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  1. quote:Gallion, i suggest you prepare yourself for those questions When the docs are ready, I'll be ready Cmdr_ Laracuente First id-ten-tee query (i.e. fails to RTFM and docs) gets the boot TTFN [ 07-02-2002, 11:06 PM: Message edited by: Gallion ]
  2. I'm back. Thanks for holding the fort down for me Eclipse whilst I was away. You get to keep the reins a few day longer. I'm in the process of moving and will lose my net connection come the morn. TTFN
  3. Then I guess this entire thread is moot I'm back TTFN
  4. Got it boss. Eclipse, you are my XO and Spectre FC Pro Tem beginning 1 June until 4 July. That is as long as things don't get sutpid across the pond TTFN
  5. nVidia drivers are quarky. I experience no major problems with 2382 in XP - YMMV. This version is more stable than previous releases - official and otherwise - for me. Again, YMMV. I'll take stability over FPS anyday. TTFN
  6. hmmmmm, well this is interesting - 'cause I fly the first for several weeks out of country. I'll keep the seat warm fer ye TTFN
  7. There are no missions in ROAM. Once GBS-II is released, you will have a plethora of BCM adventures available to choose from. That is if those modders have the gonads and intestinal fortitude to do them that is TTFN [ 04-21-2002, 10:14: Message edited by: Gallion ]
  8. Spectre Fleet rollcall is currently being conducted here. TTFN
  9. www.bccforum.org and I'm not here me brain hath turneth to .... mush TTFN
  10. XP-P will help. Also, replace the SB Live! with an Audigy Gamer. Those drivers are more better (like that proper grammer ?) than the sucky SB Live! drivers. TTFN [ 03-28-2002, 18:24: Message edited by: Gallion ]
  11. A belated welcome goes out to Cmdr. A.R. Thomas Don't know what happened, seems that you slipped through the cracks. Dang admin types hanging onto paperwork it seems Any hoot, welcome to Spectre Fleet Cmdr Thomas, please make the following changes to your signature file: Cmdr. A.R. Thomas ICV Victorinox, Spectre (Antis) Spectre Fleet ICQ: 33699963 (optional) "You can only love or hate something you truly understand." Specific assignments fluctuate; stay ready; stay flexible MP cometh TTFN [ 03-25-2002, 19:06: Message edited by: Gallion ]
  12. The mod, if you want to call it a mod, for BCM is GBS-II. Exactly what GBS-II does is covered elsewhere in this forum. Topic closed and farewell Boobits TTFN
  13. Topic moved to appropiate forum. There have been others that thought about modding BCM into something it is not, with that something being a different SciFi Universe - take your pick, they have all been considered. None got any farther than the concept phase. You will find that support from the community for a BCM mod is there in spirit but lacking in reality. Why is that? Don't know, mayhaps the would be modders came to their senses and realized just how enormous this type of endeavour really is. For there is more to a mod than just changing models to Star Trek or Babylon5 ship types. Could it be done? Yes, and it would not take to much time and effort to those that know wtf they are doing. But in the end, when all BCM models are changed to ST or B5 ship types, a player is just playing BCM with a ST or B5 ship model that has all the characteristics and limitations of the original BCM model it replaced. which toi me is nothing more than a whitewash and complete waste of time. Changing sound Fx is easy, just name the new sound Fx the same name as the existing sound Fx .wav file and plunk it into the sound Fx folder - I do this everytime I reload/reinsall BCM, I cannot stand the default IOD laser fire sound Fx (laser06.wav) it sounds like a pop gun. TTFN [ 03-23-2002, 09:27: Message edited by: Gallion ]
  14. Read the History page in the Appendix. TTFN
  15. quote:I was also just reading a post by the SC in which he mentioned something about installing Live!Ware 3.0 to fix a game crashing problem and I was thinking maybe that was the same problem I was having. I tried to get Live!Ware 3.0 but I cannot find it anywhere. Anyone know where I can get it?You know Bandus, if the SC hadn't editted your post you would've gotten the boot. You can find all nVidia drivers (leaked beta and official) at several websites; www.guru3d.com and www.warp2search.net to name a few. The official drivers released today - 28.32 are buggy. TTFN
  16. Violon PTA strength is fine just as is. Improve your CC piloting skills some and you'll discover that the Violon is just as deadly - if not deadier - as the Aestrom against peashooters The BCMkII and the Violon have the same Sweet Spot. And no ... I shant divulge it Tinker around and experiment some. TTFN [ 03-20-2002, 17:57: Message edited by: Gallion ]
  17. PTA firepower is not indicated in the Appendix. TTFN
  18. I should make you ladies that didn't vote suffer and forever wonde what the final tally is but I shant. The Standings: Carriers code:Stormcarrier 5% Aestrom 7% Firestorm 28% BCMk1 1% BCMk2 5% BCMk3 13% Nightstar 8% Megaron 29% Violon 5%Cruisers code:Warmonger 26% Starcarrier 6% Sentry 2% Spacestar 2% Garid 12% Starcruiser 5% Starwarrior 0% Solnar 0% Questar 19% Sunflash 29%Winners: Carriers: Megaron 29% Cruisers: Sunflash 29% A very unexpected result. Thanks to all that participated TTFN
  19. Megaron and the Sunflash have the lead Last chance to cast your vote. Poll closes one (1) minute past the witching hour TTFN
  20. All sound problems belong here. The next player that posts a sound issue in this thread gets the boot. TTFN
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