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  1. Release the hounds (rp) 1506 GST, March 14, 3008 Chalinis/Alpha Gamma GCV Prinze Eugen The feeling of dread and foreboding that Gweedo had bore fruit as his TacOps officer interupted his decision making process. "Commander! We are surrounded by Gammulan Warships!" "How the ...," Gweedo began to say before he realized the futility of the statement. The Gammulans lived off of Iridium as much as, if not more than, Corsair Wing did. Mother could be heard over the Prinze Eugen's intercom, Battlecruiser Acquired. "Somebody turn Mother off," Gweedo said, "engage cloak; TacOps I need a count by ship class; CO get your Marines moving. Comms, have you raised Cerebus yet?" The Tactical Officer began her ordeous task of counting the numorous Gam warships and quit when she reached 30 and was about to report her findings when the Comms officer reported, "Thats a negative Sir, all communications are being jammed by the Gammulan forces." Gweedo looked at his TacOps display and then to his Tactical Officer. There was no need for her to report. The Scope was damn near all red. "Launch all Probes, launch all mines. Minus 500 attitude, full reverse. Prepare to be boarded," Gweedo Ordered. He knew that by launching the probes and mines that the cloaking field that was just beginning to form around the Prinze Eugen would be disrupted, but it was a tactical dicision he had to make. Give the Gams something to shoot at and maybe, just maybe they might be able to slip out of the Gam's sight. Intruder Alert was heard bellowing throughout the ship. Gweedo said a silient prayer as he prepared to try and slip out of a Gammulan deathtrap. ----- 1506 GST, March 14, 3008 LV-110/Gammula GCV Deutschland II "Negative contact with Cerebus Sir, all communcations are being interfered with," the Communcations Officer said to Commander Jondi. Now what would cause all communications to be interfered with, Jondi wondered to himself. There was no unusual solar activity occurring in LV-110. In fact this whole patrol had been down right boring. About the only excitment was counting the junk in the debris field that circle the system. "Any luck in tracing the source of that last transmission," Jondi asked. "Can't pin-point the source location but it came from the general area around Gamma-2," the comms officer replied. Commander Jondi was perplexed by this mysterious transmission. There was no "From", "To", or "Subject" line as messages were suppose to be formatted. The only thing that they were able to decipher was "...Gamma...". Nothing more and nothing less. Either there was serious interference at the transmission's source or someone or something was jamming what ever transmitted the message. To make matters worse, they could not get in contact with Cerebus Starbase. It was almost as if something was out there... "Commander, a slew full of Gammulan Warships have entered the system. Bearing 279 point 5 off our starboard quarter bow, range 45000K and closing," the Tactical Officer belowed. "There is the source of our interference people," Jondi said to no one in particular, "RED ALERT! CO get those Jar-heads moving and prepare to be boarded. Launch all probes and deploy all mines; keep reloading and launching mines until we dont have anymore!" Commander Jondi suddenly realized what Gamma meant in the mysterious transmission. Although he didn't know the whole story or what the cause was, he knew what had to be done. "Comms - Send a message; wideband all freqs: Gamma Omega. Keep sending it until you cannot send it anymore." Jondi knew what was coming. It was something that his commander had harped on for the past five years. The Gammulan hoard has finally awoken and is being let loose upon the Galaxy. Its first stop would be Cerebus, then Rinaal, then on-ward to Sol. ----- 1506 GST, March 14, 3008 LV-115/Gammula GCV Stenis The bridge viewer on the Stenis's bridge was a constant flicker of light flashes. These light flashes were consistant with a vessel of sometype entering a system through the numerous Jump points located throughout the Galaxy. The only problem Commander Machovich had was that he was deep, very deep, in Gammulan space. His mission; to liberate the spaceways of any and all Gammulan Cargo. A plehtora of something has been entering the system from Gamma-2 for the past five minutes without letup. That and a mysterious and garbled transmission that only said "...a Omeg..." Commander Machovich was not the brightest star in the Galaxy but he is a competent Battlecruiser Commander and a somewhat brilliant tactician. At times his thoughts moved as fast as an icecube melting on the north pole on Earth. At other times he was quicker than a Terran entertainer in heat. Fortunately for the Stenis and her crew, Machovich's thoughts were the later. He quickly put the pieces of the puzzle together to complete the menagerie. "RED ALERT!" he bellowed, "Engage Cloak, Combat get those lard asses moving. We will soon have company!. Comms, send a message wideband all channels, Gamma Omega. Send for five minutes and then cease." Just as Machovich completed bellowing his orders, mother began speak over the ship's intercom - Battlecruiser Acquired. Machovich and the entire bridge crew bagan to look at the various TacOps displays located around the bridge when the Combat Offcier belowed unexpectantly, "Intruder Alert, Intruder Alert!" The Commander of the GCV-Stenis took his gaze from his TacOps display for only a second to survey his bridge officers. Each was busy doing what they have been trained for. Each was preoccupied with their own slice of the pie. When Machovich returned his attention to his TacOps display, he involuntarily opened his mouth in surprise and let out a gasp that was heard by those closest to him on the bridge. The display had turned red. As red as the colour of Terran blood. As red as the colour of enemy IFF blips. ----- 1506 GST, March 14, 3008 Tyrinis/Gammula GCV Song-So "Multiple incomming transmissions Commander!" Lt. Kim-IL said from the GCV-Song-So's Communications station on the bridge. "Pipe then through Lieutenant," Commander Pak said. As with the previous mysterious transmission, these too were garbled and almost inconprehensible. only bits and pieces of each could be decerned and deciphered. Heck the latest ones were not even encrypted. ".........ma..........." "......G.....O........." ".............mega....." "G....................." "......................" ".........ma.Om........" Each message seperately was garbage. The Commander of the Song-So had deduced. "Lt. Kim," Commander Pak began, "what would happen if each transmission was overlaid atop one another?" "I donno," Lt. Kim-IL replied, "do we feel rucky Commander?" With a knowing grin on his face, Commander Pak said, "Yes Lieutenant, I do feel rucky. we have recieved five transmissions and not six. So make it happen." Aye Sir," Kim-IL replied with an equally mischecious grin on her face. Yes I do feel rucky, she thought to herself as she began the simple task of over-laying the coherent parts of the transmissions over one another. Once she was done she piped them onto the bridge viewer screen and said, "overlay complete Commander." Commander Pak looked up from his own endeavor and saw the result of Lieutenant Kim-IL's efforts. The colour of his face turned a milky white when he realized what the garble meant as the blood drained from his face. "....G.mma.Omega..." "RED ALERT!" he ordered, "All hands to battle stations! This is not a drill! CO get those Jar-heads moving! We will soon be up to our