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  1. <rp> His Marine bodyguard awakened Commander Gallion in his command chair. Chief Engineer Scott was waiting nearby to talk to the GCV Graf Spee commander. CE: ÔÇ£Wing status report sir,ÔÇØ Scott said while handing a datapad to Gallion. Commander Gallion, still trying to shake the cobwebs from his all-too-short rest looked at the datapad Scott handed to him. His confidence slackened when he read the Communications Systems and Cloaking Device readiness. Communication Systems for the entire Wing were unreliable, short-range transmission and reception were operational but long-range comms were out. The EMP during the WingÔÇÖs exodus from the Gammulan homeworld fried microprocessors needed for repairs. Iridium supplies were next to nill, entire wing could cloak for approx 10 minutes. Just enough time to set the Wing up for failure if they were to run across ÔÇ£hostileÔÇØ forces. A chance Gallion was not willing to take this deep in Gammulan territory. Gallion: ÔÇ£Nav, set course for the moon orbiting LV-115; FO, prepare all remaining Shuttle craft with probes, were are going mining; Comms transmit all to Prinze Eugen, Cruisers are to remain in Debris Field. Set course and engage when ready; we have 2-hours to get as much Iridium as we can.ÔÇØ Gallion looked at the chronometer, a device known as a clock in ancient days, and skunked down in his command chair farther. CE Scott returned to his duty station, knowing that there would be no rest for the weary. Gallion scanned his gaze over the bridge area. Everywhere he saw the signs of constant operations beginning to effect the bridge crew. He activated his intercom system, keying the medbay, ÔÇ£Doc, do we still have that case of ÔÇ£special medicationÔÇØ on-board?ÔÇÖ Med Off: ÔÇ£Aye Sir, you know my opinion of these drugs.ÔÇØ Gallion: ÔÇ£Yes, I am aware, what is the longest amount of time that we can safely use them?ÔÇØ Med Off: ÔÇ£39 Hours Sir, anymore and weÔÇÖll have a bunch of zombies on our hands.ÔÇØ Gallion: ÔÇ£Thanks, be prepared to issue to Wing in 2 hours, OUT! TACNET OPEN: Prinze Eugen and Cruisers go to minimum manning; expect 2 hours down time; rest your people while we can. Gallion OUT! Commander to crew: minimum manning; 2-hour sleep for all; rotate crew. Enjoy it while we can people, things will get very hot soon. Commander OUT!ÔÇØ Gallion reclined back into the security of his commanderÔÇÖs chair. The bridge was a flurry of activity as the crew began to file towards the Turbo shaft. With the AP engaged meant no one had to actually fly the Graf Spee. Both the remaining BCs emerged from the debris field and jumped towards the moon orbiting LV-115, shortly both BC established an orbit around the moon, shuttlecraft launched, deployed their mining probes, and returned to their mother craft. All I can do is wait now, Gallion thought as he began to review the COMMLINK/Log. A lot of garbage. The EMP really did a number on the COMMLINK/Log datafile. Transmissions from Wraith HQ were really hosed, almost as if someone or something was trying to jam them. One message really stood out to Gallion; it was a direct communiqu├® from Wraith Fleet Commander Tac to the Graf Spee: <static>...<garble>...Spee <static>...Wraith-HQ compromised. Do not trust <static>... ginating ..<garble>from<static>..HQ .... <static>... <static>...IFF codes have been <static>...<garble>...<static>...TDF has been d...<static>... Source of ..<static>...<garble>...<static>...has been traced to <static>...Cruiser, RACE/CASTES/AFFILIATION UNK.. <static>...<garble>...<static>...base... <static>..<static>...<garble>...<static>....transmissions to Wr...<garble>...<static>...mder Tac OUT. Well, guess homebase is just as hosed as the Wing is Gallion thought. Things were getting real sticky. Cruiser, unknown type, affiliation, castes, or race was the key to this mystery. A mystery that Gallion was going to solve. <rp/> ------------------ CMDR Gallion GCV-Graf Spee, Corsair Wing Wraith Fleet [This message has been edited by Gallion (edited 02-05-99).]
  2. Dont know how others will work your "mission" in Cmdr Tringad, but I have a surprise in the works.
  3. Good ideas all. However I like Bad Mojo's, there are possibilities. 1) Load SH up with explosives. 2) Target Bad Mojo's ship. 3) Issue "FLY TO" command. 4) set the timer. 5) kick back and laugh as the Bad Mojo fall victim to his own "tactic" ------------------ CMDR Gallion GCV-Graf Spee, Corsair Wing Wraith Fleet
  4. A good idea, at least then the lab monkey (aka Research Engineer) would be put to good use <g>. Yes Chavik, this does sound like the other games but then there is the "now that everything is researched, what do I do now" syndrome once the "research tree" is complete. This could be done, but if implemented it must not upset gameplay or game balance. Intruders could "steal" a players technology and vis-a-versa. The player could "steal" another player's tech also (M/P). A good idea, hadn't thought about research. I'll add this to my soon to be posted "wish list" ------------------ CMDR Gallion GCV-Graf Spee, Corsair Wing Wraith Fleet [This message has been edited by Gallion (edited 01-31-99).]
