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  1. i gave it a 5 out of 10. the first half of the movie is a 5, the rest is a 0. so even if the second half got 3 points it'd been nice.
  2. what do you use to protect your computer while you are connected? right now I use, avast Home 4.8 and trojan hunter. I may get a squared anti malware. Ive come to realise I've never got a virus since Avast, and never had much problems with viruses, but trojans on the other hand. By my own fault a trojan got hold of my computer and hijacked everything conceivable to use of a computer. I managed to get most if not all cleaned. But its awakened me to the need of anti trojan or anti-malware programs that should be just as important and competitve and touted as neccessary as having an anti virus. with avast on high settings and with heuristics, the behaviour blocker can block trojans, but it also prompts when you do normal stuff too much.3 so what do you use?? i tried and found threat fire to be too retarded.
  3. Its time, what are you guys playing? Doing. also list what fan made stuff for games are worth checking out. as usual Bridge commander modding still goes strong with the release of KM 1.0 Im looking at an interesting engine being created for star trek games, yeh the game itself is a long way off, and probably never come to fruition, but the engine is far along and you can tell by its feature list if you visit the home page of the engine, and by the screenshots available from it. http://www.stexcalibur.com/ im taking a break from eve online. Eve is fun its ok its good, but in the end it aint star trek and i only originally tried it as something to hold me over until star trek online arrived, sto got cancelled and i got heavily involved in eve anyway, the 0.0 stuff, i fly carriers and capital ships etc, but it just requires too much time, and while gaming is my hobby no matter which game, i can say im a bit bored of it for now and I am taking a much needed break, my pvp corp i created which consists of 50 members with 90+ characters overall will be lead by someone else for now. I think creating the corp 8 months ago is what lead me to remain so heavily involved as when i logged in i always had something to do. Been playing for 18 months now. i tried x3 reunion again, but after installing it and the xtended mod which adds alot of good gameplay stuff to it, i dont feel like playing it for some reason. i could cheat and have my own empire or slowly grind one... too much work too little reward, and i think i could experience now by cheating, what i would be doing in the end, which is taking a fleet and killing off enemy sectors. online games is good for this reason, you cant cheat your way up and it IS fun to build stuff up and your more into it when you do, whether you reach your personal end game eventually it was still fun. bridge commander i play a battle or two. trying some mods for elite force 2, anyone recommend any? tried starfleet command 3 again recently. meh. I think sfc,sfc2,sfc3 and the sfc series of games had the right idea with the dynaverse but each implementation of it was FAIL. I mean dyna1 to dyna 2 to dyna 3 nothing really that improved. The pvp is good, but a online game built around sfc3 would have been good, i always said sfc series had good combat, good micromanagement options for your starship, all it needed was a nice gameworld to inhabit. tried legacy again... meh,utter waste of production money, peoples time.. star trek licence, its like donate this money to some charity instead of making this crap game. played call of duty 4, its over. meh playing sins of a solar empire. im pretty good at the single player part. i play that off and on still, but nothing super addicting. playing UC:CE. having a ball with this, i make a point to play at least an hour a day, and no loading/saving unless something outrageous happens. Playing on realistic mode my style, very fun. check my my commanders log in the ucce section of the forums,i plan to udpate it! for as long as ucce holds my interest. darkspace is a lost caused, i visit it every now and then. so whats new with everyone?
