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  1. well thanks for those pictures. in the 6th picture, those cables on the left, the end facing us is exactly how my connectors look, seems to be 4 pin slots, 4 holes. and i have 2 and 2 pcie slots. dunno if its pcie 2.0 or not. i think theres an adaptor i can get right, from 4pin - 6 pin?
  2. program to rate psu hehe, funny, my manual says its 750w. im looking at the HD 4870. how do i know if its compatible any way to test? im not sure what 4 pin or 6 pin is...
  3. currently the bc suite of tech has been in dev from what 1986? and 10 years from 1996 to 2006, its still not an MMO i dont have to be a developer to know that the work load of delivering all the intended features that he proposes isnt going to happen anytime soon. if he does stick with it and does it all, it'll get there and by the time it does, itll be out dated, on every level. because he is one person. even Derek realised he couldnt deliver all he initially wanted to with galcom online(GCO) so snide remarks = meh as for sims i plan to get x3:tc might not even play it but just to support space sims recently ive seen people on egosoft forums discussing, evochron renegades from that starwraith guy. downloaded it and tried it myself, and i must say hes finally made something id play. has this nifty feature like gal civ 2 where u can basically slot in/out different physical modules on your own ship in the star dock, its cool. a bunch of other stuff make it a title worth checking out, recommend downloading the demo and doing the tutorial, so u can know how to dock google evochron renegades. not sure if ill buy it, its slow on 2 year old pcs, cause the graphics are quite good for an indie game, but built on DB PRO, so you know it needs top end hardware to run with the nifty effects on. also has seemless planetary transition from space. suddenly infinity isnt really sounding so hot anymore, sounded good in 2002 starflight : lost colony is in public beta. www.starflightgame.com terrible news about the precursors...
  4. is this on hold cancelled? what status.
  5. ok ill download a program to check my psu rating, when you say pcie connector you mean the power cable that goes into it right? I have two of them. I have two pcie slots. price range about 250u.s will update post with psu rating later
  6. That time again, upgrading my video card for fall out 3. i have a core 2 duo, 2 gig ram, win xp pciex2 slots looking for mid range nvidia, since my pc came with geforce and i been happy with it even tho i always used ati in years gone by. its a 7900gs nice but too old now want something to handle fall out 3 about 30 fps always even if its only medium detail. right now im 30 fps, but that drops, and its medium detail. any suggestions so i can start looking? i havent kept up with vid card advancement or competition, help me out!
  7. in game footage of early build of st online www.startrekonline.com go cryptic!
  8. http://dl.eve-files.com/media/corp/JohnRou...Clear_Skies.wmv watch that, you will NOT be disappointed! its 40 mins long and 450 megs.
  9. infinity will never see the light of day in the form it is intended right now.
  10. by the time he makes elite 4... it'll be obselete in terms of who cares...and his original fan base will be almost all gone, and all the newer ones as well. it wont mean a thing. so he could as well shutup about it already.
  11. i saw this, this morning when i woke up, funny enough on the off topic eve online forums. the graphics look like pre 2000, maybe its just there artistic choices, colors etc and nothing to do with the technical capability of the engine, but its an awful choice and not star trekish at all... eve classic graphics look better. i dont have much hope this game will be fun in any way, but ill give it a whirl when it comes in 2011
  12. i have a steam account, but i bet i get the same shit there.
  13. why would anyone want to impose a restriction on where a game can be sold? or who it can be sold to??
  14. why dont they do a world wide release like for movies? years ago in the ninties it used to take months before a new movie came down here in the cinema, of course within recent years, new movies have opened the same day as in the U.S cuts down on piracy and in the end makes the movie more money by being available almost everywhere at once. i think its possible that they go according to my billing information...not my i.p
  15. Ok. so theres a game you want... buy it or pirate it? I buy it. But where I live, games arent sold on store shelves, ok, but they are sold online, digital download on ign, direct2drive, fuck yeah! Perfect for me. dadadada.... (one click to buy, because ive ordered from d2d before, all my info is in already) SORRY NOT AVAILABLE FOR YOUR AREA. Game is only sold in US and CANADA.... WTF?????? they wont sell me the game.....I dont live in canada or US and sorry we only sell to people who live there..... what do I do????? I tried paying for a game and they refuse to sell it. only option left is to fly somewhere and get it or pirate it.... what would you do?
  16. lol yeah those weapons looked retarded... i personally wouldnt use em in the game if i had a choice between them and normal looking weapons.
  17. ok guys, just saw a video for precursors ( i know theyve been being released over time) but i kind of posted and just forgot about it, i hate following anything years from release. im pleasantly surprised that its going to be released this year according to the end of the video. so finally 3 years since i first discovered it existed......seems they been developing this game for about 5+ years. im definitely getting it! and i hope its good ......
  18. heavy cruiser more guns
  19. who is there day one??? It opens 23rd in my country, ive heard that its expecting a 130m gross? that 4200+ cinema's the most ever for an opening is showing the show, that 3 a.m and 6a.m screenings are there to accomadate the demand for tickets. if advanced tickets (by days) are available here im out of luck already, but hopefully we havent broken our mold and done that and i can get my tickets a couple hours before the show and be good. but wow, 2.5 hours of batman goodness?
  20. enjoy having your info all over the net... no wonder you people get your identities stolen so easily. you make it easy for people. its like a house, oh i never had trouble.....might as well get rid of your locks and burgular bars too then.
  21. i dont see the need for AVG when I have avast free..... is NAV even worth it anymore? also doesnt using more than one av at the same time cause conflicts or be like just impossible.
  22. Cruis.In


    yeh I know, thats the box set my friend shared with me. 14 episodes , 4 discs. now i gotta buy it and the collectors edition of serenity movie.
  23. trojan hunter seems pretty good, i removed it and use a squared anti malware now. stops the tracking cookies before they get in..which is what i always wondered, isnt that what windows defender supposed to do...
  24. Cruis.In


    wow i see things i dont remember i ever talked about in all these old threads. my experience with firefly was watching like 2 episodes in 2002 when it premiered, i dont think i tuned back in, or maybe i did and missed it, since i heard fox used to preempt it alot during its initial run. then in 2006 i saw this serenity dvd, and i cant honestly remember WHY i even bought it.....maybe it looked good or the description looked good, but it was a random buy. loved the movie. i never bothered to check on the series, as i think i knew it had been cancelled way back. a friend chucked the first season dvdz in my hands the other day, and i was going to leave it at her house when i left...but she made sure i had it when i left. i was bored an evening and decided to watch it. i wish i had left it at the house, because all its done is leave me wanting more and missing the crew of the serenity. its good the cast would come back at first call to do it again, they all say so apparantly, even to this day. but i bet any effort to get it off the ground again lies with joss and he doesnt seem interested now since hes had his closure with serenity, i mean why go through that heart ache again, imagine how that hurt, its like being told your not allowed to write books anymore and you're a writer. long live firely
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