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  1. Commander Jamont

    Merry X-mas and a Happy New Year!

    Best wishes to you all i thought let me post now , cause ill be to drunk to remember on xmas and new year
  2. Commander Jamont

    Hi Old Comrades !

    Hi E'Old Comrades, how is everything here? thought i drop by since i left a few years back. S.C. how are you doing ? the rest of you , hows things ... still remember me hehe I finaly got a nice life together living together with my girlfriend , hopefully she will mary me soon i still need to ask here . also she is pregnant with our first !
  3. Commander Jamont

    Saying Hi

    Hi All, how is everyone here? time has past since i last logged in here and resigned my job as acting FC how is the fleet doing? and did derick improve the game more?
  4. Commander Jamont

    Saying Hi

    still seems queit
  5. Commander Jamont

    Hi Old Comrades !

    Well i have been around you know, just had some boring days so im still looking into the game series again. can anyone bring me up to speed in a short one?
  6. Commander Jamont

    Happy New Year!

    Happy new year everyone My newyears wish is: Peace on the world and me and my girl being happy togehter Peace ------------------ Commander Nick Jamont GCV Prophecy IV, ISSHQ (Saturn) Intel & Espionage Wing Leader - ISS Fleet "silence is gold"
  7. Commander Jamont

    ISS fleet training program pinboard

    Fellow commanders, since we need to activly start recruiting for iss and ofcourse go online with our fleet. we need to make training programs for our recruits. hence this post , share your ideas.
  8. Commander Jamont


    Hey people How's things going? Ben i got my life sorted out and im ready to begin my journey again with iss. what can i do with the fleet? i dont want my old position back but a leading one would be glady accepted.. thanks and post back
  9. Commander Jamont


    Thanks good to be back, will install and update uc this weekend
  10. Commander Jamont

    Microsoft Xbox 360

    Yeah but gta selled better then halo. But halo also rocks that is why im getting both only i am waiting for the ps3 to become cheaper when buying it
  11. Commander Jamont

    Microsoft Xbox 360

    what MS needed to do is give much dollars to Rockstar for the gta license then it will sell as hell, that is what made the ps2 so good in the past 2 years.
  12. Commander Jamont

    Sony Playstation 3

    Yeah but think again the ps will be priced at an amazingly high price again. Xbox360 will cost less
  13. Commander Jamont

    My M.A.M.E. Cabinet

    Hey folks, Im just finishing up my mame cabinet. Project status so far: Arcade cabinet finished: bought one for a few bucks Pc: 1,4GHZ PV 512MB ram 128mb Geforce4 Controller: X-arcade 2 player console Software: Visual Pinball, Mame 0.99, U64emu, Project64, Zsnes Frontend: Mamewah Only thing left to do is to fit the controller in the cabinet, but it is made out of metal in the front so i need to do this carefully Well post some pics when i get home from work
  14. Commander Jamont


    Yeah need to purchase awa , but i want to finish my MAME cabinet first Almost complete so i think next month i can purchase AWA. Yeah i need to train alot but will still kick all your asses hehe. my msn is [email protected] so members of iss add me
  15. Commander Jamont

    saying hello after a loooooonnnng time

    Yeah , seem so long ago that we all joined here
  16. Commander Jamont

    saying hello after a loooooonnnng time

    Hello ristar welcome back
  17. Commander Jamont

    I resign

    Hey guys sorry this time for real. I can't keep up with the fleet due tue real life issues. please someone else take my position. It was great fun the past few years here. had my share of laughs and run ins with derek So salut to you all and goodbye
  18. Commander Jamont

    ISS Teamspeak Server

    Hello all, if there are problems with our teamspeak server which is located in my house please report here
  19. Commander Jamont

    My thanks to everyone

    For the great support But your vice fleet leader is back and now for good without delays and ready to kick ass
  20. Commander Jamont

    2005 Season

    Ok someone has got to bring me to speed about mp
  21. Commander Jamont

    ISS Fleet Multiplayer Board

    To all fleet members, ISS wish to begins it MP sessions soon. (after i get my bloody gaming pc back that is) What i need for you to do is to post times that you are most online. We need as much information as we can. Also im looking in to hosting a team speak server.
  22. Commander Jamont

    Roll Call

    sorry for not reporting in for a while we had a tragic accident in the family everyone is having a hard time ...
  23. Commander Jamont

    ISS Teamspeak Server

    yikes fixed the problem should work now thanks for reporting
  24. Commander Jamont

    ISS Subdomain @ Galcom.net

    i closed the other topic because it wasn't relevant anymore (hey dude check my english) ben as soon as you contact remo he will send you another login. i don't want to many people with accounts otherwise it would be a mess. i need some clear ideas about the site because will be starting from scratch and im going on vacation next week so i want things arranged. thanks
  25. Commander Jamont

    ISS Subdomain @ Galcom.net

    Zane , most old members already got some kind of background. try searching the iss forums here for them.