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  1. quote: To bad there isn't a Consultant caste, LOLThat be Aramike. Seriously, now we're talking. A few things that I want to endorse and give input on: Malleus was right: you should separate it by caste. Like corporate divisions or something of that effect. Malleus was also right about a founders group. There should be no single person in charge of this corporation. Members of your corporation should have NO obligation to take jobs offered to them. Doing so would make those jobs too much like "orders", and the corporation too much like a "fleet". The corporation cannot engage in ANY corporate-wide hostilities against ANY alliance, fleet, or nation. Again, that would make it like a government or a military fleet. The corporation would have to operate as a separate entity from each of its members. In other words, let's say that a fleet owes the corporation money, and does not want to pay. Well, you CAN choose to take it out of their ass, but you must PAY your mercs to do so. Each division of the corporation would merely be for assigning tasks and collecting the commission revenue from the personnel that carried out the tasks. Each division will have no actual authority over its personnel and cannot assign or order them around.In other words, I see such a corporation as one that would be a one-stop-shop for services. To me, the business model that works best in the BC universe would be something similar to as follows: Let's say I need a merc to perform an operation for my fleet. I would then pay the corporation the going rate for such operations. At that time, the corporation would pay one of its assets to perform the operation, and the corp would get its cut. Now, I see no problem with the corporation actually owning such assets as transports that have no military capabilities. We just have to make sure that the corporation has NO military capability itself. Sure, if it wants to perform a military operation against another military organization it can -- but it would have to hire the people to do so. Any thoughts?
  2. OK, here's what we'll do: As a merc, you can have any HEAVY CRUISER you want -- not a super cruiser. As a member of an alien military, you can have any HEAVY CRUISER or HEAVY CARRIER that you want -- no super cruisers or carriers to start with. Herro: why do you need a Stormcarrier right now when you won't be using it? I'm trying to get the DB ready for use in MP, so I don't want to do placebo assignments. Nova: quote: (When I was still a merc,) I asked aramike for a SpaceStar Super Cruiser, and he set it up, on the Fleet DB.That was before I realized what I was doing and the pandora's box I was opening. Jigoku: I've set your asset as a Solnar in the DB.
  3. You know, when this thread dies I've got to archive this puppy. This is the KING of off-topic.
  4. quote: Originally posted by Jigoku San: so that means I can't have a Sunflash Heavy cruiser? As a merc, how do you plan on getting such hardware? Seriously, though, I'm going to talk to Derek sometime and see how he wants to handle assets for Misc Race/Caste. [ 08-07-2001: Message edited by: aramike ]
  5. quote: Originally posted by Herro YuY: Yea, ok I see what you mean aramike... *goes in a corner and cries* Then what should I chose? Heh, a reasonable ship to start with.
  6. quote: Originally posted by Herro YuY: Really thhough, why can't I have a stormcarrier, I am in the military so wouldn't they give military commanders like me one of those ships?just a thought... Update It also says on the asset page CASTE CAREER CHOICE ASSET CHOICE MILITARY COMMANDER Any cruiser/carrier/transport PS PILOT Any close air (PAS/HAG/LAG) / shuttle EF PILOT Any fighter MI MARINE Any ground vehicle Type1 (ATV/APC/HAV/LAV) EF MARINE Any ground vehicle Type2 (HUMVEE/CAB) so a military commander gets his choice of any crusier/carrier/transport. [ 08-07-2001: Message edited by: Herro YuY ] I know what it says. Still, without an actual Gammulan hierarchy, one must doubt that a rookie of sorts would be assigned the most powerful vessel of the lot. Other reasons for me not wanting to do that has to do with play-balancing in MP. If everyone got to choose the most powerful asset, they would. Therefore, it should be tied in to your experience. Same thing goes for in a fleet. No one is going to get the most powerful ship to start out with. Basically, what you quoted was a technicality. Meaning, that military personnel CAN use those ships. Just because you can, however, doesn't mean that you MAY. [ 08-07-2001: Message edited by: aramike ]
  7. quote: Originally posted by Supreme Cmdr: Thinking what to type..... Deep breaths, Derek. I think we've got this pretty well in order.
  8. OK, so I can keep this concise, if any of you want your ships updated in the DB, let me know here and I'll take care of it.
  9. quote: Originally posted by Herro YuY: Well since im Gam military... I get a stormcarrier? Err, perhaps after you've established yourself online in MP.
  10. Erm, rename that ship, chief. At least for RP purposes. Anyway, this thread is being moved to the RP forum.
  11. quote: Originally posted by Malleus Malefictorum: Exactly what I meant aramike. Thank you for summing it up. I have a horrid tendancy to be WAY too verbose on any given subject. Hehe, I can do that too.
