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  1. Ouuccchhh! Maybe there could be a Fleet "counter" in the forum somewhere? Just a thought only. Where be the rest of Wraith Fleet? I only "know" of two. Cmdr Gallion GCV Graf Spee Wraith Fleet, Corsair Wing "...all that is gold does not glitter, all those who wander are not lost ..."
  2. Mind is still spinning from just "reading" the GBS docs. I say to TAC "make the macro" in GBS and win the .... There are a lot of "whatifs" to worry about when scripting TAC. I be no expert, heck not even a novice yet. Pan is right, formations only last until first contact then it is a free for all.
  3. Actually, in Star Trek the shields had to be DOWN before Transporter operations could commence. This carries through in the "new" variations also. As for weapon penetration by enemy ships (ST:TNG Generations) once the Enterprise's shield frequency was known by those Klingon babes, well the NCC-1701-D was toast. Heck of a landing I might add. Und Pan is correct also, when there is a need, something can always be "scripted" in the plot for "actors" to do. [This message has been edited by Gallion (edited 01-19-99).]
  4. I see a zinger coming back from ISS HQ, watch out CMDR Bad Mojo. You may be in PRIME Fleet but the ISS has resources that are .... Cmdr Gallion GCV Graf Spee Wraith Fleet Corsair Wing Leader
  5. Tac there are utilities to slow down a CPU for older DOS games. Can't remember the file names but try searching the zdnet. Ser Arris - Like the combination, P2 handle in a SW named ship, aweee the possibilities. Want to be a Pirate, er... Corsair? [This message has been edited by Gallion (edited 01-18-99).]
  6. Good idea Tac for BC3020, if you read the "lite" version GBS docs you will get a glimpse of how "envoled" your suggestion is.
  7. Would definately give new meaning to "Shield Integrerity Breached" wouldn't it?
  8. You will find tha as the AI level of your crew (Officers, Pilots, Jarheads, etc..) improves (raises) they will do everything better. Try collecting cargo with a FE pilot with an AI of 8? Doesn't happen. Nikolai's tip works, there are times when I do the same thing. A/P on/off, go to maunal control (I use the keyboard) to get on course quicker. CMDR Gallion GCV Graf Spee Wraith Fleet, Corsair Wing Leader [This message has been edited by Gallion (edited 01-18-99).]
  9. This would fit under the ship appearance category. Don't know how feasable this would be but here goes. This is more of an eye-candy and player personalization than anything else. In BC3030AD single or mutli-play allow player modification to the BC external that would: 1- will display the ship name (limited to xx characters) on either the BC's starboard and port bow, or atop the bridge exterior. With the players affilication; ICV, GVC, EVC, etc... 2- allow for the import and pasting of the commanders fleet/wing/ship insignia. Limit the insignia to a xxx by yyy .jpg/.gif/.tif etc.. 8/16/24 bit format. Insignia could be place on the BC's Two Rudders (Solar Panels?). Nothing fancy per-say but an "icon" that would be simple but distinctive. I realize that this may be diff with 3d texture rendering and pallet, et-al. Think of cruising in m/p patroling in realitively peaceful part of the galaxy when ships hyper/jump in from out of no where bearing the skull and bones of the infamous Corsair Wing. I can see the commander trembling in his spacer suit checking... Anyway just a thought. Gallion [This message has been edited by Gallion (edited 01-12-99).]
  10. Not trying to "get" out of it DeSylva, just stating the OTS (nuke) attack was a tactical flop and the Gams are exacting revenge. And yes I am still stuck waaaaaay behind enemy lines, up to my --- in Gammulans. Still have a court-martial to go thru also (if the Wing makes it back to "friendly lines". Wow, talk about a twist in a plot. What if a Galcom Wing were to .........? Now it is up to Tac to weasel Wraith Fleet's position against the Insurgent's position. Another side benifit of a Fleet Commander: Politics! Yo-Ho, Yo-Ho, the Corsair's life is for me!
  11. Ooooppps so much for backing up CO, opened can of worms. Might as well run with it. <rp> Battlefield damage assesment from the UNauthorized OTS attack on the Gammulan homeworld by Corsair Wing forces are nil. Gammulan ODS in orbit and planetary ground defenses (SAL/SAM) destroyed all OTS weapons launched in the planets tropospere. Gammulan casualties were zero. Current Wing status is perilous; 2 Galactan BC, both heavily damaged and 6 Starcruiser Heavycruisers remain. Gammulan forces have forced Corsair Wing to retreat from Gamma-1 to Tyrinis. <rp/> Will post something in Finding Akira thread. The problems with command Tac is the boss is resposible for subordinate actions; right or wrong. CMDR Gallion GCV Graf Spee Corsair Wing Commander (for now) [This message has been edited by Gallion (edited 01-18-99).]
  12. Have to back my CO here. <rp> Have one to many violations? Been caught with illicit items lately? Pissed the Galcom brass off one too many times? Well the Corsair Wing of Wraith Fleet is for you. Corsair Wing is composed of the dredges, malcontents, and misfits of Galcom. The Wing Commander may be facing a court-martial for an unauthorized nuke attack on the Gammulan Homeworld. That is if the Corsair Wing Commander survives the Wing's current assignment deep within Gammulan space. Corsair Wing is the smallest wing assigned to Wraith Fleet. Ships and personnel specialize in Guerrilla warfare and other covert operations. Relying on stealth and quick strikes (hit and fad), raids for ship/wing resupply, and lone ship deployments that often last for months. Corsair Wing is currently creating havoc and myhem in Gammulan space, searching for a mysterious cruiser that infected the Wings computer systems during a "so-called" joint defense with Insurgent Forces. Type, class, or race of this cruiser is unknown, all that is known about this mysterious craft is that it is rogue ship without affiliation. The Wing's transmissions are garbled, too much interferrance. <rp/> I think this is the final nail in the coffin Rattler! ------------------ CMDR Gallion GCV Graf Spee Wraith Fleet, Corsair Wing Commander "Raid to resupply, raid to stay alive." Yo-Ho, Yo-Ho the Corsair's life is for me! [This message has been edited by Gallion (edited 01-18-99).]
