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  1. quote: Originally posted by $iLk: I think it proves my points I've been making like 100x over that the GOP has to run on Kerry's remarks. Neither party deserves to win... but one is going to. The fact that the perception is that the GOP has to run on Kerry's remarks proves how flimsy the Democrat platform is. The GOP is only in trouble because they've alienated their base by trying to be more like DEMOCRATS...
  2. quote: Originally posted by Voli0: I'd rather starve and remain uneducated than take up arms and go kill people. I wouldn't be very proud to say that I kill people for money. -v It's amazing that the people who take up arms and "kill people" are the people who fought and died to grant you the rights to spew such rubbish as that unappreciative post. I guess all of human history must have passed you by and not allowed you to understand that the freedoms you CLEARLY take for granted are not there "just because". People fought and killed and died for it. Oh, and they got paid what amounts to a pittance for it.
  3. quote: Originally posted by Wolferz: To get into the military in America you only need to pass the ASVAB (Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery). Passing that test doesn't mean you're intelligent. It only shows that you at least learned the basics in school. Recruiters can and will fudge your score if you fail it.Or let you take it until you do pass it. Due to the fact that recruiters have a quota to meet, and the members of the Professional Liars Club will do anything to meet or surpass that quota. Now, we all know full well that Senator Kerry is a bloody idiot. If I were the chairman of the Democrapic party, I'd kick Mr Kerry out poste haste. First of all, "learning the basics in school" is a decent accomplishment considering the scholastic level of this country, and probably qualifies you as one of the smarter kids out of high school. Secondly, in order to take the ASVAB you need either a high school diploma or GED - which also means you're a tad above a good portion of this nation's students. Finally, just because some idiots can get in, doesn't in ANY WAY that there are a large number of idiot members of our armed forces. Certainly, not enough to qualify Kerry's generalized comments. In case you haven't been paying ANY attention whatsoever, today's military is more of a TECHNICAL field than a "grunt" job. Most of our military members are probably more technically astute than 95% of the rest of the nation... Smart people can pass an easy test too, mind you - oh, and almost ANYONE can learn.
  4. Ya gotta love people... http://hosted.ap.org/dynamic/stories/B/BAD...EMPLATE=DEFAULT
  5. quote: I have no clue what he's apologizing for because he's right.He's not right in any way, shape, or form. You're not "stuck" into going into the military if you do not do well in school (which is what he SAID). In fact, the military probably won't even take you under those circumstances.
  6. quote: I think its easily argued that a war has not been won until your occupation is successful and any uprising has been quelled.Umm, no. You'd have to then change the meaning of the term "war". There are other types of "war" than wars of occupation. quote: You're right, we would win an offensive war within hours of invasion. However, China wouldn't let us succeed in an occupation of North Korea.
  7. quote: 1: Iran and Syria aren't exactly non-threats. Successful terror missions sponsored by both Iran and Syria have already caused serious uprising issues in Iraq. This is all surrounded by a growing problem between the Shiites and the Sunnies.Which is my point exactly. That is precisely how Korea is DIFFERENT from Iraq. quote: 2: Last I checked, over the past few years South Korea has been becoming increasingly supportive of North Korea. They have been IN NO WAY supportive. In fact, BOTH governments STILL actively declare sovereignty over the entire Korean peninsula. South Korea has indeed tried establishing extremely limited economic ties with NK, but that really isn't what I would call "supportive". quote: The US Military is currently exausted with troops in combat in both Afghanistan and Iraq, as well as non-combat deployments all over the rest of the world (including South Korea). The fact that guard units are still being called up to go back overseas is more proof of this than one needs.Actually, one needs to know how the military works internally when it comes to deployments. The US military is equipped, theoretically, to fight 2 and 1/2 wars. Iraq is almost one and Afganistan is barely one half. Sending in reservist engineering and support units do not drastically diminish this ability. Furthermore, what do you think those units deployed overseas in non-combat capacities are there for? They aren't sitting on international soil just to sit there - they are there for the purpose of being able to fight if called upon. In fact, those are often our most combat-cabable units. I mean, heavy armor units (tanks, etc) don't have much use anymore in Iraq/Afganistan. So, just because they are deployed in Germany doesn't mean that their capability to project power is diminished. quote: NATO may be able to quickly address this with US troops in the mix, however the US alone does not have the current capacity to deal with the North Korean threat.That statement is manifestly untrue. Would we be able to OCCUPY? Probably not, I would agree. Would the US military be able to win an offensive war, however? No doubt. Whatsoever.
  8. From the article: quote: Another Willett parent, Celeste D'Elia, said her son feels safer because of the rule. "I've witnessed enough near collisions," she said.To think: humanity survived and evolved for 1000s of years before be babied our kids to this extent...
  9. quote: Originally posted by Cmdr. WeeGee: Actually, old El Reg summed it up pretty good. http://www.theregister.co.uk/2006/10/16/us..._be_of_service/ Makes sense. As long as we've got troops down there he's got something to cause fear in the populace. Umm, not really... To quote the article: quote: Unfortunately for the Bush/Blair team, Kim Jong-il is the wrong monster very much in the wrong place. Over 140,000 US troops in Iraq still can't secure the little stretch of road between Baghdad Airport and the Green Zone. A military crisis in east Asia, everyone knows, is far beyond any US capacity to address.That is one of the more absurd things I've ever read. Two different scenarios: 1: Rogue nation surrounded by no real, standing threats, therefore forcing the US to perform a far more long term approach in transfer of power, all the while under constant harrassment from nearby enemies. This scenario is Iraq. 2: Rogue nation bordered by US-Allied nation ALREADY in a near state of war against rogue nation, with a large standing army ABLE and WILLING to swoop in and assume any vacuum of power both politically and culturally, with little to no regional fallout. This scenario is Korea.
  10. Funny thing is ... if we turn that country into a molten nuclear pit, the world will be drastically different. So long to the homicidal/despot dictator. Too bad the cost of "world peace" is too high.
  11. aramike

