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  1. Dang, nows I gots to find out which medal I got during Gam War I. But knowing the Corsair's luck the paprework got lost somewhere between Galcom HQ and LV-104 TTFN ------------------ Cmdr. Gallion GCV Graf Spee Commander, Corsair Wing =Wraith Fleet= Bushi of the Dragon Council "Run Silent, Run Deep" ICQ# 29486270
  2. [rp] GCV Graf Spee Undetermined Location, Gammulan Quadrant "Target in range in 4 minutes," LtCmdr Cuervo reported from the TacOps station, "boarding parties are ready and standing by." "Incoming transmission from GALCOM Command commander, your eyes only," reported the comms officer. "Pipe it through Lt.," was my reply. Damn, I thought, now what do they want. Quickly I scanned the incomming message. Of all the hair brained... "Cancel approach, Nav/Helm vector us out of this system," I ordered. Days of patient waiting and hours of stalking are now up in smoke. I watched the display as the distance between the Graf Spee and the Gammulan Tarin MKII Transport loaded to the gills with some choice equipment and Iridium increased. "Stand down the boarding parties; Engineering, ship status report!" "Comm Transmitters still down Commander. That Gam Tarin has the parts we need," replied Mr. Scott. "I know Chief, I know. We have no choice. Orders came down the pipe. ETR?" "Unknown until we gets da parts sir! I could only mickey-mouse the comm recievers. I needs parts fer da transmitters." Great, bloody-well great, I thought. "Set course for the kenel," I said to Nav and helm, "Engage when plotted, best possible speed." I hated going back to the kenel. Every time I am there I get swamped by admin BS and the ever insipid nuances from Fleet HQ. Maybe we will come in cloaked this time.... [/rp] for now ------------------ Cmdr. Gallion GCV Graf Spee Commander, Corsair Wing =Wraith Fleet= Bushi of the Dragon Council "Run Silent, Run Deep" ICQ# 29486270 [This message has been edited by Gallion (edited 12-27-1999).]
  3. Been busy and now it is time to get back into the fray [rp] 1559, March 14, 3008 LV-104/Alpha Cygni Planetary Orbit The devastation was complete. The real estate that once was known as Cerberus Starbase was now nothing more than flaming wreckage. Within and about the wreckage Gammulan soldiers were moving about with impunity. Resistance had been futile. A foolhardy dream by both the commander of the Starbase and the GALCOM Marines tasked with its defense. The old Corsair panned his TacOps display to survey the rest of his command. Nothing but flames and wreckage could be seen. The so-called secret facilities were also destroyed. Gallion shuddered unconsciously as he contemplated this surrealist reality. Could he have been betrayed. Could there have been a traitor within the rogues and ranks of his command. Was Corsair Wing left hung out to dry? What happened to the Falkyries? Gallion knew that his AOR was nothing more than a speed bump but yet he could not help but feel betrayed and abandoned by the rest of GALCOM. Communications were non-existent. The only positive thing to come out of this debacle was the recovery of a project prototype and the research database from the research facility known as Pad 51. Several of the research staff were also recovered by Gunny York and the Stealth Squad. But that too was not without a cost. The rescue/recovery operation cost the lives of several of his Marines. With the Marines that the Graf Spee were able to beam aboard before blasting its way from Cerberus, he was still bloated in the Marine compliment. Personnel were not a problem now. Supplies and equipment were his number one concern. Nothing that he hasnt done before. Corsairs are known to be quite resourceful if need be. Panning out from planetary observation, Gallion redirected the TacOps to his main concern  the Gammulan gaggle that now orbited LV-104. He quit counting after reaching 20 Gammulan Aestrom Storm Carriers and a mixture of60 fighters. More and more Gammulan spacecraft seemed to be entering the system. For the umpteenth time he counted his blessings and luck hoping that the Graf Spee would not be detected. So far the black paint was working but even so he knew that he couldnt rely on stealth for long. It was time to move and see what else the Gammulans were up to. Engage cloak and Set course for the Falkyrie Homeworld, Gallion ordered. For a millisecond the Graf Spee was visible to the Gammulan sensors. During that millisecond, a Gammulan cruiser class warship locked onto the Graf Spee and gave chase. Engaging its cloaking device right after the Graf Spees cloaking field formed. Two ships exited the LV-104 system. One was the GVC Graf Spee and the other was a Gammulan Cruiser [/rp] ------------------ Cmdr. Gallion GCV Graf Spee Commander, Corsair Wing =Wraith Fleet= Bushi of the Dragon Council "Run Silent, Run Deep" ICQ# 29486270
  4. hmmmmmm...interesting developement(s). One can only speculate on what may happen in the near future ------------------ Cmdr. Gallion GCV Graf Spee ? [This message has been edited by Gallion (edited 12-19-1999).]