  13. I'm Back, hope all had the HH syndrom. Ristar ditto to what Tac said. Take a week off and a major cliff hanger developes. Tac - yea got e-mail, there is NO such thing as a "clean" nuke, some just aren't as "dirty" as others. Why did I have corsair Wing OTS population centers? Had to create some type of deversion, I really wanted the Hexar Star Station. Besides, none of the OTS weapons would have reached the surface of Gamma-1, the Gams would have destroyed each OTS well before they posed a threat to the surface. Had to think up something quick, left town after post. Look forward to the next RP action, this one was good CMDR Gallion GVC Graf Spee, Wraith Fleet, Corsair Wing Leader You cannot defeat us! You can only hope to contain us if you fight us!"
  14. <rp> COMMS: Incomming wide-beam transmission Commander! GALLION: LetÔÇÖs hear it Lt ÔÇ£Rattler:.......VORNE, I know it was You! Consider yourself no longer an Insurgent. I'm coming for you!!! You're a DEAD MAN, and oh, By The Way, DeSylva sends his Disdain!!!!ÔÇØ Rattler and Vorne, who the heck are these people? Gallion wondered about this wide-beam transmission. A dumb thing to do unless someone was trying to make a point. ÔÇ£Not my problem,ÔÇØ Gallion mubbled to noe in particular. Tine to kick some Gams back to the hell-spawn they came from. Corsair Wing journey to Gamma 1 from Tryrinis went without incident. As in Regis VI, the Gamma Star Station launched half of its ship complement to meet the threat that Corsair posed to it. 1 Stormcarrier, 1 Warmonger, and 15 assorted fighters. The probe launch went without incident. As one probe was launched and activated, one ÔÇ£shipÔÇØ activated their CLOAKING device. Effectively creating an illusion on the Gam scanners. The Graf Spee and CSB1-5 were the first ships to cloak, they jumped to the planet Gamma-1, and obtained an orbital posistion. Each of the six ships targeted a major population center on the planets surface. GALLION: TACNET channel open, tight-beam to Corsair 1; DECLOAK and launch OTS weapon on my Mark, Gallion OUT! Meanwhile, the rest of Corsair Wing had CLOAKED. Corsair 2 composed of the Galatan Battlecruiser Prinze Eugen and 5 Starcruiser heavycruisers. Corsair 2 jumped to Gamma Star Station just before the Gam defenders arrival at the Tyrinis jump point. The 13 probes began their dance steps, moving away from the Gam mini fleet erraticaly. The probes next programed stop was the debris field. Corsair 2 exited hyper-space 50km from Gamma Star Station. As one, each ship engaged their afterburners and sped towards Gamma. Gallion waited, pacing the bridge franticaly. This is too easy, he thought. The Gam homeworld defended by a Star Staion and its ship complement. Something is not right herre. Gallion began to review Corsair WingÔÇÖs journey in Gam-land. Token to no resistance in each system that they engaged the Gams. FO: Hyper-drive engines charged up Sir. GALLION: TACNET channel open, tight-beam to Corsair 2 Delay attack on Gamma Star Station until Corsair 1 arrive, Corsair 1 ÔÇô Launch OTS weapons, three...two...MARK, Engae CLOAKING devices and jump to Gamma Star Staion. Gallion OUT! From the depths of space, six ships materialize in Gamma 1ÔÇÖs orbit. Six OTS weapons are launched towards the planets surface, targeting civilian population centers. The Gam fleet chasing the probes realize that they ar on a goose chase and target Corsair1. <Battlecruiser Identified> rang over the shipÔÇÖs intercom as the Graf Spee and 5 cruisers engage their afterburners, heading towards Gamma Star Staion. GALLION: TACNET channel open, tight-beam to Corsair 2; deactivate Probes, send back to Typinis jump point, Gallion OUT! FO, you get that? FO: Aye Sir Now the fireworks would fly, Gamma Star Station launched their remaining ships. Gallion was beginning to have second thoughts about his little plan. Could he pull it off? COMMS: Incomming message from Wraith HQ Commander! GALLION: Route to my console! Gallion read the message from Wraith HQ and smiled. GALLION: TACNET Channel open Corsair 1 and Corsair 2; Diengage target, make for Tyrinis jump point, plot a course to Wraith HQ, Gallion OUT. Gallion chuckled to himself. Why would Wraith HQ recall Corsair Wing. We were about to give the Gams a coup-de-gras. Will find out later I guess when Commander tac chews me a new one. <rp/> I will not be able to post for a week, Commander Tac has OPCON of Corsair Wing. Hopefully he will not wipe ÔÇ£meÔÇØ out. Happy Holidays to all. CMDR Gallion GVC Graf Spee, Wraith Fleet, Corsair Wing Leader You cannot defeat us! You can only hope to contain us if you fight us!"
