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  1. hehehe...welcome to our Motley Bandus. Maybe now Delta Wing will not become a floating debris field the next time the Gams come a calling. TTFN ---------- Cmdr Gallion GCV Graf Spee Corsair Wing =Wraith Fleet= "Run Silient, Run Deep" [This message has been edited by Gallion (edited 07-30-99).]
  2. hehehe...I hear ye Akira. I am not refering to a script(s). Just several loose possiblities that may or may not arrise based upon what we do or don't do. At the propose time (DEC, 3003) that this new RP endeavor is to commence, GALCOM is realing from the significant/massive losses incurred from a plethora of engagements (see DeSylva's timeline at his w/p). The way I understand the BC universe (albeit in a twisted sorta way ), GALCOM cannot gather a large enough force to much more than defend what they have already. IOW, unable to go knocking (and possibly kick) at the Gams front door. But then again you are also correct Akira about the last RP; non-structure was/is best. Never know what will turn up in the rumor mill TTFN ------------------ Cmdr Gallion GCV-Graf Spee, Corsair Wing Wraith Fleet "Run Silient, Run Deep"
  3. That is what we need to determine. I have several ideas that may or may not fly. Not "scripts", just very general "possibilities". DeSylva: Check ye mail. Ristar: Check ye mail also. Since there is not a "plot" already, I think that the Intell assests (read ISS, JD, and whatever the Insurgents have) would be the logical way to start this endeavor. If anybody else has any ideas, let me/us know. My Four Bits minus two TTFN ------------------ Cmdr Gallion GCV-Graf Spee, Corsair Wing Wraith Fleet "Run Silient, Run Deep"
  4. Casting a vote: Keep new RP on the forum...for now at least. That way there will not be any confussing the new RP with the current e-mail campaign. TTFN ------------------ Cmdr Gallion GCV-Graf Spee, Corsair Wing Wraith Fleet "Run Silient, Run Deep"
  5. To those Commanders that DeSylva added to the current e-mail RP saga: It would be a good idea or each of ye to read up on what has been happening. Some info your character would not be aware of. I think DeSylva mentioned something about how and when he would write you all into the current endeavor. IOW I do not believe that you all have post priveleges yet. That is DeSylva's arena, it is up to him to grant. {rp} Besides, freshmeat is always needed {/rp} TTFN and welcome to the Motley ------------------ Cmdr Gallion GCV-Graf Spee, Corsair Wing Wraith Fleet [This message has been edited by Gallion (edited 07-21-99).]
  6. OK, how about December 3003 for kick-off date? As to what is going on... We will have to see what the rumor-mill stirs up. Looks like the JD and other Intell folks has some catching up to do. TTFN ------------------ Cmdr Gallion GCV-Graf Spee, Corsair Wing Wraith Fleet
  7. Yep, I must agree with you on that one Chav and Akira. We should begin the new RP action after the current one is over. My deranged mind can handle only some much red-eyed woolliness. Timeline would begin around March 3003 I believe. I guess that the rumor mill could begin (aka Intell reports ). TTFN ------------------ Cmdr Gallion GCV-Graf Spee, Corsair Wing Wraith Fleet [This message has been edited by Gallion (edited 07-14-99).]
  8. Just took what was available from you website DeSylva. Time to use is noted, I think that we should begin January 3001. Location to be determined at later date. Akira - Good point, hadn't thought about that. Wraithers wouldn't have been directly involved anyway. We would've been having fun in Gam-land . Somerset - Yep, you are right there. A small force could wreck holy-moly where a large force would fail. Forgot about that. Looks like we might need some RECON done Anybody else have an idea(s)? TTFN ------------------ Cmdr Gallion GCV-Graf Spee, Corsair Wing Wraith Fleet
  9. Here is a partial quote from the Official Battlecruiser 3000AD Timeline from DeSylva's ISS webpage: quote:September 3000 - Hot on the heels of their massive military strike on Neptune and Jupiter, the Gammulans launch another attack. They use their "Lost Fleet" of stolen Terran ships in an attempt to capitalise on a Terran empire that is still teetering after the First Gammulan War. This attack is aimed at Polaris-2. October 3000 - The First Light is diverted to Procyon to aid an EarthCOM cruiser that has been attacked by unknown forces. In conjunction with a spy known as Symon Stryde, DeSylva manages to track Neman Vorne to the location, and discovers that he has commandeered a splinter force of Insurgents, and is harrying EarthCOM and GALCOM forces in an attempt to take advantage of their time of weakness, as the new war in Polaris heats up. Neman escapes before he can be brought to justice, and takes Stryde with him. October 3000 - Massve nuclear bombardments are launched on Polaris-2, devastating much of the surface. The Gammulan forces begin to fall back. December 3000 - Tracking Neman Vorne to an abandoned space facility of unknown origin in a largely unused region of space, DeSylva and his crew are finally able to bring the traitor Vorne to justice, before his plan to strike deep at the heart of GALCOM and the Terran government can come to fruition. Vorne is captured, tried, and convicted, before being sentenced to life imprisonment, incarcerated in the Terran maximum security prison "Despair", located deep beneath the surface of the Terran moon. The First Light is given a two month leave of absence while the crew recuperate, before DeSylva is once more