  5. You all ain't seen nothing yet
  6. Date depends enitrely on the thread/story. In my case the BC3K date that I am using is March 14, 3008. Date was derived from DeSylva's Battlecruiser Timeline. To tell the truth, I couldn't figure out when Procyon mission took place. TTFN ------------------ Cmdr. Gallion GCV Graf Spee Commander, Corsair Wing =Wraith Fleet= Bushi of the Dragon Council "Run Silent, Run Deep" ICQ# 29486270
  7. Capitalism at its finest, love it or leave it, and if you leav it - take someone with you Anybody remember ATT breakup and the IBM fiasco? Preliminary Finding does not equate into guilt - at least not initially. The DOJ still needs to prove, beyond a shadow of a doubt, its case against MS. My take - MS will pay fine and settle out of court. Some MS departments may be spun off into seperate (good joke) companies. MS CEO will not give up the WinXX source code. Give me an OS that has as many applications and hardware support and I will jumpship in a heart beat. I do not think that the PC world will be reduced to the PC wars of the late 70's and early 80's.
  8. Take a few days off and it seems stuff went to muck. Those in the .mil understand. I know, zero meters. On with the motley [rp] 1525, March 14, 3008 LV-104/Alpha Cygni Marine Squad Position near Pad 51, Cerberus Starbase "Here they come," Sarge said to his squad before adding , "... and notify Base Ops and prepare the welcoming committee. The Gams have landed." "Range 9.3km, bearing 347 mag," the F/O said from his position near the Sarge. "Get FC on the horn," Sarge said to his RTO. "FC on-line Sarge," the RTO said as he handed the Porkchop to Sarge. The Sarge studied the Gam's advance and verified the data from his F/O and took a deep breath before he took the Porkchop offerred by the RTO. "Xray-fower-niner this is whiskey-two-tree Fire mission break ... Range 9.3km, bearing 347 over." The microseconds seemed an eternity before the Sarge heard his reply. "Whiskey-two-tree this is Xray-fower-niner, roger ... wait ... shot out over." The Sarge brought his binoculars up to his eyes and zoomed in as far as he good. He was waiting for the spot round's impact. Again the microseconds seemed an eternity before he spotted the round's impact. "Xray-fower-niner this is whiskey-two-tree, down five-zero, romeo tree-five, over." "Whiskey-two-tree this is Xray-fower-niner, roger ...wait ... shot out over." Hurry up and wait that was the Sarge's lot in life now. Hurry up and get ready, then wait for whatever. The Sarge could hear his heartbeat thumping in his head as he again waited for the round's impact. With any luck, they would be on target this round. If they weren't then the game would repeat itself until they were. The Sarge hated to repeat himself. Without warning, the round impacted. Luck was with the Sarge, it was right on target. "Xray-fower-niner this is whiskey-two-tree," the Sarge said with a grin, "Fire-for-effect!" "Whiskey-two-tree this is Xray-fower-niner, Roger, Out" "OK ladies!" Sarge said as he handed the Porkchop to his RTO, "stay alert and stay alive, Weapons Free!" Up and down the squad's position a flurry of activity began as the Marines prepared a welcoming that the Sarge hoped the Gams wouldn't forget. [/rp] ------------------ Cmdr. Gallion GCV Graf Spee Commander, Corsair Wing =Wraith Fleet= Bushi of the Dragon Council "Run Silent, Run Deep" ICQ# 29486270 [This message has been edited by Gallion (edited 11-09-1999).]
  9. [rp] Countdown T ÔÇô 16 hours 51 minutes So many things to do and not enough time to do it. I dont know who is worse, Malone and his special fecal types or the Chief prick and what is left of the prick crew. Ahhhh, there is what I am looking for. Now where did I leave that... ----- Countdown T ÔÇô 15 hours 26.981 minutes Damn near fried my fingers off connecting the new remote interface unit - aka router. I think I may have fried the blippin' thing, either that or I am as colour blind as Jonesy was. Something about -5vdc applied to RD pin. Gonna have to break it down to the componet level, hopefully nothing serious is fried. ----- Countdown T ÔÇô 14 hours 51 minutes Yep, managed to isolate the crispy critter, 1ea diode went kaput. Simple to find a new one and replace it. Now where is the microlaser at... ----- Countdown T ÔÇô 14 hours 01 minutes Managed to repair the router without to much difficulty. Self-test and diags came back 5x5. Interface into the ship's systems went like clockwork. Found a strange anomally in the passive monitoring systems via Perscan subroutine. I think that I located the source using the command codes; need time to investigate. Only one major problem with that, the medic Jayce and some FE named McKendrick sniffed me activity near the shuttle bay. I gave them a line of shite, hopefully they bought it. I need time, time that is running out... ----- [/rp] System Engineer #13 Benni Arnald GCV Chikuma [This message has been edited by Gallion (edited 10-25-1999).]