arses in..." "Enemy Warships on the scope!" the tactical officer yelled from his station, "IFF indicates Gammulan at least thirty warships of various types. More still coming in through the Jump Point..." Commander Pak tuned out the rest of what his Tactical Officer was saying he knew what the score was and he knew his chances; about a snowball's chance in Hades. "Comms," he began, "send this message, wideband all channels for as long as you can - Gamma Omega." Commander Pak then settled into his chair and began to get to business. "Target the nearest blip and engage when in range. Set PTAs to 100% and IOD to 50%. Easy on the missiles, we dont have that many..." The GCV Song-So came about and engaged the nearest Gammulan warship, a Stormcarrier, and began her slow dance with duece, the reaper, and death... ----- 1508 GST, March 14, 3008 LV-104/Alpha Cygni Cerebus Starbase "Hey Lieutenant," PO1 Bratchet said, "we are recieving a plethora of transmissions. All of them are garbled. "Pipe them through," the CWO Lieutenant said, "what kind of garbage are we recieveing now." The CWO was still smarting from the dressing down that he had recieved from the Base duty officer, Major Raznak, earlier. The new transmisions were almost exactly the same as the one he reported to the snobbish Major. The only difference this time was the scope of the transmissions. Each transmission came from a different source. This much the CWO could discern. Each transmission encompassed and flooded every channel and every frequency of his communications recievers. On another terminal he plotted an azimuth. Like the spokes of a wheel the plots went out, with Cerebus at the center. Each azimuth went in a straight line. At one end was Cerebus Starbase, the other went through what was commonly known as the Gammulan Home system cluster of stars. The CWO then unsealed a OPLAN that had the general OPORD of each Corsair Wing Battlecruiser. He then place a maker at where a MKII Battlecruiser might be located IAW the OPORDs. Sure enough, the dots connected at both ends. One end at Cerebus and the other, well that dot just might be a Corsair Galactan Class MKII Battlecruiser. Without hesitation, he turned to page 159, Appendix G of the Base duty officer's special instructions and verified his deductions. Having done so he hit the panic button located under a piece of plexiglass labeled Break Glass in Case of an Emergency. Throughout the Starbase the Klaxon sounded. PO1 Bratchet watched in horror as the Communications Watch Officer, Lieutenant J.G. Hastur J. Halsey, began to speak into the comm link. A comm link that reverberated throughout the Base, "Gamma Omega, Gamma Omega, this is not a drill. Commander Gallion to the Cummucations Room ASAP! Gamma Omega, Gamma Omega, this is not a drill!" Rio had just scored a goal in the Foosball cup. an exhuborant Major Raznak brought a cup of steaming java to lips and was about to take a sip when the Kalxon sounded. Which startled the Major and caused him to jump in his seat, spilling the steaming cup of java all over the front of his pressed uniform. That son-of-a-... the Major began to say. He turned to his runner, PO3 Johnston and asked, "Just what in the hell is Gamma Omega Johnston?" PO3 Johnston could not stand Major Raznak, duty with him was always a challenge exoerience. With as much spite as he could muster, he said, "Look in your Special Instructions Sir. Pay particular attention to Appendix G and maybe, just maybe, you might be able to save your arse before Colonel Arnold and Commander Gallion catch wind of your actions." "Rather, inaction," PO3 Johnston continued to say before adding, "sir." ----- 1510 GST, March 14, 3008 LV-104/Alpha Cygni Cerebus Starbase "What the ..." I yelled as I grabbed my head. The klaxon had waken me from a deep sleep and I bang my head on the rack above me. ".....Gamma Omega........Gallion to the Communcations Room ASAP...." Jesus H ...., I thought, now what. "...this is not a drill...." Holy sheep guono. As fast as I could I put some clothing on over my body and made my way to the Base Communications Room. I still had my boots in my hands when I reached the Comm Room. "Attention on Deck!" I heard bellowed from somewhere as I entered the Comm room. I scanned the room and saw one petty officer and one lieutneant j.g. The PO was worried and the LtJG was stiff as a board as he stood at attention. "Carry On," I said, "Report!" "Sir," LtJG Halsey began, "we have received......" He went throught the entire speal. I looked at what he had plotted on the Comms Room viewer and heard/read the transmissions. When Halsey began to backtrack and report Major Raznak's inaction, I just about lost it all. My blood began to boil as my temper began to perculate. Fortunately or unfortunately, depending on how one looks at it, Major Raznak, Gamcom Marine, walked into the Communications Room. "Commander Gallion," the Major Began, "Sir, I was just about to r..." "Stiffle it Major," I said, trying to maintain both my temper and my command bearing, "is it true that Lt Halsey reported this to you earlier?" "Yes Sir," Raznak replied, "and I was.." "Is it true that that you said that Lieutenants are not paid to think," I continued, not giving this imbecile a chance, "and that is why Galcom creating Majors?" "Aye, Sir," the poor Major said, "I was..." "Well Major," I said as calmly as I could, "it is a good thing that Galcom also created Commanders now isn't it?" "I...," Major Raznak began before I cut him off. "Who flippin' died and left you in charge Major? Since when does a Major, a no time in grade Major at that, decide what is important and what is not?" I bellowed as Colonel Arnold entered the Communications Room. "Colonel, this man is relieved of all duties and is under arrest. He will be placed in pre-trial confinement in the brig until a courts-martial can be convened," I said to Colonel Arnold, "the charge is derilection of duty and conduct unbecoming an officer." A look of disbelief appeared on both Major Raznak's and Colonel Arnold's faced as the severity of the charges sunk in. I turned and walked over to and spoke into the Starbase commlink mic, "This is Commander Gallion, Gamma Omega! This is not a drill. Evacuate all non-essential personnel and prepare base defenses to extend a warm welcome for the arrival of Gammulan swine." Having said that, I walked out of the comms room towards the landing bay that housed the Graf Spee. With any luck, I can get her lauched and into the relative safety of the vastness of space. A couple of Marines, in full battle dress, mauled over me as I turned a corner. With out saying a word of apology, the Marines picked themselves off the deck and continued towards their destination. Trying to shake the cobwebs of the encounter out of my head, I opened a commlink with the Graf Spee. The ever diligent, Mr. Scott answered my call. "Status report Mr. Scott," I said. "We be ready to launch in five minutes, ser!" Monti said in his welsh accent, "We've ta cold start t'e engines." "Transporter work," I asked. "Aye Ser," Monti replied. "Well beam me aboard!" I bellowed. "Aye Ser!" Lt. Cmdr. Scott said. As I gathered my boots, I could imagine the smile on his face when he realized that I had forgotten about that little bit of technology that I always seem to forget about. 1514, March 14, 3008 LV-104/Alpha Cygni Cerebus Starbase ----- (/rp) ------------------ Cmdr. Gallion GCV Graf Spee Commander, Corsair Wing =Wraith Fleet= Bushi of the Dragon Council "Run Silient, Run Deep" ICQ# 29486270 [This message has been edited by Gallion (edited 10-06-1999).]
