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  1. <rp> Corsair wing arrived in LV-110/Gammula space cloaked and without any resitance along the way from Regis VI This did not bother Gallion to much but did make his sixth sense go into over drive. GALLION: TACOPS Scan the area, especially look for ANYTHING that does not look normal. TACOPS: Aye Sir, initial systen scan has no sign of amy space vessels with the exception of the PYRON ODS platform orbitting planet LV-110. GALLION: TACNET channel opened, Corsair Wing assume Blossum Flower formation, target is the PYRON ODS platform orbiting planet LV-110. Prepare to jump on my mark, 5....4....3...2...MARK! If it could be seen, it would have been an impressive sight. Twelve shiped jumped to the doomed ODS platform orbitting LV-110 as one. Several seconds later, after each craft found its petal in th Blossum Flower formation, Commander Gallion began his next action. GALLION: TACNET Channel opened, Corsair on my Mark launch 1 Vangrant missile at the target. Three ... two ... MARK! The Graf Spee shudder as the Vangrant missile left themissile pod, twelve missiles streked from out of no where to the ODS platform. The PYRON had no chance, within seconds of the Corsair missile launch, they found it. Buckling its shields first then causing major system failures as each Vagrant found its mark. For a moment, the ODS platform just hung there in space, then suddenly burst into a super nova when its reactor reached critical mass. GALLION: TACNET channel open, Corsair Wing, impement ground assult plan ALPHA B1, CS-B1-5 target the Gam Starbase on LV-110ÔÇÖs surface. Prinze Eugen, deploy ATV and target the bases radar station, Graf Spee OUT FO: Unload Cargo pods from SH4 load ATV4 with all the APM missiles that it can carry. COMBAT OPS Load up ATV4 , deploy Marine detachment, target the bases shield generator. Prepare to Launch in 3 minutes. The Graf Spee became a beehive of activity as the crews scambled to complete the Commanders orders on time. FO: SH4 and ATV4 ready to deploy CO: Marines ready for combat deployment. GALLION: TACNET channel open, Prinze Eugen Launch shuttle craft and ICs. Graf Spee out, FO Launch shuttle craft and ICs. ICs will provide air support. Transporter room prepare for emergency beamout if required. Gallion OUT. Now the fun begins. It has been a while since any of Corsair WingÔÇÖs marine contigent had to do any ground assaults. Hope the used their Combat Simulator time wisely. Gallion allowed himself to relax. Was not much to do until the StarbaseÔÇÖs shields and radar are taken out. The rest of the Wing began to take orbital stations above the targeted starbase. With any luck, Murphy may keep his ugly head out of the way. Which brought up something else to the worried Commander... GALLION: FO Ready SH3 and ATV3 for launch, same load and orders as SH/ATV4. CO ready another Marine squad for deployment. We may have to do this again. COMMS inform the Prinze Eugen to do the same thing. Both teams will launch on my Mark.. TACOPS, contunie scanning the area, let me know if ANYHTING is amiss. The waiting game begins. <rp/> CMDR Gallion GVC Graf Spee, Wraith Fleet, Corsair Wing Leader You cannot defeat us! You can only hope to contain us if you fight us!" [This message has been edited by Gallion (edited 12-17-98).]
