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  1. Ok, two active members. The rest must be lurkin' in the shadows TTFN
  2. JAFR: Keep it civil folks. Transgressors will get the BOOT TTFN
  3. Party time in Bagdad Who will get there first? The Brits or US? The only thing that sucks about this whole thing is the constant misinformation the media news is spewing 'cause they dont know a bloomin' thing. So they keep repeat the same stuff over and over and over - which amounts to nothing ... geez, this is worse than that pink bunny. The only mistake that we made was not taking out Saddam the first time. The biggest mistake that we could make in this war is to give the media any access aside from what the CINC wants them to have. TTFN [ 03-21-2003, 07:42 PM: Message edited by: Gallion ]
  4. Nothing worse than being out in the woods with no TP Been there, done that, it sucks TTFN
  5. Hi Eclipse and HiPingScoba and thanks fer chiming in. Wonder how many more are a lurking in the shadows TTFN
  6. Ok, things are going to happen quick folks. Not at liberty to say what things - just trust me on this. So pipe in Spectre fleet members. I need to get an accurate head count of active members and thoose that choose to remain in the shadows. TTFN
  7. Several new members of Spectre Fleet may be a wondering why I do conduct monthly fleet roll calls. [*]I dont like conducting fleet roll calls. Once the Fleet Db is up then I will become more attune to fleet membership. [*]Most of the members of Spectre Fleet are long-time members of the Forum. Some are even part of the DDDD days from the ****2 fiasco and do not require babysitting. [*]Most of the members of Spectre Fleet are busy with RL matters. Some are working for/with no-such-agency Spectre types and/or dealing with the daily grind and fall out form the .com bomb. Status of Spectre Fleet members as I know today: [*]Insurgent One Rattler:  is real busy, and may be at an undetermined geographic location somewhere on this planet but will pipe in once in a blue moon when something sparks his fancy. [*]Insurgent Two Akira:  is around the forum and seems to have regressed into lurker mode for the most part but comes out when warranted/required. [*]Rear Admiral Gallion: Around for the most part. Since retiring from .mil has been real busy with the reality of the real world. Current project is deploying Enterprise Directory Services to 500k users world-wide along with the fiefdom and turf politics there-in; a blooming nightmare and cluster farce in the making. [*]Commodore Kyle Antilles (aka Eclipse):  is busy with the schooling he is getting at college. Pipes in from time to time as his education schedule allows. [*]Commodore Wold: has got a gaggle of littl ones to provide for and juggling between several lines of income and paying attention to his gaggle. [*]Commander PowerCow: El lurker extreme. May show up once in a decade of blue moons. Commander Adam Thomas: Around for the most part. Commander Evan Lysander: Around for the most part. [*]Commander Khelben Drachenfels: Around for the most part. [*]... and there are several other members out there that I am not aware of. On a final note, I check and peruse the forums at least daily. Some topic threads I do even get into (i.e. those multi page debate topics), whilst with others I dont even waste my time responding to. So I have regressed somewhat into the lurker mode myself and become a silent moderator for the most part as the Area 51 tends to be mostly silent these days. Just because there is no evidence of Spectre Fleet activity on the Forums does not constitute a lack of presence. Spectre is always here. A presence felt but not seen  and when M/P is out, watch out  the Insurgency will own these boards TTFN
  8. quote:Originally posted by Serondal: I've been wanting to build a new computer instead of breaking down and buying a Dell computer. I know a bit about it but not enough How much would it cost to get a working computer that could run BCG very well ? You guys seem to know what you are talking about .(Of course SC does he is god, and Ghost Rider all in one!) Cost is relative to the computer system's components. Top of the line v-card will run $250-$400 USD. Top of the line sound cards run approx $200 USD. A decent speaker system can be obtained for approx $150-ish. A good website to find comparative prices is www.pricewatch.com Sometimes one can get a deal. Do your research. Set a budget and stick to it Glad you got you system running Emmett. BTW, ASUS is notorious for slipping/shipping mobos with bogus BIOS TTFN TTFN
  9. Other threads cover this in depth. Topic closed. TTFN
  10. ... but ye never know what the SC has in store for future BC releases TTFN
  11. Who cares? Lott is out! Praise Allah! Best thing that has happened to the GOP since Tricky Dick Maybe now they will get some gonads and get something done in the beltway blackhole. TTFN
  12. There is only one way to reduce weight: Lower Caloric intake (carbs) and increase physical activity. Hard to increase physical activity with bum knees (I feel the pain of 20 yrs of ground punding), try the bike routine. Better to use a real bike than one that you pedal for ever and never get anywhere. Get with the program hunky-chunky TTFN
  13. Hygiene is easier without the mudflap. TTFN
  14. Basic Economics 101 decision IMO. I saw T2 as a choice, couldn't resist the ... TTFN
  15. hehehehe, It's ready when it's ready TTFN
  16. Let's see, had a butter bar looking all over the Company, then the Battalion areas for a box of grid squares. Frequency grease was always a good one; it is the actual noun-nomenclature for silicon that was used to lube the ends of antennae elements (QE-254, RC-292, etc). That and a roll of order wire. The there is the need a cable stretcher Lt. Usaully after we just got done running 10 reals (2.5 miles) of PCM cable and coming up 2 feet short at the end. In the early dayz of tactical satellite communications (TACSAT) the quality of the links were not the greatest - lots of static and echo. Echo was easy to fix - peak this, tweak that. Static we could do nothing about because it was hard as heck to get authorization to increase power out wattage - damn GMF pukes. So I would tell my zeros that the static was due to bird wobble caused by the failure one of the 4 gyros in the satellite. Then there is the ... hold these wires Lt (WD-1) so we can test the phone line ... and then crank the TA-312 or squeeze the TA-1; 90vdc real quick But we only did this things to zeros we really liked. The zeros we didn't not like, we just got rid of TTFN [ 12-18-2002, 06:14 PM: Message edited by: Gallion ]
  17. TOO IMO Though there is a tad bit to much poetic license - I am a purist. Shorter than FoTR, but just as good. Gimli is just to funny (... don't tell the Elf ...) Can't wait for the Extended (aka Director's Cut) DVD. TTFN [ 12-18-2002, 05:54 PM: Message edited by: Gallion ]
  18. Playmod is not supported. Use at own risk. TTFN
  19. quote:Originally posted by Supreme Cmdr: ... Me? I'm just gonna watch, as usual. Well, you "started" it SC I'm with Jag on this becuase I don't shop at Wally world anymore. Damn its nice to make a living wage for a change But there are two solutions to this moral oxymoron: 1. Don't shop at Wally World. 2. Devs dont do deals with puds that distro to Wally World - hard to do since they (Wally World) have 25% of the video game (PC or Console) sales. Remember the soapboxes TTFN
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