  2. Tac/Ben check your times (rp) 1505 GST, March 14, 3008 LV-104/Alpha Cygni Cerebus, Corsair Wing Starbase "Incoming transmission from ...," PO1 Bratchet said to the Comms Watch Officer (CWO), "... unable to decipher completely sir, to much interference." "Put it on the viewer," the CWO said. "Aye Sir," PO1 Bratchet repied. "...Omega..." was the only part of the transmission that made it through the static. The CWO swallowed air involuntarily when he realized the possible implication of the transmission. "Clean up and verify this transmission," he said to PO1 Bratchet as he piped the Base duty officer's comm link. The duty officer of the day for Cerebus Starbase was a very board Marine Major by the name of Raznak. "What ya want comms?" MAJ Ranak said. "Sir, we have just recieved a transmission, a very strange transmission," the CWO said. "Originating station?" asked the Major. "Unknown Sir," the CWO said, "the transmission was garbled. We are attempting to clean up and trace the transmission now." "Pipe it though Lieutenant," Raznak said as he activated his viewscreen. "What kind of smack are you trying to pull on me Lieutenant?" Major Raznak said after seeing the garbage transmission, "And what the hell is Omega?" "Sir, review the Base duty officer's special instructions and you will see th...," the CWO began before Major Raznak cut him off abruptly. "I don't need a CWO Lieutenant to tell me my duties," Major Raznak yelled into his comm link, "this transmission is garbage and nothing but garbage. Send me a clean message and then I will determine the validity of it. Until then Lieutenant, attend to your duties and I will attend to mine. Do I make myself clear Lieutenant?. Aye Sir," the CWO replied, "perfectly clear sir. Sorry ... sorry to have bothered you sir. Damn Lieutenants, Major Raznak thought to himself as he ternimated the comms link, they dont get paid to think. That is why Galcom created Majors. At that, Raznak chuckled to himself and turned his attention back to the Fussball vid he was enjoying before being rudely interupted by the Lieutenant. Rio de Jinero was playing Khobar in the cup finals. He had 100 credits on Rio. ----- 1505 GST, March 14, 3008 Chalinis/Alpha Gamma GCV Prinze Eugen Gweedo was still on cloud 9 after accepting the command of the Prinze Eugen. He had feared the worst when Commander Gallion had told him to pack his bags and report to him at his office on Cerebus Starbase. He and Gallion had been having difficulties of late; they were bumping heads. The once well oiled team that could think and act without a word uttered between them had fallen apart. Why? Gweedo had no idea at the time but now he knew. Gallion had put his neck on the Galcom chopping block, once again, and recommended him for both promotion and command. His first mission was simple, check the various LP/OP stations that were stashed throughout the Gam quad. He didn't even have time to get to know his officers and cew before they were shipped out. The LP/OP stations that he had checked up on so far were OK and operating within normal parameters. There was one LP/OP located in the debris field of Chalinis that was a bugger to get to. Once the LP/OP was checked out they would be off to LV-110 to check the LP/OP located there. "Incoming message Commander," the comms officer said, "I can't make it out completely through all the static." "Pipe it though Lt.," Gweedo said as he activated his comms view screen. "...Omega..." was the only part that came through the static of space. "Source?" Gweedo asked. "Unknown Sir," the young and unexperienced communcations officer said, "the transmission signal is weak." "Well trace it Lt.!" Gweedo almost yelled as he brought up his OPLAN, "and at least give me the direction that the transmission came from." "Aye Sir," the comms officer replied. Only one Galcom vessel was known to be in Gammulan space that was not assigned to Corsair Wing, the Swiftsure. Gweedo hadn't a clue to where the other Corsair Battlecruisers were. Their flight plans were never filed or logged. Only the departure and return dates could be found. The only Corsair Battlecruiser that was not somewhere was the Graf Spee. She was still at Cerebus Starbase. Expect the unexpected was one thing that Gweedo had learned from Gallion over the years. That, and never expect a mission to go as planned. With that thought, Gweedo had a moment of either inspiration or foolhardiness. "RED ALERT!" he said, "All hands to Battlestations! Comms, open a channel with Cerebus ASAP!" Gweedo sat back into his command chair and contemplated his actions. He hoped that he was wrong but he had a feeling, a feeling of dread and foreboding... (/rp) ------------------ Cmdr. Gallion GCV Graf Spee Commander, Corsair Wing =Wraith Fleet= Bushi of the Dragon Council "Run Silient, Run Deep" ICQ# 29486270 [This message has been edited by Gallion (edited 09-23-1999).]