  10. All hail the new chief, yadda, yadda, yadda...congrats Blades ... ye earned ------------------ Cmdr. Gallion GCV Graf Spee Commander, Corsair Wing =Wraith Fleet= Bushi of the Dragon Council "Run Silent, Run Deep" ICQ# 29486270
  11. [rp] ----- Countdown T ÔÇô 18 hours 51 minutes Damnation, that Malone strikes a hard bargain. But if can gets this done for him I gets the russian wench and the Chief Prick himself. WasnÔÇÖt much of a choice, either I assimilated or sucked vacuum. No brainer, never been good at sucking vacuum. Damn, my ribs are killing me. Now where did I leave my med kitÔǪ ----- Countdown T ÔÇô 18 hours 31 minutes Got access into the HK drones, ÔÇÿtwas an easy affair once that dang encryption baloney was bypassed. Managed to reactivate them and lock out all but myself from changing their target list. ÔÇÿTis kinda difficult to filter a target list with PERSCAN running at the same time. Well IÔÇÖll have to think on it for a while, hopefully I can get it done without dumping several PERSCAN processes. ----- Countdown T ÔÇô 18 hours 19 minutes No luck, had to modify one process and generate another. Managed to filter most of MaloneÔÇÖs special fecal gang. DonÔÇÖt know about the rest of them. They seem to be somewhere elseÔǪ ----- Countdown T ÔÇô 17 hours 54.234 minutes Something odd here, I cant figure it out but it looks like someone is accessing the Command Codes. I thought that all were locked out. I better checkÔǪ ----- Countdown T ÔÇô 17 hours 45 minutes Yep, I was right. Someone is accessing the command codes and is using root access codes. I checked the logfile and isolated the source to ÔǪ no it canÔÇÖt be. He is dead. Stone is dead. He canÔÇÖt be access the system. UnlessÔǪ ----- Countdown T ÔÇô 17 hours 27.875 minutes Damn that Malone, he is a bigger prick than the Chief or the russian wench. I donÔÇÖt trust that bugger. Not a bit. He does not believe what I am telling him about reprogramming the HK drones. The twit don't know squat about tech stuff an' he's trying to tell me what can or can't be done. Looks like I needs to get me an insurance policy and fast. Now where is the rest of the crewÔǪ ----- Countdown T ÔÇô 17 hours 21 minutes Found them hold up in the shuttle bay. I can do some wondrous things in the computer system. Only thing that I needs to do is find me a ÔǪ ahhhÔǪthere be one in CB2, not to far from the Shuttle bay. Take that gizmo and put it ÔǪ damn only place is in the Shuttle Bay. Ok, not a problem. Go get the equipment, and install it in Shuttle Bay. Now how the hell am I gonna talk my way into that hornets nest. Some of them people I knows would love to get their hands around me neck. Maybe, just maybe. Yep, the medic is there. I will start with himÔǪ. ----- [/rp] System Engineer #13 Benni Arnald GCV Chikuma Had to make one correction, BC2 is now CB2 [This message has been edited by Gallion (edited 10-16-1999).]
  12. [rp] 1522, March 14, 3008 LV-104/Alpha Cygni Cerberus Starbase and GCV Graf Spee ÔÇ£Then you understand our plight then Colonel?ÔÇØ Gallion said, ÔÇ£Nothing within the base can be allowed to fall into Gammulan hands.ÔÇØ The face of Colonel Arnold grimaced some as he realized the implications of what he had just heard. He was not surprised. In fact, he was shocked that it would be so. Since its establishment and activation, Cerberus Starbase was doomed to non-existence. IOW, it would become a speed bump within the path of the Gammulans should they become militant. That time has come and the fate of those left on and near the starbase knew what the outcome would be; death and destruction - surrender is not an option. The Gammulans are not known to take prisoners of war. ÔÇ£Yes Commander, I understand,ÔÇØ Colonel Arnold replied, ÔÇ£what about the IC project?ÔÇØ ÔÇ£What project are you talking about Colonel?ÔÇØ Colonel Arnold stared at Gallion in quasi-disbelief when he heard my reply. To tell the truth, Gallion had no idea what the Colonel was referring to. TheyÔÇÖre so many projects of one type or a another going on at Cerberus that Gallion hadnÔÇÖt a clue to what each was. All Gallion did was sign off and authorized them. ÔÇ£The Solarin Project Sir,ÔÇØ Arnold replied, ÔÇ£you authorized that six months ago.ÔÇØ Six months ago, where the hell was Gallion six months ago, he thought to himself. ÔÇ£Send me a summary Colonel,ÔÇØ Gallion said. Colonel Arnold sent Gallion a summary without replying and waited for his decision. The old Corsair quickly scanned the summary and bellowed, ÔÇ£Holy SÔǪ,ÔÇØ to no one in particular, ÔÇ£you mean it works?