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  1. Well i have been around you know, just had some boring days so im still looking into the game series again. can anyone bring me up to speed in a short one?
  2. Hi E'Old Comrades, how is everything here? thought i drop by since i left a few years back. S.C. how are you doing ? the rest of you , hows things ... still remember me hehe I finaly got a nice life together living together with my girlfriend , hopefully she will mary me soon i still need to ask here . also she is pregnant with our first !
  3. Hi All, how is everyone here? time has past since i last logged in here and resigned my job as acting FC how is the fleet doing? and did derick improve the game more?
  4. Yeah but gta selled better then halo. But halo also rocks that is why im getting both only i am waiting for the ps3 to become cheaper when buying it
  5. what MS needed to do is give much dollars to Rockstar for the gta license then it will sell as hell, that is what made the ps2 so good in the past 2 years.
  6. Yeah but think again the ps will be priced at an amazingly high price again. Xbox360 will cost less
  7. Hey folks, Im just finishing up my mame cabinet. Project status so far: Arcade cabinet finished: bought one for a few bucks Pc: 1,4GHZ PV 512MB ram 128mb Geforce4 Controller: X-arcade 2 player console Software: Visual Pinball, Mame 0.99, U64emu, Project64, Zsnes Frontend: Mamewah Only thing left to do is to fit the controller in the cabinet, but it is made out of metal in the front so i need to do this carefully Well post some pics when i get home from work
  8. thanks !! i hope i can come back soon to. until then i still check my email [email protected] regulary so everyone can stay in touch
  9. My friends, I am leaving the community due to real life issues. I can tell you all this in the time that i have been here it has been fun. this is the best community out there and i hope i can someday come back again. until that day farewell and s.c. good luck with your future plans. I am Resigning as Fleet Commander of the ISS. I will stay shortly to appoint my follow-up leader.
  10. A dutch shop online is getting it the 17 th
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