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  1. Good Idea Chav. Just change some vowels and constanants around and multiple Commanders could have the same ship name while still maintain a unigue ship name. TTFN ------------------ Commander Gallion GCV Graf Spee 1st Squadron, *Corsair Wing Stationed, *Starbase Cerberus "Run Silent, Run Deep" ICQ# 29486270, GMT+3 =Wraith Fleet= Second in Command, Wraith Fleet Bushi of the Dragon Council
  2. No Tac, ye have not spoiled me plans (assuming that I have one/any). I kinda figured that the next line would be Hadar-9. Follow SOP and ... well ... we can only hope fer de best [rp] 1726 March 14, 3008 Near Area 51, Cerberus Starbase LV-104, Alpha Cygni The Sergeant was the sole surviving Marine of his squad fourteen. The Gammulan ground assault was relentless and brutal. Neither side gave the other any quarter and atrocities were committed by each. Several other survivors had joined the Sergeant near LZ 665, approx. 25 kilometres from Area 51 near Cerberus Starbase. None of the Marines were unscathed. They were the walking wounded. The Sergeant wondered to himself if the walking dead walked amongst them also. The Marines may have lost this battle but they had meet their mission objectives; hold off the Gams for as long as they could while the Starbase was evacuated and destroyed. Some parts of Cerberus had been breached by the Gams but they hadnÔÇÖt been able to enjoy their victory before the entire Starbase complex went up in smoke. Demo-charges placed deep under the surface destroyed both the facilities and any Gams lucky enough to be at the right place at the right time. The Sergeant scanned the horizon and saw no sign of the Gams. Just because he couldnÔÇÖt see them, the Sergeant knew better than to become complacent. He set his charges to fortifying their position just in case the Gams decided to come and play. The Marines wouldnÔÇÖt be able to play long, ammo was short and wouldnÔÇÖt last long in a fire-fight. The Sergeant had received a priority burst transmission not to long ago and only just acknowledged it. The Gams had his full attention when the micro-burst came in. With the perimeter set and defensive positions fortified as best as they could the physical state of the Marines, the Sergeant nodded and signalled. Each Marine activated their transponder and settled in for what they hoped would be a short wait. In a rocky and isolated vale on LV-104, the Sergeant and seven Marines waited for extraction. From who or whom they didnÔÇÖt know, they only hoped that it was not the Gams that would get them out and off this Gammulan infested slime ball of a planet. [/rp] [This message has been edited by Gallion (edited 03-04-2000).]
  3. I agree with ye aramike01 - newbies be fair-dink'um. SC just putting a stop to those that wanna switch der loyaties. Makes it easier on de server admin portion I do reck'n. 2001 not be far away as one thinks anywho. 'T will be a BC Odessey instead of a space one
  4. First the Aritifacts must be activated in the script/ACM ye be currently enjoying. Read yer CommLog, not every bit of info appears on the screen. Second ye has to find the ship that has the artifact - like TOD1-M1/1 of latest BC ACM. Third do as Den Dee pointed out and ye should be able to determine if the ship currently targeted is carry an Artifact. Artifacts are only avail in ACM mode or in a script you or someone developed via der GBS. [This message has been edited by Gallion (edited 03-01-2000).]