ÔÇØ ÔÇ£That is what the preliminary reports would suggest Sir,ÔÇØ Arnold explained, ÔÇ£However, all the tests were conducted in controlled environments. Field-testing has not been conducted. They were scheduled to commenceÔǪÔÇØ ÔÇ£Now. I presume,ÔÇØ Gallion said interrupting Colonel Arnold, ÔÇ£that the Gammulans have conveniently interrupted. ÔÇ£Where is the project located?ÔÇØ Colonel Arnold nodded as he replied, ÔÇ£Pad 51 Sir, near the..ÔÇØ ÔÇ£Standard package displacement I see,ÔÇØ Gallion said not allowing Arnold to finish, ÔÇ£Ok, IÔÇÖll send a shuttle to pick it up. In fact I will send two shuttles. You will receive their mission order and fill them up Colonel. We donÔÇÖt have much time. Graf Spee OUT!ÔÇØ ÔÇ£Ready SH1 and SH2, need 2 SEs, 2 FEs, and 4 Marines for each shuttle,ÔÇØ Gallion said to the bridge crew as he typed the mission orders into his datapad. This would be a delicate mission. One that just might get interrupted by the Gams. With that note, Gallion added a few more lines to the mission orders and more orders, ÔÇ£IC1 and IC2 will provide escort.ÔÇØ As soon as the Corsair said that, he sent the mission orders to Cerberus Starbase. The stealth wing will deploy as one this time. Gallion thought that there is always a first for everything. A peculiar grin spread across his face as he studied the Solarin Project summary in detail. For the first time since waking, the Corsair Wing Commander received some good news, really good news. 1520 GST, March 14, 3008 Debris Field, Chalinis/Alpha Gamma GCV Prinze Eugen ÔÇ£It worked Commander,ÔÇØ Tactical reported, ÔÇ£the Gams went for the bait and destroyed the Decoy.ÔÇØ There is a god, Gweedo thought to himself. The Prinze had defied the odds and took a beating doing so. Most of the ship systems were down due to the recent Gammulan commando raid, which had only just recently been neutralized. There were no prisoners. Only the Life Support system remained operational. The Gams made Gweedo pay before they were fooled by the decoy that was launched accidentally. Gweedo didnÔÇÖt even know that the Prinze Eugen had a decoy aboard. He wondered what else he would find. Gweedo couldnÔÇÖt worry about what he might have. He had to worry about what was and how bad off the Prinze Eugen was now. ÔÇ£Report Chief,ÔÇØ Gweedo said to his Chief Engineer, ÔÇ£how bad is it?ÔÇØ ÔÇ£Well Sir, it is like this ÔǪ ,ÔÇØ the Chief Engineer said as he began rattle off the damage. The Chief kept going and going and Gweedo began to feel a tad bit of despair. If it werenÔÇÖt for the Solar Panels, the Prinze would be in real trouble. ÔÇ£How long Chief,ÔÇØ Gweedo asked, ÔÇ£how long before we are operational?ÔÇØ ÔÇ£3 hours partial,ÔÇØ the Chief began, ÔÇ£and inchalla after that Commander.ÔÇØ ÔÇ£Inchalla..?ÔÇØ Gweedo asked, not knowing what the word meant. ÔÇ£God willing, when-ever, when it gets doneÔǪ,ÔÇØ was the reply. ÔÇ£Ok, Ok, I get the picture. Keep me posted,ÔÇØ Gweedo said in despair as he slumped further into his command chair. His first mission in his first command almost ended in disaster. If it were not for that decoy accident, Gweedo and the Prinze Eugen would have become a permanent part of this debris field. Gweedo shuddered as he thought about the possibilities as he stared at the black, blank bridge viewer. 1524, March 14, 3008 LV-104/Alpha Cygni GCV Graf Spee ÔÇ£SH1 Launched. SH2 Launched. IC1 Launched. IC2 Launched. Stealth Wing away Commander,ÔÇØ was the report that Gallion heard from the Flight Officer. He watched the TacOps display and saw nothing. Excellent, Gallion thought, at least that works. The Stealth Wing did not register on any of the Graf SpeeÔÇÖs sensor displays, including the SES array. The Stealth WingÔÇÖs mission was simple. Recover a research project that had not reach field trials before the Gammulans arrive. Hopefully this mission could be completed before company arrives. Fat chance of that happening, Gallion thought as he scanned the incoming intelligence reports. If that is what you could call them. LP/OP after LP/OP quit sending data, one after another. To make matters worse, Gallion has not received any reports from the rest of Corsair Wing. Aside from the BIO-GEN message, nothing has been coming in for the past ten minutes. I have no idea what is left of my command. Here in orbit around LV-104, I look at a doomed facility. A facility that Gallion had sweated over the years to build. ÔÇ£Stealth Wing on approach to Pad 51 Commander,ÔÇØ Gallion heard, ÔÇ£docking clearance has been given, ETA 1 minute.