  2. Here is a twist, thanks Tac <rp> Corsair Wing returned to Normal space just before the jump point to Regis IV, FLX-09. Wing Leader, Commander Gallion had a dilemma. An unexpected assignment of 10 Solnar class cruisers. Five of which were loaded with 5 OTS Sunbeams. 25 Nukes, now why would Wraith Fleet Commander Tac assign this to me? Gallion pondered this and the fact so far the Gams have ignored Corsair WingÔÇÖs presence in their territory. GALLION: FO, what is the ETA for P2 and P3 to their destinations? FO: P2 ETA to LV-184 is 10 minutes, P3ÔÇÖs ETA to LV-110 is 15 minutes. GALLION: COMMS open TACNET channel, Corsair Wing DECLOAK and continue to Regis IV, when P2 and P3 reach their destinations, we will set course to LV-184/Omega Centauari. Be prepared to engage cloaking devices if necessary. Graf Spee OUT!. One by one, Corsair Wing entered the Flux field to Regis IV. Probe 2 began sending telemetry from LV 184. Regis IV was empty of all space traffic with the exception of the XTENDER ODS platform orbiting Regis IV. Gallion activates Probe 2ÔÇÖs telemetry on the TACOPS computer, same story; no space traffic. Only the Valkerie Starbase OMEGA-9 presented a threat to the Wing. Gallion lead Corsair Wing on a slow but steady course to the next jump point, expecting OMEGA-9 to launch its craft and challenge Corsair Wing. Nothing. What gives? Commander Gallion decided not to shoot a gift horse in the mouth and activated his TACNET commlink. GALLION: To Corsair Wing, plot a course to LV-110, engage on my Mark. Since nobody wants to play our game, we are not going to hide anymore. CSB1 thru 5 prepare to target ground facilities. Prinze Eugen, outfit your 3 ICs with ATS and ATA weapons. Graf Spee OUT. FO, outfit our 3 ICs with ATS and ATA weapons. TACOPS, prepare a list of ground targets on LV-110 and Gamma 1. NAV: Course plotted... GALLION: Corsair Wing engage hyperdrive on my Mark, three...two...MARK! Corsair Wing disappeared from the realm of normal space, destination LV-110/Gammula. If the Gams wonÔÇÖt engage Corsair here, they damn sure would at their Home system. Gallion began to smile, a devilish evil grin, as he formulated a plan. A plan that could change the course of the galaxy..... COMMS: Incoming Message from Wraith HQ! GALLION: Route it to my terminal Lt. BT TO: Corsair Wing FR: Wrath HQ SUBJECT: Assignment You will receive further orders from another Fleet soon, standby. CMDR Tac ET Well, well, well, this could be interesting GALLION: All hands this is the Captain, we may have a change of Plans. Section leaders will meet in conference room in 10 minutes. COMMS set up VTC with all Corsair Wing ship commanders, pipe it to the conference room also. Gallion out. <rp/> CMDR Gallion GVC Graf Spee, Wraith Fleet, Corsair Wing Leader You cannot defeat us! You can only hope to contain us if you fight us!" Had to correct number of nukes, 5*5=25 not 50. [This message has been edited by Gallion (edited 12-17-98).]
  3. <rp> FO: SH4 has docked. GALLION: NAV, ETA of CR-Sqdn-B? NAV: 5 Minutes Sir. GALLION: FO ready Probe 2 and 3. Send P2 to LV-184/Omega Centari, send P3 to LV-110/Alpha Gamma. Set telemetry for both probes to NORMAL. Set telemetry on Probe 1 to NORMAL. COMMS: Send message to the Prinze Eugen, activate CLOAK on my Mark. Three minutes until Cruiser Squadron B reaches our location, Gallion thought, maybe these probes will stir-up some Gam activity. FO: Probes launched, Probe 1 telemetry activated. GALLION: Prepare for cloak, COMMS open channel to the Prinze, engage CLOAK on my Mark, three.....two....MARK! To an observer, space seem to distort around Corsair Wing as the Galatan Battlecruisers engaged their cloaking devices. COMMS: Squawk on Wing TACNET Sir!. GALLION: Excellent! Open Channel to Cruiser Squadron B and the Prinze Eugen. COMMS: Channel opened. GALLION: Alright people, Corsair Wing will continue to Gamma 1. We got sidetracked here in Regis VI. Plot a course to Regis IV and prepare to jump on my Mark. The TACNET will be used for all Corsair