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  1. Give that guy that Ultimate DA award - joke or no joke. TTFN
  2. I almost feel young again SSG, USA (Ret) 1981-2001 11B, 31N, 36C, 36M, 76Y, 31P ... and fer you AA types ... only two things fall out of the sky ... TTFN [ 12-05-2002, 04:45 PM: Message edited by: Gallion ]
  3. FYI - new patch (RC or otherwise) = invalid saved game files) 99.99% of the time. TTFN
  4. quote:Originally posted by TheBunny: dont you need that GBS-2 thing or what ever it is? When is that out?It'll be ready when its ready, right now it ain't ready. GBS-II will be released soon. And to answer the original question ... yes alternate campaigns have been made for BCM I can hear the screams already TTFN
  5. Far thee well Come back soon now hear TTFN
  6. Billy boy is spamming using the moderator alert function. Topic closed until further notice. TTFN
  7. quote:Originally posted by Menchise: ... From now on, I'm only responding to criticisms of the FAQ that actually address points made in the FAQ (like Dredd's post).Pure bovine excrement and a bogus way to run a debate Menchise. That FAQ is pure refuse. All those "... according to polls ..." references set off alarms IMO regarding the validity of the FAQ itself. Polls are bogus. The pollsters can skew the questions so that no matter what answer is given, it will support the ultimate premise behind the poll. And if they (the pollsters) don't like how the poll is shaping up, they just increase the percentage of error factor. Anything from the Clinton News Network must be taken with a grain of salt that has been diluted in Lake Superior. Their credibility is none existent. It is not a matter if we're going to Iraq, but when. TTFN and check six [ 11-17-2002, 09:11 AM: Message edited by: Gallion ]
  8. Yep, I am around. Evan, please contact me via the Forum's PM before initiating any further Fleet-wide action in the future. TTFN [ 11-16-2002, 08:34 AM: Message edited by: Gallion ]
  9. Spectre is alive and well although most of our members are busy as heck - see Akira's previous post - given the current political climate. TTFN
  10. Originally I closed this topic and was about to give Jaguar a serious lashing via e-mail. However, after reading this thread after Ep5's response to Jag's Canadian I changed my stance. Knocking people's just 'cause they are from a different country is not good. But I have noticed, here on this forum and elsewhere in the real world, that people that think they know this country - and try and knock it for what ever reason - do so using their country of origin's perspective. Don't come a knocking the US system expecting not to recieve some knocks in return. There are many things good and bad wrt the gun issue here in the States. I dislike any form of gun control - no matter how sublimmital it is. To Wit: the original topic of this thread. Maryland has this ballistics fingerprinting smack. Hasn't reduced any thing IMO. Keep the debate reasonable and refrain from personnal attacks. TTFN and check six [ 11-06-2002, 05:25 PM: Message edited by: Gallion ]
  11. quote:Originally posted by Grayfox: ...which leads me to ask, will there be air assault? ie if your a EFM and your in a platoon of EFM's will it be possible to do a jump from a SC while its at altitude and AA into the enemy base? hopefully that wasnt too off topic??? just some fuel for processing Jetpacks will assist those that want to do the Bullwinkle Badge routine TTFN
  12. Having an automated transport system is a good idea. However, distance to/from areas of engagement (AOE), and the ingress/egress from the AOE is part of the battle experience. Yes I've played other games where it takes 15-50 minutes to get to the mission objective (AOE) and then back to home base. This is how RL OPS go, shear boredom interupted by moments chaos and mayhem. Team 1 is defense, sets up several LPs and OPs. One LP/OP spots one of Team 2's SC coming inbound, calls for the CAS crew. The Team 1 CAS crew scambles after the spotted SC. A DeD ensues. To bad all this activity was a rue. Meanwhile, on the other side of the base, Team 2's main AIR and Ground forces engages the Team 1 defenders. The battle is short, Team 2 is victorious and DeD's the Team 1 defenders. Team 2 departs the AOE to return to their base. But are unfortunate enough to run into the Team 1 CAS crews as they return from the decoy operation. Team 2 is toast, not enough ammo left after their engagement with the Team 1 defenders to fend off the returning Team 1 CAS crews, the Team 1 CAS crews DeD's Team 2. Moral of the story, Team 2 won the battle but lost the war to the returning Team 1 CAS crews. Mayhaps an option that the server op enables/disables fast transport during the MP session/game setup. TTFN
  13. quote:Originally posted by Supreme Cmdr: quote:Originally posted by AllenKG2001: I know how to un-assign the sys engineers from the bridgeviewer prob, but why does the bridgeviewer show up like this when it is at 100%?The very NEXT time you use the board's report post feature to send us anything unrelated to an offensive or otherwise undesirable post (which is what its for), your posting rights will be revoked. Dang, I was gonna give the n00b the boot TTFN
  14. Gallion

    New OS

    ./rm -rf will uninstall Wife 1.0 TTFN
  15. Technically, the ATI Radeon v-cards (8500+) are equal to the nVidia v-cards. Sucky drivers is the biggest problem I have with any ATI v-card. Got a wild hair few months back and swapped out a GF3 for a Radeon 8500. Drivers just plain sucked! Frame rates went way down and experienced tearing in several applications (aside from stress management packages) that use DirectX. So I pulled the ATI v-card out and reformatted my HDD to eradicate any and all trace of ATI's presence on my system. Hardware is only as good as its drivers; sucky drivers kill excellent HW. To smooth out my ruffled feathers, I got a Ti4600 as soon as it was available. I may be a nVid10t but this id10t knows and has one KA v-card. Now its time to upgrade the rest of my doggy system TTFN [ 08-29-2002, 07:44 PM: Message edited by: Gallion ]
  16. A Stormcarrier is very easy to DeD Eight (8) fighters v. one (1) cruiser/carrier = eight (8) DeD'd fighters. TTFN
  17. It has begun. TheBunny will run out of juice TTFN
  18. @ least it wasn't a ding TTFN
  19. Anybody remember MISCON? ACMs have to be selected from MISCON prior to initial launch from Launch Base. TTFN
  20. ... and all that anyone will ever see ... is bodies ... bodies ... bodies TTFN
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