  5. I must echo Rattler's sentiments This does put the monkey in our wrench now does it not Rattler? Plan remains the same...just have to modify the execution TTFN and remember, not all those who wonder are lost! ------------------ Commander Gallion GCV Graf Spee 1st Squadron, *Corsair Wing Stationed, *Starbase Cerberus "Run Silent, Run Deep" ICQ# 29486270, GMT+3 =Wraith Fleet= Second in Command, Wraith Fleet Bushi of the Dragon Council
  6. [rp] 1712, March 14, 3008 Near Mantini Jump Point LV-105, Alpha Cygni ÔÇØIntruder Alert...Intruder Alert...ÔÇØ echoed throughout the decks and passageways of the GCV Prinze Eugen. Non-combat personnel were tossed and thrown aside by the Marines trying to engage the invading Gammulans. For the second time this day the crew of this Galcom Battlecruiser was forced to defend themselves from another red-eyed alien menace. Unlike the last invasion of the PrinzeÔÇÖs bulwarks, the Gams launched a multi-point attack. Five Gammulan warriors stalked the area near the LB1, CB2, SH LB, Engineering, Weapons Pod 2, and PQ1. A total of 35 Gammulan Warriors were making their way through the Prinze. Only 28 of the original 40 Marines remained to meet this threat. The Gammulan Transport that Commander Gweedo had been stalking was not loaded with what he had been hoping for parts and supplies. This transport vessels was carry a Battalion of Gammulan Warriors, much to GweedoÔÇÖs and the PrinzeÔÇÖs demise. The ceaseless hands of time marched on as the Gams made their way throughout the Prinze Eugen. They did not have an easy time of it either. The Marines on the Prinze made the Gams pay dearly for each centimetre of deck space the Gams advanced. But as what was happening to the rest of Wraith Fleet, so to was happening on the deck plates within the Prinze Eugen. Two Gammulan Warriors replaced each Gammulan warrior the doomed defenders eliminated. The bridge was not spared from the effects of this onslaught either. The intensity of the battle took the entire crewÔÇÖs attention. This was not a battle; it was a war for survival. Neither side spared the other. Neither side cut its foe any quarter. There would be no prisoners. There would be only the victor. Most of the life-support systems were out or compromised by the Gammulan deployment of BioGen weapons. Nasty buggers genetically engineered towards Terran physiology yet benign towards Gammulan physiology. Engineering was in Gammulan hands now but not before the SEs jury-rigged some demo-charges before they were mowed down by the Gammulan Warriors. Which in turn was obliterated when they detonated. DidnÔÇÖt help the Prinze Eugen much either. It took out most of Engineering and engines out too. Warning lights and alarms went unnoticed by both parties. Their attention was directed at the annihilation of each other and not at alarm bells and whistles. To bad for all concerned for in a real short amount of time, one system would go critical and cause an uncontrolled and unrecoverable reaction that would settle the differences between the two combative forces for all time. The system that would go critical within the next few seconds was the heart and soul of every space going vessel in the galaxy ÔÇô the nuclear reactor. [/rp] [This message has been edited by Gallion (edited 02-29-2000).]
  7. Yep...I be here. Didn't have to recall me off a lucurative target this time TT and FN ------------------ Commander Gallion GCV Graf Spee *1st Squadron, *Corsair Wing Stationed, *Starbase Cerberus "Run Silent, Run Deep" ICQ# 29486270, GMT+3 =Wraith Fleet= Second in Command, Wraith Fleet Bushi of the Dragon Council [This message has been edited by Gallion (edited 03-11-2000).]
  8. Filling in some gaps with activity elsewhere [rp] 1715 GST, March 14, 3008 LV-104, Alpha Cygni Debris Field Word of the Gammulan assault filtered through the void of space reaching the Crew of the Graf Spee as they were making repairs. "So it has begun," mused Gallion to himself, "the Gams are actually gonna do it right this time. Will they stop at Rinaal?" Gallion muttered to himself as he updated his tactical display. From what the old Corsair had seen and experienced along with the flaky reports that filtered in sporadically over the comms, the Gams had achieved total domination of the entire Gammulan Quadrant in under three hours. A brilliant Blitzkrieg-like maneuver orchestrated and executed by the Gammulan forces. Unconsciously Gallion nodded his head in approval at what the Gams had accomplished so far. Melancholy began to seep into Gallion's spirit when he realized exactly how much it cost Wraith for the Gammulan success. Thousands of Terran souls would not see another day, and that was just at Cerberus. The Falkyries suffered almost the same fate --- at least they survived albeit under Gammulan occupation. Repairs to the Graf Spee were not going well. The battlecruiser was no stranger to damage but not to be able to repair the damage is what irk Gallion the most. Damage to both Cargo Bays was more extensive than previously surmised. Most of the just-in-case spares were stored in CB2 and lost during the last battle. Instead of completely repairing the Graf Spee, the most nasty and unpleasant part of sitting in the Command Chair was awaiting his approval - Which system gets repaired first. Decisions, decisions... It has been over an hour since Gallion had heard from the last remaining Corsair. Where is Gweedo? Where is the Prinze? Questions the Graf Spee Commander asked himself. Questions for which he had no answer. The unknown answers to these questions bothered Gallion the most as he made the hard decision on repair priorities. [/rp] ------------------ Cmdr. Gallion GCV Graf Spee Commander, Corsair Wing =Wraith Fleet= Bushi of the Dragon Council "Run Silent, Run Deep" ICQ# 29486270 [This message has been edited by Gallion (edited 02-28-2000).]
