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  1. Thanks again i feel flattered. Desylva if i get promoted i will do me very best to please you and the iss
  2. Thanks Greg I will spent all my free time on building iss back up again , thats for sure and my promise to the community
  3. ISS shall rule again , it must be. the 1 thing iss is missing is good communication between members. we should work on that first
  4. desylva i now what you mean , but i have heard this before and still no go. you should remain fleet commander no doubt about that , but what can we do?
  5. hey jerald why dont we ask the s.c. to give us fleet command , we are the two only active members
  6. yeah ok , but you can understand me right i want to be in a active fleet for mp
  7. i now jerald iss is dead believe me. if this fleet won't get its act together and its members posting more , im leaving period , im defecting to the insurgents (grin)
  8. Bush , and all the rescue workers that are now at the wtc
  9. My family and friends , send there regards to all americans , we will live with you , we are starting a donation here in my town to give to the people in N.Y.C God be with you all
  10. Its gonna be war i guess (hope not though)
  11. What is bush gonna do when he finds out who did it?? Declare war? Bomb the country?
  12. damn , i just heard of it here in holland ,we had the same thing that a boeing crashed into a apparment building , but that was not a terrorist attack
  13. This was (correct me if im wrong) a wishlist item , maybe it will be released later in a patch for bcm , but i guess it will most sure in GCO
  14. In GCO you can build structures read the faq
  15. no way , i cant say where i was on a mission but that was secret and by the way im not the only person who can look after the paks .. do is smell conspiracy
  16. yeah i really love that show kitt vs karr was my fav episoded eeem where can i download em ?
  17. anyone now where i can buy em ? or i now its illegal download em ? (sorry for the download question but i would love to seem em again)
  18. hehe it would be cool if everyone thought up there own idea of the perfect ship drive and postit here
  19. maybe the nutripak in that file are drugged or something ,blame the insurgents !!!
  20. yeah oke but i got a bunny with a knife , so **** neo
  21. what do you think about a tripe double buffer quatro dimension shifter compact size
  22. yeah but only for earth it could work , we dont know anything on the other planets right?
  23. no i mean all the news that you can select from some sort of menu ... with different topics like the real news
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