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  1. I'm always somewhere in the background Sho!
  2. Thanks, Sho! I'll be joining on to help with LoD a bit as well. I'll get in touch with you on Steam tonight.
  3. This Insurgent would like to check in after a bit of a sabbatical!
  4. Usually you can find me on the golf course these days. You're right about both Elite and Star Citizen. Elite I think they spent a ton of time fleshing out the sandbox but forgot to include the sand. The beta is fun, though, and the flight dynamics feel good. Just not sure the multiplayer aspect is going to pan out how they like. As for Star Citizen ... you took the words out of my mouth. All that money, no game yet. I feel like I've been following the development for years at this point. Everyone here knows that delays in game development are inevitable (hell, I think some are planned parts of the hype machine) but it's mind-boggling to me how Roberts can be so consistently lagging his own time lines with that kind of dough. I haven't had a chance to try LoD yet, btw, but I'm very happy you're still making games, Derek. I hope all is well with the family.
  5. Not gonna lie, I was thinking about how cool a BC3K v2 remake was made the other day while playing the Elite: Dangerous beta (popping a cap in Resnig's back is a bonus). I would love to see the piloting complexity of Elite combined with the command complexity of Battlecruiser. Still, will people buy it? No idea. BC has always been niche and a pain-in-the-ass to play/learn. Still, can't help but wonder what the game would be like with the soul of the original and the lessons to be learned from some of the newcomers.
  6. Happy belated New Years, folks! Hope you've all been well!
  7. I can't see Sonalyst being even slightly interested in the WW2 market. Besides, their games have been just as buggy, but without the DRM ... which is just like SHIV.
  8. That's the thing: the Silent Hunter series is a unique niche. As such, they know they can milk that crowd for all its worth. Ubi is a garbage company, in some respects. On the other hand, Ubi is the only company that would take on such a niche genre.
  9. Yeah, I won't touch SHV with a 10 foot pole. SHIV was bad enough, but like you said, a MASSIVE modding community really made it into something special. What really started pissing me off about UBI was that the final official patch for SHIV was released with the UBoat missions - and they CHARGED FOR IT! Ubi's business model seems to be, release incomplete game, patch it a bit, create new content to go with next patch, sell content+patch, and still have an incomplete game.
  10. Glad you liked it! I figured you would, considering what seems to be your tastes and the pure brilliance of the film.
  11. Funny enough, my wife who's absolutely not a sci-fi fan loved it, as did I. This is what movies should be like!
  12. Holy shit, there's a name I haven't seen in awhile! You and Cruis.In. LD, you need to PC-up man, get back into the fold!
  13. It was a bit gory, but not disturbingly so. Think of a guy getting shot and disintegrating in a split second rather than drawn-out graphic scenes. Let's put it this way - I HATE overly-graphic gore fests (like Saw and its ilk). The gore in this movie is, for lack of a better term, comical. Didn't bother me at all.
  14. Loved it. What a flick, and to be honest, a surprise. D9 was poignant, ballsy (seriously, doing a movie about even alien segregation based in South Africa, with its history of apartheid is pretty gutsy), seemed more anchored to reality than most scifi, plus it had some really good action. As an aside, even the name is smart: District 9 is no doubt a reference to District 6 near Cape Town, that saw forced relocation in the '70s. My only criticism was that the first 30 minutes was too vague of a narrative, and the viewer probably was a bit detached. But damn, the film does a fine job drawing you in when the time comes! 9/10
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