assigned to command the ship and the ISS fleet. December 3000 - The Insurgents launch a surprise attack on Procyon, taking advantage of GALCOMÔÇÖs committment to the Polaris conflict. The uprising is unsuccesful, and rapidly quelled. February 3001 - The Gammulans launch a final attack on Sol space, striking with a tiny strike force directly into Sol space, taking advantage of a GALCOM force that is almost crippled after months of warfare in both Sol, Polaris, and Procyon. The Deliverance is one of the few functional ships able to launch against the Gammulan force. It wins the battle, but is badly damaged, and many of the crew are killed. So the question is...where do we begin the motley? Pickup where the last RP action left off at or do we jump ahead to the future; aka begin January 3001? No matter where we start at, GALCOM forces cannot amass the forces necessary to strike into the heart of Gammulan space as Ristar suggested. Forces are spread out thin due to loses incurred in Sol, Polaris, and Procyon. A place to start and Gams to hunt is all the Crazy Corsair needs. Albiet if an Insurgent happens to get in the path, well...all is fair in love and war! I vote for Polaris! This will keep the Galcommies busy whilst the rascally Insurgents hammer GALCOM somewhere else. Suggestion only, questions, comments, and snide remarks are welcomed. TTFN ------------------ Cmdr Gallion GCV-Graf Spee, Corsair Wing Wraith Fleet [This message has been edited by Gallion (edited 07-11-99).]
  10. Interesting..very interesting. This could turn into a royal rumble. I like it! Polaris it is then! ------------------ Cmdr Gallion GCV-Graf Spee, Corsair Wing Wraith Fleet
  11. Sounds good all. There is something I seem to recall in the official BC3K timeline about the Gams hitting GALCOM in Polaris. Which would fall in the 3001-3003 timeframe. As to filtering through Antis...easy a pie. Can travel from Sol to Gamma-1 on one tank of cloak juice. But Rattler does have a point, leave the front door open and some "flies" will get in house. TTFN...Count the Corsair In! ------------------ Cmdr Gallion GCV-Graf Spee, Corsair Wing Wraith Fleet
  12. I am long overdue posting thisso without further adieu the adventure continues (rp) The Refit: Revisited Three days had turned into a week. One week had stretched to two. Two weeks of being cooped up within the bowels of Wraith-HQ and its ever nagging Commander, Fleet Commander Londono, alias Tac (an oxymoron would be more accurate). I now remember why Gammulan space seems so peaceful and so serene. There is no brass, no formalities, and no technicalities to contend with. It is just the ship and the Gams. The relationship is simple, death of one when either are sighted. The refit of the Graf Spee was going well. Well enough that the dreamers of this scheme, Chief Engineer, Lt. Cmdr. Monitgue Scott and Research Engineer, Lt. Cmdr. LeFevre, had come to the conclusion that the GCV Graf Spee's refit was complete and that she was ready to conduct space trails. The new Sensor Equipment Systems (SES) worked well enough; still had some calibration to due in that area along with antenna issues. That was not my real problem. Aside from the constant interruptions by, station security forces, station logistics, and the ever-insipid Ft. Cmdr. Londono the refit had come to a halt. What had caused the halt was a much a story as the side issues that caused numerous interruptions to my rest and recuperation from operations stemming during and from the First Gammulan War. First problem I had to contend with (aside from getting necessary parts, resources, and materials to begin this ambitious project) was Gunny York. It seems that the old Marine had a run in with the station's security forces. The Gunny had tied on a good one shortly after Corsair finally returned from deployment deep within Gammulan space during the First Gammulan War. As usual and true to the ancient Marine tradition, Gunny York was not one to waste time whilst on liberty. He got the Graf Spee's Marine contingent ready for liberty. Those Marines on the fecal material-list had the honor of maintain ship security while the Gunny and the rest of the Marines went on liberty. Finding an establishment that catered to Gunny's gullet was not a problem. It became a problem when my Marines trashed that establishment, Tobassco Charlie's, and were forcibly removed from its premises. Gunny York somehow managed to lose the rest of the Marines during the confusion surrounding the fist-a-cuff before the Wraith security forces arrived. All the Marines, with the exception of Gunnery Sergeant York were thrown in the station's brig. Gunny staggered through the station's many passageways and bounced off many bulkheads in search of a spirit that would quench the growing thirst of his gullet. The only thing York found was more trouble. It seems that he staggered into the path of several thieves that were fleeing from the scene of their crime; the station's Battlecruiser replacement parts issue section. As events latter reveled, if the inebriated Marine had been somewhat on the sober side he would've been able foil their scheme. But as Murphy would have it, the only thing the Gunny York managed to do was to get steamrolled by the thieves as they made their escape. Pinning their illegal parts requisition crime on the Graf Spee and me (mental note: find The Deer and thank him for the resulting comedy show. Tac's expression was most memorable; it definitely was a Kodak moment). It seems, per Wraith SOP, the station security forces arrived too