  4. The Redemption- A Questar Heavy Cruiser made its inaugoral flight from galcomhq and this is the beginning of his log. I figured the first thing I wanted was some cash. So I deployed mining drones accordingly, for some change maybe to do a little trading. Then I decided I needed to see what my new ship and crew was capable and if my old BC skills were shoddy or if I could remember how to use a DIE I pick my target, a raider zone on the planet, readied all my guns, loaded ATA missiles and in I went. I landed hot smack in the middle of action, even though I thought I sent the waypoint a few klicks off, nevertheless it was handable (is that a word?) Hmm so turned on the EMD and did some dogfighting in my cruiser, those things are really nimble for capital ships, love em. Kept my speed up and avoided fire quite easily, but I started getting too many fighters on me arse and then it hit me...the launch pads! Yay long time, but skillz still there! So I get to work targetting the launch pad and slowing down my ship as I swing around for a pass, while trying to avoid enemy fire, if you stay still long enough, too much fire from those fighters hits you and blam.....your dead in a flash... So I take out the launch pads, then I take out the sams, my PTA finishes off the fighters and I am good to go. I designated some fatal targets but none ever fired, even though I had AA missiles loaded, Ill have to read the latest manual to see what has changed there. I took 10% hull damage during the fight. Last fighter hit me while i was lining up my main guns on him and I figured he wasn't firing, because nothing was hitting me, but oh well, his shots eventually reached and woo did it hurt bad and fast. ANyway due to lack of power due to damage, my engines shutoff. SO my ship slowly floated until it crashed landed on a hill side, meh... after my glorious battle, now to come and have to be towed off a hill side. I re routed power and turned back on the engine, but then I couldnt get the damn ship to take off, I remember there is something about vtol mode and turning it off and on, but for the life of me I couldn't remember it now, so my ship was like a race car at the indy 500 going at 500kps along the planetside. Musta looked pretty funny to any survivors of my assault. Welp, so what I did was zoom up a hill and boom took off like any old pilot would, once I reached the crest of the hill at top speed, the ship launched off of it like a bullet from a gun, and I was airborne again yay. So then I decided to stop my ship, and get out and survey the battlefield, and inspect the damage. Not too bad all in all, a few shattered buildings, pretty easy zone, and a dent on the ship to prove it. Oh well now I couldnt remember how to get back in using the die... break out old UC manual, no help, so I had to open the manual on the desktop, alt-d yay. Before that I tried to transport myself using evacuate, but I am not sure I think i turned off power to the transporter room to get more available units for other stuff, curses myself, funny how you can access tactical menu from first person player but can't access logistics. So I boarded the ship...exited the planet and off to Galcom for repairs. here I come! pew pew! pew pew! pew pew! Cmdr inpects damage on his ship from a newbie pilot error. Maybe I should leave him on the moon without food for 10 days. ALso thumbing my fist at the burned survivors below!
  5. honestly from the heart if I had 2million to give you, I'd do it. And a bonus because if I had 2 million Id obviously have alot more! Im intriged by Knightblade. I know the reason you never did inside craft stuff up to now was because its way too much for all the ships in game, so how about just like knightblade, you give us a Commander version, where you have no choice to be the knightblade carrier and therefore can have the walk around inside ship feature since its already done.
  6. "Future of Battlecruiser games or the future Battlecruiser games to come down the pipe." Having played BC since 1999 after searching for 'free form space game" or some such thing on the internet to find my be all end all space game, one could safely say I am a vetern bcer. Here are the games I bought. Bc3000ad v.208 (interplay) BCM Beta cd BCM Full UC UC:AWA UC:CE Ive played most of the campaigns as of a year ago. Recently picked up UC:CE so I could endear BC some more. Ive found that surprisingly the most enjoyable aspect of BC for me has been the ACM. Well crafted, introduced, and clever mission briefing which set the stage allows for this. It surprises me because you think ROAM would be more fun. However, even though ROAM and BC is the perfect simulation, i.e anything with your alter ego or your space craft can be done, as it or you can go anywhere in the gameworld, and do anything, it eventually wears off. Unless you have a uber involved imagination ROAM will not be able to hold your attention for very long. I wonder what the latest date is in a save game for UC. UC is the perfect template for any game, I am saddened that Derek, for whatever reason chose to go with the episodic games and not develop BC after UC was retired. I guess it has to do with money, turntap is more profitable or maybe its simplicity, being that developing a BC title again would be too much headache and too time consuming for too little profit. UC already has the ability to do anything you could ever want in this type of simulation. Since nobody could probably make heads or tales of Derek's code, theres no way to licence the UC engine for someone to create the next uber space sim. However after saying all that, and noting the problems I have with roam, and why I enjoyed ACM much more (as it gave you tasks to do) and tasks that were very involved intriguing, fun and all with just a simple cleverly written mission briefing to set the stage, I feel that ROAM, or BC as we know it needs to include the following, to push it over the edge in addictive gameplay. Mission System either for npc's on planets, Bulletin Board or both Maybe a form of quest system (add some sort of RP layer over UC) to give purpose to the gameplay capable or a method to the madness if you will. Detailed and highly interactive NPC system, with NPCs on planets, and other ships. Not just either friendly or enemy, or shoot at you or dont shoot at you. Political system, and the ability to be aware of it, between empires, wars, territorial control/wars by the NPC factions against each other. I guess in the end it will be only said that not being able to do this stuff is due to budget, but bleh... so close but yet so far.