  3. One loose end to tie up then on with the show (rp) 2258 GST, March 13, 3008 LV-104/Alpha Cygni Cerebus, Corsair Wing Starbase Personal Log The surprise that I gave Gweedo was well worth the wait. He was totally unprepared for what I gave him - command of his own Battlecruiser, the Galactan Class MKII, GCV Prinze Eugen. For a moment I thought that he was gonna start crying. Not that I would blame him. He is the first Corsair to be promoted within the Wing's ranks to Commander and the First Corsair to gain his own command. Maybe the Corsair stigma is gone and we are no longer the misfits of Galcom. Colonel Arnold on the other hand, is an incompetent buffoon. The ever-inept Lt. Resprick looks like a genius compared to Col Arnold. The defensive upgrades and reinforcements that I ordered installed and in place before departing on the now failed mission have not been instituted. Why Galcom assigned him to Cerebus is still a mystery to me. I will recommend convening a General Courts-Martial and charge him with dereliction of duty, conduct unbecoming and officer, and anything else that I can think of. Cerebus is a sitting duck. The only bit of good news within the past 24 hours came from Mr. Scott. Repairs to the Graf Spee are complete and all systems are 100% operational. Monti and Rico also managed to rerig the IFF bypass. The IFF transponder will only activate when the weapons systems are on-line. At least something went right around here. The LPs/OPs scattered about the Gam Quad are singing like canaries. Several LPs/OPs are noting some unusual activity. This may be a false alarm. It has happened before. Flt. Cmdr. Ristar and the Order are requesting confirmation. I sent Gweedo and the Prinze Eugen on his first mission; to investigate and alerted the rest of the Wing of possible Gammulan Fleet movement. Only one of the Wing's currently deployed five BCs have replied acknowledging receipt of message, the Blackwidow. I need proof before I raise the alarm. S.I.N. Wing is resupplying Artemis tomorrow, maybe they can confirm or deny the dread that I feel. Something is not right. Something tells me that this is not another falsey. Something tells me that this is ... the real McCoy. End Personal Log (/rp) Unless anyone has anything else to setup before the show begins, the action will continue in the Gamma Omega thread. The gates of Hades are now open and the demon hoard is pissed ------------------ Cmdr. Gallion GCV Graf Spee Commander, Corsair Wing =Wraith Fleet= Bushi of the Dragon Council "Run Silient, Run Deep" ICQ# 29486270 [This message has been edited by Gallion (edited 09-22-1999).]
  4. hehehe ... (rp) 1600 GST, March 12th, 3008 LV-104/Alpha Cygni Cerebus, Corsair Wing Starbase Personal Log The mission was a fiasco. What was to be a milk-run assignment, capture one each Tarin Mark2 Transport vessel, turned into a can of worms. Once again the Graf Spee is visited by an unseen hand. A hand that I thought was erraticated several years ago in the Trenis System. Murphy has once again made his diabolical presence felt when the tractor beam failed. Not only did the tractor beam system fail, the entire weapons computer went with it. Mr. Scott is confident that both systems can be repaired within 12 hours; replaced would be a better term. After I reviewed the damage report, it would be cheaper and easier to replace both systems completely. The tractor beam is the easiest to replace. Replacing the weapons computer will prove to be more challanging. If LeFevre were still with us I would be more confident in the results. Sure the weapons systems would come back on line and be ever ready for attack or defense. What bothers me is getting the IFF Transponder bypass rerigged. The entire premise of the Graf Spee's silent running depends on the ablility to bypass the IFF transponder. Galcom insists that every Galcom vessel has a functional IFF Transponder and module installed. The IFF transponders are an intrical part of the weapons systems and are hardcoded and wired into them. Lt. Cmdr. Rico Cuervo assured me that he could figure out how LeFevre did it. He even said that he found some of her old notes. It is to bad old Monti doesn't remember how we bypassed the bloody thing all those years ago. I wonder what else can go wrong with the old girl. I have a bad feeling about this. A feeling that I have not felt since ... since ... End Personal Log "Docking complete Commander," Lt. Cmdr. Gweedo reported as the rest of the crew began to shut down the Graf Spee's systems. She would be here for a while. Both the Tractor Beam and the Weapons Computer had to be replaced. Once that was done, Lt. Cmdr. Rico Cuervo and Lt. Cmdr. Scott had to figure out how to bypass the IFF Transponder once again. Normally Gweedo would supervise the ship repairs but I had a little surprise for him. One that is long overdue. "Lt. Cmdr. Gweedo," I began, "you are relieved of your duties, report to my office on Cerebus ASAP with all your gear." Gweedo's astonished look was worth it. He had earned what he had coming. "Lt. Gunnarsson will assume your duties until further notice." With that said and done I left the bridge and the ship. I had a surprise to keep and a starbase to inspect. One I looked forward to, the other I dreaded. "Gallion to Cerebus," I piped into my comm link, "I want a current SITREP on my desk in five minutes and have Colonel Arnold there with it too." I turned the comm link off without waiting for a reply. Corsairs can and will do anything that Galcom wants; especially what Galcom does not want. I know, I trained them and that is what scares me the most... (/rp) ------------------ Cmdr. Gallion GCV Graf Spee Commander, Corsair Wing =Wraith Fleet= Bushi of the Dragon Council "Run Silient, Run Deep" ICQ# 29486270 [This message has been edited by Gallion (edited 09-17-99).]
  5. (rp) Mission + 21 days 15 hours 44 minutes The CMO's access count is up to 30. Anytime now and the Trojan will be released. A Trojan that will cripple this tub's comp system. ----- Mission + 21 days 16 hours 04 minutes Scuttlebut has it that the Russian wench and the Prick in charge had a round or two on the bridge. Hope the Russian Wench wins, she looks better in the command chair. ----- Mission + 21 days 16 hours 13 minutes The Chief prick totally disregarded my warning about the anomaly in the shield deflector array subsystem. He says not to worry about it and that it is an undocumented design enhancement inherent to the L-IVS shield system. I think that he is full of guono myself. ----- Mission + 21 days 16 hours 55 minutes Gravy duty complete, system diagnostics check for the prick in charge are complete. Chief prick has me checking on IC3. Something about cross-wiring that the colour blind Jonesy did earlier that needs to be fixed ----- Mission + 21 days 17 hours 5 minutes Cant get to the flight deck anymore. There be goons all over the place. Ah well, looks like the repairs on IC3 will have to wait. ----- Mission + 22 days 12 hours 43 minutes Klaxon is sounding gots to get to me battle station - where ever that is. I see an open system terminal. I wonder what I will find... ----- (/rp) System Engineer #13 Benni Arnald GCV Chikuma [This message has been edited by Gallion (edited 09-17-99).]
