed through the jump point generated a very strong ECM field that that scrambled the Gammulan warshipsÔÇÖ, the defender warshipsÔÇÖ, and Omega III sensors. Which prevented all from attaining a target lock with their weapons computerÔÇÖs targeting systems and created a quasi-safe bubble in space for the invading warships. The Wraith and Mandorian warships were not prepared for this new tactic employed by the Gammulans. The entire Vanguard made it through the jump point without incident or mishap. The defenders realised the futility in attacking targets they couldnÔÇÖt get a target lock on and conducted a well executed tactical redeployment towards the Mandorian Star Station Dabis and other locations scattered throughout the system. Some locations were strategic whilst most were not. At least that is what it would appear like to a laymen. The Wraith Fleet Commander had taken advantage of the time the Gams had unconsciously or consciously given them. Mor-DÔÇÖr checked for any last minute changes to the battle plan as the main body of the Gammulan invasion fleet began their entrance into the system. Seeing no last minute changes to the battle plan the he ordered the Vanguard to begin Phase II of the operation. 2010 March 14, 3008 Undetermined Location(s) Rinaal, Cyrian The leader of the seven remaining Wraith battlecruisers in Rinaal system was becoming impatient. He checked the commlog for any changes to his orders; there were none. The Commander was frustrated with his orders. ÔÇ£Hide and wait for Corsair Wing,ÔÇØ were the last orders Fleet Commander Londono gave him as his Squadron was detached from Wraith Fleet. A bunch of misfits, trouble makers, and pirates, that is what the commander thought of Corsair Wing. Neither hide nor hair had been heard from them since the beginning of the Gammulan attack, the Commander thought to himself, and since there was nothing specifically stated in his orders on how to wait, the Commander decided to modify his orders somewhat. He gave the order that moved what remained of his squadron from its hiding places as the main body of the Gammulan Fleet began its advance through the Hadar-9 system. The CommanderÔÇÖs plan was interrupted when the comms station received an incoming priority message that was automatically routed to him. ÔÇ£Bloody hell,ÔÇØ the commander said without thinking as when he read the message, Shaking his head in disbelief, the commander cancelled the squadrons movement orders and ordered them back into hiding. That man has gotta have either the luck of dÔÇÖ Irish or more lives than a cat, he thought as the seven battlecruisers returned to their hiding. The message had come from the Corsair. 2013 March 14, 3008 Debris Field LV-104, Alpha Cygni The messages went out as soon as the Transmitters came back on-line. Two nano-burst were just in time. It seemed that as soon as the transmitters came on-line, they were down once again. The Man could hear the various platitudes and colourful adjectives being exchanged over the inter-ship comm system between the various repair teams. The situation was quite comical and if events were not so perilous the Man might of fell out of his chair laughing. As it was the man had to keep the humour he felt to himself. The Man gave up on his plan and scraped the whole thing into the olÔÇÖ bit-bucket. Most of the major repairs to the ship were underway but far from complete. Fatigue amongst the crew was beginning to settle in. The final manifestation had resulted in the transmitter fiasco. Bickering and mistakes were beginning to run its course throughout the shipÔÇÖs crew. The Man decided to stand down the crew some and ordered a rotating two hour break. The two messages that the Man had sent were simple. One was directed to Wraith and the other was sent to a Dragon. Both carried the same message a detail. The Gams have control of the entire Gam Quadrant and that Corsair was back and would be operational soon. The message sent to the Dragon included one thing not sent to the Wraith; a RFI on certain cell growth. The man had thought about sending the message to a third party but didnÔÇÖt. He knew that man behind the mirrored spectacles would get it InShÔÇÖlla and soon anyway. Having reached his quarters, the man opened the last bottle that remained in the ÔÇÿfridge. He took a sip of the liquid contained within the bottle and immediately spit it out without imbibing it completely. Nasty stuff, he thought as he dumped it and the bottle down the waste chute. His nemesis was right, the man thought to himself as remembered what the nemesis had once said to him as he laid down on his bed, that stuff was/is only good for cleaning hyperdrive engines, and went to sleep. [/rp] Your move Wraith [This message has been edited by Gallion (edited 03-10-2000).]
  10. The BC will still operate in AI without any Officers on duty IME. Cloning will not work w/o the MO on duty though. Check Power settings via de Logistix comp else feed the hampsters TTFN
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    Doing some minor editing of old news that is no longer pertinent. [This message has been edited by Gallion (edited 03-12-2000).]