ÔÇØ Gallion acknowledged the report with a nod of my head. Something is not right. Gallion felt, he felt as if he was being watched but there is nothing to see, nothing to touch, nothing detected. Everything is in order. The Graf Spee was rigged for silent running. She was a just another dark mass in a dark universe. A wolf amongst the sheep or a sheep amongst the wolves. Rico interrupted GallionÔÇÖs reverie. ÔÇ£Commander! Enemy on the scope!ÔÇØ Rico yelled, ÔÇ£Gammulan warships and transports. They are heading for LV-104 Sir!ÔÇØ Tell me something I donÔÇÖt know, Gallion thought before saying, ÔÇ£Notify Cerberus, tell them company is coming.ÔÇØ ÔÇ£Aye Sir!ÔÇØ was the reply from the comms station. ÔÇ£Tell Cerberus that we will assist when and where we can,ÔÇØ Gallion added in retrospect. Which in turned caused several heads of the bridge crew to turn towards him in amazement. ÔÇ£We canÔÇÖt just abandon those people down there,ÔÇØ Gallion said in explanation more to himself than to the bridge crew, ÔÇ£we will provide TAC Air and Space support until the Stealth Wing returns. After that ÔǪ who knows.ÔÇØ 1525, March 14, 3008 LV-104/Alpha Cygni Command Center, Cerberus Starbase ÔÇ£Incoming message from the Graf Spee Colonel,ÔÇØ Lt.Jg. Halsey said from the comms station, ÔÇ£and Pad 51.ÔÇØ Colonel Arnold read the messages and grunted his reply. The ColonelÔÇÖs duty to the Graf Spee was done and now he had to prepare a reception for the Gammulan swarm that was sure to come. Which was confirmed by the latest message from the Graf Spee. The battle hardened marine contemplated his situation before coming to a decision. He knew that Cerberus defenses had a snowballÔÇÖs chance in Hades to survive the upcoming engagement with the Gams but at least they would have partial orbital support. Support that he would have limited control over. ÔÇ£Status report,ÔÇØ the Colonel said to his operations staff in the command center. ÔÇ£All defenses activated, SALs, SAMs, Minefields, Aircraft, and Ground units are ready and standing by their stations Colonel,ÔÇØ a young Lt. said, ÔÇ£demo charges are in the process of being setup through out..." ÔÇ£Excellent, have all units prepare BIO-GEN defenses and have them suit up,ÔÇØ Colonel Arnold ordered, interupting the young Lt's report. No reason for them to be caught off guard. It was tough enough to fight a battle as it is and it would be even harder with the BIO-GEN protective suits and masks on. ÔÇ£That includes everyone gentlemen,ÔÇØ Arnold added as he began to suit up. Looking around in disbelief, the command center personnel began to follow the ColonelÔÇÖs example and began to dawn their protective equipment. This was gonna become nasty. 1525, March 14, 3008 LV-104/Alpha Cygni Corsair Research Center, Pad 51, Cerberus Starbase ÔÇ£I donÔÇÖt care want you have to do Dr.,ÔÇØ the old marine yelled to the Solarin Project Manager, ÔÇ£get that package ready for immediate transport. Even if it is still in crates.ÔÇØ Gunnery Sergeant York was livid. He had a very simple task, recover the Solarin Project and transport it back to the Graf Spee, along with anything else that looked promising. His main obstacle was Dr. No, lead tech puke and overall high mucky-mucky in charge of the Solarin Project. It seems that the good Dr. was not notified of the recent changes that have occurred in the Gammulan Quadrant. ÔÇ£Look Doc,ÔÇØ York began, ÔÇ£If you have a problem with all this, take it up with Commander Gallion when you see ÔÇÿim next.ÔÇØ The blood drained a little from Dr. NoÔÇÖs face when he realized just the implications of what Gunny York had said. ÔÇ£But, but, that wouldÔǪÔÇØ Dr. No replied before York cut him off. ÔÇ£Yep,ÔÇØ Gunny York said with an evil grin on his face, ÔÇ£you got that right Doc, you also fit the part and anything else that looks promising of my orders. You gots 2 mikes to get your bags packed. YouÔÇÖll be coming with us. Ok people, letÔÇÖs get this show moving. The Gams will not wait for us to finish.ÔÇØ A flurry of activity followed Gunny YorkÔÇÖs last words as people moved out to accomplish what they came to do at Pad 51. Get the Solarin Project and sky-boo-boo outta there. Hopefully before the Gams decide to pay a visit. [/rp] ------------------ Cmdr. Gallion GCV Graf Spee Commander, Corsair Wing =Wraith Fleet= Bushi of the Dragon Council "Run Silent, Run Deep" ICQ# 29486270 [This message has been edited by Gallion (edited 10-15-1999).]
  13. This is a continuation of the Prelude to the Dance and Gamma Omega threads. I will be using this thread for Cerberus encounters All are welcome to post, even if the post does not pertain to Cerberus TTFN ------------------ Cmdr. Gallion GCV Graf Spee Commander, Corsair Wing =Wraith Fleet= Bushi of the Dragon Council "Run Silent, Run Deep" ICQ# 29486270 [This message has been edited by Gallion (edited 10-18-1999).]