  12. quote: Originally posted by Paddy Gregory: sorry aramike, I didn't mean to hassle you, i was just curious. Do I update my sig now? No problem. Sig looks fine, I think. quote: aramike, how do we get our ships, being Indies and all? Do we just chose them, do we ask you for them?You can choose them, but keep it realistic please. Ask for something too crazy, and you ain't gonna get it. Just post it here and tell me what you want.
  13. Dangit, man, give me some time to actually check it out. I'm not checking that thing 24 hours a day, you know.
  14. quote: That is what I have been saying. No need for rules. Your reputation will precede you. We are talking about the main servers correct?Irregardless of the banter and chest thumping in a lot of posts on this forum I want you guys here. Everyone wants you here. It would be a boring universe without you. Aramike? Agreed. As far a code of honor is concerned, knock yourselves silly with it. Just don't expect anyone else to believe in it. quote: Thank you finally someone agrees with me. That's the whole point that I'm been trying to explain and your clear concise wording would be the gist of this entire thread. We need someone of our own to police our actions. Not the SC not the other administrators or what not, but us by ourselves. I think you missed the point. You all can police each other however you want - that doesn't concern me. However, there will be NO AUTHORITY that is in charge of policing mercs, PERIOD. If you all think that someone is ruining your reputation, deal with it however you want. But there will NOT be a council that decides for whom the hammer drops. This is what I have a problem with: quote: We need someone of our own to police our actions.The way I see it, you'd all be policing each other by common consent, not through an authority. That's what I think Malleus meant, too. [ 08-07-2001: Message edited by: aramike ]
  15. quote: Originally posted by Lug: Extremely sorry for the insane spelling, it will not happen again.[ 08-07-2001: Message edited by: Lug ] Don't worry about it, no big deal.
  16. First of all, there is nothing wrong with the installers or the file. Period. If they work for everyone else but not you, that should automatically tell you something. Now, if you want help, you may want to stop assigning blame and tell us what system you're using. quote: You tell me that after 20+hours of download that I didn't download it right? Even when the program I was using said: File Succesfully TransferedSo you're telling me that it has to be the program you're downloading rather than the program doing the downloading? Seriously, large files can corrupt VERY easily, and your download software wouldn't have a clue.
  17. LOL! "Attack of the Clones" They'll probably change it.
  18. quote: Originally posted by MidnightGreen: Damn you caught me bragging just a little but not about the price tag it is so friggin expensive. The real question I had was if Win ME is even worth a shit and will the old games I have be supported with it and then XP? Windows games should have no trouble running in ME. DOS games, however, might. Not necessarily, though, as it can go either way.
  19. quote: Another change to the Directory has been the removal of the Orion Fleet Offices from the listing.'Atta boy. Ladies and gentlemen, this is an Insurgent for you.
  20. All that is good and fine, but don't expect a fleet to trust you.
  21. Sho, I temporarily upped your access to the fleet database. You now have fleet commander access to it. So, perhaps you should be looking up profiles and sending emails???
  22. quote: On another note, yes aramike we probably won't be doing alot of work for the fleets. But some points you have missed. One, mercs could be an excellent utility for the different fleets to gather info by. I'm not really sure how it will work online and such. But thinking along the lines of RL and History, mercs would have more free riegn to go places that a Fleeter couldn't without stirring up a can o worms.Sure, but then I doubt that any opposing fleet will ever hire you for anything. They may even tag you for a hit.
  23. Malleus, I disagree. When you choose to work for an alliance, they aren't likely to hire you back if you go and work for the enemy. Too many security risks. Also, you aren't very likely to find work in a fleet that you've killed a few people from. Trust issues. Sure, ideally the fleets would just see you as a hired gun doing a job. Realistically, though, that isn't the case. Anyway, I doubt that any real governmental military organization will ever hire a merc anyway. That's why we have all these friggin' fleets and wings. I see mercs more as working for the private sector (as they do in the real world). quote: Mercenaries are highly paid professional and specialized soldiers that have the ability to pick and choose their own fights. However, in a consistent MP world like CGO, I still feel that the mercs should establish an oversight committee, the hypothetical “Merc Council” and a Merc Association whereby all other guilds/corporations are a subset of.I don't buy that. I can see a merc corporation being formed, but not a totalitarian governing board. Ain't ever gonna happen. For one thing, there are several races in the game. You try to get them all to agree on a set of rules. Mercs are mercs. There should not be a universal charter on them, except as passed an enforced by an actual GOVERNMENT authority. That is, if THEY can enforce it. Sure, you guys can establish corporations and all, but a universal committee? That isn't very realistic at all.
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