  6. For those that are wondering, please refer to this thread: www.bc3000ad.com/ubb/Forum7/HTML/000326.html And to the rest of ye Galcom leader types - What ye post is what ye will reap (rp) March 12th, 3008 Undetermined location in the Gammulan Quadrant "What do you mean it doesn't work?" I asked my Chief Engineer, Lt. Cmdr. Montigue Scott, "It has been working for the past five years with no problems and now ye are telling me that it don't work!" I watched as Mr. Scott shuffled on his feet as he searched for an answer. An answer that I would believe, an answer that I knew I wouldn't like or want to hear. "But...but...bu..," Scott began, "..I, no we, have been patching the Graf Spee up with micky mouse jury-rigs for the past eight years. You canno' expect them to last forever ser! There is only so far dat a stick of gum will go or last" I had to laugh at that, and laugh I did as I remembered the cliche that worked. Scott had a worried look on his face when he heard me laugh. Until he realized that I was not laughing at him or the situation at hand. "So what are ye telling me Monti is that we need to make repairs. And that these repairs cannot be accomplished at out current location or under our current mission conditions," I asked my chief engineer. The rest of the bridge crew waited with baited breath for Scott's reply. "Range, 25km and closing," Gweedo reported from the TacOps position, "Gammulan Military Tarin MK2, and loaded to the gills..." I looked at the cargo manifest of our current target, a fat Gammulan Military supply transport enroute to Gammula. A transport loaded with several hard-to-find items, "Well Mister Scott, I am..." "Aye Ser!" Scott finally replied. "We need to make repairs at a docking facility. The one at Cerebus should do right nicely." Whew, I thought to me self, at least he didn't say Wraith-HQ. Londono parks his arse their and I don't want to have to deal with his insatiable demands or guono. "Very Well, disengage attack profile, stand-down the away teams, set course for LV-104," I ordered. I saw Scott breath a sigh of relief, Lt. Resprick - my incompetent and sorry excuse of a combat officer - also let out a sigh of relief. Gunny York shook his head in disdain at his Lieutenant's display. "Send the Gams a present Gweedo," I added in retrospect, "engage transportor as required." Gweedo nodded and complied with my orders. "T-bombs are away Sir!" he reported. "Approaching Jump Gate," Lt. Gunnar Gunnarsson reported from Navaigation cutting off Gweedo's report. "The Gam transport is drifting, Integrity down to 15 percent..." "Entering LV-110, ETA to Cerebus is one hour Commander," Gunnar reported. "Very well, Comms send this out to the Order," I said to the Comms Officer, Lt. Olonga Boswinski, "do not wait for a reply." "Aye Sir," she replied, "message sent, channel closed." Ristar and the rest of the Council will be livid. That transport was our target. Intell had it that the Gams have developed a new cloaking technique and that the prototype of it is on that ship. A ship that we were to capture. A capture that was aborted all because of a 20 Galcred part and a rotten piece chewing gum. (/rp) ------------------ Cmdr. Gallion GCV Graf Spee Commander, Corsair Wing =Wraith Fleet= Bushi of the Dragon Council "Run Silient, Run Deep" ICQ# 29486270 [This message has been edited by Gallion (edited 09-17-99).]
  7. Do a search on the RP Forum for topics from last year. This will result in a plethora of RP Threads that may help ye cause. TTFN
  8. Angela - Yep, you right I be wrong. Dont need a Med book. Me Funk and Wagnel had definition of eyetooth - aka canine/incisor. My apologies. Now one with der show [rp] Mission + 20 days 21 hours 1 minutes This dang system diagnostic is really becoming a bear. Just as I get one diag started, the Chief prick comes running in demanding updates and checking up on me. Especially after the deflector grid fiasco. How that dead wench got into that beats the heck out of me, but it does give me an idea... ----- Mission + 20 days 22 hours .01 minutes Holy sheep pebbles Garth! Watch ye step Wayne! Man that was close. I was tinkering around in the security systems and almost got caught by a sniffer. It seems the the Gunny is not an average Goon. I gonna have to lay off of him for a while. ----- Mission +21 days 0hrs 19min. I got slammed into the bulkhead by a Goon squad running A drill. Smacked me head up pretty good. That Medic, the one that got transfered to the cannon fodder team, fixed me up pretty good. Glad I revised my list...at least for now. ----- Mission + 21 days 1 hours 13 minutes That was great, Stephanie Headlamps was working on another of the plethora of problems that seems to plague this tub, when she blew her britches bending over a pipe. I wish that I could have seen the whole show. I only caught the tomatoe portion as I entered the engineering section. The rest of Team #3 filled me in on the gory details. Maybe she will wear a regulation fit uniform now - one not as snug. ------ Mission + 21 days 7 hours 6 minutes I found an anomaly in the shield deflector array subsystem today. The dang thing is so small I almost missed it. The two d-arrays power ratio wave combiner are 2 degrees out of phase. I notified the Chief prick. Who ever did this is good, real good. I hate to see what would happen if we went to full shields. Talk about fireworks... ----- Mission + 21 days 8 hours 23 minutes Man I got to get this prick off my case. He is constantly looking over my back. Either he is on to me or the prick commander is really on his case. I think that I needs to lay off for a while. Things are getting a little touchy... ----- [rp/] System Engineer #13 Benni Arnald GCV Chikuma [This message has been edited by Gallion (edited 09-02-99).]