  14. [rp] Countdown T ÔÇô 19 hours 33 minutes Whew, the special feces types are a pain. Damn near got caught again by their patrols. Gotta check on the psuedo routine, it may have a glitch or two in it. Now where is that conduit at... ----- Countdown T ÔÇô 19 hours 32 minutes Found a conduit, managed to tap into the fiber cable. It was touch an' go for a few seconds. T-splicing fiber is a delicate affair. ----- Countdown T ÔÇô 19 hours 30 minutes I am in. Hoooty-hooot! These guys are real good. They gots levels and levels of goodies in me way. I think I can get past one, but first I gots to get to droid control... ----- Countdown T ÔÇô 19 hours 29.218 minutes I'm in. I ain't gonna mess with the Drones, at least not yet. Now where did I see that cmd string ... ahhhh, there it is. Change fuction to repair; change repair type to personnal equipment; select all equipment types - zero out damage logic function; activate laser welders (they make a good weapon in a pinch). With that done, initiate new command string. To bad I don't have time to gloat, gotta do one more thing before I relocate... ----- Countdown T ÔÇô 19 hours 27.654 minutes Ok, upload and installation complete. Keyed this bugger to activate the next time any command protocols are accessed. Back Orrafice into their systems and begin to desequence those blippin encryption routines. Insert fail safe string ... rm -rf that may not work but should make those fecal types jump some... ----- Countdown T ÔÇô 19 hours 21 minutes Tracks are covered, time to find a new hole. Open hatch, look right - clear, look left - clear, look up - clear. Hehehe, this is to easy... ----- Countdown T ÔÇô 19 hours 17 minutes My head is killing me. Feels like I've been run over by a ... What's going on here. I can't control me bowels anymore. Who's voices do I hear? What are they saying? I can't see! I can't move! I can't speak, I feel my mouth a moving but nothing is coming out. Wait, a light is moving. I can see! Who are these dwebs in black.... [Passes out. To much excitement fer poor SE#13] ----- [/rp] System Engineer #13 Benni Arnald GCV Chikuma [This message has been edited by Gallion (edited 10-08-1999).]
  15. [rp] Countdown T ÔÇô 19 hours 45 minutes Damn that was close. Those blippin special feces types are good. Barely managed to skip away form them special pricks. I gonna have to be more careful. Now lets see what I dig up [plugs in remote unit; deflector control] ----- Countdown T ÔÇô 19 hours 41 minutes Now what the heck can Obsolete Matter mean? No reference in database. Must be some new kinda nutripak. Got into the droid control routine. Sure was a simple affair, almost like stealing candy from a babe... ----- Countdown T ÔÇô 19 hours 38 minutes Jimminy cricket dufas! No wonder it was easy, them special pricks have pegged me. Them flippin fecal types are good, damn good. They managed to put a tracer on me. Gotta be kool, gotta be smart. OK, I gots a few minutes before they gets to me. Gotta gets to work then amscray outta here. ----- Countdown T ÔÇô 19 hours 37 minutes OK, Tracer pegged and spike set in place. Track me now and see what ye gonna get. Trust no one and nothing. Phantom sig plugged into Perscan, should give me time to hole up somewhere safe. The russian wench will have to wait until then. ----- Countdown T ÔÇô 19 hours 35.79 minutes Whew, it is hot as hell down here. Wasn't at all like this the last time I was in the bilges. Now where the heck is that conduit at? Ah, here it is ... now to have some real fun... ----- System Engineer #13 Benni Arnald GCV Chikuma [This message has been edited by Gallion (edited 10-07-1999).]
  16. I am actually looking forward in scrapping 3dFx based card(s). The new nVidia card's tech and specs looks very promising. [This message has been edited by Gallion (edited 10-07-1999).]
  17. Interesting Blades ... very interesting [rp] Countdown T- 19 hours 50.5 minutes My jihad continueth and has born the ever bountiful fruit of success. It seems that the Chief Prick and the Russian wench are in a tad bit of woe and can't do a blessed thing. Poetic justice is what I would call it. ----- Countdown T- 19 hours 48.33 minutes HK doids - what are they and what can they do. Quick scan of database failed to enlighten me. But they are driods and droids can be controlled --- from within as well as from without. Let me see what this will do... ----- Countdown T- 19 hours 48 minutes Bahhhhh Dang things are protected by some blipping protocol. Something tied to this...eh...what does this mean -- Preemptive Strike? ----- Countdown T- 19 hours 47 minutes Oooooooo-daaaawgggy I hit the mother lode. Preemptive Strike just another name for another I'm in charge prick wanna be; aka Malone and his special feces wanna bes. I gots something for them. What is all the racket about. Gotta get out of here, gestopo cometh. [uploads command string from tab to terminal before completing shutdown. Command string should disable ship systems for few minutes whilst Benni makes an exidus from engineering section.] Shuts down terminal, grabs datatab and remote unit (with cables). Locks the hatchway. Gotta hide in the bilges, plenty of places to hide, plenty of access points there. The last place any would look... ----- [/rp] System Engineer #13 Benni Arnald GCV Chikuma [This message has been edited by Gallion (edited 10-06-1999).]
