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  1. Wow, I go away for a year or so, and BAM, Supreme Comander does something new. Still waiting on GCO, but this is very cool too.
  2. The law sute that Perpetual is in now is not making things look any better, but they did move the title to P2 which is part of the sute. LOL
  3. wow, surly takes me back, wow...
  4. I was on the Crysis beta b4 the File planet group came in, it was ok, kind of fun, but by the MP open beta/demo release, I was done with the game. I did not even come back for the open beta... it is pretty though. UT3, I have UT2004, IÆm good. The only thing good to come out of UT3 is the game eng. that is it. The game is exactly the same, just better looking. So it was off to CSS and BF2142 again. The insurgency mod for CSS rox! And another up and coming game I just got finished with the beta for was Frontlines Fuel of war. Very nice IMHO, some good twist to the game play. Helos are a little touchy... but a hell of a lot of fun. Some parts of that remind me of Quake 4, but very, very different. And it uses the UT3 eng.
  5. Yeha, saw that some time ago, it is prety amazing. That's someone who has way too much time on their hands.
  6. SC! Based on what I have seen of the other titles, and knowing you awhile back, I would say just let it out to the public. I personaly have not looked at this new installment due to not being around for a while due to RL, But from what I have read in the forum in the last few days of trolling around, SC seems to have been good about purging the old for new peeps to see, and with the new title being so much more advanced. This should and could only help sales, and the community. Just my 1 cent, I know the way to the air lock.
  7. Sup, heck yeah, sorry I keep going MIA and stuff. It would have been nice to keep up with everyone and the Beta stuff.
  8. I was not bothering him it was just an SC!! kinda old salute, look at my join date, so I was not bugging, or bothering him, just a salute incase he broused through. SUP $ILK, been awhile... drop me a line!
  9. Wow, last to post and last still... SAD... Sup any Orions still out there??? SC!!
  10. Then I will pick it up soon and check it out.
  11. I posted over at the Orion web page too, what are we up to these days and what version is needed if we are all still active and having ops...
  12. Test, is this thing working yet.... been floting around out here, test any one home, can you hear me??
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