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    If and When the official BC servers come on line unique shipnames will become harder and harder to find. Check the Old Roster. ------------------ Commander Gallion GCV Graf Spee *1st Squadron, *Corsair Wing Stationed, *Starbase Cerberus "Run Silent, Run Deep" ICQ# 29486270, GMT+3 =Wraith Fleet= Second in Command, Wraith Fleet Bushi of the Dragon Council [This message has been edited by Gallion (edited 03-09-2000).]
  13. The Wraith Fleet saga continues in The Death Wraith. Please close out this thread. TTFN
  14. Say the Topic Title out loud to yourself three times real fast and you might hear what you donÔÇÖt see To those wondering, IÔÇÖm a basing this yarn on this sequence of events. The How of the events is up in the air. This is the Continuation of Cerberus Stirs [rp] 1933 March 14, 3008 Rinaal Jump point Hadar-9, Cyrian The last of the Gammulan probes had been destroyed by the defending Wraith and Mandorian warships, or so they thought but not before the Omega III line was decimated. It was not completely destroyed but the Gammulan special probes had created massive holes within its lines. Holes that the Gammulan Horde would exploit soon, very soon. One Gammulan probe escaped detection and destruction by the defending warships as it went into stand-by mode. This heavily modified probe is based upon one that was found lurking in Gamma-1/Gammula system some years back by a Gammulan Trader. The exact origin(s) of this mysterious probe is unknown by the Gammulans but its chance discovery and recovery had created a stir within the Gammulan War Council. Several Council memberÔÇÖs subordinates had lost their heads during the uproar. The modified probe is difficult, if not almost impossible, to detect with standard ship or planetary based sensor equipment. Even when in operation. One group in the Hadar-9 system did detect the Gammulan modified probe. They had a sensor signature buried deep in their database and was almost missed by the analyst monitoring the tenuous situation. This signature had been retained during the Red-Eyed Woollies hype in the Trenis systems by the unknowns several years before. The analyst did as he had before and forwarded the data through the plethora of relays and cut-outs to destination unknown. The Gammulans had unknowingly raised the head of the factor known as Murphy when they deployed their modified probe into the Hadar-9 system. The Gammulans had reversed engineered the unknown probe they had found in their system. The unknown probe is of Galcom Origin. It was one of many Black Ops projects that were conducted in the research labs of Cerberus. It was a project that was never reported to Galcom-HQ or to the Wraith Fleet Commander. The Man continued to work on and refine his plan on the ship hiding in the debris field located in LV-104. Each refinement of the plan was no better the its predecessor no matter how the Man change the variables of the simulations. The Man was becoming somewhat frustrated at the seemingly hopelessness of the plan but it kept him busy while damage to his ship were being repaired. It was next to impossible to quantify the variables that the Man wanted to hammer down. These variables were so radical and unstable that no value could be used to represent them; even the old chaos theory wouldnÔÇÖt work. Two simple variables were what kept the ManÔÇÖs elusive goal just out of his reach; his and MurphyÔÇÖs. Nine Wraith Battlecruisers were having a heck of a time remaining undetected by the still massing warships of the Gammulan Horde in the Rinaal system. One was destroyed by the simultaneous arrival of meteoroid and Battlecruiser at the same location. Debris from this unfortunate mishap caused the cloaking field of the escorting Battlecruiser to fail. Revealing its presence to the Warriors of the Gammulan EmpireÔÇÖs Warships. It was a race amongst the Gammulan Warships as to which would get the first shot off and which would get the honours for the destruction of a Wraith. For the Wraith Battlecruiser it was just a matter of time before it too joined the expanding cosmic flotsam in Rinaal system. Seven Wraith Battlecruisers remained hidden in Rinaal. The factor had raised its evil head once again. [/rp] ------------------ Commander Gallion GCV Graf Spee *1st Squadron, *Corsair Wing Stationed, *Starbase Cerberus "Run Silent, Run Deep" ICQ# 29486270, GMT+3 =Wraith Fleet= Second in Command, Wraith Fleet Bushi of the Dragon Council [This message has been edited by Gallion (edited 03-08-2000).]
