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    Pontypool, Gwent, UK (GMT)
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    BCM, sci-fi, computing, films
  1. Adam Thomas

    Jedi Knight :2

    Sorry I don't have MoTS to try it on, however I believe it just allows force push and saber throw to be allocated as proper force powers (they are in the JK version, but are automatically at 4 stars and are neutral powers).
  2. Adam Thomas

    Jedi Knight :2

    Anyone who wants to make the original jk feel a bit more like the sequel, download the Saber Battle X mod and give it a try! I had never heard of it till the other day; its pretty cool. Its mainly for multiplayer but it works single player too. http://www.massassi.net/ Edit: forgot to mention that v3.1 is the latest (and last). [ 03-26-2002, 18:47: Message edited by: Adam Thomas ]
  3. Adam Thomas

    Insurgents.....Stand Up And Be Counted

    Reporting in. [ 03-12-2002, 10:33: Message edited by: Adam Thomas ]
  4. primary e-mail (for xmas) - [email protected] primary e-mail (in uni) - [email protected] (I can check this one at home, so I should get anything sent here) My (almost palidromic) ICQ # - 33699963 -Adam
  5. Adam Thomas

    European Release

    Got mine from BMT via Airmail on Tuesday! That was pretty quick!
  6. Adam Thomas

    Having trouble playing the MP3s...

    If you play a VBR file through WinAmp, for example, you will notice the the "kbps" display changes whilst the music plays, whereas with CBR it remains constant. Also, if you look at the ID3 tag editor in WinAmp, it says if it is VBR under the file info.
  7. Adam Thomas

    North America release

    Well at least I know I'm not alone now!
  8. Adam Thomas

    North America release

    I sent an order to BMT some time ago but never recieved a confirmation! Is anyone else in the same boat?
  9. Adam Thomas

    Spectre Fleet: Roll Call

    Sorry chaps, didn't see the post till today, I took a break from the net for a while...
  10. Adam Thomas

    Oh, what I would give for a new mission....

    I would have thought it would be the AI, rather than the GFX engine itself, that would cause slowdown in such a large battle.
  11. Adam Thomas


    Only six or seven episodes? You gotta be kidding! Its in its third series over here in the UK at the mo!
  12. Adam Thomas

    Installation issues

    Just to let you know, I managed to sort my problem, it was a corrupt download (pain in the ass on a modem!).
  13. Adam Thomas

    Installation issues

    In regard to my problem, does anyone know if its possible to re-do the installshield version update (its just a hunch, so if anyone else can help...).
  14. Adam Thomas

    Installation issues

    I tried that before, no effect.
  15. Adam Thomas

    Installation issues

    I'm getting an error 1901 during installation, saying: "Error attempting to read from the source installation database: C:WINDOWSTEMP2af31f.msi" Can anyone offer advice?