  5. Good point ACM vs Freeflight, you using v2.02 I assume? The Pixan "anamoly" 'tis strange. I've captured several hostile stations and have not experienced what you have Tac. Hey, check the R/P thread, things may become interesting the next couple of days....TTFN
  6. Be Careful with your CO Tac, you NEED him on some missions....just a little warning that's all ------------------ CMDR Gallion GCV-Graf Spee, Corsair Wing Wraith Fleet
  7. <rp> The Corsair Wing Commander surveyed his WingÔÇÖs status report, it was a small status report at that. Four Heavycruisers were lost during the WingÔÇÖs ÔÇ£Strategic RelocationÔÇØ (aka retreat) from the Gammulan Homeworld located at Gamma1. How those four Cruisers were lost was a fluke. Gallion studied the battle logs trying to figure out what went wrong. The more he studied, the more baffled he became, baffled more from disbelief than anything else. The recall order from Commander Tac, Wraith Fleet Commander, couldnÔÇÖt have come at a more inopportune time than it did. Right at the exact beginning of the WingÔÇÖs coordinated attack on both the Gammulan Homeworld and the Hexar Space Station orbiting the planet. Battle logs showed what Gallion already knew, the OTS attack on Gamma1 was a waste of ordinance. All five OTS weapons were destroyed by ground based SAL and SAM defenses before they entered the planetÔÇÖs troposphere. They became another bright spot in the sky to those Gammulans that were observing from the planet surface. Two Cruisers were lost when they were disengaging from their attack on Hexar. Both were hammered by several Pacer and Slave missiles launched from the space station. Lucky hits, Gallion thought, they were at the wrong place at the wrong time. Two more cruisers were lost when they collided with each other after hyperjumping to the Tyrnnis jump point. A flaw in their NAV computer programming, a flaw that was suppose to have been fixed months ago. Just to be on the safe side, Gallion had the Comms, Fight, Navigation and Engineering officers look at the Graf SpeeÔÇÖs NAV computer system and programs. He didnÔÇÖt want anymore surprises. The Wing had to fight their way through both to the Gamma1/Tyrnnis jump point, Tyrnnis and LV-110 systems. Scanners indicated that a debris field was located but no Gammulan bases in the LV-115 system. Commander Gallion, over serious objections from both is crew and the other Wing ship commanders, to make course for the debris field. Both the Graf Spee and the Prinze Eugen, along with the remaining Heavycruisers sustained damage during the strategic relocation of the Wing. None of the eight ships was disabled but the entire wing needed time to relax and heal. The past 12 hours have been exciting, too exciting in GallionÔÇÖs opinion. The debris field provided the camouflage and concealment from Gammulan scanners. Giving Corsair Wing the time it needs to repair, rest, and heal. Unfortunately, the field also hampered the wings monitoring efforts. Only one probe remained, on the Graf Spee, available for launch. Gallion did not want to alert the WingÔÇÖs presence within the system to the Gammulans unless he really had to. Gallion began to review the Commlog also. Long-haul communications were down, victim to the two lost cruiserÔÇÖs death explosion. Their explosion was nuclear chain reaction, not a ÔÇ£normalÔÇØ ship explosion, if it there was such a thing as normal ship explosion. The resulting explosion caused a huge EMP that fried every communications system in the fleet. It is also probably the reason why Gammulan reinforcements did not arrive earlier in defense of their Homeworld. Communications were erratic and garbled were working. Commlog was full of fleet and ship battle communications. Gallion was able to determine that the Gammulans launched a major attack in the Sol system and that an alliance between all Terran forces, Galcom and Insurgent, was necessary to defeat the Gammulan attack. The Commlog entries that both sparked GallionÔÇÖs interest and worried him the most were conflicting. Several were from both Wraith HQ and Commander Tac, Wraith Fleet leader. Gallion drifted asleep in his command chair on the bridge as he read these communiqu├®ÔÇÖs. Dreaming of Scarecrows, Tin-men, Lions, Tigers, [and] Bears (oh my), a yellow brick road, a wizard, and a Crow......... <rp/> ------------------ CMDR Gallion GCV-Graf Spee, Corsair Wing Wraith Fleet [This message has been edited by Gallion (edited 01-29-99).]