    Ok dudes..

    Voigt-Kampff goes bye bye now too, as he is none other than the recently departed Horseloverfat. Dude, if you're gonna try to sneak back in, good advice would be to not stir shit up...
  12. quote: ÔÇ£I decided today I think I will because it (the questioning) went too far,ÔÇØ she said.I bet you if someone threatened HER life, and that person was questioned but not arrested, etc, she would think that it didn't go far enough. Little selfish twit (to use Jag's word) shows why people her age aren't allowed to vote. The sad irony is, though, that her parents are.
  13. quote: ...because we have to support a two trillion dollar military?Maybe you need a basic lesson in "simple" economics, as "simple" seems to be your way of doing things. Let's take the $2 trillion out of the military and spend it on healthcare ... ...wait, that might be a little hard. There are only so many doctors, so many drugs and needs, etc. that, unless you jacked up the prices on these things, you wouldn't be able to cover that amount of money. See, as a typical liberal, you retain this odd notion that a dollar actually does something on its own. Sadly (for your argument's sake), it does not. It merely represents trade value in the offset of available goods and services. You know what would happen if we gave everyone the value of $1 million bucks? While you *PROBABLY* think we'd all be rich, we'd actually all be quite poor considering that there are not equal resources to share with everyone. quote: Like I said previously, the poor in this country don't choose to be poor.Yes they do. And people like you empower them to continue to do so by giving them excuses. I grew up quite poor, thank you. I CHOSE to work hard and leave that life. Anyone can do it.
  14. quote: Originally posted by Voight-Kampff: A typical right-wing response. ...and it's wrong because...
  15. quote: Originally posted by Supreme Cmdr: Oh, thats right. Now we're questioning 15yr olds without their parents. Thanks a lot George. We've been doing that well before Bush as it is a federal crime to threaten the president. Besides, what in the heck does Bush have to do with this? I'm fairly certain he probably didn't even know about out as the President of the USA has bigger things to concern himself with.
  16. quote: Originally posted by JUDGExKTF: The highest punishment here in the Netherlands would be 6 months of jail and a category three fine (6700 euro). However it would always be the US equivelant of a criminal case, not a civil case. Resulting in a police record. I find it strange that this is not a criminal case in the US (Not meant as bashing). Damaging someone mentally can be just as painfull as damaging someone physically. Completely ruining someones reputation is far worse then punching someone's tire IMHO. Could this case also have been a criminal case ? Or are these always civil cases ? In some states it could have been criminal apparently but those laws haven't been enforced in years. I think the problem is enforcability. Do we really want the overloaded criminal courts to become a venue for he said/she said Judge Judy-type of arguments? Do we really want taxpayers paying for that? I'd be OK with it so long as the penalty for bringing a false case is SUBSTANTIAL. Heh, wouldn't a false criminal complaint ALSO be a form of defamation?
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    Posting And You...

    LOL! quote: In saying that however, the lawless frontier (aka The politics & religion forum section) is in a class all by itself. Its a kind of no man's land and even I tend not to go in there.Heh, yeah so long as it doesn't get outright vulgar and TOO personal, it's all good in that little world...
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    Posting And You...