Wing communications. Graf Spee OUT. NAV plot a course to... NAV: Course plotted to NAV Destination, Regis IV. GALLION: Corsair Wing, three...two...MARK! Unseen by passerbys (there were none) or the Gam Starbase at Rocon, Corsair Wing enters Hyperspace. The only clue to the existence of Corsair Wing were the jump anomalies that formed at their destination points. Commander Gallion activates his TACOPS viewer and selects Probe 1ÔÇÖs telemetry. Time to see what is going on in the neighborhood, Gallion thought, getting tired of surprises. Empty, no Gam space traffic what so ever. Gallion began to have a bad feeling about this mission. Either the entire Gam fleet would be waiting for Corsair wing at Gamma 1 or the Gamulan Empire has deployed elsewhere. A serious turn of events indeed. <rp/> CMDR Gallion GVC Graf Spee, Wraith Fleet, Corsair Wing
  4. Here we go, have a couple of loose ends to tie up, then things should be OK ÔÇ£down underÔÇØ (Pun intended) in Gam-ville <rp> COMMS: Commander, incoming message from Wraith HQ. GALLION: pipe it through Lt. BT TO: CMDR Gallion, Corsair Wing Leader FR: CMDR Tac, Wraith Fleet Commander SUBJECT: Cruiser Squadron B Assignment Ten Cruisers from Cruiser Squadron B are assigned to Corsair Wing. Five are equipped with OTS weapons. Target Gam surface targets of opportunity. Notify Wraith HQ of rendezvous location. CMDR Tac OUT. ET GALLION: COMMS Prepare to copy BT TO: Wraith HQ FR: CMDR Gallion, Corsair Wing Leader SUBJECT: Rendezvous Cruiser Squadron B will rendezvous with Corsair Wing at Regis VI/Regulus. Squadron will depart Wraith HQ cloaked. Upon arrival at rendezvous location, Squadron leader with transmit sqwack via Corsair Wing TACNET await further instructions. CMDR Gallion OUT. ET Send Message. COMMS: Message sent. GALLION: TACOPS, situation report! TACOPS: Two Warmongers still within 5k of Rocon Commander, maintaining GAURD posture. Several cargo pods floating around battle locations, Gam and GVC ID. GALLION: FO, launch SH4, have them transfer cargo to the Prinze Eugen, they must be running low on missiles. When cargo transfer is completed, SH4 with recover anything salvageable from those cargo pods. COMMS send message to the Prinze, DECLOAK on my Mark. On my MARK we will DECLOAK also <wonder if the Gams will respond?> 3...2...MARK! In the middle of Gam territory, two Galatan Battlecruisers DECLOAK, awaiting some type of response from the Gam starbase Rocon. CMDR Gallion eagerly awaits, fingers poised over the... COMMS: INCOMING message from Wraith HQ Commander! GALLION: Read it Lt. COMMS: Wraith HQ acknowledges last transmission, C-Sqd B ETA 1 hour. GALLION: OK, now we wait people, COMMS monitor Corsair TACNET, let me know when you hear a sqwack. Contact the Prinze, prepare to CLOAK in 58 minutes. Graf Spee to SH4, you have 45 minutes to complete your mission, move it! NAV, what is the ETA of Probe 1? NAV: 38 Minutes Sir. Now the hardest part of war begins; the waiting game. <rp/> Loose ends are tied up, the plot may thicken and go anywhere from here. Awaiting comms from off-line. Lots of fun in the sun remain. Gotta luv it. CMDR Gallion GVC Graf Spee, Wraith Fleet, Corsair Wing Leader. [This message has been edited by Gallion (edited 12-17-98).]
  5. This will be tricky, havenÔÇÖt received any ÔÇ£plotÔÇØ guidance off-line. Made some minor corrections to last post in 'Eve of War' thread. Shouldn't effect anything by much <rp> GALLION: CHIEF, DAMAGE REPORT! CHIEF ENG: Shield repairs complete and holding, beginning repairs on cloaking device, <ÔÇØagainÔÇØ ChEng Scott said to himself> ETR 25 minutes, Hull 100%, Armor 89%. GALLION: COMMS, run a complete system sweep on the computer systems. Make sure that we have no more infections hiding in any bit-buckets. Also, check the computer logs to determine the source of the Virus attack. Locate the DeustchlandÔÇÖs BlackBox and download the files. COMMS, open a channel to the Prinze Eugen and pipe it to my console. TACOPS give me an update. TACOPS: Prinze Eugen has engaged the remaining Aestrom. 