  15. <rp> The hour had past. Gallion was completing his study of the last SNAPSHOT of Gamma-1 that the Graf SpeeÔÇÖs TACOPS Computer received just before the Probe self-destructed. The more he looked at the displayed, the more worried he became. The system-space was bare with the exception of one item, the Gamma Star Station orbiting Gamma-1. Only fitting he thought, the Gammulan homeworld should have some type defense. Gallion looked up Star Station GammaÔÇÖs capabilities in the TACOPS ComputerÔÇÖs Intel database. The Star Station itself was not a formable opponent Gallion thought, it was the starship complement contained within that Gallion was more concerned about: 2 x Storm Carrier assault Carries (12 fighters each); 2 x Warmonger Supercruisers; and the 30 mixed fighter complement. 4 capital ships, 54 fighters, and the Gamma Star Station weaponry; separately they are no match for Corsair WingÔÇÖs 2 Galatan Battlecruisers and 10 Starcruiser Heavycruisers. Together, things will be a little bit dicier than Gallion wouldÔÇÖve liked. The more Gallion pondered about the possible outcome of a battle in the Gamma system, the more worried and frustrated he became. Then he remembered the probe conversion he ordered what seemed like years ago. The Prinze Eugen had 10 probes converted, the Graf Spee had 3 probes converted to emit a Battlecruiser scanner signature. Gallion smiled his signature wicked smile as he turned towards the Bridge crew. GALLION: NAV, plot a course to the Gamma 1 System, relay to the rest of Corsair Wing. TACOPS, FO, and COMMS meet me on the Private channel. TACOPS, FO, and COMMS: Aye Sir GALLION: This is what we are going to do people, when the WingÔÇÖs Hyperdrive engines have recharged after we reach the Gamma-1 system, the Graf Spee and the Prinze Eugen will launch all remaining Probes. The Probes will activate and programmed to jump randomly within the Gamma-1 System. As each probe launches and activates, one Corsair Wing ship will activate their CLOAKING device. When all ships have cloacked, the Graf Spee and CS-B1-5 will jump t Gamma-1 obtaining an orbit above the planet, these six ships will be code named Corsair 1. The remaining ships will be code named Corsair 2. Corsair 2 will close to within 3km of and engage Gamma Star Station with all weapons. After missiles stores have been depleted, Corsair 2 will jump back to the Tyrinis jump point. Corsair 1 will target the planet's surface, priority targets will be major population centers. Corsair 1 will DECLOAK and launch one OTS weapon per ship at the planets surface. After this, Corsair 1 will engage CLOAKING devices, target Gamma Star Station, and move to within 3kms. Corsair 1 will DECLOAK and launch all loaded missiles at the Star Station, engage CLOAKING devices the rejoin Corsair 2 at Tyrinis Jump Point. When Corsair 1 arrives at the Tyrinis jump point, Corsair 1 and Corsair 2 code names will no longer be used, the Wing will become one. Hopefully the probes will put the Star StationÔÇÖs spacecraft on a wild goose chase. It will look like there are 23 GALCOM vessels attacking this system. COMMS, relay this to each ship, TACOPS, FO coordinate with the rest of the Wing. Any questions?? The Graf SpeeÔÇÖs TACOPS, FO, and COMMS officer look at their commander as if he lost his mind. Slowly as each understood what Commander Gallion was doing, their opinions change. Each shook their head indicating that there were no further questions. Gallion smiled his evil-devilish smile, knowing each will do as he ordered, without question or hesitation. GALLION: LetÔÇÖs get to people. Corsair Wing will jump in 3 minutes. SHOWTIME, Gallion mused, time to really have some fun and to see what the Gams were really made off. Murphy and his antics never crossed the Corsair Wing LeaderÔÇÖs mind. Something that could have disastrous effects if it was not given the proper amount of attention due latter on.... <rp/> Now is your chance Tac, if you read my e-mail that is CMDR Gallion GVC Graf Spee, Wraith Fleet, Corsair Wing Leader You cannot defeat us! You can only hope to contain us if you fight us!" [This message has been edited by Gallion (edited 12-20-98).]
  16. Concluding Posts?? IÔÇÖm just getting started! Tac, before you post, check your e-mail. <rp> The Marine Sergeant looked at his watch, two minutes to go before he had to wake up Commander Gallion. He thought about it for a second and decided to start a little early. The Sergeant buzzed GallionÔÇÖs commlink and waited. Commander Gallion nodded to the Sergeant as he departed his quarters. To the Marine Sergeant, his commander looked like he hadnÔÇÖt slept a wink. This didnÔÇÖt bother the Sergeant one bit. His destination was his Troop Quarters, time for him to get a much needed and well deserved rest. GALLION: FO, set all probes to self destruct NOW! NAV, plot a course to Gamma 1. TACOPS, get a tactical snapshot of the Gamma 1 system before the probe self-destructs. I want a list of all available targets, space-born, ground-born, or anything. COMMS, contact the Prinze Eugen, get their status report, and pipe it to my console. CHIEF, meet me in the briefing room NOW!. Gallion OUT. To some, it would seem that the Graf SpeeÔÇÖs Commander woke up on the wrong side of the bed. In actuality, Gallion did not sleep a wink. He spent the two undisturbed hours reviewing the report that Chief Engineer Scoot and Lt Edison wrote on the DeustchlandÔÇÖs BlackBox and the ÔÇ£newÔÇØ IFF modules received from Wraith HQ. Gallion and Mr. Scott arrived at the briefing room at the same time. Gallion turned to his mechanical wiz-kid and asked him one question; GALLION: Mr. Scott are you absolutely positive about your conclusions in this report? CHIEF ENG: Aye Sir, IÔÇÖd stake my life on it Commander. GALLION: I hope it doesnÔÇÖt come down to that Mr. Scott but be prepared. Good work, sorry it took me so long to get to your report. You had any rest lately? CHIEF ENG: No Sir, been fixing this bucket of ... GALLION: Take a break Mr. Scott, Back at your station in 1 hour. Gallion did not even wait for Mr ScottÔÇÖs reply, he stormed out of the briefing room heading towards the Bridge. GALLION: COMMS prepare to copy; BT TO: Wraith HQ, CMDR Tac FYO FR: Commander Gallion SUBJECT: Next Actions Repairs to Prinze Eugen are almost complete. Next Target is whatever we find in Gamma 1 system, attack will begin in one Hour. Request confirmation of last orders, SUBJECT: Wing Assignment. I strongly object. Enclosed is my Chief Engineer and Communications report on what they found after examining the DeustchlandÔÇÖs BlackBox and the ÔÇ£newÔÇØ IFF Modules received from Wraith HQ.. File Attachments two: TACSNPSHT-G1, DLND-BBX-IFFMOD Commander Gallion SENDS ET GALLION: SEND it COMMS!! COMMS: Message sent Sir One hour to kill. Commander Gallion relaxed in his command chair and began to doze off. Dreams of sugar plums danced through his head (among other things). The rest of the crew continued to rotate, each crewmember taking the opportunity to take a break. <rp> CMDR Gallion GVC Graf Spee, Wraith Fleet, Corsair Wing Leader You cannot defeat us! You can only hope to contain us if you fight us!" [This message has been edited by Gallion (edited 12-20-98).]
