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  1. Hugo Pinheiro

    November Fleet Rollcall

    Still here, a bit late, these gammies are keeping me busy
  2. Hugo Pinheiro

    Gamma Wing News

    it never does
  3. Hugo Pinheiro

    Gamma Wing News

    welcome back!
  4. Hugo Pinheiro

    JK: Jedi Academy

    Played it, ended it!!! Dark forces and jk2 was better. cool is how u can chose your saber and Face
  5. Hugo Pinheiro

    Prime's October Roll Call

    I'm Still here.... YES..... Busy doing work for the America's Cup 2007 Good are they picky, " Sorry but you need authorisation to see the ship" !!!
  6. Hugo Pinheiro

    Gamma Wing News

    Check this out... http://www.the-underdogs.org/game.php?id=2754
  7. Hugo Pinheiro

    Prime's September Roll Call

    YES I'M ALIVE!!!! Kind makes me reminde Frankenstein!
  8. Hugo Pinheiro

    Prime's August Fleet Roll Call

    BTW i'm still here!
  9. Hugo Pinheiro

    Gamma Wing News

    it seams so Check your sig
  10. Hugo Pinheiro

    July Fleet Roll Call

    Checking In
  11. Hugo Pinheiro

    A sad day

    thanks. It's been almost a week without BC. I sometimes rush home and try to reinstall it, but no dice!!! It doesn't let me. The day of format draws ever closer. Gonna try editing some stuff, that a friend of my said. "regedit" i believe! Wish me luck!
  12. Hugo Pinheiro

    Gamma Wing News

    check out Prime Fleet HQ
  13. Hugo Pinheiro

    A sad day

    Today i lost something that was very dear for me My BC3000ad fatal error, it did! Tryed to reinstall it, but it says that it is already installed. I erased everything, and nothing! I can't see my days without BC. M;ight as well turn in my badge and let the insurgent come for me! Gonna try one last thing: To Format my computer and try to install it again, but... I CANT INSTALL THE GAME IN MY OTHER COMPUTER SOME ERROR........................................................................... SAD SAD DAY
  14. Hugo Pinheiro

    Gamma Wing News

    welcome to the new cadets!!! About that dying for Galcom: It's not the reason question why its the reason to do or die!!! Hope you dont have to die out there, but if some one order to be the bait in a suicide mission, well!!! BUMMM Anyway welcome
  15. Hugo Pinheiro

    Gamma Wing News

    Check in Gamma; need to know where are u all!!! TIME TO MULTIPLAYER