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  1. finaly , time to spare !! whats up all... im ready to go online anytime
  2. weekends sounds good to me .. weekdays wouldnt work because i work early and come back late
  3. im back !! sorry but sometimes real life can be a ***** ! can someone get my up to speed again
  4. cool , i didn't read the post from ben until now. maybe its better to mail if someone is leaving for a short time. but way to go everyone
  5. so how is the website going !! btw was everyone a sleep the last days
  6. try to post in the pinboard thread two topics is overkill
  7. quote:Originally posted by Zane Marlowe: Here is a rough outline of the course Medievh and I were putting together. Kudos to Medievh for coming up with some excellent course objectives and grouping them into a solid outline of six missions as I'd asked. While other fleets may have their training course more like an actual academy, I propose that we simply make our material available from our website and people can educate themselves appropriately. This means that we're fulfilling the training task at the level the student requires, and we could just let people know that we expected them to have these skills. If someone was appearing to be weak in the essentials, we could just point them to this curriculum online and tell them to read up. This kind of plan keeps our academy's administrative overhead light. Anyways, on to the outline. Training Mission 1 HUD Familiarity *Brief explanation of HUD elements *Entering/Exiting craft *Using the S.O.S *Shields *EMD Jamming *Autopilot *Explanation of Computer Systems (Logistics, Tactical, etc.) Training Mission 2 Navigation *Using Hyperjump *Explanation of TACOPS *Using TACOPS effectively *Basics of Planetfall *Using Shuttles Training Mission 3 Weapons Systems *Selecting Missiles *FATAL system *Using turrets *Setting power levels *Cloaking System Training Mission 4 Space Operations *Relocating your AE *Repairs and Readying FC *Launching and using FC *Docking Basics *Space Escorts Training Mission 5 Ground Operations *Using CALS to Land *Explanation of HUD *The DIE *Giving orders to Marines *Coordinated Attacks Training Mission 6 Advanced Training *Coordinated Invasions *Cloaked Hyperjumps *Trading *Advanced Ground Ops If we required assessment, we could perhaps assign commanders one of the following missions that would be successively more difficult and allow them to successfully challenge themselves on more objective oriented (instead of skill oriented) goals. LEVEL 5 MISSIONS *Escort any friendly GalCOM ship for 30 min *Capture 5 cargo pods *Earn enough money to upgrade your shields and hull *Lead a team of FC into Planetfall LEVEL 4 MISSIONS *Take INTEL photos of ALPHA CENTAURI and one other system *Take an overhead screen of a friendly base *Confiscate a Marauder ship from a base and take a screen *Earn enough money to upgrade shields, hull, and reactor LEVEL 3 MISSIONS *Eliminate 6 Insurgent Craft *Earn enough money to upgrade all upgradeable systems *Assault a planetary base using all resources *Earn 2500 experience w/ no violations LEVEL 2 MISSIONS *Assault a planetary base using only FC *Assault a space station using all resources *Take a screen of each type of enemy ship (Stormcarrier, Aestrom, Garid) *Take screens of various hostile base structures *Establish a certain amount of AI for pilots (To Be Determined) LEVEL 1 MISSIONS *Lead a ground ops assault against a base w/ FC for support only *Destroy one of each enemy ship (To be determined) *Take screens of hostile bases at night Anyways, without committing to this, I thought it would be good to get something started, and this work is properly Medievh's, so thanks again to him for getting the material to this point. So what do you guys think?
  8. ben contact me for ftp upload to my domain , you can host them from there what are we gonna do let members run the wings so we can handle fleet bussines?
  9. yes zane ,when i get my gaming machine back lets start some sessions to see what your ideas are
  10. nice and clear s.c. i think zane and remo we better leave it to what is was. lets start of with a clean slate. we can't have people going against eachother. you both work on something that others can enjoy.
  11. nice work .. cool fleet leader
  12. hey ! well try to get involved in iss bussines. reading the posts and also replying if you have time try to be here more thanks !
  13. Fellow commanders, since we need to activly start recruiting for iss and ofcourse go online with our fleet. we need to make training programs for our recruits. hence this post , share your ideas.
  14. Welcome commander please report to the fleet db www.3000ad.com/fleets/db and register there welcome
  15. Ok... then it's done. from now on im the second in commando of iss. i think ben agrees with this. Ben congrats man. i will stay to support you al the way
  16. yes ben i will stay on for more weeks. i wont leave the game hell no i have been around for to long. dang its hard to leave the fleet as it is. maybe just step down to vice fleet leader? iss needs two leaders you can see now when someone is on vacation this would be the best idea i dont have time to to run a fleet but do have time to assist sometimes how about this remo? sc?
  17. let me do one last Fleet leader thing for iss. Ben zwycky please take control of iss as the new fleet leader you have been al long for the ride. so your my best choice remo hope you can respect my last wish
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