18 Gam fighters are concentrating their fire on the Prinze. Seven ICs, 3 of ours, 2 from Prince, and 2 from the Deustchland are nipping away them. All ICs have depleted their missile loads. GALLION: NAV, plot a course to WRM-15 and prepare to jump on my MARK. <activates commlink on his console> Prince Eugen, plot a course to WRM-15, and prepare to jump on my MARK. Graf Spee OUT. COMMS, notify the ICs that we are making a jump. They are to keep the fighters occupied as long as they can. At my MARK plus 1 they will jump to WRM-15. Any progress on that system sweep? ÔÇ£ Course Plotted to NAV Location:ÔÇØ ÔÇ£Lt Edison reporting for duty Sir!ÔÇØ GALLION: Good to have you back Lt, now whatÔÇÖs going on with that system sweep? Graf Spee to Corsair Wing, three.....two......MARK!! ÔÇ£Hyperdrive ActivatedÔÇØ This should buy us a couple of minutes, Gallion thought, time to get dirty. Gallion checks his TACOPS display, the remaining Corsair Wing ICs have taken a beating but can be repaired. The Prinze EugenÔÇÖs shields were recharging, and the Gam Aestrom took the bait. It missed our jump by 10 seconds, a costly mistake on their part. GALLION: Helm bring as about 108 degrees, TACOPS target the Aestrom, IOD 100%, when the Aestrom returns from Hyperspace give two follies, then reduce IOD to 40%. Set PTA to 20%, put the Gam fighters on the Priority List. Relay this to the Prinze Eugen. When the Aestrom has been destroyed, we both go on a fighter sweep. COMMS: Commander, Prinze Eugen acknowledges, computer sweep complete, and the DeustchlandÔÇÖs BlackBox has been beemed aboard. ÔÇ£Leaving HyperspaceÔÇØ As one, the Graf Spee and the Prinze Eugen came out of Hyperspace. The Gam Aestrom was still 8000 klics away, the distance shortened by the millisecond. 7000...6000...5000...4000...3000...2000...1000...BINGO! It materialized in the jump anomaly, motionless and temporarily defenseless. Four fully charged IOD follies strike the Aestrom within seconds bringing down its shilds followed by the Prinze EugenÔÇÖs last Vagrant missile. The Aestrom tried desparately to evade the avenging missile of death, to no avail. The Vangant found its mark right up the AestromÔÇÖs six. Time seem to stand still, miniature flashes of light began to radiate from the rear to the front of the striken Gam cruiser, like the ancient sparkler fireworks of old Earth. Suddenly, the Aestrom burst into a mini super-nova, filling the Bridge Vid in light and scattering debris thoughout the cosmos. GallionÔÇÖs reville of the moment was interupted by his COMMS Officer Lt Edison. LT E: Sir, we have completed and analyzed both computer system sweep and the DeustchlandÔÇÖs BlackBox files. Both the Graf Spee and the Deustchland experienced simular system failures AFTER activated the ÔÇ£newÔÇØ IFF code modules. I contacted the Prinze Eugen to see if they experienced the same thing, they havenÔÇÖt because they did NOT activate the ÔÇ£newÔÇØ modules forwarded by Wraith HQ. GALLION: Excellant work Lt Edison, tell the Prinze NOT to activate the ÔÇ£newÔÇØ IFF modules. As a matter of fact, we will not activate them either. I donÔÇÖt think we will run across any INS ships this far south. Seems everyone is occupied back home. Speaking of which.. TACOPS: Commander, the six remaining ICs are enroute, they caught the Gam fighters off gaurd and are 5 seconds behind them. ETA 8 seconds. GALLION: How many Gam fighters are left? TACOPS: 12 Sir. NAV: ICs have left Hyperspace. GALLION: COMMS send message to Corsair Wing, engage Fighter Sweep Now! Gallion returned to his TACOPS display. The odds were even now, but at a price Corsair Wing could not afford to pay. 1 BattleCruiser and 6 ICs lost. The dance began slow. The ICs broke off into 2 fighter ÔÇ£wingsÔÇØ and engaged the same target, driving the fleeing fighter into the murderous crossfire of two Galatan Battlecruiser PTA systems. 