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    TY gents and welcome to my nightmare (not as bad as it sounds) [This message has been edited by Gallion (edited 03-08-2000).]
  16. [rp] 1900 March 14, 3008 Rinaal Jump point Hadar-9, Cyrian The surviving Wraith Fleet defenders of Rinaal, along with a timely reinforcements from the Mandorian Military and what remained of Wraith Fleet were as ready as they would ever be for the next Gammulan onslaught. War made strange bedfellows of the two forces waiting. The Mandorians had maintained strict neutral with Galcom but that had change just 30 minutes ago when the Gammulans annexed the Rinaal system into their growing sphere of control. Wraith had suffered irreplaceable loses in Rinaal and throughout the Gammulan Quadrant but with the unexpected augmentation with the Mandorians, they were back to their original fleet strength. The Hadar-9/Rinaal jump point was askew with activity as several Gammulan probes entered the system from Rinaal. Most were of the normal LR variety but several special models slipped in also. These special models emitted the same sensor profile as a Gammulan Aestrom class Carrier. They would could even acquire targets and cause target acquisition alarms to sound on the warships near their entry path. Some of these defending warships began defensive measures. The special model began their programmed flight path when they acquired their actual targets, ignoring and bypassing the defending warships. Once they closed to within range of their targets, the special modelÔÇÖs task was complete. Sensors within each part of the Omega line would detect a Gammulan Aestrom within its proximity and begin its programmed function; detonate. Instead of catching a Gammulan warship within its deadly blast area, as had happened in Rinaal, the Omega line only caught a modified probe. The tricksters themselves had now become a victim of their own trickery. This activity did not go unnoticed deep in the bowels of Hadar-9ÔÇÖs surface. For several other eyes-in-the-sky saw the events differently and as they actually happened. Data was relayed to analysts located within this unknown lair who in turn sorted, prioritised, and then sent to the comms folk for transmission. These data packets were routed and relayed through a plethora of stations before arriving at their final destination at yet another unknown station amongst the stars. 1900 March 14, 3008 Debris Field LV-104, Alpha Cygni Scattered transmissions from the Rinaal system began to flood the barely functional comm receivers of the Graf Spee. These were in turn routed to the man that sat in the command chair. This man began to shake his head from side to side, slowly at first and then more vigorously as the battle in Rinaal began to unfold. The man slammed his fist against one of the chairÔÇÖs arms when he couldnÔÇÖt take it anymore. The man in the chair was no stranger to death. He had been stalking death, both his own as well as others death, for most of his 40 plus years of life now. In his frustration and anger the man had developed the beginnings of a plan and began to set its formulation into motion. Data was routed to the tactical computers for analysis and simulations. With any luck, the man thought, it just might work, that is if one factor could be minimised to the lowest degree. The factor that the Man contemplated on the most was also the most deadly if ignored. The factor was known to the Man and it had a name and it had laws that could be bent but not totally ignored. The name of the factor is Murphy and time will tell that the Man was not completely successful either as we shall see... [/rp] Thanks Tac
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    Thanks there Fleet Commander Londono fer implementing my suggestion OK Cosairs listen up! This is double work but I canna' not see any other way around it. If ye be asigned to Corsair Wing, report in! I need a head count of those assigned to the wing by Fleet Commander Londono. TTFN ------------------ Commander Gallion GCV Graf Spee *1st Squadron, *Corsair Wing Stationed, *Starbase Cerberus "Run Silent, Run Deep" ICQ# 29486270, GMT+3 =Wraith Fleet= Second in Command, Wraith Fleet Bushi of the Dragon Council