  9. Aside from the standard response of " ... ready when its ... " 1. ETA of GBS docs? 2. Part two of this turorial? I be ready for the plunge and script my own missions 'tis why I be askin'
  10. Bows graciously to the crowd, managing at the same time to avoid the impact of several flying ... [rp] 1635, March 14, 3008 Rinaal, Cyrian One by one the Gammulan Horde slipped through the jump point. Flashes of light alerted the Wraith Fleet defenders each time that another Gammulan warship slipped into the Rinaal system without setting off the Omega defense screen. The jump point activity almost resembled the steady light emitted by the neighboring stars at one point. It was almost half a terran hour before Murphy stuck his omnipotent head into the Gammulan Horde's endeavor. It seemed that for once, Wraith Fleet might escape the attention of this notorious scoundrel that has plagued the Terran race since the Dawn of time. The unfortunate victim of the scoundrels attention was the Gammulan equivalent of a Terran Solnar Class Cruiser as it just exited the jump point where members of Wraith Fleet had deployed Omega in an effort to thwart the Gammulan onslaught. One of the power control lines feeding the cloaking system on this unfortunate Gammulan warship ship developed a feedback problem. Which resulted into the complete failure of this vessel's cloaking field. From out of the empty void of space it loomed into the sensors of both the defenders and the Omega screen. The AI on one part of this screen detected the previously undetected Gammulan ship and waited. It was not until this part transformed itself into a mini-super-nova that the crew of this doomed Gammulan warship realized the enormity of their problem as the mass of their ship feed the fires of this maelstrom. An old Terran saying states that, "when it rains, it pours." For the Gams near this maelstrom it was not raining, it was pouring. Debris from the first Gam Warship caught in the maelstrom careened throughout the void. Striking other Gammulan warships that had made it through the jump point and the outskirts of the Omega screen. The Domino effect began ravishing uncontrolled trough the ranks of the Gammulan Horde. The cloaking field of Gammulan warship after Gammulan warship failed when struck by the flying debris allowing the defending Omegascreen and Wraith vessels to target and destroy them. One after another throughout the Omega screen Gammulan warships where engulfed in a maelstrom of destruction as they unleashed their nuclei upon the Gam invaders. The luck of the Irish seemed to follow the defending Wraiths when massive blaze of ultra-excited quantum matter engulfed twenty-six Gammulan Battlecruiser and Carrier warships that almost slipped through the trap. Several vessels of the Gammulan Horde were crippled by either debris or near misses from detonated parts of the Omega screen. The honor of these unlucky Gammulans was tainted as each was engaged and destroyed by the defending Wraiths that would appear from no where only to disappear in tactical redeployment. The quest of the defending Wraiths seemed hopeless to Mor-D'r, the Gammulan warrior in command of the Gammulan Vanguard. The tailend of which was caught up in Murphy's revenge. Two Gammulan Warships replaced each Gammulan Warship that was caught in the Wraith trap or destroyed by the defending Wraith vessels. Whereas each defending Wraith that was destroyed was not replaced. Mor-D'r's primary task was complete; the Wraith defenses of Rinaal system had been identified and neutralized. A sneer appeared askew on Mor-D'r's face as did a twinkle in his red eyes appear when he shifted his attention and forces towards his next target; Wraith Star Station. The leader of the Gammulan Vangaurd looked at his chronograph; 1709, March 14, 3008, terran time. He was behind schedule. The vaulted Wraiths had been beaten but not yet broken. Time to make a play ... time to make them pay. [/rp] [This message has been edited by Gallion (edited 02-27-2000).]