late to catch the thieves but not too late to apprehend Gunny and reunite him with the rest of his beloved Marines in the station's Brig. The second problem I had, after getting my Marines out of the station's Brig, was my new Fleet Commander. It seems that the powers that be deep within the bowels of GALCOM-HQ got a wild hair up their arse and started promoting people left and right. Fleet Leader Londono was promoted to Fleet Commander, along with several other deserving GALCOM officers throughout the fleet after the narrow victory over the Gammulan invading forces. Ever since I managed to convince him to authorize the Graf Spee's refit, Ft. Cmdr. Londono has been a thorn in my side. He always wanted progress and status reports on the refit. I told him, "it'll be ready when its ready and not before". It seems that Tac does not like to hear that. Too bad the truth hurts. It is not like the cost of the Graf Spee's refit was coming out of his or Wraith Fleet's pocket. The damn project has already cost me 1.81 billion GalCreds. A Galactan Class Battlecruiser is not small and I have been measuring the amount of paint needed to complete the job by counting the number transport vessels required to supply this endeavor. The last, but not final I am sure, of my problems has been the paint job itself. Something within the Titanium-V armor molecular structure will not let the stealth coating adhere to or bond with it. We had no problem applying the stealth coating to two IC, SH, ATV, and Mining Drones. Heck the gooey stuff even stayed stuck on five modified LR Probes. I am getting ahead of myself. The entire ship was coated with the stealth coating in about two days by an army of station's System Engineers (mental note, relay thanks to Tac for the plethora of SEs). Everything looked ok when we launched the Graf Spee to conduct initial shakedown cruise. As soon as the Graf Spee escaped from the planet's shadow and was exposed to the photon storm of Rinaal's sun, the stealth coating began to peel away from the armor plating like the fall leaves blowing in a wind. All the time, all the work, all the effort, all the material, and most significant to my wallet - all that money was blown. The flat-black coating peeled away to reveal the shinny smoothness inherent of Titanium-V Armor plating. Needless to say that portion of the Graf Spee's refit was an utter fiasco. The stealth coating applied to the eight support craft and 5 LR probes worked like a charm. We were completely baffled for several days as to why the stealth coating would not bond with the Graf Spee's T-V armor plating. There was talk, that I found to be quite unacceptable, of retrofitting the armor plate back to original specifications; Titanium-I. How many Vagrants would it take to get to the center of a Galactan Battlecruiser with T-I armor? I asked. How long would we last in Gam-land with that pitiful shell protecting the Graf Spee' most vital resource; her crew? I further stated to Scott and LeFevre. Finally, after much debate, they saw the light and buried themselves in finding a solution. After several days, many false starts and failed attempts, the solution was simple. It was so simple that everyone discounted and overlooked it. The solution was the difference between Titanium-I and Titanium-V at the molecular level. Once that was understood, modifications were made to the secret recipe and the new and improved stealth coating was applied onto a test plate of T-V. The test was a success, the stealth coating maintained its bond with the T-5 armor plate in ever-conceivable atmospheric and extraterrestrial condition that could be thought up or ever tried. The only thing that could disturb the bonding was actual damage T-V armor plating will take in combat. That is if the newly installed Linear-IV/S shields were ever breached. Ahhhh...I love it when a plan finally comes together. Before the Graf Spee could receive a new coat of Stealth paint, major modifications had to be made to some areas of the Battlecruiser's exterior facade. A plethora of right angles and sharp edges had to be smoothed over and rounded out. Some areas were easy; others were difficult, while a few areas nothing could be done - notably the engine pylons and solar array/stabilizer fins. Once again, an army of station SE swarmed over, around, and through Docking Bay 13 to get the Graf Spee's refit complete. Ft. Cmdr. Londono had been most instrumental in deverting the SEs from other priority projects that abounded throughout Wraith station. I get the impression that it is time for the Graf Spee to leave. I had to bail Gunny and his Marine cohorts out from the Brig again just the other day (mental note: Gunny will scrub the bilges for this. I wonder what is so special about this Tobassco Charlie's? I wonder what all the hubbub is about over at Docking Bay 6? I mused as returned to the Graf Spee from the Fleet Comms office. I can't wait to get out here. A mission as filtered down through the chain. A mission no other commander wants or would take unless at the point of an IOD in their face. It was a simple mission. One right up Corsair's alley and that would validate the troubles and trials of the Graf Spee's refit. We are going home, so-to-speak. Back to the land down under. Where Gammulans flow and we get to blow asunder. Back to Gam-land and report back to ISS-HQ in Sol. 'Tis a simple task. One that a Corsair would never pass. (rp/) ------------------ Cmdr Gallion GCV-Graf Spee, Corsair Wing Wraith Fleet [This message has been edited by Gallion (edited 07-06-99).]