10 Gams left, 7 Gams left, 6 Gams left, to Gallion it was a sight for sore eyes, 4 Gams laft, 2 Gams left, and finally one. IC4 of the Graf Spee delivered the crippling laser blast to the last Gam Fighter. Its SOS beacon activated automatically. Gallion sent the Prinze Eugen in to tractor the disable fighter. Time to get some intelligence, Gallion thought, when just before the Prinze Eugen was to activate her TRACTOR beam the fighter self-destructed. The shields on the Prinze held, a couple of seconds later it would have been a different story. CHIEF ENG: Cloaking System repairs complete Commander, will begin repairs on the ICs when they have docked. GALLION: GOOD WORK CHIEF; FLIGHTOPS have the Pilots rest up after debrifing them. I what a full report within the hour. COMBAT OPS, <where is that Lt at?> stand down your marines, TOO ALL HANDS, Yellow alert, activate cloaking device. NAV; Launch a probe to Regis IV, put it on SILENT mode. COMMS prepare to copy: TO: Wraith HQ SUBJECT: Corsair Wing SITREP GVC Deustchland and 6 ICs lost in battle with Gams at Regis VI/Regulus. GVC Graf Spee and Prinze Eugen sustained heavy damage from both the Gams and a Computer Virus received from the ÔÇ£newÔÇØ IFF modules received from you. GVC Prinze Eugen has not activated the ÔÇ£newÔÇØ IFF modules and sustaing minimal damage while engaging Gam forces. Still no Gam reinforcments in the Regis VI system. Corsair Wing cloaked, Probe launcehed into Regis IV system. Continuing mission to Gammula 1. Gam craft destroyed: 2 Aestrom Cruiser, and 32 mixed fighters. Starbase Rocon still operational. JMP-47 mined. GVC Graf Spee OUT. SEND Message, Tightbeamed, Priority ONE!! Give the probe some time, donÔÇÖt jump in blind, do not repeat the last mistake, Gallion said to himself. Time to think this situation out. Something big is going on and I intend to find out what it is. Terran forces have their hands full at Jupiter and who knows where else. Corsair is on their own. Stay alert and stay alive....... <rp/> So-far so good, my time line should be pretty close to everyone elseÔÇÖs now. CMDR Gallion GVC Graf Spee Waith Fleet, Corsair Wing Leader "Too err is human, just dont do it when the Gams are around, at least not twice!" (Need a spel checker here I think) [This message has been edited by Gallion (edited 12-17-98).]
  6. Things are getting dicey here, so bear with me people. I have received some info off-line that may play well once I get out of this predicament. <rp> GALLION: CHIEF whatÔÇÖs the COMMLINKÔÇÖs STATUS? CHIEF ENG: Computer diagnostics complete, we caught a virus from somewhere. WeÔÇÖll have to replace everything. Transmitter is not bad, just a blown fuse. Will be up once I find a replacement. Cloaking system should be on-line in 20 minutes. GALLION: TACOPS, report! TACOPS: Unable to give status Commander, with the computer down the scopes are unreliable. GALLION: reassign all your SysEngs to COMPUTER repairs I need that up yesterday! CHIEF ENG: Aye SIR! Cloaking sytem repairs halted, COMPUTER repairs commenced, ETR 8 Minutes, Engineering out. ÔÇ£Intruder Alert! Intruder Alert! Marines assigned to SEARCH DUTYÔÇØ came over the ship intercom. NAV: JUMP ANOMALY Forming Sir! 2 klics off our port aft. Ships decloaking, itÔÇÖs the rest of the Wing SIR! Deustchland and Prinze Eugen made it! Finally, something is going right, Gallion thought to himself. Maybe Murphy is not all that he was cracked up to be. If only the Gams wou..... Chief Engineer Scott (Pun Intended) was searching his office and engineering frantically for a 4 amp fuse, unable to find one. Frustrated, he pulls out and unwraps a stick of chewing gum. Suddenly an idea came to him, ÔÇ£My Gramps told me about this when I graduated the academy, I wonder...ÔÇØ CHIEF ENG: Marshall, take this to the transmitter station, and put it in FA101 and turn on the power, <Chief hands SysEng Marshall a fuse wrapped in a chewing gum wrapper> then report to the computer room. BRIDGE, transmitter should be back up in one minute. GALLION: Acknowledge Chief, Good work. Commander Gallion checks his PERSCAN display to track the Marines progress in eliminating the Gam squad running around on his ship. They were holed up on deck 3, not good. He turns to the remaining Marines on station in OPS. ÔÇ£GO, get the Gams then report back here, donÔÇÖt let them get anything.