  17. <rp> The Marines of Corsair Wing completed their mission, both the Starbase shield generator and its fire control system were destroyed. The Marines from the Graf Spee suffered three casualties; two dead and one wounded; both ATVs suffered minimal dames, nothing that canÔÇÖt be fixed. The Prinze EugenÔÇÖs Marine teams were not as lucky as the Graf SpeeÔÇÖs, five dead, three wounded, one ATV destroyed, and the other is heavily damaged. The five Cruisers were beginning their launch sequence when Gallion activated his TACNET channel. GALLION: CS-B1-5 terminate OTS launch, Prinze Eugen damage report NOW! PRINZE EUGEN: Cloaking system suffered malfunction Commander. The Deflector Array is burnt out. Engines are destroyed. Shields heavily damaged, Array Decoder, COMP Control Unit, Relay Chip, and Defuser Relay destroyed; no replacements. Reactor suffered minor damage, power output down 35 %, we can fix it. GALLION: Will send a shuttle over with the parts you need, transfer all OTS weapons to the Graf Spee shuttle, GALLION OUT. GALLION: CHIEF, FO load the equipment that the Prinze needs into Shuttle Four. TACOPS prepare OTS launch on the Starbase, also find us something else to target on Tyrinis, preferably a military target. TACOPS: Aye Sir. GALLION: HELM move us to within TRACTOR Beam Range and TRACTOR the Prinze Eugen, then set course to the rest of the Wing. FO: aye, aye Sir. COMMS: Incoming message from wraith HQ. GALLION: Pipe it through Lt. BT FR: WRAITH HQ TO: Corsair Wing Leader, Commander Gallion SUBJECT: Wing Assignment Unless otherwise receinded by Wraith HQ, Corsair Wing will be under the operational control of Commander Ristar, ISS Vice Fleet Coordinator. Send SITREP ASAP to Wraith HQ. Commander Tac, Wraith Fleet Leader SENDS. ET ISS, what the sam h*** is Tac thinking., Gallion pondered the possible ramifications of the orders he received. Well if Commander Tac says so. GALLION: CHIEF, begin repairs on our ATVs, send any SysEngs that you can spare on the SH4 to assist the Prinze Eugen, launch SH4 when ready, GALLION OUT. FO: TRACTOR Beam locked and activated, Prinze Eugen in tow Commander, ETA rest of Corsair Wing, 2 Minutes. The two minutes ticked away quickly. Two Galatan Battlecruisers, one towing the other, rejoin the ten heavycruisers of Corsair Wing. TACOPS: Starbase locked Commander. GALLION: Launch OTS. TACOPS: Secondary target identified, an industrial complex in the upper portion of the main continent. GALLION: Proximity to civilian population? TACOPS: Seems to be in the middle of it Sir. Gallion thought about it for a minute, collateral damage is what they called it at the academy. GALLION: TACOPS, target industrial complex and launch OTS when locked. The TACOPS officer, a green Lt fresh out of the academy before all hell broke loose, hesitated at his station. Commander Gallion saw his TACOPS officer hesitation and knew what was coming. GALLION: TACOPS, Acknowledge your last orders or you will be thrown in the BRIG! TACOPS: Orders acknowledged Sir, Industrial complex targeted, and OTS launch when locked. Gallion turned to the Marine Sergeant stationed in the operation room and said, ÔÇ£If he hesitates, kill him.ÔÇØ The Sergeant nodded his head and watched the TACOPS officers every move, waiting for the Lt to hesitate. TACOPS: Target Locked, OTS weapon launched. GALLION: Excellent work Lt, why don't you take a break, Be back at your station in one hour. The TACOPS Lt did not know what to make of it. Just seconds before, he was on the verge of disobeying his commanding officer in a time of war. A crime punishable by death. No hearing, no lawyer, no say so in his defense. He jumped from his station, saluted Commander Gallion, and left the Bridge. Gallion watched his TACOPS officer leave the Bridge silently. He turned his attention to the Bridge VID. An ever-expanding flash of light appeared where the Industrial Complex was on the planet surface. Scratch one weapons factory, Gallion thought, and a couple of million Gammulans too. GALLION: COMMS, prepare to copy; TO: Wraith HQ FR: Commander Gallion, Corsair Wing Leader SUBJECT: SITREP Engaged Gammulans at Regis VI and Tyrinis. Starbase destroyed on each planet along with one industrial complex on Tyrinis. The Wing has 18 OTS weapons remaining. Suffered some damage and casualties while engaging Gam ODS platform at Tyrinis. Graf Spee has 3 ICs, 3 ATVs, 4 SH, and 14 Marines available for combat. Prinze Eugen sustained heavy damage, Cloaking, Engines are out and are being repaired/replaced at this time, ETR 2.5 hours. Reactor suffered minor damage, ETR 30 Minutes. 2ATVs, 3 ICs, 4 SH, and 10 Marines available for combat. The 10 Starcruisers sustained no damage. Commander Gallion SENDS. ET GALLION: COMMS, send it NOW! COMMS: Message sent Commander. GALLION: To all hands, take a break people, we have a couple of hours to kill, use the time wisely. Gallion stood up and stretched himself. Been go, go, go for the last 12 hours. Time to get a catnap. He turned to the Marine Sergeant detailed as his body guard while he was on the bridge and said, ÔÇ£IÔÇÖm going to my quarters, wake me up in two hours.ÔÇØ The Marine Sergeant nodded his head and followed the Graf SpeeÔÇÖs Commander to his quarters. Gallion dozed off almost as soon as his head hit his pillow. His last thoughts were about the cargo pods and the information that Chief Engineer Scott had about the DeustchlandÔÇÖs BlackBox and the ÔÇ£newÔÇØ IFF modules. <rp> CMDR Gallion GVC Graf Spee, Wraith Fleet, Corsair Wing Leader You cannot defeat us! You can only hope to contain us if you fight us!"
