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  1. really ? can you check it out and post a screen shot or something'?
  2. ok done your back in , ok people time to recruit
  3. A dutch shop online is getting it the 17 th
  4. [rp] The Captian stood up from his chair and gazed out of the window. It was raining he walked to the coffee machine and got his cup of coffee. Suddenly the intercom whent of it was a message from Galcom HQ, telling him to leave at once to visit the Supreme commander. The captain threw away his coffee and left in a hurry. what was in that message? [/rp]
  5. Jonathan Hi ! Im sorry about the delay but i am back to full speed wil check in you into the fleet! please post your person info.
  6. jerald send me the site on my email [email protected] im working on some ideas. But i need the site for that.
  7. Ok people listen up ! ISS needs ideas !! so please post them here. and from now on i will order everyone to say hi once a week or your dismissed from the ISS.
  8. Hi this is jackass and im gonna fry myself today with mr. twinky
  9. chavik maybe you should think of a UPS check www.apcc.com i have one at home and this will help you also when ups runs out of battery it nicely will shutdown your system
  10. After playing a lot of games in 1 night my hdd got fried i was playing fifa 2004 and suddenly i heard a sissing sound then BAM ... which hardware did you guys blow up whilst playing?
  11. www.fluxgames.com this site is for te iss i can make email adresses for everyone any more idea?
  12. ok i will do that today. second thing up ! im re opening my domain for the ISS Fleet i Build a webportal around my site check ik out www.fluxgames.com im totally desiging it for the ISS
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