  18. [rp] 1837 March 14, 30008 Rinaal, Cygni Gammulan Warships and Transport vessels in the Rinaal system were still recovering from the devastation caused by the cowardly and dishonorable Wraiths. The Gammulan horde leaders could not believe that the Wraiths would destroy their own Star Station. Some, luckily not many, Gammulan Warships and transports close to Wraith Star Station were destroyed in the fireball. Several more were damaged by debris. Mor-D'r shuddered unconsciously when he thought about the illogical destruction of the star station. Six of the fifteen Wraith battlecruisers that slipped out of the battle near Wraith-HQ were found but not before they wrecked havoc in the Iridium resupply transports. Iridium levels within the Gammulan fleet were at critical level. Most of the Gammulan fleet were down to 20% or less. Nine Wraith battlecruisers were still unaccounted for. Many of the Gammulan leaders wanted to follow the fleeing Wraiths immediately. Some seeking revenge, others wanted to maintain the pressure on the Wraiths. Mor-D'r was the sole voice of reason during the heated council of war convened in haste after the explosion. Analysis of the battle pointed out severe flaws in the tactics used by the Gammulans in the conquest of the Rinaal system. Reinforcements continued to arrive from the Gammulan Quadrant. The Gammulan invasion fleet swelled to greater strength than the original strength that had caused the Wraiths to turn chicken and run. Probes were launched following the cowardly Wraiths. Some were normal probes and others were of a special variety. The special long range probes were designed to emulate the sensor profile of an uncloaked Gammulan Aestrom Class Carrier and would trip any traps left by the cowardly Wraiths. Mean while, back on LV-104, Alpha Cygni the Sergeant's and his crew's plight remained perilous. Gammulan scouting parties had homed in on the transponders and attacked. Seven remained of the survivors, including the Sergeant. Six transponders were still operational. The Sergeant changed all of them to frequency-hop mode. He thought that it would by him and his brood some more time 'till they were recovered. If they had any more time and if they were recovered. 1845 March 14, 30008 LV-104, Alpha Cygni Priority repairs on the Graf Spee were complete, at least to the point were the critical systems were marginally operational. The battlecruiser was far from battle worthy but at least she would fly - so-to-speak. Comm systems were still unreliable, receiver worked but the dang transmitter was still out. Gammulan celestial traffic was non-existent and Gallion made his move. The black and battered bulk of the battlecruiser eased her way out of the debris field and towards the planet. The transporter room reported that they had a lock on six transponders emitting from the planet. Marines were at the ready in the transporter room, just-in-case. The order was give to activate the transporter. Several heart beats latter the report came back to the bridge of the transporter completion, no surprise and that the covey was on its way to the Medical Bay. His task complete, though delayed, the old Corsair gave the order for the battered and lame battlecruiser to return to the debris field. It would be another 24 hours before Gallion would take the Graf Spee out and back into the fray. That is if the flippin' Gams would cooperate. Not likely as time would tell... [/rp]
  19. Interesting tirade by all. Saito - I commend ye on ye factors. Sounds like this Merc unit/group ye be trying to get together can be likened to Hammer's Slammers. If so, who knows what the future may bring. They be a saying, part of which goes like this, "...all that is gold does not glitter, all who wander are not lost..." or words to that effect. I can understand ye homage to the all mighty credit. Lord knows how stingy the various fleets funding levels can be. I know, I be Corsair. I've had to dip into the creative procurement strategem meself from time to time. Look forward to the encounters that the BC series will bring. Who knows? The galaxy can always hire a few good Mercs to do the dirty work. Save admin and log support overhead. TTFN ------------------ Commander Gallion GCV Graf Spee 1st Squadron, *Corsair Wing Stationed, *Starbase Cerberus "Run Silent, Run Deep" ICQ# 29486270, GMT+3 =Wraith Fleet= Second in Command, Wraith Fleet Bushi of the Dragon Council [This message has been edited by Gallion (edited 03-04-2000).]