    I've about had enough of this crap. This guy comes here, barely posts ever, and then goes on a multi-post rant at first criticizing the rules and THEN the admins. Let me share with you the PM discussion I've had with Stingray (I normally wouldn't do this but now I'm freakin' PISSED): Stingray: quote: Well, since you asked what I posted, I posted a link to an awesome tech demo (compressed avi video clip) showing a space battle the way we've only seen it on the new Battlestar Galactica show (similar filming techniques were even used). It's most certainly worth posting and checking out. http://sargoth.spymac.com/space_techdemo_HD.rar Maybe I shouldn't have started my post with: "I don't know if this has been posted here before..." Anyway, I'm just saying that this approach to post management is not very user-friendly. It's a bit like you go to a new restaurant and the first thing a manager would do is to piss on your foot. Maybe it's a 3000AD tradition I'm not familiar with. Aramike: quote: Actually its more like going to a restaurant and the manager pointing at a sign implying that you're not in dress code. Our rules are the rules. They've served us well over the years, so we're sticking with them. You didn't say what forum you posted your thread it, though... Stingray: quote: The message was posted in the: "Battlecruiser Online ┬╗ General Discussions ┬╗ PC Gaming & Technology" subforum, in the thread: "Our beloved Space Sim genre. Revival or waste of time?" You know, with rules like that, why let people post at all? Just make it a read-only forum, but then it wouldn't be a forum, would it? Let's just drop it. I don't want to make a fuss here. I'll just return back to lurking... it's worked for me for almost a year. I can live with that. Aramike: quote: Rules like what? The ones that work? Dude, you're not gonna come here, post 4 times and not even been an established member of the community and yet convince me that our rules don't work. They do. Just not for you. That's not good enough, in my eyes, to change them. This guy has posted a sum total of 6 times and at least HALF of his TOTAL POSTS are critical of this community, its rules, or its members. Dude, talk about the game all you want. Visit our General forums and talk about almost whatever you want, all you want. But, for the LOVE OF GOD, STOP talking about how OUR rules don't suit YOU! In case you haven't noticed, most of us were here first. We welcome ANYONE - just not those who somehow think that they're gonna jump in and the community is going to revolve around them. No one here is taking their "job" too seriously. YOU, however, are taking your objection to OUR rules, WAY too seriously. Let it go, and welcome yourself in on OUR terms, or see yourself to the door. [ 10-13-2006, 10:04 AM: Message edited by: aramike ]
  19. quote: I tend to agree. Now, whats going to happen when those frivolous lawsuits start popping up, is that they're going to be citing Scheff vs Bock as their basis.I agree. That's why I hated the huge tobacco settlements. Remember the fat kids suing McDonalds? quote: However, I don't think they would have charged Bock criminally because libel, slander and defamation are not criminal offenses unless they were done under oath (I think).Heh, that prompted me to look it up. Apparently some states have laws on the books that make defamation criminal, but they're antiquated and rarely used. Maybe there should be a law ... that would discourage the Huffbags of the world... quote: Lets see what the EFF has to say about this. It is my guess that they're pouring over it as we speak. Naturally, they would be more interested in the jury's award more than the merits of Scheff's case.That's often the problem of organizations like that, I think - they get too single-minded in their purpose. Scheff was probably right in bringing the case. However, I don't believe it justifies the award. Orgs like the EFF can almost be counted on to come out totally against the case as a result of the award, regardless of its merits. Hence, the tragedy of such a silly award.
  20. Holy CRAP this thread is old... Insurgency FAQ: Q) Is it true that Insurgents get all the chicks? A) Absolutely not. We only get all the wild and hot chicks. The rest go for Galcommies. And the REALLY freaky ones go for Gammulans. Trust me - you don't want a chick after she's dated a Gammulan... Q) Is it true that Insurgents are better than Galcommies? A) Absolutely! Not only do we have more fun, but we have access to all SORTS of banned alcoholic beverages the Galcommies would die for. In fact, I'm drinking one right now that not only gets you nice and drunk, but ist also gtzz yu wellyx sjick
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    Posting And You...

    quote: Yeah, I'd like read up on this thread too, because I'd like to add a question to the FAQ of the forum, like: Why do posts disappear for no apparent reason?Posts don't simply disappear without reason. SOMEONE had to have deleted it for some purpose. PM me with what you posted and when, and I'll look into it. quote: I noticed the draconian posting rules a while ago, so I refrained from posting.I wouldn't call them "draconian" as they are fairly simple. All any of us ask are essentially three VERY simple things: 1- Don't post questions that have been discussed ad nauseum on this very forum. Rather, use the search function. Believe me - it works. In fact, keeping the search function streamlined and easy to use is a large part of the reason we try to limit redundant topics. 2- Don't post anything inflammatory. Provacative debate is COMPLETELY WELCOME here, 100%, however. Just keep it clean. 3- Place your remarks in the proper forum. This seems self-explanatory. The bottom line is that, just because we don't tolerate the usual BS here, doesn't mean that we're anywhere NEAR "draconian". Just think before you speak and do a little reading... Besides - don't feel bad; my very FIRST post on this forum (nearly 7 YEARS ago) was deleted. It asked the question, "How do I orbit?" I should've used the search function...
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    I am a daddy

    Dang it Derek, I was about to say something similar until I saw the original post date: posted 11-24-2005 08:35 PM. Heh, we both missed this one... Belated congrats Cruis! When we first met, you were but a wee lad. Now you apparently have a wee lad of ye own.
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    North Korea confirms nuke test

    quote: Any outfit with sufficient U235 or Pu can make a bomb.Umm ... dude, that's kinda the hard part...