  11. Current version of BC Ground Ops is moot IMO. However, I do enjoy blowing things up and getting the EPs for it. Something to think about when trying to get that next promotion.
  12. It has Begun Got a wild hair So let it be written ... so let it be done Been romancing the Sands lately so bear with me ... a little that is [rp] 1630, March 14, 3008 Rinaal, Cyrian one by one the horde slithered by not seen by fellow or foe light flashing in an ever hypnotic pace the jump point was askew with activity foes and fellows began the death race waiting was the foe behind a pathetic screen watching siliently as the jump point flashes increase the foe could not detect the fellows as they creeped beyond there had to be the one to shed light upon the fields super-nova light graced the void shortly after the one began its minuet a system buried deep within the ones failed at a most inopportune time the screen managed to find a fellow the one had stumbled into the screen's lare vague shapes of the one's fellows appeared to the foe the foe's warships began to grace the fellow's warships in the sensuous tango of death more super-nova brilliance took both fellows and foes alike domino effect is complete as the last of the screen release its breath red-eyes twinkled on the fellow known as Mor-D'r as he reclined in his seat of power red blimps diminish and green blimps ever increase on a scope a sneer appeared askew as he ordered his Blossum Flower Wraith nearly brought to its knees the minuet seemed complete no quarter is to be given no mercy is to be spared to kill a Wraith to kill a Corsair [/rp] Yes I know it I not be a poet! [This message has been edited by Gallion (edited 02-24-2000).]
  13. There Be An ancient day from tHe Isle of Eire On That day, it is tOld, there be wings of wind that will grab hold. Free the spider from the sands, causing him to scUyry over the landS. Never Again to taste or to smell the lamb or camel the after that day. That is what Christopher Sly thought has he dreamed. Sweet dreams are made of this. Who am I to disagree? To travel the world and over her seas. Free at last ... free at last ... I be free at last ------------------ Cmdr. Gallion GCV Graf Spee Commander, Corsair Wing =Wraith Fleet= Bushi of the Dragon Council "Run Silent, Run Deep" ICQ# 29486270 [This message has been edited by Gallion (edited 02-19-2000).]
  14. Kool ... real kool [This message has been edited by Gallion (edited 02-19-2000).]
  15. When in doubt I use the Navy Enlisted Rank Struture. SE1 - System Engineer 1 equals an E-1 (recruit) FE5 - Flight Engineer 5 equals an E-5 (PO2, Petty Officer 2nd Class) ------------------ Cmdr. Gallion GCV Graf Spee Commander, Corsair Wing =Wraith Fleet= Bushi of the Dragon Council "Run Silent, Run Deep" ICQ# 29486270 [This message has been edited by Gallion (edited 02-15-2000).]
  16. 1614, March 14, 3008 LV-104, Alpha Cygni Debris Field [rp] Once again the lights went out on the bridge of the GCV Graf Spee. Repairs were underway throughout the ship. To the Graf Spee's Commander and crew, more and more damage was discovered every time a SE took a step on the battlecruiser. CB1 and the engineering section took the brunt of the damage sustained form the Gammulan Cruiser attack in LV-103. Gallion was still fuming over the serious tactical error he had made --- he failed to clear his baffles before proceeding with his observations of the Gammulan offensive. Checking your six is an ancient and basic tenet that is hammered into each Cadet when they enter the Academy. Gallion selected several options on the menu display of his command link and presses the send button. The Comm system sent a wideband micro burst message. This message would alert selected recipients and require a response from them. Gallion settled back into the command chair and began to review the damage reports that were beginning to flood his queue. Hull - 51%, 4 hours to repair Armor - 76%, 1 hour to repair (severe damage to stealth coat, ship sensor cross-section increase by 40% CB1 - 10%, 14.5 hours to repair (SES lost along with most of the Nutripacs, Medpacs, and everything else stored within). CB2 - 55%, 3 hours to repair. IB1 - 20%, IC1 all systems severely