  18. While you all figure out Sol, IÔÇÖm going shopping in Gam-land...hint, hint. <rp> Corsair Wing arrived in orbit above Tyrinis without a challenge from the Gammulans. The XTENDER ODS platform was on the far side of the planet. The Wing had 15 minutes before they had to worry about that. Enough time to do what Gallion wanted to do. GALLION: TACNET channel opened. COMMS; relay to Prinze Eugen; FO Launch SH3, SH4, and all ICs.. ICs will provide air and ground support for all ATVs. ATV targets as planned. Gallion OUT! <Shuttle Three Launched, Shuttle Four ....> Gallion turned off his intercom speaker. Sometimes that automated [email protected]#$#[email protected] could really get to him. After a short time, he turned his intercom back on. GOMMS: Prinze Eugen reports all craft launched. GALLION: TACNET channel open, Prinze Eugen prepare to CLOAK and jump on my MARK, Target will be the ODS platform. Gallion OUT. TACOPS, how long until the ODS platform aquires the Wing? TACOPS: 7 minutes Commander. NAV: Course plotted sir. COMMS: Prinze Eugen re... GALLION: TACNET channel open, Cruisers stand fast, your target will be the starbase when its shields and fire control are down. Prinze Eugen, three ... two ... MARK! As one both Galatan Battlecruisers faded from view as they activated their cloaking devices. Thirty seconds later, the Graf Spee and Prinze Eugen arrive at their destination, the XTENDER ODS platform. The Graf Spee took a position between the planet Tyrinis and the ODS platform while the Prinze Eugen took position from the sun-side of the doomed Gammulan ODS platform. GALLION: TACOPS, range to target? TACOPS: 12k and closing. GALLIN: HELM, get us to within 3km of the platform, COMMS contact the Prinze, tell them to close to within 3km and await my orders to fire. COMMS: Message sent Commander. Gallion waited, he was not worried. Two Gallatan Battlecruisers against an ODS platform, no problem......right? TACOPS: Target locked 3km Commander!! GALLION: TACNET channel opened. Prinze Eugen FIRE!!! The Graf Spee shuddered as two Ralix missiles left their den. Gallion could see four missiles streaking towards the ODS platform. He also saw something that made him chill with fear, a chill that penetrated his bones. The Prinze Eugen appeared on his TACOPS display and on the Bridge VID. The Gam ODS platform began to move, moving towards the Prinze Eugen, locking its missiles and lasers on the now visible Battlecruiser. GALLION: HELM! Get us to within point-blank range, deactivate CLOAKING SYTEM! Weapons on free fire! TACNET channel open, Prinze Eugen EVASIVE MANEUVERS NOW!!! Too much, too little, too late. As the Graf Spee moved closer to the ODS platform, its IOD and PTA system firing as soon as they recharged, the ODS platform completely ignored the Graf Spee. Instead, it trained its weapons systems on the Prinze Eugen. ÔÇ£Come on Prinze move!!ÔÇØ Gallion mutter under his breath,ÔÇ£turn on your ECM, do something!ÔÇØ The four missiles the BCs launched had accomplished their purpose, the ODS platformÔÇÖs shields were down and caused minor dame to its armor and systems. The Graf SpeeÔÇÖs IOD and PTA system fire was beginning to chip away at the ODS platform. Not enough, Gallion could imagine himself on the bridge of the Prinze Eugen, hearing that annoying automated computer voice, <Hostile Launch detected, Hostile Launch Detected>. Two flashes of light left from the ODS system, these flashes streaked towards the Prinze Eugen. Shortly afterward, the ODS platformÔÇÖs lasers opened fire on the Prinze. Almost as soon as the lasers began firing, they stopped. The Graf SpeeÔÇÖs IOD and PTA barrage finally did what they were suppose to do, the ODS platform erupted into a glorious fireball of light and debris, signaling the platformÔÇÖs destruction.. The two missiles launched by the platform continued on their preprogrammed mission at hit the Prinze Eugen. Gallion watched on his TACOPS display as the PrinzeÔÇÖs shield collapsed before the second missile hit her. Its armor went down 43 percent and the system percent went down 58 percent. Gallion waited, the seconds that ticked by seemed to be hours, he was waiting for Murphy to finish what he started, for something to go critical and the Prinze Eugen to go as the Gam ODS platform did. Expand its mass into the void of space. Three minutes ticked by and the Prinze Eugen did not join the ODS platformÔÇÖs fate. Gallion felt relieved but was trouble as the Prinze began to drift and list on its starboard side. GALLION: COMMS contact the Prinze, I want their status report, CHIEF, prepare your people to assist the Prinze Eugen. Gallion began the game he hated most, orders barked, time to wait. Meanwhile back at the ranch, Corsair WingÔÇÖs Marines were.... <rp/> CMDR Gallion GVC Graf Spee, Wraith Fleet, Corsair Wing Leader You cannot defeat us! You can only hope to contain us if you fight us!" [This message has been edited by Gallion (edited 12-19-98).]