  8. LOL, suppose to be "fixed" v2.03
  9. Nope, they call them Texans!
  10. When you are in TACOPS Tac, there is a thing called a HOLD button. Press Once and walla! Time is stopped thus allowing the leasurely placement of waypoints, etc.. No rush, no hurry, no pressure <g> ------------------ CMDR Gallion GCV-Graf Spee, Corsair Wing Wraith Fleet
  11. 'Bout time you showed up Tac SOP = Standard Operating Procedures ------------------ CMDR Gallion GCV-Graf Spee, Corsair Wing Wraith Fleet Still on the Offensive somewhere in Gamm-land with plenty of Iridium to spare! [This message has been edited by Gallion (edited 01-27-99).]
  12. <rp> We be the misfits of GALCOM I tell ya. I feel like on of ..... Misguided Children of old. Used, abused, and bailing out the brass. They sit in their "pretty" star station, nice and safe. Where do they stick us? 10 jumps from them and 5 from others. When they want their dirty work down, they send the Wraithers. Should've taken the court-martial. <rp/> Cmdr Gallion GCV Graf Spee Wraith Fleet, Corsair Wing Currently somewhere in Gamm-land evading Galcom authorities. [This message has been edited by Gallion (edited 01-25-99).]
  13. made dumb post -- disregard [This message has been edited by Gallion (edited 01-25-99).]
  14. Gothca turkey gents ... right in .... If ye be in Wraith then claim it in yer posts! Wraithers may hide but we never run! Cmdr Gallion GCV Graf Spee Wraith Fleet, Corsair Wing [were's Tac when we need him???] [This message has been edited by Gallion (edited 01-25-99).]
  15. Count me in DeSylva. Can't let PRIME (and sub-fleets) get all the action! Cmdr Gallion GCV Graf Spee Wraith Fleet, Corsair Wing "The fastest bucket of bolts in the Galaxy!"
  16. Weeeeeellllll, I looked on a bloody map, and yes to my dismay there is a River, albiet a small one, named Colorado. Go figure! So I eat the crow again. The only Colorado River I knew about was the CA/AZ one with the big hole in the ground at one end and a dam on the other. So to all the Tejasans, *Rattler, Bad Mojo, etc..) I like my crow med with taters on the side. By the way, on the map it sure looked small. [This message has been edited by Gallion (edited 01-25-99).]
  17. Better check your map DeSylva, Coloradp River ain't no where near Tejas. Send 'em a live one Mojo - speed bump wouldn't make the trip. [This message has been edited by Gallion (edited 01-25-99).]
  18. Look at the "Priority List" Tac. You can edit (Add/Remove) target(s) that appear. RTM!
  19. A good idead Vorg but I still disagree. What I like about the BC3K universe is that it is NOT like the ST universe. There are some similarities (what scifi epic today doesn't) but BC3K can stand on its own. When the on-line version goes live, I am for the rules remaining the same as now and disagree with a "safety net" to save a BC commander who does not have the right stuff to keep both his ship and crew mission capable. Just my two-bits Vorg, nothing personnal [This message has been edited by Gallion (edited 01-23-99).]
  20. The incentive for keeping all the "upgrades" that are so painstakingly and time-consuming to impliment is to KEEP your BC intact. "The difference between men and boys is the price of their toys" I would be really frustrated if I had a bead on, let's say the First Light (just for conversational purposes DeSylva) and integrity goes to 21, almost SOS time. The First light has some goodies I want, DeSylva hits the "panic" button and save the First Light and its goodies. Needless to say I would be ****** to the max. To save a game is a good idea, but to use the save/restore to preserve a player's profile, etc.. would distrupt the BC3KxAD universe to the max. Bottom line, I disagree.
  21. Thus proving my point INS One.
  22. Isn't it that always the case? Jarheads are always bailing out the Squids. If there is no one in a craft, IC or SH, how can theose intruders get the launch codes? If there is no power to launch control, why are they trying to steal my craft? The GBS Docs outline the "chance" a ship will send intruders to a player's BC during the course of a script. There may be "global" parameters w/in the game engine that override a given script. At least this is my understanding of the GBS. So far, no Intruders when I have my BC cloaked. But if they can do it (beam a squad over to my ship), I should be able to. I believe this feature will be implimented in BC3020.
  23. Gallion


    I'll have to try out the TACOPS portion. At least then maybeeee me crew will get "smarter" (ya right uhhhh) [This message has been edited by Gallion (edited 01-20-99).]
  24. Yea, and when the Appaches and Cobras are through, the A-10's wring the mop...
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