damaged, 29 hours to repair. IB2 - 11%, IB3 - Destroyed (along with IC3) SB2 - 5%, 12 hours to repair SH2 severely damaged (recommend scrap and replace) 24 hours to repair. Engine Room - %1 Radiation Leak, 15 hours to repair. Reactor - %29, 6 hours to repair. The list went on. Each line of the damage report caused an increase in the ire building within Gallion. Should-a-could-a and the Saints would've won the superbowl back on 2001, he thought. No need to dwell on what has happened. Can't do a bloomin' thing about it now. Just don't for get to clear the baffles. A priority incomming message broke the old Corsair from his self-chastisement. The four words of the message lifted the spirit of the old Corsair . So much so that he almost leaped out of his chair and danced a jig. Gamma Capa Omega Phi Corsair Wing is still alive. There is at least one more BC out there besides the Graf Spee. This is the best news that Gallion had received since before he had to terminate the capture of a Gammulan Tarin MkII transport not so long ago. The GCV Prinze Eugen is damaged but still able to engage the Gams. Gallion had to slow himself down. Priorities boy, set your priorities, he thought to himself. Have to get the Spee stabilized and repaired before taking on the galaxy. Having settled himself down some, Gallion got out of the command chair and left the bridge. Time to see the menagerie himself and mingle with the crew. 1621, March 14, 3008 [/rp] ------------------ Cmdr. Gallion GCV Graf Spee Commander, Corsair Wing =Wraith Fleet= Bushi of the Dragon Council "Run Silent, Run Deep" ICQ# 29486270 [This message has been edited by Gallion (edited 02-08-2000).]
  17. 1616 GST, March 14, 3008 Debris Field Chalinis/Alpha Gamma GCV Prinze Eugen [rp] The situation on the GCV Prinze Eugen had improved greatly for both her crew and Commander Gweedo. Tactically the situation was just as dire as it was almost an hour prior but within the confines of the Galactan MkII Battlecruiser's hull things were beginning to shape up. Most of the battle damage had been repaired to at least 60 some-odd percent. All this completed without the Gams finding their little hide-away. Gweedo was still somewhat shellshocked by the fearacity of the Gammulan onslaught and size of the Gammulan Armada as it passed through system. Nothing in system remained of that passing Armada. To commander Gweedo, it was as if the gates of Hades were opened and its gaurdian, Cerberus, were unleashed. This stray thought startled Gweedo as he continued tto peruse his ship's damage status. Why has he not heard from Cerberus or its Commander. Some would say that no news is good news. However; in this case Gweedo had to make an exception. Since he hadn't heard from either, Gweedo had to assume the worst and that both Cerberus and its Commander were out of action. An involuntary shudder rippled through Gweedo's back as he contemplated his last thought. For some reason, unknown to him, Commander Gweedo could not resolve himself to believe that Cerberus's Commander was out of the picture. A flash message interupted Gweedo's thoughts in his command link. Three simple words flashed in his eyepiece: Phi Gamma Omega These three words did much to settle the dread that had begun to permiate his thoughts. Cerberus may be lost but its bite was very much alive. One Corsair by itself is a formable force. Multiply that effect by two and taken to the nth degree could defy odds that currently awaiting them. Without hesitation Gweedo keyed his reply and zipped out via burst transmission that lasted lewss then .001 nanoseconds. Gamma Capa Omega Phi With any luck the Gams wouldn't have detect this, Gweedo thought to himself as he settled back into his command chair. [/rp] Cmdr. Gwedo GCV Prinze Eugen =Wraith Fleet= [This message has been edited by Gallion (edited 02-08-2000).]
  18. A good yarn Blades. Looking forward to the Full version. ------------------ Cmdr. Gallion GCV Graf Spee Commander, Corsair Wing =Wraith Fleet= Bushi of the Dragon Council "Run Silent, Run Deep" ICQ# 29486270
  19. DeSylva had an ISS Fleet homepage that had all kinds of neat info. To include some does and don'ts for RP and some hand-held equipment info/stats.