  13. Not bad and welcome to the...jungle . Looking forward to the rest of the story. Which reminds me about some loose ends that need to tied... TTFN ------------------ Cmdr Gallion GCV-Graf Spee, Corsair Wing Wraith Fleet
  14. No problem Tac, just get the Wraith info done... Once SDF is opened, us morons have a chance to get promoted by merit. The winner (verified Top score, etc.) of the SDF campain gets promoted to Fleet Commander. There is nothing for second place. Just my 2-bits and suggestion only. TTFN ------------------ Cmdr Gallion GCV-Graf Spee, Corsair Wing Wraith Fleet
  15. Well congrats to all that got a pay raise. There is one concern, Tac will be off-line for an undertermined amount of time due to a personal crisis. So before you bust him back down SC, I request that you give the thorn-in-your-side some latitude here. ------------------ Cmdr Gallion GCV-Graf Spee, Corsair Wing Wraith Fleet
  16. Welcome back RPDM. Hope you enjoyed your vacation. Looking forward to the continuing saga and shaking the old can-of-worms ------------------ Cmdr Gallion GCV-Graf Spee, Corsair Wing Wraith Fleet
  17. Starnova or the Cmdr's Ville on A/W?
  18. I can get on A/W. How about changing start time to say 4pm EST? ------------------ Cmdr Gallion GCV-Graf Spee, Corsair Wing Wraith Fleet
  19. DeSylva, Please close this thread. It has become tooo big. Corsair adventures will continue on Shadowstar's thread ------------------ Cmdr Gallion GCV-Graf Spee, Corsair Wing Wraith Fleet
  20. From the outside looking in...looks good Jon. I like the red piping and trim on the Dress uniform. TTFN ------------------ Cmdr Gallion GCV-Graf Spee, Corsair Wing Wraith Fleet
  21. (rp) The Refit; Part One Gallion finished reading the datapad that his Chief Engineer handed him. Lt. Cmdr. Scott was waiting for Cmdr. Gallions response. A response he was looking to yet at the same time not looking forward to. The GCV Graf Spees refit was halted in place. Most of the major repairs were completed. Ship stores and weapons had been restocked. The problem lay with the special coating that Gallion wanted to cover the huge Galactan Class Battlecruiser and its support vessels. The problem began shortly after the required materials arrived at Wraith-HQ eight days ago. Gallion had ordered both the Research Engineer and the Chief Engineer to develop a compound that would make the Graf Spee nearly invisible, if not completely invisible, to normal ground and space-borne scanners and radar systems. A difficult tasking to say the least but not impossible. The problem lay in the coatings mixture; aka molecular makeup. Masking a craft from both radar and scanner was accomplished and prevalent over ten centuries ago by the ancient super-powers on Earth. This practice was discontinued shortly after its inception when it was discovered by the super-powers that it cost to much in both monetary and material terms to implement. The ancient North American super-power developed this coating technology to its fullest. They even managed to develop and deploy several huge aircraft carriers and several aircraft wings that were next to invisible to both ground and space borne detection systems. Why Cmdr. Gallion wanted to reinvent and develop this technology was a question that Lt. Cmdr. Scott left unasked since the Corsair Wing leader had asked, no ordered him to develop this crazy paint. Gallion placed the datapad on top of a stacked other datapads on his desk and looked at Lt. Cmdr. Scott. How do we fix this Chief? Gallion said, there has to be a way to harden the coating so that it would stay on a vessel without peeling off. Scott did not say anything or even look at Gallion. He was staring at the painting hanging on the wall behind and slightly above Gallion. It was a ancient oil on canvas painting of the a battleship. No not a battleship, he thought, a Pocket Battleship. Small, fast, heavily armored and gunned. A raider that had caused havoc and mayhem during one of several ancient world wars of the twentieth century. The brass placard on the paintings frame had two words inscribed on it; Graf Spee. The proverbial lightbulb went on in the Chief Engineers head as he looked at his ships namesake painting. Why did I not think of that before? It is so simple thatLt. Cmdr. Scott snapped out of his dream state and looked his commander in the eye. Earth to Mr. Scott! Hello out there Gallion was trying to get a response from his daydreaming Chief Engineer and was about to begin a tirade that would I have it Sir! Scott said, I have it! Gallion was taken aback by the sudden outburst from Scott. What do you Gallion started to say before Scott interrupted him. This is what we need Gallion and this is how we will apply the paint to IC1. Lt. Cmdr. said to Gallion as he began to explain to the Corsair Wing leader how this miracle would happen. The miracle would happen before the Graf Spee left Docking Bay 13 and Wraith-HQ. As Scott explained the what and how of this project, Gallion leaned back into his chair and grinned. Scott did not notice the evil little grin that usually sent chills up and down his spine when he saw it. He was to wrapped up in the project to notice anything. Gallion told the rambling Chief Engineer to do what ever was needed, he had two more days, and dismissed him. Gallion turned his chair to see what held Scotts attention earlier and grinned even harder. His eyes fell upon the ancient painting and its brass placard. ...remember... (/rp) ------------------ Cmdr Gallion GCV-Graf Spee, Corsair Wing Wraith Fleet
