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  1. Morning Boys, you know the drill. Sound off, sound lively.
  2. Wow, Chavik.... how have you been keeping? Remember me?
  3. Getting kinda late for the 4th Quarter Muster, no?
  4. Thank you, thank you. Running a tight ship here?
  5. Guess who is coming to dinner portside.... ;)
  6. ... from some backwater system, the name of which i have forgotten... I hope all you guys are doing ok ? Oliver
  7. You're welcome Admiral. Got to earny my credits somehow
  8. Good evening Gentlemen, the topic says it all. As all seem to be rather busy, I've taken initiative and will be holding this months roll call. I'll make this short and sweet, you all know what it is about. All Insurgents, please do check in below. Anyone that doesn't respond by the end of the month will be listed as MIA. If they haven't answered by the end of the next Roll Call, they will be removed from the Insurgent Fleet. MIA Personnel are listed in brackets. Active Roster Andergum - PRESENT Chavik - PRESENT Cruis.In - PRESENT Dreadx - PRESENT Echo - PRESENT Eclipse - PRESENT El Che - Finder1 - PRESENT Hasenau - PRESENT (Kartoffel) - Mordax Blyrr - PRESENT Pugwash - ShoHashi - PRESENT Stickman - PRESENT (The Corinthian) - (WeeGee) - MIA Roster therefore reads as follows: Kartoffel WeeGee The Corinthian BTW, reading the list above... [ 12-07-2004, 05:33 PM: Message edited by: ShoHashi ]
  9. quote:Hmm, hey honey, come here, I want to exercise a muscle and make it bigger...... LOLeventually, the... erm... thing you are thinking of is no muscle
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