  20. My two bits on RP (I'll keep sweet and to the point): 1. Keep it believable. 2. Dont introduce anything that is not already in the game. 3. What you do to your own character(s) is entirely up to you. Check with and coordinate with others when you decide to incorporate existing characters in your RP. 4. When in doubt, ask questions and get approval from one of the Administrators (Rattler, Ron, etc.) before posting. TTFN and welcome to our nightmare ------------------ Cmdr. Gallion GCV Graf Spee Commander, Corsair Wing =Wraith Fleet= Bushi of the Dragon Council "Run Silent, Run Deep" ICQ# 29486270
  21. Hmmm ... to coin a phrase " ... dead men tell no tales ..." [rp] GCV Graf Spee Undetermined Location, Gammulan Quadrant Launch - 4 minutes 03 seconds "Range to target 75km and closing, ETA 2 minutes Commander," Lt. Ron Rico Cuervo reportes from his station at TacOps. "Excellent! Notify the rest of the wolfpack," was the Battlecruiser Commander's reply. The Corsair Wolfpack was about to experience another productive and profitable excursion into the Gammulan shipping lanes. An excursion that couldn't have happened at a most needed time for the Corsair Wing. For reasons unknown, the lastest resupply shipment hadn't arrived at Woldpack's lair, Cerberus Starbase on LV-103. So being the Corsairs that he and his wingmates are, Commander Gallion decided to do their own requisitioning and procurement the old fashioned way - they took it! "Range to first Tarin MKII Transport 49.8km and closing, ETA 45 seconds. The rest of the pack have the remaining 3 transports targeted and are closing also." This is to good to be true, the Corsair leader thought to himself as the buzzing in his head began once again - which usually indicated dire straights for the Graf Spee and her crew. "Urgent message recieved from from Wraith HQ Commander. Your eyes only," piped the Comms duty officer. Clenching his lips together and muttering foul adjectives and phrases of various galactic origin, Gallion perused this so-called urgent message. Gallion had to read the message and verify its authentication twice before slamming his fist on the arm of his command chair. Smashing that special communcations device he installed there. "Bloody hell!" he said to nothing and no one in particular. He used the command overides and set a new Nav course for the Corsair Wolfpack. At the same time he opened the Wolfpack commlink. "Disengage targets and break-off," Gallion ordered the Corsair Wolfpack, "Set course to these Nav coordinates. Maintain comm silence until reaching destination. Corsair OUT!" A Gammulan transport convoy was once again saved by a timely or untimely message from Wraith HQ. Although he knew better, Gallion couldn't help himself from thinking that his Fleet Commander had it in for him. Why, he couldn't honestly think of a single reason. Actually, Gallion could think of a plethora of reasons why ... "Nav/Helm, what is our ETA?" he asked, breaking his self revelie. "Approximately Ten minutes, give or take a few, if we are lucky Commander an' we don't run into any problems at the SN jump point," replied the Nav officer. "Or anything else," muttered Gallion to himself as the Graf Spee and the Corsair Wolfpack completed the first hyperspace jump towards their destination - The Drodian Homeworld located on the other side of the Galaxy ... Launch - 1 minutes 0 seconds [/rp] ------------------ Cmdr. Gallion GCV Graf Spee Commander, Corsair Wing =Wraith Fleet= Bushi of the Dragon Council "Run Silent, Run Deep" ICQ# 29486270 Before anyone cries Fowl, travel based on the game and not reality or theoretical physics. [This message has been edited by Gallion (edited 01-22-2000).]
  22. DeSylva: As Tac stated - MP will sort the entire mess out; active/inactive members. Tac: You really sure about that "... real leaders will be Squadron Leaders ..." (aka Wing Leaders for some Fleet(s) Looking forward to MP and BC:M TTFN ------------------ Cmdr. Gallion GCV Graf Spee Commander, Corsair Wing =Wraith Fleet= Bushi of the Dragon Council "Run Silent, Run Deep" ICQ# 29486270 [This message has been edited by Gallion (edited 01-19-2000).]
  23. DeSylva: As Tac stated - MP will sort the entire mess out; active/inactive members. Tac: You really sure about that "... real leaders will be Squadron Leaders ..." (aka Wing Leaders for some Fleet(s) Looking forward to MP and BC:M TTFN ------------------ Cmdr. Gallion GCV Graf Spee Commander, Corsair Wing =Wraith Fleet= Bushi of the Dragon Council "Run Silent, Run Deep" ICQ# 29486270 [This message has been edited by Gallion (edited 01-19-2000).]