  9. Angela - YES - Terrans do have an eyetooth (checked my funk and wagnel). [rp] Mission + 20 days 18 hours 26 minutes There has been a murder on board. It seems that the prissy wench Angela got stuck up IC3's exhaust port. Hehehe, 'tis a shame. She was an alright wench. The stories I hear about her tell of a wench with an appetite that is a challenge to quench. Poor Team #1, now Jonesy will have to really work, his team is short one system engineer. ----- Mission + 20 days 18 hours 29 minutes Stephanie Headlamps just gave us the news about what is going on in the Galley as we began to clean up the Flight Deck. Headlamps began telling Team #3 (in very graphic detail, with some pantomime thrown in for good measure) about a 'vid being played. It was a good thing the rest of the Team began to laugh, I almost blew it trying to keep a straight face during the tale. ----- Mission + 20 days 18 hours 56 minutes Damn FO and his Flight Engineers are next to useless scum. We just completed cleaning up their Flight Deck. I found an interesting crate near IC3 launch bay. It was marke Xeno...something. I popped the crate open and had a look see; looked like junk to me. I showed it to Stephanie Headlamps, she said to eject it. So we did. ----- Mission + 20 days 19 hours 1 minutes I had to report to the Chief prick. He wants me to conduct a complete system diagnostics check on every system. He told me that I would be excussed from any other duties until they were complete. I am to report the results of the system dianostic to him, the Chief prick himself and nobody else. Jonesy gave me a wierd look as I left the Chief prick's office. I gave him a playful wick as I departed and headed towards a terminal to begin my new task. I think that I can milk this job for a while, might even be able to get Jonsey to fetch some stuff for me. He is such a good suck arse... ----- [/rp] System Engineer #13 Benni Arnald GCV Chikuma [This message has been edited by Gallion (edited 09-02-99).]
  10. Mission + 19 days 9 hours .75 minutes [rp] Just heard the news about the Galcom head prick bitting the big one after I loaded my special 'vid into the ship-wide recreational 'vid-player queue. The 'vid of Gunny Diamond and that Russian wench should play within a couple of days. I stashed it in between the 4 millionth remake of that ancient classic, Dirty Harry and Deathwish 5000. I'd love to see the looks on their face when they realize that what is actually going on. 'Tis a shame what happened to the Supreme prick though, he was a good man. Looks like I will have to revise my victum list once again. ------- Mission + 19 days 9 hours 2.05 minutes Had to modify a earlier target. It seems that Medic Allen managed to get himself reassigned as cannon fodder for the ever inept Marine Goons. I think that I will leave this Medic alone...for now. I may needs is services in the future. Just have to get to a terminal without Jonesy finding me. He been looking a tadbit strange lately. I think that he is tipping the colas he fetchs for the Chief prick. --------- Mission + 19 days 10 hours 6 minutes I managed to rekey the trojan to activate when the Medical Officer Logs onto his terminal the 33rd time. I covered my tracks and left evidence pointing towards the Chief prick. One of these days the prick will change his password, until then...muuhahaha! ------------- Mission + 19 days 10 hours 32 minutes I ran into Jonesy again in the passageway. He threatened me and the rest of Team #3 about the poker game we had the other night. I was about to eject the prick-kisser out an airlock when that new wench, the one with the headlamps, saved his arse and really gave him a what-fer. Poor Jonsey didn't know what hit 'im. Now if I could only remember the wenches name...dang headlamps make me lose me train of thought every time it sees 'em... ------- Mission + 19 days 10 hours 59 minutes Completed a minor oversight on IC4 piloted by Diesel. It seems that Team #1 (Jonesy's Team) forgot to reconnect the shield generator to the IC's power grid. What an arse. The wench said that she would report him to the Chief prick as she and the rest of Team #3 called it a day. I hung around and finished one of my very special modifications to the Interceptor. I was taught that like polarities repel each other and unlike polarities attrack. I wonder what will happen if I do this... There, it is done. Team #1 and Jonesy will get the blame for this. So will the Chief prick, everyone knows that Jonesy is colorblind --------- [rp/] System Engineer #13 Benni Arnald GCV Chikuma [This message has been edited by Gallion (edited 08-28-99).]
  11. Slighty off topic but I needs to hand-jam this tidbit to ye. I seem to recall when I was brainstorming my own little scheme, yes, a Corsair can think fer themselves once in a blue moon - actually saw one the other night..., DeSylva informed me that the timeline between 3003 and 3008 is up for grabs. We (the RP community) couldn't do any major RP endeavors that would conflict with JB's CBS. In his Farewell post, DeSylva proposed a timeline that begins March of 3006. If this proposal becomes gospel, hehehe, then hold onto ye hats ladies and gents. The floodgates of Hades has opened Why do I mention this? Good question. I had to do some research before I stick foot in mouth. I was thinking that this crazy (and great) ride would conflict with something that I am scheming up for. All looks ok to me. Stick a date on this if ye wants to Blades, I'll be with thee. TTFN ------------------ Cmdr. Gallion GCV Graf Spee Commander, Corsair Wing =Wraith Fleet= Bushi of the Dragon Council "Run Silient, Run Deep" ICQ# 29486270