  20. [rp] 1750 March 14, 30008 Rinaal, Cygni SOS beacons from Galcom escape pods littered the void of space in orbit above Rinaal. Those that were not fortunate enough to be picked up by a Galcom vessel was destroyed the beserking Gammulan Horde. Fifteen Galcom Battlecruisers peeled of from a group of Wraith Warships defending the doomed space station and the helpless escape pods littering the void of space around it. Mor-D'r noticed this tactical redeployment with interest and vectored several fighter squadrons from escape pod cleanup to investigate and intercept this illogical move. The Gammulan fighters were intercepted by a large contingent of the defending Wraith fighters. Mor-D'r knew for certain that something was amiss, even as he was redploying the Vanguard and Transports away from the Wraith Star Station. To many things didn't add up to the Gammulan leader. First no resistance to the Gammulan invasion of the Star Station and now a large and strong contingent of the defending forces disengage from the fray for no reason. Mor-D'r smelled a Womp-Rat and it wasn't Gammulan. Without warning the remaining Wraith forces launched a ferocious assault on what remained of the Gammulan Blossom Flower. The ferocity and accuracy of the Wraith assault caused Mor-D'r to call for reinforcements as they broke the Gammulan line. From the Gammulan rear, opposite of the Wraith counter-assault, more Wraith Warships appeared from no where and launched yet another offensive against the exposed Gammulan backside. Casualties amongst the Transports was heavy. As quickly as it all began, the fighting stopped. Wraith Star Station was quiet and disabled, its SOS beacon began pinging for all to hear. During all this, one cloaked Battlecruiser slipped out of Docking Bay 13 unnoticed from Wraith Station by either combatants while the fifteen other Battlecruisers disappeared from their sensors. What remained of the invading Gammulan Warriors On Wraith Star Station reached the command center of the station. The engineer accompanying the Warriors found an access port and went to work trying to slice into the computer systems. A silent counter began a three minute count when the engineer connected his PDA to the access port. The time is 1759 GST, March 14, 3008. 70 seconds until the counter reached zero. 70 seconds until the charges left throughout Wraith-HQ detonated. 70 seconds for the Gammulan Warriors, and one Gammulan Engineer to breath the recycled air that circulated throughout the disabled Star Station. 70 seconds was all the remained for those combatants around Wraith-HQ to make an escape before the bell tolls and Wraith-HQ is no more. It was not enough time for the Gammulans. The Wraiths were living up to their name as they made there way out of the Rinaal system to the next line in the sand; Hadar-9. Not all the Wraiths would make it, but then again not all the Gammulans would either. In his thoughts Mor-D'r bgan to curse himself and the War Council when reality finally dawned and he understood the illogic of the Wraiths. [/rp]
  21. My experience is that NPC ships generate in all active regions - the system(s) my BC is and any system that I have a probe, IC, or SH in. All castes have been generated - both aggressive and non-aggresive types.
  22. With only 16 players on a server in BC:M I do not see a problem until SDF type matches are the fade. With BC3020 looming over the horizon, release date InSh'llah, I would be somewhat ticked for see/find another shipname Graf Spee registered. So if I needs to reserve my BC Universe I.D. for all time, then I do so now. Could continue this tirade but I do not forsee a shipname problem until 3020 and the pay-for-play are available. TTFN ------------------ Commander Gallion GCV Graf Spee 1st Squadron, *Corsair Wing Stationed, *Starbase Cerberus "Run Silent, Run Deep" ICQ# 29486270, GMT+3 =Wraith Fleet= Second in Command, Wraith Fleet Bushi of the Dragon Council
  23. [rp] 1731 March 14, 3008 Wraith Star Station Rinaal, Cyrian What remained of the Gammulan Vanguard had engaged the final obstacle in the Rinaal system. Leader of the Vanguard, Mor-DÔÇÖr deployed his forces in what the Terran Corsair called the Blossom Flower as the Gammulan warships continued their assault on Wraith. Mor-DÔÇÖr had personally witnessed the simplicity and effectiveness of this strategy before during the First Galactic cleansing effort the War Council attempted eight terran years ago. Less than ten Terran vessels had severely damaged one of the GammulanÔÇÖs Star Stations. Activity at the jump point dwindled as more and more Gammulan warships added their fire power to the assault on the Space Station. Slowly the StationÔÇÖs defences began to weaken and finally fail. When the shields finally fell, the order was given to deploy the Warriors and capture the station. Most of the Gammulan leaders were opposed to the capture of the Star Station but the War Council decided it would happen. The Capture of Wraith Star Station would give the Gammulan Military another base of operations in the Credian Quadrant; one that they really didnÔÇÖt need. One by one the trailing Tarin MkII Transports transported their cargo of Warriors to the Space Station. The Gammulan Warriors began to sweep through the bowels of the station meeting no resistance. Reports began to filter back to the Gammulan leaders, most laughed it off thinking the lack of resistance meant that the Terrans had turned to cowards and had no honour. Mor-DÔÇÖr did not share this sediment. He had been fighting the terrans for a long time and knew that something was amiss. His experience against the notorious and slippery Corsair had taught him well. All was not as it seems, this is a trick, I can feel it, Mor-DÔÇÖr thought as he gave the order to what remained of the vanguard to withdraw from the now defenceless Star Station. [/rp]
  24. Yaaahhh - Baby! The best Jolly Roger that I could find is located at my pathetic excuse of a wewbsite. So if it be an option than that be the one to use
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