  19. <rp> Corsair Wing made the jump without incident or a response from the Gam Fleet. As with LV-110, the only threat in this system was the XTENDER ODS platform orbiting the planet. GALLION: NAV/TACOPS what is the ODS platformÔÇÖs position relative to the Starbase on Tyrinis? TACOPS: The starbase is on the sun-side of the planet Commander and... NAV: Commander, the platform is on the other side of the plant from the Starbase. TACOPS: I was about to tell the Commander... GALLION Enough people! Quit your squabbling. CO Prepare Marines for Combat deployment in ATV2 and ATV 3. FO: Prepare ATV2, ATV3, SH3, and SH4 for flight ops. Load all ICs with ATS missiles. COMMS Relay that to the Prinze Eugen. Their marine target will be the StarbaseÔÇÖs shield generator and our Marine target will be the StarbaseÔÇÖs Fire Control Center. NOTIFY CS-B1-5 to prepare one OTS launch; target will be the Starbase on Tyrinis. Gallion thought about the last time Corsair Wing tried a ground assault, one ATV destroyed, one ATV abandoned, and four Marines killed in action. The one thing that Gallion hated about his job was the letters to the parents of crewmembers under his command that were killed in action. GALLION: TACNET channel open, Corsair Wing prepareto jump to Tyrinis on my MARK, 5...4....3....2...MARK. As they have done before, Corsair WingÔÇÖs twelve ships jumped as one to their destination. The Commander of the GVC Prinze Eugen was at a lost, just as the Wing Leader was, as to why the Gammulans failed to respond to Corsair WingÔÇÖs presence deeeep within Gammulan territory. He thought, ÔÇ£Ours is not to reason why, ours is to do or dieÔÇØ. The Prinze Eugen Commander preferred not to tempt the later nut wondered about the former. Why..... <rp/> CMDR Gallion GVC Graf Spee, Wraith Fleet, Corsair Wing Leader You cannot defeat us! You can only hope to contain us if you fight us!"
  20. <rp> CHIEF ENG: Probe reconfigurations complete Sir! GALLION: Good work Chief, have your people get some rest, we may need your services later. CHIEF ENG: YES SIR! And THANK YOU SIR! Amazing what a ÔÇ£kindÔÇØ word or two can do for morale, maybe I need to do it a little more, Gallion thought. That and what his next move would be. GALLION: FO ETA of Probes 5, 6, and 7 FO: Probe 5 ETA 3 minutes, Probe 6 ETA 36 minutes, and Probe 7 ETA 49 minutes barring any complications Commander. Complications, what bloody complications could happen to the probes the Graf Spee launched. Gallion waited patiently for Probe 5 to reach its destination. He occupied his time planning his next move deeeeep within Gammulan territory, wondering about the DeustchlandÔÇÖs BlackBox and the ÔÇ£newÔÇØ IFF module peculiarities that the Chief was alluding to before he cut Scott off. :Hated to do that,ÔÇØ Gallion said to no one inperticular, ÔÇ£but I was not ready to hear about that then.ÔÇØ Some of the Bridge crew gave their commander a weird look. A look that may have worried some commanders but not Gallion. Seems they were use to having their Commander ÔÇ£wig-outÔÇØ from time to time. Maybe I should ask Scott about those... FO: Probe 6 has reached its destination Sir! Gallion activated his TACOPS display and scanned the Tyrinis system. Same as before, no Gam space traffic what so ever. GALLION: FO, prepare to jump to pre-plotted course on my Mark! TACNET channel opened CORSAIR WING, PREPARE TO JUMP TO PRE-PLOTTED COURSE ON MY MARK 3....2.....MARK!! The twelve ships of Corsair Wing turned as one. One by one they left normal space, their destination, JMP-58, the jump point to Tyrinis system. Maybe the Gams will respond to this attack, Gallion thought to himself. This is beginning to become a Turkey shoot. <rp/> CMDR Gallion GVC Graf Spee, Wraith Fleet, Corsair Wing Leader You cannot defeat us! You can only hope to contain us if you fight us!"
  21. <rp> ÔÇ£Shuttle 3 has dockedÔÇØ rang the automated voice that Gallion learned to despise. Informational yes, necessary? Not all the time. COMMS: Commander, Prinze Eugen reports 10 probes, 3 long, 3 medium and 4 short range. GALLION: Chief staus report on the Probe issue? CHIEF ENG: Aye Sir, it can be done. GALLION: Excellent work Chief, transfer the specs to COMMS, COMMS relay the probe modifications to the Prinze Eugen, they are to begin Probe modifications immediately. Chief, change our three remaining probes to emit a Galatan Battlecruiser signature! CHIEF ENG: Aye Sir! COMMS: Prinze Eugen acknowledges message receipt Commander. GALLION: ETR Chief? CHIEF ENG: 15 to 25 minutes Sir. GALLION: TACNET channel open, Prinze Eugen ETR for probe reconfiguration? PRINZE EUGEN: 30 to 40 minutes Commander, may I ask why you are having us do this? GALLION: This is the Hat IÔÇÖve been looking for Commander, be ready to launch all probes on my command. Let me know when your probe reconfiguration is complete. Gallion OUT! For a second time in as many minutes, Gallion smiled a wicked evil smile. Wait till we get to Gamma 1 Gallion thought, 12 probes reconfigured to emit a Galatan Battlecruiser scanner signature. The Gams will go nuts, they will think that a whole GALCOM fleet is attacking them. Whoaaaaa, reality check Gallion, donÔÇÖt count your chickens before the eggs are hatched, besides, the Gams have a hidden ally, Murphy himself is waiting to rear his evil, twisted head....... <rp/> CMDR Gallion GVC Graf Spee, Wraith Fleet, Corsair Wing Leader You cannot defeat us! You can only hope to contain us if you fight us!" [This message has been edited by Gallion (edited 12-18-98).]