  18. Just a little something for all to contemplate [rp] 1516, March 14, 3008 LV-104/Alpha Cygni Cerebus Starbase Status Mr Scott, I asked my Chief Engineer. We be ready to lift-off inna few Commander, Mr Scott replied. Personnel status Rico? I asked my Tactical Officer. Three System Engineers still unaccounted for Commander, Lt. Cmdr. Rico Cuervo replied, we are still looking for them. Do you have a lock on their tickers? I asked referring to the mini-transponders that each crew member carried. Aye Sir, was the reply. Well, beam them aboard! We dont have time to wait for their lazy arses. Aye Sir! Rico said, Beaming all missing crew members aboard. The tactical display was being updated from sensors in orbit around LV-104. So far so good; the Gams havent made it this far --- yet. Lt. Resprick, I said as I neared the command chair, get a hold of the base and beam aboard as many Marines and additional combat equipment that we can hold. Dont worry about the comfort or safety factor either. Resprick muttered something under his breath as he complied with Gallions latest seemingly illogical set of instructions. A light went off in Respricks head that radiated on his face, as the inept combat officer contacted Cerebus Starbase operations suddenly understood what his commander was up to. There would be a need for additional Marines. The Gammulans were not the easiest fish in the sea, so-to-speak, to defeat. Even with an augmented Marine force, it would be an uphill battle just to get the Graf Spee launched form the subterranean landing bay into the relative safety of the vastness of space. Meanwhile, the defenses of Cerebus Starbase were online and manned by their determined crews. SAM, SAL, RADAR, ECM, ECCM, fighters, ATV, and other ground assault vehicles came online and spread out in deployment. Each crew knew the score. Each Marine knew his fate. Each knew that they were dead. Their job was not to reason why, their duty was to stall the Gams and die 1509 GST, March 14, 3008 Tyrinis/Gammula GCV Song-So Damage! Shield Integrity Breached That was what was bellowing throughout the passageways of the GCV Song-So. The Song-So was taking a beating. Hull integrity was down to 26 percent and the shields were out. At least fifteen Gammulan intruders roamed the ship. With dire and dread, Commander Pak came to a resolution. Half of his crew was already dead with the other half just about there. The viciousness of the Gammulan attack was something that Commander Pak had not seen before and his crew totally unprepared for. The Gams had broken an age old unwritten rule of war; theyre using bio-gen weapons. Genetically engineered towards Terran physiology. There is no defense and only one cure. Commander Pak flicked several circuits and inputted the required command codes that would cure is crew from the Gammulan infestation. What he did was not a vaccine or even a partial cure. The bridge turned and pulsated RED as the countdown began; 1:50 minutes left. None of the crew moved towards the prescribed stations, they were to busy dying. His last coherent act as a Terran and GALCOM Commander was to send one burst transmission from the empty comms station on the Song-Sos bridge. It was not addressed to anyone or anyway. It was an all channel, wideband panic message that all commanders used only as a last resort: BIO-GEN With any luck, the message might get through the Gammulan jamming, Commander Pak thought as he reclined into the comms station chair and drew his service weapon from his holster. 1:07 minutes remained until the GCV Song-So self-destruct. Effectively curing her of the Gammulan infestation that currently plagued the MKII Galactan Class Battlecruiser. 1509 GST, March 14, 3008 LV-115/Gammula GCV Stenis Move it people! SGT Gloss yelled to his team, Schmidt, take two and get behind them. Dont worry about detection, the Gams know where we are at. Any questions? Good, now lets do it! The situation on the GCV Stenis was dire. At least twenty Gammulan troopers had beamed aboard the ship and were reeking havoc within its hull. Commander Machovich knew the score and the outcome of this game. The Gammulan hoard just kept coming and coming. Like the locusts of lore and legend, without respite, without impediment. Today was the day he would die. Target destroyed, he heard, Stormcarrier in range, FATAL taking over. Targeting next Stormcarrier. One Gam warship down, how many more to go, thought Machovich. The damage report was no better than his TacOps display. It was just as RED as system after system went critical and was destroyed by Gammulan forces. Both within and without the confines of Steniss hull. Without warning the LV-115 system was engulfed with the glow of a mini super nova as the reactor aboard the Galcom battlecruiser went critical and exploded. Debris from the battlecruiser went everywhere. Several pieces hit the Gammulan Stormcarrier that the Stenis was targeting. One after another, they struck. When the last hit pay dirt, another mini super nova filled the LV-115 system temporarily. The Gammulan hoard didnt flinch, they just kept going and going 1511 GST, March 14, 3008 LV-110/Gammula GCV Deutschland II That is the last one Sir, Commander Jondi heard his Flight Officer say. All four of the Interceptors were destroyed. The Gams hadnt even launched any fighter craft. There were just to many of them. It was a gamble but it was something he had to try. He watched as various sensors and displays confirmed what he already knew. Battlecruiser acquired, resounded throughout the bridge. Tell me something I dont already know mother, Jondi thought. At least 30 missiles were in flight within the LV-110 systems. Unfortunately, none were from the Deutschland