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  1. I think the game wonÔÇÖt be in stores this weekend. if its not even shipping to the people who pre-ordered, then its highly unlikely that its reached the stores yet.


    Most EB stores should have the game on the shelves by 11/21. It leaves the EB central warehouse on 11/16.

    As you can see from SC's comment I found in this thread, its going to be out next week. Ive already got my whole week planed out!! Gona take a week off work just so I can sit by the door, waiting for it

    I know the wife is gona kill me!!!

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  2. Joaquin,

    The SC has already said no, and so his word is final. If it was a development on a total diffrent game, not related to BC3000AD, then it can be done. But because of copyright laws, you cant use anything to do with BC3000AD, without the SC's written permission, as well as signing a NDA, stating that your not going to use it for your own personal profits.

    So Im sorry to say that we cant pursue this project.

    Regarding what you asked about my engine,its very easy to use, simple commands, but can also be complicated, depending on what you try to do.

    Im not going in to details, only because this is the wrong place to discuss this. This forum/subject/topic is for BCTE, and not really for our own personal stuff.


    You can email me at [email protected] if you have any q's

  3. Actualy SC, I was refering to either someone else to try it with a diffrent engine, either myself, or somebody else.

    Im sure that there are people on here who would love to try and atempt to re-create BCTE, using their own engine (or one from another source).

    Personaly, I had a small engine working a few months ago (of my own design) which allows me to create an internal enviroment of my choice ( eg. the decks of a ship), which suported shiny surfaces and huge levels. All the objects etc were first created in 3D Studio MAX, then exported (and converted) in to the engine for my own use.

    Now I never finished it, only because the development team I was working with, dropped out, and left me on my own, so it was never finished, but it was useable.

    I was one of two programmers on the team, along with 2 artists, one designer, and one musician. I delt mainly with the modeling and creating the game engine, while the other programmer just worked on the sounds & music. I actualy did the most of the work, just as a part time hobby.

    But getting back to my original comment.. Would you allow someone (or a group of people) to get together and maybe try and re-create BCTE for the others to play with, using their own game engine?

    You said it could be done, so why not allow us to try this?

    Has anyone any comments towards this?

    If you had a few people who all wanted to try and create their own version, then you could maybe take this up as a competition, and to compeat against each other, letting the winner have his version published on this site as a free downloadable 'add on'.

  4. Im curious SC.. Would you 'have' to use the engine you have already created for BCTE, or could you create a new one, and incorprate it? I understand that if you created a new engine just for this game, it wouldnt have multiplayer capability, but as far as I understand, it should work with single player.

    Would it work?

    In my spare time, I mess around developing games using DirectX 7, but never got anything off the ground, due to lack of other peoples intrest, but I would love to work on this.

    So would an diffrent engine work, providing you use the same method of exchanging data between BCME and BCTE??

  5. I have had the same, but I have not tried it with the refresh patch yet. I think its because of the battles that are taking place. Play as galcom, and try to get in to a big battle (maybe take on a starbase or something). I noticed it only did it when carriers or cruisers were around, but then again, I gave up as soon as it slowed down, due to its unplayablity when it did. I havent properly tried out the refresh patch yet, but the previous 2.09 did this with me. Try it, see what happends, take note of things like.. are you in a battle, or is a battle occuring in another area.

  6. If I patch 2.09 with the map pack, will it mess anything up? Or will it accept it?

    I know it should be there anyway, and I cant figure out why its not (I click on the flashing base, but it shows no buildings, even though I can see the zones). I did patch up 2.08 with the map pack. I havent tried uninstalling yet, and starting from scratch. Thats a last resort. But will it mess up 2.09 if I use the map pack on it?