  22. <rp> Gallion arrived at the Graf SpeeÔÇÖs conference room out of breath before his Chief Engineer. Damn! Gallion thought, I should spend more time at the training room. That thought was quickly erased from his psyche when Chief Engineer Scott arrivals to the conference room. GALLION: Sit down Chief, and tell me, how hard would it be to configure a probe to emit the same sensor signature as a Galatan Battlecruiser? CHIEF ENG: I don't know Sir, never done it before, but I think.....I think that it could be done. GALLION: GET on it Chief, this is your top priority! CHIEF ENG: Aye Sir, but what about the DeustchlandÔÇÖs BlackBox and the IFF Mod... GALLION: No time Chief, I need to know how long it will take to reconfigure a Probe. CHIEF ENG: Aye Sir, I will get on it right away. Chief Engineer Scott departed the conference room. What the hell is the Commander up to now. he thought, the DeustchlandÔÇÖs BlackBox and the IFF Modules were both manipulated at... GALLION: COMMS, contact the Prinze Eugen, I want to know how many and what types of probes they have. Gallion OUT! A plan formulated within Commander GallionÔÇÖs twisted pysche. Too much time in a holovid Gallion thought. This is too easy to work. Gallion snapped out of his delirium and headed towards the Galley for a well-deserved meal and some rest. <rp/> CMDR Gallion GVC Graf Spee, Wraith Fleet, Corsair Wing Leader You cannot defeat us! You can only hope to contain us if you fight us!" [This message has been edited by Gallion (edited 12-18-98).]
  23. <rp> GallionÔÇÖs attention remained focused on his TACOPS display tracking the OTS weapons progress to their target below, the doomed Gam Starbase on LV-110. Five OTSs were launched by the heavycruisers attached to Corsair Wing. 20 seconds, 10 seconds, 5, 4, 3, 2, IMPACT!! The Corsair Wing Leader did not need the TACOPS display to find out how many OTS made it through the Gam defenses. On the bridge VID, three brilliant flashes of light appeared where the Starbase was located on LV-110ÔÇÖs surface. Three out of five isnÔÇÖt bad, Gallion thought. Next time ALL weapons will reach their targets. From his display, Gallion could tell that there was nothing left of the Gam Starbase, LV-110, except for a cloud of highly radioactive dust and debris. GALLION: COMMS, get a status and ordinance report from the Wing. TACOPS, get a damage assessment on the OTS attack of the Starbase. Do you think that the Gam shuttle detected us? CHIEF, what is in those cargo Pods? COMMS: Message transmitted to Corsair, awaiting reply. CHIEF ENG: I have no idea what is in the Cargo Pods Sir, been busy doing further analysis on the DeustchlandÔÇÖs BlackBox and those ÔÇ£newÔÇØ IFF modules we received from Wraith HQ, found something peculiar in both I might add. TACOPS: Commander, I believe that the Gam Shuttle could not help but detect us, initial damage assessment on the starbase indicates that it has been completely wiped out. Three OTS weapons made it through the base defenses. FO: Get some people to cargo Bay 2 and check the cargo pods, if anything is useful, let me know. Otherwise, jettison the whole lot. CO: debrief the Marine team, find out what went wrong. NAV, plot a course to Tyrinis/Gammula, COMMS: Transmit course to Corsair Wing and instruct them to be prepared to jump on my Mark! COMS & CO: Aye Sir. Gallion began the necessary waiting game that every commander goes through in a war. Commanders bark their orders, the troopers respond as quickly and accu.... COMMS: Commander, SITREP from Corsair Wing is in! GALLION: Route it to my terminal Lt. Gallion activated the COMMLINK on his display and read the status of Corsair Wing. Prinze Eugen: 3 ICs fully operational (FOP), 3 ATV FOP, 4 SH FOP, 16 Marines, 20 Hyperdyne ATS missiles, 900 Plutonium, 439 Radine, 225 Iridium, 20 Ralix STS, 10 Vagrant STS., 10 Crab and leech mines. CS-B reports 20 OTS and 50 Starseeker and Starchild Missiles 900 Iridium, 939 Plutonium, and 1234 Radium, theses are the totals of all Ten Ships. The Graf Spee has... GALLION: I know what this ship has LT. FO Transfer 900 Iridium to CS-B; 100 Iridium and 20 Ralix missiles to the Prinze in SH3, SH3 will get one OTS from CS-B1-5, transfer two of these to Prinze Eugen, the remaining three will be loaded into our weapons pod. COMMS: Transmit the Wings status to Wraith HQ and add that the Starbase on LV-110 has been destroyed. COMMS: Aye Sir! FO: Launch Probe 5 to Tyranis, Probe 6 to Gamma 1, and Probe 7 to Gamma 2. Set the telemetry for all to SILENT. CO, stand down the Marines, they need a break. ALL Hands, rotate crews on a 15 minute break, you deserve it. Gallion OUT! The Wait begins again, a soldierÔÇÖs lot in life is to hurry up and wait. Something gnawed at Gallion from the back of his head. His sixth sense began to act up again, it has been wrong before so Gallion ignored it for the time being. For the umpteenth time, he was worried. Why the token resistance and why no communication from Wraith HQ except for the message reassigning the Wing [to what fleet] and to standby for further orders [from who?]. GALLION: CHIEF ENG! Meet me in the conference room in one minute! With out waiting for a reply, Gallion jumped out of his command chair and ran to the conference room. Something came to him and he needed to sound it out with is Chief Engineer. <rp/> Side bar, Good Luck CMDR Ristar, I've been there and done that. CMDR Gallion GVC Graf Spee, Wraith Fleet, Corsair Wing Leader You cannot defeat us! You can only hope to contain us if you fight us!"
