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  1. thanks remo but no problem is i work late in the weeks so i have barely free time back before MP i could do it. but with mp it is more work/ i will continue to post here and test the game
  2. To all fleet personel. due to more active mp sessions and meetings i wont be able to live up to my rank. i just dont have the time for it. i want iss to be big. look at what remo is doing for prime. very cool and no this is my own decision i know he feels that i am not able to lead a fleet but i respect his thoughts. but he has a point. look at zane for instance he has done more for the fleet then i could ever done. due to lack of time and real life. so i am stepping down as fleet leader of the iss and just being a user of the board. also i will continue beta testing i will officialy mail the s.c. for now good luck for finding a new fleet leader. i will still be around
  3. then maybe you are right then. i dont just have time for all the planning you do at prime sorry this wasn't meant as a personal attack. maybe i am off better doing beta testing for the game then leading a fleet.
  4. remo, the members in the queu where waiting to be recruited but couldnt due that we stopped recruiting due s.c. orders. so only today did i read that we could again. get me? and btw... relax a bit you are taking it to serieus and also if you think i am not able to lead a fleet just say so
  5. Right let me try to be there. if i am correct my time would be 21.00 hours in the evening
  6. relax remo, some people do have weekends then enjoy. you cant expect everyone to be here 24h from monday until friday no problems. but in the weekend it is time to enjoy
  7. yeah well it isn't fun when only one or two members are online but yes i will try to be there on sunday ..
  8. To all fleet members, ISS wish to begins it MP sessions soon. (after i get my bloody gaming pc back that is) What i need for you to do is to post times that you are most online. We need as much information as we can. Also im looking in to hosting a team speak server.
  9. also we need to share our thoughts in something like a fleet leaders forum?? my time zone is way different then all of the fleet leaders who live mostly in the usa. iss cant be leaved out and we need to think of maybe another way to meet? share
  10. no problem we still have to wait until the recruiting can go on.
  11. remo, sorry i havent posted life has been very busy last week. also my gaming machine broke down and i spend days trying to figure out why. and yes iss is not ready for mp we have to little members. iss can enter only when getting a fuller roster
  12. jerold wont be deleted so quick the others ones yes i agree
  13. reading your post , i agree on your thoughts about the logo and the start of the fleet in het beginning there fore here are my thoughts. Ben continue with your work on the fleet logo. also i want your logo to be our fleet logo. problem is also i dont want to argue with you and zane. so is there anyway you can work together on the wing logo's?
  14. Cool sword art. which type of sword?
  15. sounds good to me though. if orion agrees let all the fleet leaders meet and share some ideas
  16. fleet db is done , finaly sorry for the delay
  17. well since everybody is talking galcom only here. what about your normal lifes?? lets hear.. here i go first. im Nick 23 years old currently living in my own house. Dating a girlfriend. and having two young cats. i work as a systems engineer
  18. quote:Originally posted by Medivh747: I think we should use Zane's second logo for the ISS and use Zwycky's CIOPS logo. My vote is in. i agree with medivh. that is final then , time to finish the website.
  19. we should be able to... the weekends shouldn't be a problem.
  20. ok lets make it final .. so i can change the db
  21. Defence Wing CIOPS (Wing) 7th Orbital Marine Battalion 52nd Planet Marine Squadron how about this ?
  22. Ok im gonna adjust the fleet db for iss. can someone email me what things need to be changed. i want it in clear text
  23. Ben , email me about the things you need my input for or email me.
  24. Im back from vacation it was nice. but i am having major pc problems so i wont be online until then please inform me of what has happend and ben zwycky good job on leading iss when i was gone
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