  12. Then this RP action would be around, say April or May of 3001?
  13. [rp] Mission + 2 days 13 hours 13 minutes I managed to find that number and was able to contact one of my old buddies. What amazed me most during our ensuing encounters was that he wasn't incarcerated somewhere. Miggoletto is not one of UFN's better citizens. His perspective of life within the UFN's confines is not, hmmmm, within the accepted norms. --------- Mission + 5 days 11 hours 21 minutes Yes! Paydirt! Miggoletto managed to find the items I requested. This will be good. Now to mount these 'vid recorders in the Russian Wench's and the Marine Gunny's quarters, and get this cola aboard the ship. --------- Mission + 7 days 12 hours 49 minutes Phase 1 is complete. Had to delay 'vid recorder installation a few hours. That prick Spencer had us installing some new experimental armor plate on IC3. We couldn't find the installation directions so we did the best that we could. At least the prick is not watching us all the time know. Maybe he is enjoying the special cola blend that Jones keeps fetching for him. Sooner or latter he will be caught. God I'd love to see the look on that prick Spencer's face when the custom authorities nab him for illegal substances. --------- Mission + 8 days 3 hours 5 minutes I guess the prick is feeling good now. He seems to have eased off of Team #3 a tad. I'd still like to see him sucking vacuum though. We completed repairs to the MediBay. The cloning device took a beating. We had to replace it completely. While we were at it, the prick had us do a software upgrade. Miggoletto came through for me once again. I managed to plant a trojan into the system. I keyed its activation to when that medic, Medic #7, Jayce Allen, logs onto the terminal. It took me a while but I managed to remove all my traces and planted evidence at that prick Spencer. So much for Officer immortality -------- Mission + 8 days 9 hours 35.75 minutes Finally get a break. I cleaned out my account and had to get fronted some credits by one of Miggoletto's friends. That is risky but worth it I think. The 'vid recorder installation is complete. I managed to get some real good and provocative vid recordings of the Russian wench when she took a shower the other night. The Marine Gunny was most cooperative also. It seems that he likes to do more than just sing when he takes a shower. I got to get these to Miggoletto, he knows somebody that can merge these vids together. This will be good. -------- Mission + 8 days 23 hours 59 minutes PTA system repaired. At least that is what Spencer reported. To bad he did not perform a complete QC check. Hehehehe, the prick missed several obvious errors. I dont think that Spencer knows the difference between a Worm Drive and an Energy Cell. The prick Spencer didn't notice the chewing gum wrapper we used on the PTA's Fusion Cell. We couldn't find the correct contact for the Fusion Cell so I went to Jonesy and got some chewing gum from him - he is the only SE that chews gum. I ditched the gum and refurbished the PTA Fusion Cell contact. It ain't perfect but it works. -------- Mission + 9 days 2 hours 6 minutes Miggoletto came through once again. The vids I gave him to edit are great. Heck I should keep the one Miggoletto gave me for myself. Talk about kinkiness, that Russian wench sure wrote the book on that. It looks like Gunny is having a good time. Now to get this on the ship-wide vid channel. -------- Mission + 11 days 9 hours 9 minutes Chief has us working on IC4, that prick Diesels Intercepter. At least Diesel knows how to fly. IC4 is no where near as bad off as IC3 was. I found the installation instructions for the experimental armor we put on IC3. It seems that we did not do it correctly. I told Simpson to destroy the installation intructions we foound. Heck, we can blame evrything on the Flight Officer anyway, he signed off on the QC chit and pronounced IC3 space-worthy. I wouldn't want to be in a fight in IC3. That armor is next to useless. One hit and it will crumble like an eggshell. -------- Mission + 19 days 6 hours 49 minutes That new wench the prick assigned to Team #3 is a looker. Man, those headlamps should be illegal. Maybe I should file a harrassment complaint against her. I dont like the way she eye-balls me. It makes me feel so...so cheap. [/rp] System Engineer #13 Benni Arnald GCV Chikuma [This message has been edited by Gallion (edited 08-27-99).]
  14. What's the matter Akira? Have you run out of cleaning fluid fer ye hyper-drive engines again? ------------------ Cmdr. Gallion GCV Graf Spee Commander, Corsair Wing =Wraith Fleet= Bushi of the Dragon Council "Run Silient, Run Deep" ICQ# 29486270
  15. Mission + 0 days 22 hours 00.25 minutes [rp] I had just been released from the MediBay when I heard the word, "...Team 3! Radiation cleanup, all decks!..." Man what is up with this prick. We are gonna get a tow to GALCOM-HQ for repairs and refit. We dont need to be cleaning up the decks. Galcom has an army of system engineers that dont do squat! But good old team 3 is still on the Chief's Top 10 list. 'Tis strange though, Team 1 was not mentioned. They had better be dead, that's all I can say, else Jonesy and his pals will not have to be worried about where to find the Chief's next cola. Cola, I got his cola all right. Hmmmm, that stuff is still contriband too. Maybe, just maybe I can pull it off. Time for me to put an end to these pricks. Revenge is sweet but paybacks, hehehe, now that is an entirely different topic. Now where did I leave that number at.... [rp] System Engineer #13 Benni Arnald GCV Chikuma Blades, the stage is set and I have begun! [This message has been edited by Gallion (edited 08-24-99).]
  16. Mission + 0 days 19 hours 49.25 minutes [rp] Man this tub is taking a beating, I thought as I was once again slammed into the bilges bulkhead for the umteenth time in as many minutes. What the hell are the Command pukes doing, I asked myself as I raised me face and frontside out of the sludge and grim on the waste disposal areas. I looked around and could not see my partners in crime as I tried in vain to get as much of the gunk off of my face and out of my eyes. Maybe that was why I couldn't see anybody. To much shite was in my eyes, actually I was up to my arse in it. Suddenly and without warning I was violently thrown against the opposite bulkhead by the either yet another tag by something or a sudden shift in the ship's course. A brilliant flash of light filled my vision as my cranal and body area made contact with the unyielding mass of the bulkhead. I tried desperately and in vain to maintain consciousness as I slid down the bulkhead towards and into yet another pool of undisposed waste. The last thing I remember thinking before passing out was that I would get them, I will get them all for this. [rp/] System Engineer #13 Benni Arnald GCV Chikuma Hope ye dont mind me taking the liberty of creating a new thread Blades. But it did take a long time for the other one to load. [This message has been edited by Gallion (edited 08-21-99).]