  22. Just wanted to give you a chance to have a say in what is gonna happen Tac. And now  the rest of the story (RP) The Welcome; Part Five Lt. Cmdr. Gweedo was not a happy camper. He should be with the Graf Spee, supervising the refit and repair of the Galactan Class Battlecruiser, not standing in the doorway of the Wraith Fleet Leader, Commander Tac. Both men looked each other at a loss. Neither expected what each saw. Commander Tac was expecting the Corsair Wing leader, Commander Gallion, who was currently convalescing within the stations medical facility. Lt. Cmdr Gweedo was expecting more than what he saw. He had never met man responsible for both the creation and location of Wraith Fleet. The little man Lt. Cmdr. Gweedo saw standing behind an issue desk with his hands placed on the desk was not what he expected. Imagination is destroyed when faced with reality. A reality that Gweedo had to return to when he remembered why he was here and to whom he was dealing with. Lt. Cmdr Gweedo, GCV Graf Spee Acting Commander, reporting SIR! he said when his wits came back to him. Gweedos academy drill would be proud on the perfect salute rendered to Commander Tac. Commander Tac did nothing at first. He made the Graf Spees acting commander sweat as he took his timing returning Lt. Cmdr.s salute. At ease, Gweedo, report! Lt. Cmdr Gweedo was about to begin his report to Commander Tac when the stations tactical officers voice boomed over the staterooms intercom The Awakening; Part One Gunny York stood next to his commanders bed in the stations medical facility watching Gallion lying in the gurney. The readings on the life support equipment monitoring the Corsair Wing leader were normal. Even to the untrained eye of GnySgt York, Senior Marine assigned to the GCV Graf Spee. York stood and watched, watched and stood as the monitors went beep, beep, beep to the rhythm of Gallions pulse and breaths. Gunny York shook his head slightly as he bowed his head and turned away from Gallions gurney. He turn so as not to have to see the bed-ridden Corsair and to leave his commanders side. Just as York took his first step away from Gallions bedside; the rhythmic beep of the life monitoring equipment ceased. The crusty old Marine stopped in his tracks and spun back towards Gallions gurney and halted in his tracks. He could not believe his eyes. The worried look that has been haunting the Marine since leaving Spectre left Yorks eyes and face. Replaced with confidence and joy as he assumed the ancient tradition of the NCO Corps when their Commander The Welcome; Part Six The two Marines standing guard at door of Commander Tacs stateroom were shoved aside by the crusty old Graf Spee Marine, GnySgt York, after they took to long in allowing access to the entry hatch. York activated the staterooms entry hatch controls, stepped aside, and assumed a guard position in front of the hatch in the hallway. The hatchs door closed. To a passerby, the crusty old Marines expression was enough to stifle any question or comment on just what occurred. The Fix; Part One Lt. Cmdr, Scott almost choked on the coffee he had just started to sip when he read the incoming message he had just received from Wraith-HQ space station and let out a yell of joy that startled the engineer crew members that were near. Scott could not believe what he was reading but he liked the concept and rushed to the Graf Spees research lab. They had a special coating to fabricate and apply; and only three days to complete this bodacious task. The Welcome; Part Seven Commander Tac was in the middle of fighting an unknown vessel and berating an acting commander when he choked on the tirade he was about to unleash on the unsuspecting Lt. Cmdr. Gweedo. The cause of this interruption was the unexpected and unauthorized entry of someone into his command stateroom. Commander Tac was about to unleash a new tirade on the person that had the audacity to enter his inner-sanctum when he saw who was the cause. Commander Tac just stood behind his desk with his mouth open so wide, an Aestrom couldve landed under manual control. Commander Tac eyes blinked as he tried, in vai, to regain his command composure. The silence was broken when the unknown intruder spoke to Lt. Cmdr. Gweedo. Lt. Cmdr. Gweedo, you are relieved of command are assigned to your former duties. Return to the Graf Spee and give Mr. Scott any and all assistance that he may required. Lt. Cmdr. Gweedo snapped to attention, executed an about face, saluted the unknown intruder, and departed the Wraith Command Stateroom. When he exited the stateroom he stopped and grinned at the crusty old Marine that was guarding the staterooms entry hatch. The expression on the crusty old Marines face did not change but the look in GnySgt Yorks eyes said what a million words could not say to Lt. Cmdr Gweedo. Gweedo turned and headed towards Docking Bay 13, slowly at first, then at a double time. The Fix; Part Two Mr. Scott and the Graf Spees Research Engineer, Lt. Cmdr. LeFevre, were looking at their mission brief and contemplating how to accomplish it. The mission was simple; paint the Graf Spee the darkest black as possible. The hard part was to incorporate the rest of the mission. The paint had to absorb all known scanner signals and reduce the scanner signature of the Galactan Class Battlecruiser to next to