ÔÇØ Suddenly the Graf Spee shook and groaned from stem to stern. ÔÇ£Damage, Shield Integrity BreachedÔÇØ GALLION: Damage report! TACOPS: Shields down, Hull 98%, IOD on-line 30%, PTA activated 20%, transmitter operational. GALLION: Prepare to copy TO: Corsair Wing Graf Spee crippled by computer failure. Launch ICs, weapons free. Avoid Rocon starbase. Priority targets are the fighters. Finish off the crippled Aestrom and engage the 2nd one. Graf Spee will assist when able. Gallion OUT. SEND Message. Launch ICs, defend the Graf Spee. COMBAT OPS, Get those Gams OFF MY SHIP NOW!. CHIEF whatÔÇÖs going on with the shields? ÔÇ£Shield DestroyedÔÇØ was heard throughout the ship. I hate those damn autogen messages, always tell me what I already know. ÔÇ£BattleCruiser Acquired, Missile launch detectedÔÇØ GALLION: EVASIVE MANUVERS, I donÔÇÖt care which one just do it! NAV target something out there and jump to it NOW, we need some breathing room! TACOPS: Tactical display back on-line, COMMSLINK up. Only one Aestrom left, 31 fighters left, the Aestroms must have launched their fighters Sir!. CHIEF ENG: Computer repairs complete, moving to cloaking device now! GALLION: Negative Chief! Reinstall our ÔÇÿoldÔÇÖ shield generator NOW! CHIEF ENG: Aye Sir, ETR shields 8 minutes. ÔÇ£Missile Pod is Empty, Missile Pod is EmptyÔÇØ Commander Gallion surveyed the battleplan from is TACOPS computer link. The Deustchland and Prinze Eugen were mopping up the crippled Aestrom and beginning to shift fire to the remaining one, when suddenly the Bridge Vid-screen was engulfed by two blazing lights. Glare shields were not able to screen the Aestrom and the other craftÔÇÖs final moment. Gallion rechecked the TACOPS display and pounded his fist on his command chairÔÇÖs console, shattering the display screen. The Deustchland was no longer there. In its place was the ever-expanding ring of debris from the Deustchland. GALLION: NAV, belay the jump. TACOPS target the all weapons on the remaining Aestrom and reload the damn missile pod. IÔÇÖm tired of hearing that bloody recording! TACOPS: Yes Sir, Aestrom placed on Priority List, moving to engage. 25 Gam fighters remaining, IC3 destroyed, 8 GVC ICs are engaging the Gam fighters. This just might be the Hat I was looking for. The Marines finally eliminated the Gam intruders, things are beginning to go our way. Why hasnÔÇÖt Rocon launched their remaining craft at us. Two BCs engaged in Gam space facing minimal opposition. What gives? GALLION: COMMS, prepare to copy message: TO: Wraith Fleet HQ FROM: GVC Graf Spee Have engaged the Gams in Regulus/Regis VI. Suffered minimal damage and casualties, 1 BC and 4 ICs destroyed. Gam force consisted of 2 Aestroms and 32-mixed fighter craft, 20 from Rocon Starbase the rest from the Aestroms. ONLY HALF of the StarbaseÔÇÖs ship complement. Something is amiss. No Gam reinforcements have arrived in system to support/defend Rocon Starbase. This goes against standard Gam procedure. Normally every nearby available ship is sent out when a Gam installation is under attack. Will advise when more is known. Graf Spee OUT. Attached a copy of the wingÔÇÖs status and TACOPS Display COMMS and send it. CHIEF ENG: Bridge, Shields will be repaired in 3 minutes. GALLION: Roger that Chief, keep me informed. Why would the Gams NOT defend one of their starbases? Why only send half of a starbaseÔÇÖs ship complement. Is that all that is left at Rocon? I wonder? GallionÔÇÖs train of thought was brought back to reality as a pair of missiles racked the Graf Spee. <rp/> This is getting deep, a setup for things that may come. I havenÔÇÖt forgotten about the 10-cruiser gift that Corsair will be receiving shortly, stay tuned. CDR Gallion GVC Graf Spee Wraith Fleet, Corsair Wing Leader [This message has been edited by Gallion (edited 12-16-98).]