  7. i am not pleased SC, please make us a new game BC game
  8. I blame Derek it is all his fault, it was his duty as a st die hard fan, to make cbs let him do star trek online! good write up none theless SC
  9. i saw this yesterday and I was coming to report oh well. but you know what, big **** you to PE and that fraud darron stinnet, and a big fuck you to the ****** at startrek online.net who couldn't see writing on the wall from a game in development over years and 2 screenshots or whatever. friggin pussies. yes im mad heres to eve online for another couple years while i await sto
  10. at least the released ground screenshot looks way better.
  11. http://www.mmorpg.com/gamelist.cfm/gameId/...s/display/12546 more laughs, did you see the "screenshot" after 3 years we're proud to present .... seriously why do paramount allow newbie shits to fuck up their shit all the time? Their franchise, why did they give this i.p to a shithole like P.E to develop???? We're gonna see a NEW star wars MMO before this star trek casual shit. im so pissed I joined eve with the hope to kill time before my dream game came out. so where is universal combat online?
  12. iron cool, we're in paragon soul, my corp joined black-out a new alliance.
  13. Anyone playing? I have over 13million SP now and formed my own corporation called R.E.C.O.N. specializing in E.W warfare and recon ships mainly. Recon only PVP gangs with some stealth bombers. decloak, pew pew, recloak 30 members and growing. Still need a logistics carrier for moving stuff from empire, we're deep in 0.0 and its a pain, im 2 months from a carrier with good jump skills.
  14. hey, I love the choke point way of EAW, that you can't get behind front lines once the system doesnt have an access route to get behind. After reinstalling recently and playing a campaign large, took many hours but I finally beat it. Was very fun. I had like three fronts. I was at the top again you could say, playing imperials, and I expanded to the right and I expanded downwards, early on and throughout the middle stages of the game the rebels just kept annoyingly taking back over planets because I wouldn't have enough to protect and hold. Then I'd have to invade again, rebuild, bleh, so eventually I created three attack groups, consisting of a space fleet and a ground force. And attacked in the three prong direction to take over systems to keep my backward systems protected, so they'd have to go through the large fleet on either front to get behind. This worked, and the AI crumbled afterwards. Id really love a star trek game like this this game is just so much fun.
  15. perhaps after all these years Derek can say whether or not there was anything more to this....or if it was an unfinished partof the game meant to be something more.
  16. Cruis.In


    definition of dead. logging on and seeing two topics active in the last 30 days, the board used to be full...
  17. anyone got a carrier capable pilot there willing to sell to me? or a hefty donation of isK? so break from pvping and i havent make isk in so long.
  18. there'll come another bad guy don't worry. glad they didn't do the old cheesy optimus prime must die. I noted the sequel is set for 2009 already, a 2 year production instead of 3. good I agree. 20/10 As for screen time, like the first hour was pure laughs with some action and focused mainly on Sam, so with the 2nd act of the movie being mostly action, there was little time, the auto bots didn't really get development or lines at all, just prime. But I mean, they ain't puppies so.. who knows, maybe the balance was perfect. I actually like that kid Shia, he's quite good at delivering the funny parts.
  19. I thought they did away with e3
  20. I knew you'd like it, it's easy to like.
  21. yes but imo it should be rated R. they got away with alot. alot of people expected it to be no good (die hard fans, no pun intended) but they were wrong, feedback is positive from 90%. its die hard true and true
  22. The movie kicked absolute a**. 10/10 20/10 it rocked. go. see. it. non stop action, and funny as hell john mcclane like he used to be. you can't keep a good man down! just mindless action/humour, its an action movie and you got it!
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