nil. Both engineers were searching and scanning the Galcom databases for any and all information. Their search was difficult and results were next to nil. It seems that they did not have the appropriate security codes to access certain ISS databases. Each search resulted in the same computer response: ACCESS DENIED The Welcome; Part Eight Commander Tac somehow managed to regain his composure but not his command composure. He was still taken aback from both the unauthorized entrance into his command stateroom and his current guest. All he could do was stare at his guest and fall into his chair. Meanwhile, the guest calmly walked to the holovid controls, input some simple commands, and turned towards the still quasi-dumb founded Wraith Fleet Leader. The guest waited a few minutes before he began. In a monotone, command brief, just-the-facts manner, Commander Gallion briefed his commanding officer on Corsair Wings engagements, mis-engagements, and actions since being deployed to Gammulan space so many weeks ago. The Fix; Part Three Persistence rewards those that are persistent was the old adageat least that is what Mr. Scott thought as Lt. Cmdr. LeFevre access the previously inaccessible data files. Both of the Graf Spees senior engineers looked at each other and smiled. They had hit the mother load. Quickly, they downloaded the necessary files. After both Scott and LeFevre agreed on the BOM, they sent it to the mission commander, and waited for a response. The Welcome; Part Nine When Commander Gallions briefing to Commander Tac reached the part where he entered Spectre Star Station, he stopped; made some adjustments on the holovid controls and waited for the information displayed to sick in. Commander Tac contemplated the holovid display; a red circle extended for several light years around a single point in space. The point was the star system the was home to the Insurgency. Gallion continued with his monologue, In my opinion, neither the Insurgency or the Insurgency Command could not be held responsible for the IFF Module sabotage. They were fighting in Sol system along side Galcom forces, killing Gams and being killed by them. This is circumstantial evidence, but enough to point the finger at the Insurgency. Commander Tac said nothing, he looked at the holovid display and at Commander Gallion. For the first time he noticed something strange about the Corsair Wing leader. Gallions uniform was pressed, insignia was in its proper place, but his collar was a bit high on the neck. Just a speck of white showed above Commander Gallions collar, the white of a wound dressing. What do you think we meaning Wraith Fleet should do Gallion? Commander Tac. Gallion took a deep breath and faced his estranged commander. Here is a Bill of Materials I need to refit and repair the Graf Spee. One ship stands a better chance in tracking down whoever is responsible then a Fleet. Galcom Command cannot be notified because they may be infiltrated. Just as I thought Wraith-HQ was. Tac looked at the BOM that Gallion handed him and just about shite a brick. Many items on this list were both classified and expensive. Tac looked at Gallion and yelled, How did you get this Gallion was expecting such a response from the sometimes emotion Fleet Leader and calmly replied, How I received this list is unimportant, what is important is that it takes Level 5 access to authorize its release. An authorization that you can authorize Commander. Gallion leered at the bewildered Wraith Fleet Leader and waitedand waited.. Finally he could wait no more, what will it be Commander? Do you feel lucky? I do, I need that material. I cannot fly around in that area of space on Iridium the whole time. If you are worried about the galcreds, I have more than enough to Enough! Tac shouted, you and your activities are a thorn in my side Gallion. Do you know how much explaining I had to do just to keep you from a court-martial? You nuke Gammula without Galcom authorization, detain and board a Galcom vessel without any explanation or so much as a thank you, you Commander Gallion had heard it all before and it took all his will power to stifle a yawn. Suddenly he remembered and understood what the man known as Insurgent One was saying to him on Spectre. Clam down Tac, Gallion said, we both knew that this would happened. As a matter of fact, Galcom gave you a heads up before they assigned me to this rust-bucket. Now, back to the issue of materials. Will you authorize the requisition? Commander Tac was taken aback by the subtle brashness displayed by Commander Gallion. He remembered both Galcoms heads up and why he assigned Gallion to Corsair Wing and made him the Wings leader. Request is authorized, Tac said as he thumb printed his stamp of approval on the datapad before he tossed it to Gallion. Gallion caught the datapad and smiled. The Fix; Part Four Both Lt. Cmdrs. Scott and LeFevre danced about the duty station terminal when then Request Authorized displayed on their terminals screen. ETA was three hours for the material. Mr. Scott started a task listing and Mr. LeFevre began calculating the paints formula. When Lt. Cmdr. Gweedo entered the Graf Spees research lab, Mr. Scott handed him a datapad. Gweedo looked at the datapad and smiled. This was going to be good. The Graf Spee would be painted with a scanner absorbing, signature reducing jet ebony black compound. On each Solar panel, the skull and crossed bones of the ancient