  7. OK all, things are beginning to get hot. Since Corsair Wing is down ÔÇ£southÔÇØ all by their lonesome, we have a 4d front going on (dont forget about Murphy) <RP> COMMS: Commander, we are in Regulus System, Regis VI GALLION: Excellant, TACOPS, anything on the scope? TACOPS: ThatÔÇÖs a negative sir. Looks clear, with the exception of that Gam starbase, Rocon. Beginning minelaying operations now. Down to 20 Crab and 20 Leech mines. GALLION: Good, Chief, how are we doing on Iridium? CHIEF ENG: ATV 1, 2, 3, and 4 full, 300 left in Graf SpeeÔÇÖs tank. GALLION: When we are down to 25, transfer ATV 1ÔÇÖs load to the BCÔÇÖs tank. CHIEF ENG: Aye Sir. COMMS: Transmitting pre-recording message Should have picked up more at that last Zelon base, Gallion thought, along with more mines. Sure hope Murphy is not around, the last thing I need is.... [bANG] [ZAP] {ZOW] BOOOOOOOM] [OUCH]. Flames, smoke, and fumes flood the Graf SpeeÔÇÖs bridge. Systems go on and off line. Bridge officers and crew scramble to put the flames out. Fire suppression and ventilation systems activate saving most of the bridge crew. GALLION: What the...ALL SECTION, DAMAGE REPORT STAT! TACOPS: ALL systems OK, scope clear, minefield complete. NAVIGATION: ALL Systems OK FLIGHT OPS: All systems OK, all ICs ready to launch. MEDIBAY: ALL systems OK CHIEF ENG: Engines OK, Shield OK, Transporter OK, Reactor OK, Cloak O....shit!, SIR, Cloaking device is down, mega damage, we have DECLOAKED! GALLION: COMMS, COMBAT OPS, status report! <No answer> CHIEF, get the cloaking device fixed NOW! TACOPS: We have been detected, ships launched from Rocon; 2 Aestrom and Warmongers; 5 Templon; 5 S Fighter; 5 L Fighter; 5 Sentinels; and 1 shuttle heading towards LV-184. GALLION: CHIEF, how long until the cloak is fixed? CHIEF: 20 minutes GALLION: Check, we need that cloak chief! COMMS! WhatÔÇÖs your status? TACOPS: Commander, COMMS down, transmitter is fried, primary systems are down, backups are down. Computer system looks OK but we need to do a serious diagnostics to be sure. Band-Aides have taken Lt Edison to MEDBAY, looks like she will make it though. GALLION: <turns to the jarhead in charge> Find your Lt, leave three Marines in OPS, and send the rest on SEARCH detail. Report to me when you have completed this. GALLION: FLIGHT OPS, Prepare to launch all ICs, orders are to defend the Graf Spee. NAV, plot a course to LV-184 prepare to engage on my command, TACOPS prepare to lay minefield at JP LV-184, DELTA 9 pattern, before we jump out of system. COMMS are out, equipment and personnel; cloaking device up in 20 minutes, 4 warships and 20 fighters on their way in, ETA 3 minutes. Shield are full up, armor 100%, at least they were upgraded. Time to pull a rabbit out of the hat Gallion. Where is the rest of Corsair Wing? TACOPS: Jump anomaly forming 10 klics away, looks like a Gam Aestrom. GALLION: Target Vagrants, give-em 10 and reload missile bay. Transfer from SC4. PTA at 20% IOD at 40%, come around 90 degrees port, plus 5000m. WeÔÇÖll hit when they come out of hyper, fire missiles when locked. Keep the ICs in their pens until the Fighters get close then launch. Aye Sir! The entire bridge crew said. CALLION: <turns on ship intercom> Captain to Crew, things are about to get hot. We took some damage but that is being fixed. Watch for boarders. The Gams like to beam a squad aboard to create havoc and mayhem. Stay alert and stay alive people, Captain OUT!. For the forth time today Gallion wondered what else could go wrong, that DAMN Murphy and his bloody laws. TACOPS: Missiles locked, missiles AWAY. Range 8 klics and closing. Weapons system on-line. Fighters, range 45,000 klics and closing, ETA 2.5 minutes. 2nd Aestrom, range 8000 klics and closing, Warmongers 55000 klics, steady, looks like they are guarding Rocon Sir. GALLION: ECM ON! <that should buy me some time> They have a 5-1 advantage, why arenÔÇÖt they attacking? There should be 4 cruisers on my ass pounding away. What are these Gams up to? Gallion thought. GALLION: Roger that TACOPS, same plan for the second Aestrom when they get in range. Chief, send one of your SysEngs to check out the computer, something doesnÔÇÖt seem right. I want a full diagnostic run ASAP! CHIEF ENG: Aye Sir, will do. ETR of cloak now 25 minutes. Damn! Robbing Peter to pay Paul, but if IÔÇÖm right, this just might be the rabbit IÔÇÖve been looking for. Now to find a hat. <RP/> CMDR Gallion, GVC Graf Spee ÔÇ£Run Silent, Run DeeepÔÇØ and donÔÇÖt get caught in a Rainbow........hopefully.
