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  1. except in this the simulation elements are far better and you can walk inside your ship. Like FTL...
  2. Hi guys I thought I'd share what has been sucking my time of late... https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1084206971/wayward-terran-frontier Playing the alpha demo!
  3. Hey I just want to say this is the first I've seen of the game, for some reason every time I saw Line of Defense, I missed the tactics part on the end of the name since I assumed it was just the other one. But this is sure to be a hit! Subject to correct but I don't think the mobile market has a game on this level (which hasn't been a hit). I will definitely be getting this for me and my son to play, congrats and a lovely looking and definitely fun looking game. I just watched the training videos. I am still eagerly awaiting LOD as well. Also is GalCom Online still a thing or indefintely on hold?
  4. Wow thanks, guess it kind of had 'whoa' effect on ya eh? How'd ya like the starting? And how did it feel?
  5. Hey guys, VOD is in beta and is on sale today on Desura. www.desura.com thanks!
  6. Hi Null, could you tell me how far you got? Did you see the launcher window? And the launch game, and other buttons? If I am right you may have been trying to launch without selecting a resolution. If so, ignore the detected settings on the right. That is what your monitor supports. You have to click a resolution on the left before launching the game. I've updated the launcher, removed the detected resolutions and just left the resolutions supported by this version. It will not allow you to proceed unless one has been selected. Some people were launching without selecting the resolution, because they thought the list on the right was the one they had to select. I've added the main resolutions 15 inch, 22inch and 24 inch monitors. I won't support above 1920*1200 or below 1440*900. So anywhere inbetween those is good. In the new launcher, you can check the fullscreen box and click on auto detect settings and it'll launch with your native desktop resolution. Or you could select a resolution manually from the left, if you select one, it will show you what you have selected now.
  7. Hey who wants a key to download the current alpha on Desura. Just a combat version for now. Leave your desura nickname or email here.
  8. When the game is finished I'll seek to have it green lit on steam.
  9. Available for pre-order now on Desura. desura.com/games/void-of-darkness
  10. Hey Sho, I released the first alpha fund version to Desura for their approval. Still would love to work with an artist as part of the time. Otherwise need to pay a freelancer to complete it. The version I released to Desura is available in the testing section on the forum.
  11. New Video - Hey guys, the campaign for VoD has gone live on Indiegogo, seeking the funds to finish the art content for the game. You can find it here: http://igg.me/at/VoD/x/3267940 If you can support us and/or spread the word I'd be eternally grateful, thanks! -Justin/Cruis
  12. make sure to read the rough manual first...
  13. Hi guys, you are now** in the alpha tester group, so you should have access to a private discussion group!
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