Jolly Roger would be painted in a brilliant White. The white paints brilliance could be dimmed or brightened via a dimmer located on the Graf Spees command chair. Gweedo smiled and chuckled to himself. Gallion must have lost it now, either that or Commander Tac is just as crazy as Gallion is, he mused to no one in particular. The Welcome; Part Ten This concludes my report to Commander Tac, Gallion said, award recommendations are enclosed with my approval. I will be ready to depart in three days. Any thing else Commander? Commander Tac sat and contemplated his predicament, a predicament of his own making. Hopefully, he would not hang himself. No Gallion, there is nothing else to be said that would amount to anything. How many ships will you be taking? Just the Graf Spee I presume? Tac asked the grinning Corsair. Just the Graf Spee Tac, Gallion replied, one ship and one ship only. Neither one of the Commanders spoke for several minutes. A mini-battle of wills was encoring between these two headstrong commanders. One was a rogue and maverick, the other was stuck behind a desk wishing that he could join in on the hunt. With a nod of his head, Tac dismissed Gallion. Gallion nodded in return and left the Wraith Command Stateroom. When Gallion left Tacs stateroom, Gunny York fell in step slightly behind his commander. Gallion turned his head slightly to his left and said, Gunny, get with Lt. Cmdr. Gweedo, you have two days to get that Lt of yours in-line or he will be sucking vacuum on the third day. If he gives you any lip, kindly tell Resprick to report to me on the double. No heads up will be necessary. Also, I need ten marines to do this Gallion handed the crusty old Marine the datapad he was holding. York read what Gallion wanted to do and smiled, ROE Sir? None Gunney, Gallion replied. GnySgt York had a bit of a step in his already quick step as they neared Docking Bay 13. No problem Sir, Gunny York said, no problem at all. Gallion smiled at the old Gunny as they both entered the airlock. ...remember... (rp/) This will be the last post I will be able to make for several weeks. I will post the Graf Spees refit, repair, and paint job progress report when I get settled into my new assignment. TTFN ------------------ Cmdr Gallion GCV-Graf Spee, Corsair Wing Wraith Fleet [This message has been edited by Gallion (edited 03-16-99).]
  23. Now if I can get my ship out of drydock, maybe I can score some much needed "points" with Galcom command types and avert this travestry. But then again, I just may stay in sickbay with ... ------------------ Cmdr Gallion GCV-Graf Spee, Corsair Wing Wraith Fleet
  24. Well, Tac failed to contact me so he will have to live with what I post ... the horror [This message has been edited by Gallion (edited 03-17-99).]
  25. (rp) Corsair Wing made it. They were 50km from the safety and security of Wraith-HQ. Per Corsair SOP, each ship was cloaked and would remain cloaked until docked within the space station. This is done to hide the Wings movements from prying eyes. Eyes that do not need to know where Corsair Wing is located. The GCV Graf Spees acting commander, LtCmdr Gweedo, was worried. Ever since the wing left Spectres home system, he had a feeling that they were being followed. Each time the wing exited a jump point, there was always one more flash of light than the number of ships traveling to Wraith-HQ in Corsair Wing. Gweedo counted seven of these jump point anomalies each time the wing exited a jump point, plus one more shortly after. The Daemar; Part One Gallions dream of bliss changed to one of mocking. From soaring with birds to one of desolation and betrayal as he saw a man stabbed in the back. Do you have thirty pieces of Silver Gallion? In his dream, Gallion turned around and around trying to locate and face the voice of his dreams. Thirty pieces of Silver, what the  I have over 500 million Galcreds he thought to himself as he tried to locate the source of the voice. The Welcome; Part One The commander of the GCV Prinze Eugen released the ships of Corsair Wing to dock with Wraith-HQ when they reached auto-docking range, 25km from the space station. One by one, each ship received docking clearance and was controlled by the massive space station. The GVC Graf Spee was assigned its normal docking bay, one that no other ship would share or berth at while the ship was deployed. Docking Bay 13. The Daemar; Part Two Well Gallion, do you have thirty pieces of Silver? Of course I have thirty pieces of Silver, Gallion yelled to nothing and no one at the same time, thirty pieces and then some. Who are you? For our god is a vengeful god and yea he is the god of fire and anger and even unto a god of cruelty for he hath made us flawed in his image The Welcome; Part Two Once the Graf Spee had docked with Wraith-HQ, Lt. Cmdr Gweedo ordered the cloaking device to be deactivated. Without a word from the acting commander of the Graf Spee, the crew began post-docking procedures. Requisitions were approved and sent, repair were prioritized and scheduled, and replacement personnel assigned. Lt. Cmdr. Gweedo approved the last requisition and activated the ship intercom, GnySgt York, report to the MediBay ASAP! Gweedo departed the bridge, heading for the MediBay. The Daemar; Part Three What are you? For our god is a vengeful god and yea he is the god of fire and anger And even unto a god of cruelty for he hath made us flawed in his image The Welcome; Part