  8. Work with me people, a twist approachest and could be interesting. <RP> COMMS: COMMANDER! Incoming message from GCV Usagi. GALLION: Put it thru COMMS. BT PRI: FLASH TO: GVC Graf Spee FR: GCV Usagi SUBJECT: INCOMING Deploy your Wing along the Gammulan-Terran space lanes. Take no prisoners! ET GALLION: What the.... ÔÇô Get CMDR Tac on-line, pipe it through to my console. COMMS: Aye Sir! COMMS officer replied. This is getting weirder and weirder CMDR Gallion thought to himself. First a message from De Sylva to change IFF modules, now this. Communications have been out for two days. Get it fixed and now what, wish the damn thing was still.... COMMS: Commander, negative contact with GVC Usagi, too much interference. GALLION: Thank you Lt., ENGINEERING! Chief, have you completed the shield and armor upgrades yet? CHIEF ENG: AYE sir, shields upgrade is complete. Armor upgrade will be completed in 5 minutes. GALLION: Good work Chief, when the Armor is done, start the engine upgrades,. Navigation, plot and set course to Cygan. Activate cloaking device, all jarheads prepare for combat, TAC put 2 in each shuttle, 10 in OPS and the rest search mode, MED get the Band-Aids up, expect the worst. All staff report to the briefing room in 10 minutes, Captain OUT. NAV: Commander, arrived at Pravis, nothing to report. TAC: HOLD IT! Jump Anomalies forming, I count 10, 20, 30, 38, 42, Gam ships, Battlecruisers, Strike Carriers, itÔÇÖs the whole damn Gam fleet! GALLION: Any stragglers? TAC: No Sir! They have just cloaked. GALLION: Verify that ship count TAC! TAC: No can do Sir, they cloak before we could get an accurate count. GALLION: Look in the bloody computer, it works now! TAC: No can do Sir, that last software package we loaded had a bug in it, fried a couple tetrabytes of memory before we fixed it. COMMS: Commander, we need to warn TDF! GALLION: NO! Maintain radio silence. ENGINEERING! Status report! CHIEF ENG: Armor upgrade complete beginning Engine upgrade. Gallion: BELAY that chief, weÔÇÖll do it later (if we can). Have your system engineers get some rest, we are going to need them soon. CHIEF ENG: Aye Sir! GALLION: NAV, continue course to Cygan, TAC when we reach Cyron I want 20 Leech and 20 Crab mines laid in a DELTA pattern. NAV, plot a course to Regulus and jump when the mines-laying is complete. TAC, repeat mine-laying pattern after we jump into Regulus. COMMS: Send a message to GVC Usagi, narrow-beam, when we reach Regulus. Include GAM ship count and the following: Cygan, Regulus mined, proceeding to Gam 1. Maintaining radio silence, next transmission 1 hour. Got that COMMS? COMMS: Yes Sir, message loaded, will transmit when we reach Regulus System. I hope Usagi makes it, just got use to TAC as Fleet Commander. Hate not giving him any warning but IÔÇÖm just following orders, arenÔÇÖt I? A strike fleet is not supply convoy. Two more systems and the Gams will know that the Graf Spee is in town. <RP/> The best laid plan lasts until the first contact with the enemy. Hope murphy is not in this gig <grin> CMDR Gallion GVC Graf Spee, "Run Silent, Run Deeep" Somewhere out of the rainbow TAC Check your Inbox!!!!! [This message has been edited by Gallion (edited 12-14-98).]
  9. GVC Graf Spee PFD. <rp on> Enroute to Gammaula 1. Will maintain radio silence. Status reports every 12 hours by encoded burst transmission. If two consecutive status reports have been missed, assume the worst and hope for the best. Have two full tanks of Iridium and a plethora of Vagrants and Ralix missiles. Follow the wreckage to track Corsair's progress. <rp off> Gotta love that GALCOM HQ 500% inflation rate, made a killing off a load of Deflector Arrays!! <rp on> Next transmission in 12 Hours. GVC Graf Spee OUT. <rp off> "You cannot defeat us! You can only hope to contain us if you can find us!" [This message has been edited by Gallion (edited 12-14-98).]
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