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  1. depends on the instance. even eve has clever instances, called grids about 600km long/wide. If you fly off the grid, you can no longer bee seen on the overview. I plegded. looking to upgrade.
  2. i really want to check out starfarer but its gotta be ages until its going to be complete, since everything besides combat now has to be implemented.
  3. they are not gonna make it. I am no expert, but people there backers have been saying they should have come to the table with more than just concept art. That tech demo they did way back when could have been updated graphically, showing off a 'look' feel of the game. But apparently the masses aren't impressed and not enough people bought the original to push this
  4. YUP infinity. In fact i kept saying infinity would never see the light of day back in 2005/2006 etc etc. That it was too big and ambitious for one person to do. At least in a 'reasonable' amount of time. I argued that by the time inifinity MIGHT be ready for some sort of release that everything else would have caught up with it, and what he was 'wooing' people with, the seamless and procedural stuff would be common soon enough. And so said so done. I was wrong though, I said it would be ready by then, it still ain't ready Of course I was villified as a troll, and told its in his spare time etc. etc... Fine who cares, if he puts his 'game' into the public domain I can say what I like, and I was right. And so many people have contributed their work to that project. The freelance artists.
  5. Looking forward to these http://kineticvoid.badlandstudio.com/features/ be sure to check out the vids. But I'll half spoil it, I like the idea of being able to design my own ship from the ground up and fly it! Also that depending on whether its a fighter or a capital ship, means different stuff needed to run it properly! Such as crew management! I am still Ensign-1 as you know, seems to be going a kind of mmo-ish route. Cool that you can board any ship and get out and walk around... and I am watching Drifter Celsius Game Studios thanks bye!
  6. Derek i signed up for it on the main site. do bitter old vets get priority? look for my app!
  7. ensign1 check it out fly your own ship. go inside its turret. use its turret. fly to a capital ship. dock at the capital ship. switch to FPS view, walk to your hatch, exit your ship. Your in the hangar bay of the capital ship, you can see your ship you just docked. You can walk to the bridge of the capital ship and take control. cant describe it better than that, just watch.
  8. always the realist Derek hes the pin near my baloon.
  9. Hey guys I been browsing the web for space games here's what I found that I have bookmarked to keep an eye on. http://ssisgame.co.uk/ http://dss.stephanierct.com/ - deep space settlement http://novusaeterno.com/community.php - novus aeterno http://stuart-morgan.blogspot.pt/ - galaxial http://www.elliptic-games.com/index.shtml - Rodina http://legendsofpegasus.com/us/ http://www.soldak.com/Drox-Operative/Overview.html http://www.endlesspace.com/ http://fractalsoftworks.com/
  10. thought I'd add, ill be pledging 45
  11. thought id give this guy a say here. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1319847883/stardrive-a-4x-action-strategy-game-for-the-pc/comments he describes to me, a kind of starflight 3. small ship big universe but with 4x elements.
  12. in star jack your empire cannot be attacked by other places. basically the concept is, you starjack a solar system which takes it out of public space(no other play can go to it), you can only have a certain amount at a time of course. but your safe to progress this way.
  13. boy this place is dead... um id like to see galcom online made and get a crack at it. not really looking forward to but will try guild wars 2 star wars crap mmo sto f2p star sonata 2, cool 2d game. nice gameplay/graphics (playing beta) star trek infinite space nexus 2 battlefield 3 maybe couple others.
  14. i know how you feel canshow, at least i can just play and leave it i think the appeal is your empire is running while off line, all the ships and stuff you put on trade routes etc...
  15. played starjack online. kind of love it. learning curve: 2-3 hours. excellent step by step tutorial, but very slow. uh how to describe, real time online, planetary control/command basically 4x type strategy, with research etc, so expand, exploit etc... lots of depth...like for example, i can set my fleet to pick up resources mined from a mining colony back to the main colony, and put it on an auto pilot of sorts... basically all your units and build options have command queues which then you can loop... your main colony, your first solar system is yours and no one can invade it ever, however beyond that where there are more important resources is free for all. if you warp to another system with a fleet and you see a ship flying around which you usually do, you can click on communicate and it brings up an automatic chat window to the player who that fleet belongs too. its got a lot of depth n stuff...barely scratched the surface but i highly recommend it. http://www.starjackonline.com/Landing.aspx its a client you download, not a browser text based game or any crap like that.
  16. can be found here http://www.spacesector.com/ some pretty cool projects there...... check out nexus 2 http://www.spacesector.com/blog/2011/08/nexus-2-announced/
  17. belated 4th july to you... from caribbean. Onto news now? Yes I am still here, still watching still waiting.
  18. thanks! Just got my friend to repair my two year old custom. Which is a core 2 duo with a radeon 4870 the old intel heat sink clamps for the intel chips were interfering with it sitting down properly on the chip and was running at 58c with no load, and froze eventually to prevent damage of course
  19. Hey guys, looking to put together another conservative rig to tide me over another 1-3 years. What do you think of Phenom II X4 970 BE 3.50 GHz with Radeon HD 6970 video card? Enough to last me for the first person shooters? I still run multiplayer BFBC2 decent FPS at decent detail. Bear in mind I do not play on multiple monitors and I do not go over 1600 resolution.
  20. the tutorial is supposed to work. the download from big download worked for me. i also downloaded a corrupt one. i am now trying evochron!
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