Three Lt. Cmdr. Gweedo and GnySgt York arrived at the MediBay at the same time. Medics were preparing Commander Gallion for transport to the Wraith medical facility. For the first time, Lt. Cmdr. Looked at his commander laying helplessly in a transport gurney. Gallion looked like a wreck. Tubes, leads, and sensors were hooked up to his seemingly healthy body in and on places that were not meant for them. Gweedo noticed something about the commanders uniform that he did not notice before. Gallions Galcom pin, his wings, were missing. An observation that sparked another revelation to the acting commander of the GCV Graf Spee. He turned and asked GnySgt York a simple question, what happened to Commander Gallions Galcom pin and his Datapad Gunny York? Not waiting for the surprised marine to respond he answered his own question, they are both on Spectre arent they? Gunnery Sergeant York looked as if he had been caught with his hand in the cookie jar. He just looked at Lt. Cmdr. Gweedo and nodded his head ever so slightly. Before Lt. Cmdr. Gweedo could grill the tightlipped further, the ships intercom piped in, Lt. Cmdr. Gweedo, incoming message from Wraith-HQ. Routing to MediBay. The Daemar; Part Four Where are you! and he hath hidden the lure of perfection in our grasp That we would bring down the final fiery Armageddon on our own heads The Welcome; Part Four Lt. Cmdr. Gweedo accessed the incoming message at the duty officers station in the MediBay and shook his head. Commander Tac, Wraith Fleet Leader, wanted Commander Gallion to report to his office immediately. This will not be pretty, Gweedo thought to himself, Cmdr Tac will blow a stack when he reads the wings casualty list. Guess he hasnt done that yet. He turned to the Medical Officer, Lt. Cmdr Katara, and asked, has the casualty list been sent yet? Yes it has, Lt. Cmdr. Katara replied, as soon as we docked I sent it out. Along with the patient transfer request to the Wraith medical facility. The Daemar; Part Four in striving to reach our destiny serve with honor  remember Lt. Cmdr. Gweedo looked at his bed stricken commander. A look of fear and despair was on his face. Suddenly, without warning, the life support equipment monitoring the Graf Spee commanders condition sounded an alarm. Life support readings, pulse, blood pressure, and brain wave patterns were pegged off scale. Ripping the medical equipment sensor leads from his body as Gallion rose upright on the transport gurney and shouted, Show yourself! Tell me who you are! As quickly as it started, Gallions outburst ended. But not before Gallion looked at Lt. Cmdr. Gweedo with a soul piercing glare that made Gweedo take a half step back from the gurney and said, Paint it black, with the Skull and bones in white on the solar panels. Gallion collapsed back into a quasi-coma on the transport gurney. Medics and the Medical Officer rushed to Gallions side, trying to stabilize the delirious Corsair Wing Leader. remember The voice faded away from Gallions now deranged mind and dream and was replaced with an image of the black void of space. Within this black void, the shape of a Galactan Class Battlecruiser could faintly be seen. The Battlecruiser was black, as black as the void around it. On each Solar panel, the white Corsair Skull and bones could be seen. Gallion relaxed and smiled. To the astonishment of the Medical team that surrounded the gurney he laid upon. The Welcome; Part Four The Battle Stations klaxon sounded throughout Wraith space station and the Graf Spee. Lt. Cmdr. Gweedo rushed to the MediBay terminal and brought up a TacOps display. Near the Hadar9/Rinaal jump point he saw a sight that made him smile and laugh to himself. A MR-15 transport ship was playing tag with an unknown Insurgent vessel. Gweedo counted to himself  two  three times the craft collided with each other. After the third collision, a mini super nova was created as the MR-15 exploded, sending the Insurgent vessel careening uncontrolled through space at over 50,000km per second. Slowly, ever so slowly, the unknown Insurgent vessel began to fade from visual scanners as its cloaking field was reestablishing its integrity. Lt. Cmdr. Gweedo turned off the TacOps display. Nothing to worry about. The Insurgent vessel would hightail it out of the Rinaal system if and when the crew regained control if the speeding craft. Motioning to GnySgt York to follow him, Gweedo headed towards the main airlock. He had a meeting to attend, one that he was not looking forward to, with Commander Tac. The Daemar; Part Five An evil grin appeared on Gallions face as he saw the Black Galactan Class Battlecruiser approach the unknown star station. Weapon systems were activated and the Battlecruisers presence was undetected by the unknown station suspended in the black void of space. In the target display, Gallion could barely make out the stations designation and name  CID  . (/rp) My part is complete in this thread. Stay tuned for the further mis-adventures of the Galloping Corsair. DeSylva and Tac  I suggest that each of you coordinate the IFF code snafu with each other. I opened Tacs plot inadvertently during the Gam War threads and have also opened DeSylvas plot in this thread. Personally, I like DeSylvas take on the IFF plot. ------------------ Cmdr Gallion GCV-Graf Spee, Corsair Wing Wraith Fleet [This message has been edited by Gallion (edited 03-14-99).]
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