  17. The other thread was getting to big Blades. By popular demand, this is a continuation.
  18. Mission + 0 days 19 hours 21.75 minutes [rp] Scrubbing the bilges, that is what that prick Spencer had us doing. I get through doing a complete diagnostic check on all the minor systems, then get stuck scrubbing the waste disposal chutes. I have know idea why I got lumped into that shite job. I wasn't even playing cards with them twidgets. Then Jones goes and gets the prick a soda; he has his pucker so far up Chief's arse that he needs a vac-suit to breath. I'll get them, I will get them all. The prick Spencer, that russian wench that struts her buns arouond like she be god's gift to men, the Gunny, them IC pilots (specially Diesel), and there is that new Medic who wouldn't give me a quarters-chit the last time I was in the sick bay. I will get them, I 'll get them all. Just as soon as I can get away from under the prick's gaze, I'll do it. [rp/] System Engineer #13 Benni Arnald GCV Chikuma
  19. [rp] Mission + 0 days 0 hours .5 minutes "Arnold get your arse over here!" I heard the Chief yell after the Commander finished reaming his arse for not having the Chikuma's systems 100% and on-line when he had promised. The rest of the System Engineers on repair detail gave me the 'your in for it now' look as I di-di-moa'd over and reported to the Chief. "SE Arnold reporting Sir!" I said to the Chief. "Get over to a terminal and start performing a complete system diagnostic on...," the Chief said to me, "...oh, hell. Here is a list. Get them done ASAP and report back to me for further instructions." I took the datapad from the Chief and headed towards a terminal that was not in use by the other SEs performing system diagnostics on the ships system. After several minutes, I found a terminal that was not in use. I planted me arse on the chair in front of the terminal and began to peruse the datapad the Chief had given me. Damn! I thought to me self, this will take all night. I looked around my surroundings as I waited for the terminal to activate and realized that I was alone and not within sight of the Chief or the rest of the engineering "chain-gang". I felt a particularly evil and wicked grin spread across my face as I settled into my task. I task that I began to look forward to accomplishing in ernest and zeal... [rp/] System Engineer #13 Benni Arnald GCV Chikuma [This message has been edited by Gallion (edited 08-19-99).]
  20. Well, since this is practice I don't feel to bad Ben [rp] Warrior T'ch'k Gammulan Marine #4 of 4 Mission +2 36.5 Minute All terran lifeforms have been eliminated in my area. Time to move on to my objective. As I rose from my covered position, a glint of light from cornor of my right eye caught my attention. What is that, I asked myself before realizing what a terran I was. Two oblong oblects landed at either side of me close to my combat boots. I dove forward in a futile attempt of survival. You idiot, I thought as I was bracketed and tossed across the engineering space when the oblong objects detonated. Another explosion followed, one that I faintly heard as I smashed into the bulkhead, arsefirst. Time stood still. A heart beat begame an eturnity. I life flashed before my eyes then stopped and all went dark. I brilliant white light appeared, beakoning for me to follow. Could this be...? It must be! The myths and legends are true. I have died a warrior's death and am now going to... [rp/] Ok Blades, put me down as ye monster. IOW, I will portray the Gams or what not Charles - Suggest ye use notepad, then copy/paste/post. TTFN
  21. This is aka writing in first person Now for a sadistic point-of-view . I think all will know what side this is from [rp] Warrior T'ch'k Gammulan Marine #4 of 4 Mission +2 34 Minute Main Hatch, Engineering Section Three of us were cut down by third rate terran hostiles. I cannot allow this. They failed to cover their six; just as the intelligence section had briefed us, before we beamed aboard this coachroach infected hunk of debris, on terran battle tactics. I pulled three pineapples from my battle harness; pulled their pins; and threw them at the terran swines that killed my battle brothers. One pineapple is a concussion grenade; one pineapple is a smoke grenade; and the remaining pineapple is a gas grenade - a gas that attacked a terran's nervous system. Causing massive and uncontrollable body spasisms, sudden confusing behavior, loss of muscle and bowel control, and the end result for terrans is always terminal. There is no known cure. Gotta luv geneticly tailored biological and chemical weapons. I see two terrans twitching on the deck. My battle-vid senses movement above my position. I scan the overhead visually and see nothing. I switch from normal to IR sensors. There is a heat source close to the overhead. I swing my heavy assault laser rifle and draw a bead on the mass of heat with both the IR and Laser Target designator sighting system. A blue dot appears center mass on the heat mass floating near the overhead... I Breath... I Relax... I Aim... I Squeez the trigger. The resulting 10 round burst surprised me. I forgot that I had set my heavy assualt laser rifle to full automatic fire. I changed the selector switch to three-round burst. Power pack charge is 99.8976% I tuck and roll to my left, stopping next to some type of equipment console. I take cover behind/beside it. Reaching into my battle harness, I pull out, activate, and toss a proximety mine close to where my previous position was. With my six somewhat covered, I high/low crawled towards the equipment 15 meters from my position. There is at least one terran left; where is it...? ...mine is not to reason why; mine is to kill terrans or... ....to be continued.... [rp/] Sorry Blades, I couldn't resist temptation [This message has been edited by Gallion (edited 08-17-99).]
  22. hmmmm... *applause* ditto 'twill be interesting to se how this turns out.
  23. Good idea. My suggestion would be to keep it simple and legal. ------------------ Cmdr. Gallion GCV Graf Spee Commander, Corsair Wing =Wraith Fleet= Bushi of the Dragon Council "Run Silient, Run Deep" ICQ# 29486270
  24. It is difficult fer me to try and describe the origin of me ship's name and motto. For those that follow the RP thread will know this already . TTFN ------------------ Gallion GCV Graf Spee Commander Corsair Wing =Wraith Fleet= "Run Silent, Run Deep" [This message has been edited by Gallion (edited 08-04-99).]
  25. quote:...3) The time/space distortion could also make it possible for the hit-and-run team to be more effective... Interesting concept twobombs. There is something already in the game that is simulair I believe; the HSD artifact. Not quite the same thing ye is talking about but then again I could be wrong. To date, I do not think that any RP action has included an artfact hunt/recovery. That would take approval from way up the food chain. There are some of us that have pushed some technology to the extreme (hmmm, Akira, me, Rattler, etc. ) already. The way I understand it, RP mirrors what ever the latest version can/does do with minor player technical enhancement goodies. Though a good idea twobombs, I must disagree. What you discribe would unbalance the RP and open a technical/theoretical can of worms too. TTFN ------------------ Gallion GCV Graf Spee Commander Corsair Wing =Wraith Fleet= "Run Silient, Run Deep" [This message has been edited by Gallion (edited 07-30-99).]
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