  24. Well maybe I will get it right this time Tac, it least I didnÔÇÖt ID them as BCs  This is a quick one, just a note before work you see <rp> The three ICs (IC1, IC2, and IC4) from the Graf Spee caught the LV-110 Starbase defenders in the middle of a shift change. They launched a double salvo of ATS Hyperdynes knocking out several fixed SAM and SAL positions. The three ICs (IC5, IC7, and IC8) from the Prinze Eugen followed right behind them and launch a their double salvo of ATS Hyperdynes at the APM silos that were tracking the just deployed ATVs from the Shuttles. Both IC wings broke off their engagement, one wing peeled off to the left, the other peeled off to the right. Their next target was the small airfield located on the Northeast side of LV-110. From the cockpit of IC1, the co-pilot could see crews running for the GUNBOATS parked along the runway. The Graf SpeeÔÇÖs IC wing opened up on these sitting ducks with the remaining ATS Hyperdynes and laser fire, destroying six and damaging seven of the 20 GUNBOATS. Prinze EugenÔÇÖs IC wing followed them, releasing their remaining ATS Hyperdynes on the five undamaged GUNBOATS and strafing the seven damaged GUNBOATS with laser fire. Meanwhile the ATVs were closing in on their targets. ATV4-GS launched an APM missile barrage on the pillboxes guarding the StarbaseÔÇÖs shield generator. The pillboxes managed to get a couple of bursts off before being destroyed by the missile barrage, knocking the starboard tread off of ATV4-GS. Gam bodies and equipment flew everywhere when the pillbox ammo lockers were hit by a lucky shot. GS Marines deployed from ATV4-GS, leap frogging to their destination. ATV4-GS provided covering fire with its laser, keeping the remaining Gam defenders pinned down. Two of the three marines made it to the shield generator's power station, attached their shape charges, set the timers, and sought cover. Ten seconds later, the power station filled the sky with debris and body parts of the Gam technicians working inside. The remaining Marines activated their transporter beacons. TACOPS: Commander, the station shields are down. ATV4-GS is damaged and cannot reach their extraction point. GALLION: Transporter Room, beam out the Marines NOW! ATV4-PE did not fair as well as ATV-GS. Two Gam MECH TYPE II locked their RADIX missile launchers and fired their entire load. Before ATV-PE could make any evasive maneuvers it was hit by four missiles, knocking both treads off their tracks and jammed the laser turret. The marines realized that the ATV was doomed and began to evacuate. As the rear hatch opened and hit the ground, a lucky APM missile went through the opening detonating inside, killing the entire Prinze Eugen marine team. The remaining Gam missile hit the ATV with impunity. Time seemed to cease for a moment as the Gam defenders watched the stricken ATV lurch from side to side as their missiles hit. Suddenly, without warning ATV4-PE exploded into a massive fireball. Debris was thrown everywhere. One Gam trooper was taking out by a falling track wheel. COMMS: Prinze Eugen reports that their ATV4 was destroyed, all hands lossed Commander. GALLION: Corsair Wing DECLOAK now. CS-B1-5 launch one OTS salvo at the Starbase. All Craft RTB. Gallion looked at his TACOPS display for the umpteenth time in the last four minutes. As Corsair Wing decloaked, Gallion noticed something strange. The cruiser of wraith Cruiser Squadron B were not the Solnar Class that were reported. One by one, Gallion saw ten Starcruisers decloak. Well, well, well, Gallion thought, two Galatan BattleCruisers and ten Starcruiser Class Heavycruisers appeared on his display. FO: All craft have returned Commander. GALLION: TACNET channel opened. Launch OTS weapons CSB1-5, time to impact? TACOPS: three minutes Sir! Hope the ICs took out enough SALs, if not Maybe one OTS will get through and with Nukes, one will do it. Gallion smiled a real smile for the first time in hours. TACOPS: One minute to impact, Gam shuttle launch detected. COMMS: Gam transmission detected, wide-beam, could not intercept! GALLION: Track the shuttle, let it go. At least they defended this base, Gallion thought. <rp/> CMDR Gallion GVC Graf Spee, Wraith Fleet, Corsair Wing Leader You cannot defeat us! You can only hope to contain us if you fight us!"
  25. Ristar, suggest that the meeting still take place, this is 3000ad, use technology (via rp) for those CMDRS that cannot be there personnally, bring in a VTC (aka teleconferencing) and post it as you planned. Cmdr. Akira has a point, a fleet commander will not leave his fleet in the heat of battle for a staff meeting. I personnally have been waiting for some type of "plot" guidance. I can only "maveric" so long and may be able to pull some heat from Sol, Corsair is in a strategic position. Use it, as Tac would say "ever seen Iron Eagle???" CMDR Gallion GVC Graf Spee, etc.... [This message has been edited by Gallion (edited 12-18-98).]
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