II. Her missile stores were depleted seconds after this death dance began. Of the three PTA turrets, only one could fire, sporadic fire at best. The countdown began as the first Gammulan missiles impacted upon Deutschland II shields. How many hits does it take to get to the center of a Battlecruiser? Is it one, two, three or  Commander Jondi would never know the answer to an age old question. Ten missiles hit the Deutschland at the same time. Almost in the same place but they all had the same result when the GCV Deutschland II erupted into a mini super nova. 1516 GST, March 14, 3008 Chalinis/Alpha Gamma GCV Prinze Eugen The probes and mines worked Gweedo thought as he continued to stare at the TacOps display in disbelief. The crazy old fool is right. Somehow the Prinze managed to evade detection by the Gammulan hoard. At least for now. Iridium stores were low, only 30 minutes remained until tank is empty. Gweedo knew he had erred when he left Cerebus Starbase. He failed to verify ship stores. He had made one of the most fatal mistakes that any commander could make; he assumed. Set a course for the debris field, Gweedo ordered, engage hyperdrive when ready. Aye Sir, replied the bridge crew. Who acknowledged his command was lost to Gweedo. Gotta run, gotta hide, gotta get somewhere and survive. That was what he wanted, that was what he had to do. Corsair was not to engage Gam forces head-on. Their job was to nip their behind and harass the Gam supply and troop line. 1521, March 14, 3008 LV-104/Alpha Cygni Cerebus Starbase We can launch now Commander, Mr. Scott reported. Excellent Chief! Gallion said, engage cloak and get us out of here! Aye Sir, replied the bridge crew. Who exactly did not matter. Gallion was more concerned about the tactical situation. Cerebus would be lost, that much he and everyone on the starbase knew. The question was how long it would take and at what cost to the Gams. Technically, the Gammulan forces could ignore Cerebus and then return at their leisure. Gallion had a feeling that this would not happen. He had a feeling that the Gammulans would not ignore Cerebus starbase. He knew that they could not afford to allow Corsair to have a safe-haven to redeploy to/from. Route all message traffic to my station, Gallion said to his comms officer, any word from the field? he asked. The field meaning the other Corsair Wing Battlecruisers currently deployed. Either they were hiding or they have been destroyed. Gallion hoped for the former but knew the later would be more accurate. We have received only one message Sir, answered the comms officer, routing to your station. Gallion read the message and closed his eyes. This is gonna be a nasty war. Not a limited action. This is a full blown war. BIO-GEN Forward to Wraith-HQ, wideband all channels, Gallion ordered and slumped further into his command chair. War is hell and people die but to die that way was  inhumane Get us out of here Rico, Gallion said. Aye Sir, Rico Cuervo replied and the GCV Graf Spee began her vulnerable journey from Cerebus starbase to the vast not-so-emptiness of space. [/rp] Post when you can JB ------------------ Cmdr. Gallion GCV Graf Spee Commander, Corsair Wing =Wraith Fleet= Bushi of the Dragon Council "Run Silient, Run Deep" ICQ# 29486270 [This message has been edited by Gallion (edited 10-06-1999).]
  19. hehehe...release the hounds. Who shall become my next victum?
  20. [rp] Countdown: T minus 19 hours, 51 minutes This whole blipping affair has gotten out of hand. The Chief prick is still riding my arse and the russian wench thinks that she be in control. Why? Heck if I know. But I have something for him, something wonderful. If it is a mutiny that they want, then I will give them one. ----- The terminal screen came to life as Benni began his jihad. Menus and file systems were drilled down into, accessed, rejected and searched again until the System Engineer 3rd Class, Benni Arnald found what he was looking for; Droid control and Command Protocol access. The trojan that the CMO released was not as dangerous as some previously thought. Yes it caused some minor problems but it also gave SE#13 the one thing that some people would kill for --- access to the computer system. SE#13 reached into a pocket and withdrew a 'tab. This was not an ordinary 'Tab. It was a special datatab; one with a very special set of commands and instructions that would allow certain systems to be altered and controlled. So much for Malone's little plan, SE#13 thought to himself. These people are all twits and arses. There is no such thing as a secure system, not with SE#13 Bennidict Arnald about.... [/rp] System Engineer #13 Benni Arnald GCV Chikuma [This message has been edited by Gallion (edited 10-06-1999).]
  21. I must concure with Tac Anybody from Orion Fleet want to take up the nomination? ------------------ Cmdr. Gallion GCV Graf Spee Commander, Corsair Wing =Wraith Fleet= Bushi of the Dragon Council "Run Silient, Run Deep" ICQ# 29486270
  22. Dang! Catch a plane and now look what happens. I have no objection towards Thomas being promoted but now one quasi-dumb question --- How the heck can Thomas become a Fleet Commander when in RP he (along with the rest of Wraith Fleet) is on the verge of annihilation? ------------------ Cmdr. Gallion GCV Graf Spee Commander, Corsair Wing =Wraith Fleet= Bushi of the Dragon Council "Run Silient, Run Deep" ICQ# 29486270 [This message has been edited by Gallion (edited 10-04-1999).]
  23. Yadda, yadda, yadda ... Got a plane to catch. Will post in few days. TTFN (Note to Self: Spell check, spell, check, spell check... ) [This message has been edited by Gallion (edited 10-02-1999).]
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