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  1. Still here, a bit late, these gammies are keeping me busy
  2. Played it, ended it!!! Dark forces and jk2 was better. cool is how u can chose your saber and Face
  3. I'm Still here.... YES..... Busy doing work for the America's Cup 2007 Good are they picky, " Sorry but you need authorisation to see the ship" !!!
  4. Check this out... http://www.the-underdogs.org/game.php?id=2754
  5. YES I'M ALIVE!!!! Kind makes me reminde Frankenstein!
  6. thanks. It's been almost a week without BC. I sometimes rush home and try to reinstall it, but no dice!!! It doesn't let me. The day of format draws ever closer. Gonna try editing some stuff, that a friend of my said. "regedit" i believe! Wish me luck!
  7. Today i lost something that was very dear for me My BC3000ad fatal error, it did! Tryed to reinstall it, but it says that it is already installed. I erased everything, and nothing! I can't see my days without BC. M;ight as well turn in my badge and let the insurgent come for me! Gonna try one last thing: To Format my computer and try to install it again, but... I CANT INSTALL THE GAME IN MY OTHER COMPUTER SOME ERROR........................................................................... SAD SAD DAY
  8. welcome to the new cadets!!! About that dying for Galcom: It's not the reason question why its the reason to do or die!!! Hope you dont have to die out there, but if some one order to be the bait in a suicide mission, well!!! BUMMM Anyway welcome
  9. Check in Gamma; need to know where are u all!!! TIME TO MULTIPLAYER
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