  24. [rp] 1605. March 14, 3008 LV-103, Alpha Cygni Near Jump Point The TacOps scope was red; its display was Red with the plethora of Gammulan Warships in the system. Gallion hadnÔÇÖt expected anything else. He was just hoping that his hunches wouldnÔÇÖt result into reality for once. Each Red dot on the TacOps display indicated a hostile target tracked by the Graf SpeeÔÇÖs weapons computer. Unfortunately for the crew of the Graf Spee, all the currently tracked targets were hostile. There was not a single friendly or neutral target in the LV-103 system. The Gammulan offensive was efficient and deadly. The Falkerie Star Station Cygni was now another Gammulan asset. Gallion was somewhat devastated by the tactical situation. He was use to being outnumbered and outgunned. Corsair Wing had been operating in this area for nigh on eight years now. There had been safe-havens scattered about before today. As of now, the old Corsair realized that there would be no more safe-havens and that he needed to get back to friendly lines ÔÇô or even neutral space. One BC could not take on the entire Gammulan Navy without someplace to run, someplace to hide, someplace to rest. Gallion was contemplating all of this when his Chief Engineer piped in on the shipÔÇÖs comm system. ÔÇ£Commander, radiation levels are critical on deck 3 and the subdeck. Radiation levels on deck 2 are near critical. Radiation control teams have been dispatched to clean the areas up!ÔÇØ ÔÇ£Very well Mr. Scott, do we know what caused this?ÔÇØ Gallion asked even though he knew what the answer would be. It seems that the Graf Spee had managed to get to one of her scheduled refits for once. And for once, the refit was not related to combat damage. The cloaking system was scheduled for a serious overhaul and was one of many systems that havenÔÇÖt worked right since. Looking at his display, the Graf Spee had been cloaked for 20 minutes. Being cloaked for more than 10 minutes caused massive radiation contamination throughout the ship. ÔÇ£The cloaking system commander. We need to decloak for 5 minutes before the cloaking system can be reengaged,ÔÇØ Montigue Scott said. ÔÇ£Very well,ÔÇØ Gallion said, ÔÇ£disengage cloaking system, rig for silent running, set course for Wraith-HQ.ÔÇØ If it is even still there, Gallion thought to himself. There had been negative contact with Wraith-HQ since just before the Gams offensive began, what an hour or two ago? That time had seemed like an eternity. Meanwhile, on the Gammulan cruiser that followed the Graf Spee from the LV-104 system the situation was quite different than on the Graf Spee. The Gammulan commander was just about to order a course change when a miracle happened to him. His mission was to find and destroy whatever ship it was that had escaped from LV-104 system. The Gammulan commander was about to do the unthinkable and notify his squadron commander that he had failed when the Graf Spee appeared on his tactical display only 15km in front of his ship. Without hesitation, the Gammulan Cruiser commander gave the order to fire and emptied his shipÔÇÖs weapons pod. In the space of 5 seconds, 15 Gammulan missiles left their covey in the Gammulan cruiser and headed towards the baffles of the GCV-Graf Spee. Three seconds from the time that the last missile was launched, the first missile was homing into its target ÔÇô distance 500 meters. One after another the Gam missiles struck the unsuspecting Galcom Battlecruiser. When the last missile hit its target, the Gammulan Cruiser Commander notified his squadron commander of his accomplishment. When he had completed that little requirement the Gam commander returned his attention to his tactical display and was searching for his victim What the Gammulan commander found was not what he was looking for. He was expecting to find a disabled Galcom ship or a Galcom ship that was severely damaged. He did not expect to see a Galcom warship bearing down hard and fast with its guns ablazing and missiles flying on him and his ship. [/rp] ------------------ Cmdr. Gallion GCV Graf Spee Commander, Corsair Wing =Wraith Fleet= Bushi of the Dragon Council "Run Silent, Run Deep" ICQ# 29486270 [This message has been edited by Gallion (edited 01-18-2000).]
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